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DESIDERATĂ; or, Books wanted to purchase


Aitkin, On the Growth of the Recruit and Cartault L'authenticité des Terres Cuites Young Soldier, 8vo. 1862

d'Asie mineure, Paris, 1887 Alexandri Galli Doctrinale, any of the early Catalogue of Royal Academy Winter Exhibi. editions

tion, 1870, 1872 Almanach de Gotha, before 1771

Catherina da Siena, Epistole et Orationi, Angas Kaffirs, folio

sm. 4to. Venet. 1548 Aratus, Hug. Grotii Syntagma Arateorum, Chateaubriand, Genius of Christianity, 8vo. 4to. Plantin. 1600

1854 Artagnan, Memoires, 3 vols. 12mo. Amst. CHEMISTRY: 1715

Berichte der Deut. Chemischen GesellAsiatic Annual Register, Vol. XII, uncut, 1810 schaft, a complete set Asiatic Researches, Vol. V and XVIII, 4to. Journal für Thier.-Chemie, a complete set Aristotelis, Organum. Gr. et Lat. J. Pacius Journal of the Pasteur Institute recensuit, 4to. Geneva, 1604

Zeitschrift für Physiologische Chemie
Geneva, 1597

Chytraei, Commentaria in Apocalypsin
Geneva, 1598

Cleghorn's Index to Wight's Icones, 4to. 1856
Lugduni, 1606

Common Prayer, Book of, Barker and Bil, Badminton Library, Large Paper, Fishing, London, 1638 2 vols.

Colliber, Columna Rostrata, 8vo. 1727 Barcellon, Règles et Principes de Paume, Cook's Second Voyage round the World, Paris (1800)

1772-5, 4to. Almon, 1776 Barcelona, Any plans of :

Cruikshank, Table Book, ed. A'Beckett, in Bate, Certain Observations. Daily original parts, 8vo. 1845

Meditations in the time of his suffering, Cullimore's Oriental Cylinders, impl. 8vo. 8vo. 1630

1842-3 Lamentable Paraphrase on the Lamen- Cunningham's Archæological Survey of tations of Jeremy, 24mo. 1587

India, Vols. VI and XIII Beatson's Naval and Military Memoirs, Cunninghanı’s History of Commerce, Vol. I, 6 vols. 1804

8vo. 1894 Bengal Sporting Mag., nos. 1, 3 and 4, 1833 Curtis, Botanical Magazine, for 1842, '43, Boetticher Baumkultus, 8vo.

°44, and '53 part 104 Bowdich, Freshwater Fishes of Great Dalrymple, Memoir of a Chart of the Britain, 1838

Southern Seas, 4to. 1772 Boyceau, Traité du jardinage, folio, Paris, Letter to Dr. Hawkesworth occasioned 1638

by some groundless imputations in his Brain, Vol. XI, 1888-9

account of the late royages to the South BRITISH GUIANA :

Sea, 4to, 1773 Schomburgh's Sketch Map of B. Guiana, Observations on Dr. Hawkesworth's J. Arrowsmith, 1840

preface, 4to. 1773 Hillhouse's Map of Br. Guiana, 1836 Dalton's New System of Chemical PhiBouchenroeder's Map of B. Guiana, sur- losophy, 2 vols. 1810-29

veyed in 1798-1802, J. Wyld, 1828 Dartmoor. Any books on the Forest of BRITISH MUSEUM :

Deleuze, Practical Instruction in Animal Catalogue of Greek Coins: Italy and Magnetism, 12mo. 1846 Sicily

De Man**eux Traité sur la Connoissance Description of Ancient Marbles, Small duRoyalJeu de Paume,8vo., Neuchatel, 1783

Paper, parts 4, 6-11--Large Paper, Dion Cassius, trans. Manning, 2 vols.8vo. 1704 parts 10 and 11

Down, Royal Corporation Racing Calendar, Hand-List of Birds, part III, 1871

1820-50 inclusive Brown and Buckley, Vertebrate Fauna of D’Oyley's Views of Dacca

Sutherland, Caithness and West Cromarty, Dryden's Fables, coloured illustrations, folio, sm. 4to.

1797 do., Vertebrate Fauna of the Outer Dumeril, Du Recrutement des armées dans Hebrides, sm. 4to. 1889

l'antiquité, 1886 Brown and Judd, The Rubies of Burma, English Spy, 8vo. boards, uncut, 1825 8vo. 1895

Entomology: Burchett’s Transactions at Sea, folio, 1720 Clerck, Icones Insectorum Rariorum, 4to. Burton's System of Bayonet Exercise, 1853 Holmiæ, 1759 Campaign of Radetzky in Piedmont, 1850, Poda von Neuhaus, Insecta Musei Græany works on.

censis, 1761







£ 3. d. 1 LE VAILLANT, Voyage dans l'intérieur de l'Afrique par le Cap de

Bon-Espérance, 1780-85, LARGE PAPER, 3 vols. 4to. with numerous plates
of anthropology, natural history, scenes of African life (some beautifully
coloured by hand), in old French red morocco extra, tooled sides, gilt edges,
from Lord Gosford's library

1790 6 10 0 2 SELOUS (F. C.) Sunshine and Storm in Rhodesia, 8vo. map and illustrations, cloth

1896 0 10 6 A narrative of erents in Matabeleland. American Science: 3 TRANSACTIONS of the ALBANY INSTITUTE. Vols. II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII. 6 vols., 8vo., with plates ; cloth

Albany, 1833-72 2 10 0
This is one of the oldest of American Scientific Institutions. The papers include
contributions by James Hall and F. B. Meek (Palæontology), F. V. Hayden (Geology),
C. H. Peck (Conchology), W. H. Hale (Anthropology), De Witt (Astronomy),
Hickcox (Currency), etc. etc. The third volume consists of a Catalogue of the Library

of the Institute, consisting largely of Americana.
4 BUTLER (Rev. John W.) Sketches of Mexico in Prehistoric, Primitive,

Colonial, and Modern Times (Lectures at the Ohio Wesleyan Univer.
sity), cr. 8vo. cloth

New York, 1894 05 0
The author has endeavoured to cover in his lectures the whole field of Mexican
Antiquities and History ; and has packed a good deal of valuable information into the

5 AYERICAN Journal of MATHEMATICS. Edited by J. J. Sylvester,

Simon NEWCOMB, Thomas Craig, etc. Vol. I, in 4 numbers ; II, 3
and 4; IV, in 4 nos. ; V, 3 and 4; VI, 2; IX, 1; X, 1; XIV. 2. In
all 17 nos., royal 4to. sd., scarce

Baltimore, John Hopkins University, 1878-92 2 10 0 6 JOURNAL of MORPHOLOGY. Edited by C. O.Whitman and E. P. ALLIS.

Vol. I, in 2 numbers ; II, no. 1; III, nos. 1 and 3 (the last); VI, nos.
1 and 2 (in one) ;-6 parts, thick royal 8vo., printed on hand-made
paper, and illustrated with fine plates, also woodcuts ; sd., uncut

Boston, U.S., 1887-92 1 5 0
The Journal of Morphology is devoted principally to embryological, anatomical
and histological subjects, and is limited in a general way to animal morphology. (See

Introduction.) 7 COLORADO Scientific Society. Vol. I. 1883-84. 8vo. sd. Denver, 1885 0 2 0 8 PROCEEDINGS of the AMERICAN ACADEMY of Arts and Sciences. New

SERIES. Vols. I; IV; V; VII, part 2; VIII, part 1; X; XI, in 2
parts; XII; XIII; XVII; XIX; and XX. In all 13 vols. and parts,
large 8vo., with plates ; sd.

Boston, 1874-93 2 10 0 9 PROCEEDINGS of the AMERICAN Association for the advancement of Science. 9 vols. 8vo. as described below; sd.

1850-91 1 5 0 2nd meeting, Cambridge, 1849 ; 22nd, Portland, Maine, 1873 ; 24th, Detroit, 1875; 29th, Boston, 1880 ; 31st, Montreal, 1882 (in 2 parts) ; 32nd, Minneapolis, 1883 ;

34th, Ann Arbor, 1885 ; 39th, Indianopolis, 1890. 10 JOURNAL of the American Geographical Society of New York. Vols. VII-XXIII, being for the years 1875—1891. 17 vols. 8vo. with

maps and plates ; in cloth and numbers

New York, 1878-91 4 0 Vol. XXII, nos. 1 and 2; and Vol. XXIII, nos. 2 and 4, are missing.

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