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To prevent frequent quotations and a re, petition of names, the reader is informed, that this volume is compiled from the highly esteemed and very useful works of Messrs. S. Town, ROLLIN, PRESTON, T.S, WEBB, DR. DALCHO, REV. J. SAURIN, and T. M. HARRIS, and the BOOK OF CONSTITU. TIONS. Should this performance afford useful instruction to any ; refreshment to the experienced in the craft; obliterate the prejudices of those who have not known our sentiments; render luminous the paths of thousands, who are coming to our temple ; and finally, should the Father of lights, who has. condescended to crown with his smiles the virtuous transactions of Masons, in every age, nation, and clime, grant his benigo influences to those who may read this book, that they may receive the truth and be sa: , ved through the merits of Jesus, the author will have an ample reward and the unspeak. able satisfaction of believing that his under taking this work has originated in righteous: ness.

"If I am right, thy grace impart,

Me in the right to stay ;
If I am wrong, O teach my heart,

To find that better way.”


CHAPTER 1.-On the antiquity and utility of Free Masonry 19

II.- The names of the Masonick Degrees, &c. 45
III.-Remarks on the Lecture of the First Degree 50
IV.-Remarks on the Lecture of the Second Degree 66

V.-Remarks on the Lecture of the Third Degree 90
VI.-Remarks on the Lecture of the Fourth Degree 100
VII.-Remarks on the Fifth Degree . . . 106
Vill.-Remarks on the Sixth Degree

. . 110
IX-Remarks on the Seventh Degree . . 122
X.-historical Remarks relative to King Solomon's

Temple . . . . . . . . 139
XI.-Requisite qualifications of Candidates . . 149
XII.-Insiruction for the Candidate, &c. . . 153
XIII.-Declarations to be assented to by the Candi-

date, &c. · · · · · · · · - 157
XIV.-Remarks on the ceremonies used at opening

and closing a Lodge . . . . . 159
XV.-Charges, Prayers, and Addresses . . . 164

- A Charge used at opening a Lodge . ib.

- A Charge or benediction used at closing a lodge 165
XXI.--Prayers . . . . . . - 168

-The ancient prayer, at making or opening ib,
--Another - - - • • • - 16?
-Another . . . . . . . ib.
- Another, at the initiation of a Minister 170
-Another, a general prayer in a Lodge - 172
-another, at raising a brother to the Sublime

Degree of Master Mason · · · · 173
CHAP. XVI.-Another, at the constitution of a Lodge - 174

- Another . . . . . .'. 175
-Another, to be used at the constituting and

opening of a Grand Lodge · · 178
-Another, made during the ceremony of exalta-

tion to the Seventh Degree . . i 180
-Another, made at the opening of the Sublime

Grand Lodge . . . . . . 182
- Charge, at initiation into the First Degree 184
-Charge, at initiation into the Second Degree 187
-Charge, at initiation into the Third Degree 189
-Charge, to be read at opening a Mark Mas.

ter's Lodge · · · · · · 191
-Charge. to be delivered when a Candidate is ad

vanced to the Fourth Degree · • 193
-A parable to be read previous to closing a

Mark Master's Lodge · · · · · 194
Charge, to be delivered to a Most Excellent
Master - - - - -
Charge to a newly exalted Companion • 197
-Closing a Chapter . . . . .

-Charge to a Grand Master at his installation 201
Address to a Grand Master at his installation

to a Clergyman at bis initiation : 205
to a Foreigner · · · · · 307
to a Soldier . . . . . 208

at the visitation of Lodges · • 209
XVII-The manner of Constituting a lodge of Mas.

ter Masons . . . - - - • 216

-Ceremony of Constitution and Consecration 290
XVIII.-Remarks on the order of High Priest - 251
XIX.- The manner of constituting new Chapters • 255

XX.-Un the conduct of Masons • • - • 295
XXI.-!in Funeral Ceremonies . . . . 301
XXII.-Masonick Songs . . . . . . . $13





As many individuals in every part of community entertain different opinions of Masonry, and some christians feel injured when any of their relations, friends, and brethren join the lodges; the writer wishes, if possible, to remove the objections which they bring against the order, that they may no longer disrespect a system that is founded in truth, and cannot be destroyed. To make the attempt he has discussed those objections in the following brief. catechetical manner,

Ist. How is the secrecy of Masonry consistently kept when the principles of the institution are professedly drawn from divine revelation ?"

“The principles and privileges of the institution are open to all such as are qualified to receive them ; but of

these qualifications we must reserve the power of judging for ourselves. Every trade of importance, every art and occupation, has its secrets, not to be communicated but to such as have become proficients in the science con. nected with them, nor then but with proper caution and restriction; and often times under the guard of heavy penalties. Charters of incorporation are granted by civil governments for their greater security, and patents for their encouragement. Nay, every government, every statesman, and every individual, has secrets which are concealed with prudent care, and confided only in the true and trusty.”

“We only claim a like indulgence; that of conducting ourselves by our own rules, and of admitting to a participation of our secrets and privileges such as choose to apply for them up. on our own terms. So far from wishing to deprive any one of the light we enjoy, we sincerely wish all the race, of men were suitably qualified to re. ceive it; and if so, our doors shall never be shut against them, but our

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