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Isaiah to II. Maccab. The 4th (without a colophon), 234 leaves, and contains the 4 gospels. The 5th (13 Mart. 1472), 290 leaves, and contains the rest of the New Testament.


Ven., J. de Colonia, N. Jenson sociique, prid. cal. sextiles 1481. fol. Gothic letter, 5 vols.

Of this edition, which contains for the first time the text of the Bible together with the postille, there is a copy on vellum, 445 fr., in the Bibl. Petav. (Haye, 1722), and 98 Dutch fl. in the Bibl. Dubois. T. I. p. 3. (ib. 1725.)


Ven., Fr. Renner de Hailbrunn, 1482. fol. Gothic letter, 3 vols.

Containing 430, 434, and 345 leaves, with 2 columus. There was a copy on vellum in what was formerly the Carmelite library in Heilbronn. The editions, Nrb., Koburger, 22 Jan. 1481. fol. Gothic letter, 2 vols. of 430 and 505 leaves in 2 columns with 71 lines; ib., id., 1485 or 87. fol. Gothic letter, 4 vols, are not sought after. Duaci, 1617. fol. 6 vols. is one of the newest editions.

12564 les grandes postilles et expositions sur les épistres et les évangiles de toute l'année etc. translaté par Pt. Desrey. Par., Ant. Vérard, 1510-12. fol. 5 voll.

A copy on vellum in the Royal library at Paris.

LYSER, J., see ALETHÆUS. 12565 LYSIE oratt. XXXIV (gr. lat.) nunc prim. de græcis lat. redditæ et politicis notis illustratæ a Jod. Vanderheidio. Hanov., typis Wechel, 1615. 8°.

52 leaves of preliminary matter, 504 pages, and leaf, printer's symbol. The first separate edition (at first in the Oratorr. Gr. Aldi. 1513). Stephens's text (from the Oratorr. Gr. 1575) forms the groundwork, though arbitrarily altered by the editor, And. Schottus, from conjecture.

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Taylor has not admitted this commentary. 12573 œuvres complètes, trad. en franç. par Athan. Auger. Par., Debure, 1783. 8°. (5 fr.)-Epitaphios übs. von F. Schlegel in Wieland's Att. Mus. Th. 1. Olympiakos von demselb. s. ibid. Th. 1. Reden gegen Eratosth. u. Agoratos u. Vertheidigungsrede über die Aufhebung der Demokratie in Wieland's Neuem att. Mus. Th. 3.-The orations of

Lysias and Isocr. transl. from the Greek by J. Gillies. Lond. 1778.4°. 12574 LYSON, Dn. and Sm. Magna Britannia, or history of the counties of Great Britain. Lond. 1806-17. 4°. 8 vols. with plates. It is going


T. I. Bedfordshire (11. 11s. 6d.). T. II. Berkshire (21. 128. 6d.). T. III. Buckinghamshire (l. 118. 6d.). T. IV. Cambridgeshire (21. 28.). T. V. Cheshire (31. 3s.). T. VI. Cornwall (31. 158.). T. VII. Cumberland (31. 3s.). T. VIII. Derbyshire (31. 10.). T. IX. will contain Devonshire. Also on large paper (at double price). Thereto belongs a series of views with the title, Britannia depicta, being a series of views of the most interesting and picturesque objects in the several counties of Gr. Brit., from drawings by J. Farington, engraved by Byrne. Lond. 1806 etc. 4°. as yet 8 parts at 31. 15s., first impressions 61. 6s., on Indian paper 81. 8s. 12575 LYSON, Dn. History of towns and villages in the environs of London. Lond. 1792-96 (new impression, 1811). large 4°. 4 parts, with plates.

In addition, Account of the Middlesex parishes. Lond. 1800. 4°. and Ecclesiastical topography (views of 100 churches). ib. 1811. 4°.

12576 LYSON, Sm. Account of the Roman antiquities discovered at Woodchester in Glocestershire. Lond. 1796. fol. with 21 illuminated plates. Scarce.

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discovered at Horkstow in Lincolnshire. Lond. 1801. fol. with illuminated plates.

12578 - remains of two temples and other Roman antiquities discovered at Bath. Lond. 1802. fol. with illuminated plates.


Brunet considers the Roman antiquities at Frampton as a second volume. 12579 collection of Glocestershire antiquities. Lond. 1804. fol. with 110 plates (61. 6s.). Also on large paper.

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12580 reliquiæ Britannico-Romanæ, containing figures of Roman antiquities, discovered in various parts of England. T. I. Lond. 1813. fol. with plates (12l. 128.). 12581 LYTTLETON, G. Miscellaneous works. Lond. 1775. 4°. or ib. 1776. 8°. 3 vols.-History of the life of Henry II. Lond. 1767. 4°. 4 vols. or ib. 1777. 8°. 6 vols.

History of England. Lond. 1803. 4° 3 vols. with plates (71.). Lond. 1812. 8°. vols. (9s.) Basil, 1800. 8°. 2 vols. In German, Berl. 1777. 8°. 2 vols. (1 d. 20 gr.)-Letters. Lond. 1806. 12°. (4s. 6d.)-Lyttleton's and Hammond's poetical works. Glasg., Foulis, 1787. fol.— A gentleman's tour through Monmouthshire and Wales. Lond. 1781. 8°. with plates.


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