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American Science-continued.
11 TRANSACTIOns of the Meridan Scientific Association. Vol. II. 8vo, sd. 1887

Including a List of the Birds of Meridan, Conn., by F. Platt.
12 PROCEEDINGS of the American Philosophical Society. Vol. III (1843),

and from vol. V, number 47 (1851), to vol. XXXIII, number 145
(1894), a few numbers missing, as described below ;-77 numbers, 8vo.,
with plates ; sd.

Philadelphia, 1843-94
Vol. XXII, Part III (875 pages), consists of a condensed edition of the Proceed.
ings of the Society from 1744 to 1838, a circumstance which renders the above
described lot more nearly complete than it would at first seem. (This part can be had
separately, price is 6d.) The intermediate numbers missing are: 50, 53-56,58, 76,
128, 129, 134, 135, 137-139, and 143. The Catalogue of the Society's Library, parts
II and III (Chronology, Ethnology, Archæology, Mythology, History, Sociology,
Manufactures, Commerce, Finance, War, Law), and a list of the original members of

the Society (1769), are given with the set. 13 Arachnida. THORELL (T.). Descriptive Catalogue of the Spiders of Burma,

based upon the collection made by Eugene W. OATES, and preserved

in the British Museum. 8vo. 442 pages (pub. at 10s 6d), cloth 1895
Arctic Regions :
14 SALGARI (Emilio). I Pescatori di Balene. Royal 8vo. a romance of

adventure, with 46 woodcuts illustrating views in the Polar regions,
incidents of Whale Fishing, etc.; sd.

Milano, 1894 15 SCORESBY (W.) Account of the Arctic Regions, and the Whale-Fishery,

2 vols. map and plates, 1820-Journal of a Voyage to Greenland,
maps and plates, 1823--together 3 vols. 8vo. calf extra, gilt edges,

Edinburgh, 1820-3
16 ARAGO (F.) Astronomie populaire publiée par J. A. Barral, 5 vols. 8vo.
diagrams, sd.

Paris, 1855 17 [ASTRONOMI VETERES). Iulii Firmici Astronomicorum libri octo

. . Marci Manilii astronomicorum libri quinque . Arati Phwnomena
Germanico Cæsare interprete cum commentariis & imaginibus
Procli Diadochi Sphæra græce Procli eiusdem Sphæra, Thoma Linacro
Britanno interprete.

Sm. folio, woodcut diagrams and figures of the Signs of the Zodiac;
a good copy in old calf, rebacked

Venetiis cura, &. diligentia Aldi Ro . . M.ID (1499) 17*_ the same. Sm. folio, a very fine copy in russia extra, with interlaced line tooling on sides

1499 One of the most important works published by Aldus. It has a special interest for English collectors, because a part of the translation was made by an Englishman, Linacre, and a letter of William Grocyn to Aldus is printed near the end, which gives a number of details concerning the study of Greek literature in England at the time. This letter has been eulogized by both Aldus and Erasmus, and is the only published work of Grocyn, a native of Bristol, who, at the time he wrote, was Greek Professor in

Exeter College, Oxford. 18 BALL (Sir R. S.) Time and Tide, a Romance of the Moon. 12mo., front, and woodcuts ; cloth

[1889] 19 CHAUVENET (W.) A Manual of spherical and practical Astronomy, 2 vols. 8vo. figures, cloth

Philadelphia, 1885 20 CLARK (Latimer) A Treatise on the transit instrument, 8vo. figures, cloth

1882 21 DISCURSIVE ESSAYS, part I, by Cosmopolites. 8vo., cloth

? 1885 Containing a new theory in astronomy based on the translatory motion of the Sun, and a new theory on the element of cold in the Universe ; followed by a description of the probable origin of the Earth, formation of its ocean, crust, continents, and islands,

including a concise review of the evolution of the organic beings on its surface. 22 DUNKIN (E.) The Midnight Sky: familiar notes on the stars and B planets, 4to. plates, cloth Bu 23 LIAIS (E.) Traité d'Astronomie appliquée à la géographie et à la an navigation suivi de la Géodésie, roy. 8vo. hf. morocco Paris, 1867


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£ d. 24 Loomis (E.) A Trastise of Meteorology, with a collection of meteorological tables, 8vo. calf

New York, 1868 0 2 0 24* An Introduction to practical Astronomy, 8vo. calf New York, 1866 0 2 6 25 PEARSON (W.) Introduction to practical Astronomy, 2 vols. roy. 4to. hf. calf

1824 1 0 0 26 Proctor (R. A.) Handbook of the Stars. 12mo., maps and diagrams; cloth

1866 0 2 0 27 A Star Atlas. Folio, 12 large folding maps; cloth

1870 0 7 0 28 A New Star Atlas. Post 8vo., 12 circular maps ; cloth 1872 0 2 0 29 The Orbs around us. Post 8vo., cloth

1875 0 2 0 30 The Universe of Stars. 8vo., folding and other plates; cloth 1878 0 2 0 31 Smyth (C. P.) Teneriffe, an astronomer's experiment; post 8vo. plates, cloth

1858 0 2 6 32 VINCE (S.) A Complete System of Astronomy, 3 vols. 4to, second edition, hf. bd. and bds.

1814-23 0 10 0 32* the same, Vol. 3, 4to., bds.

1823 0 5 0 Vol. 3 is scarce and often wanted to complete sets. 33 WHITING (T.) System of Astronomy, 4to. plates, bds.

1828 0 5 0 34 Young (C. A.) Text-Book of General Astronomy, 8vo. figures, hf. bd.

Boston, Mass. 1889 0 7 6 Australia : 35 AFLALO (F. C.) A Sketch of the Natural History of Australia, with some notes on Sport, 8vo. plates, cloth

1896 0 6 0 36 DEPARTMENT of MINES, Sydney. Mineral Products of N. S. W., by

H. Wood; Notes on Geology of N. S. W., by C. S. WILKINSON;
Minerals of N. S. W., by Arch. LIVERSIDGE ; etc. In 1 vol., 4to., with
maps, etc., ed.

Sydney, 1882 0 5 0 37 LAURIE (J. S.) The Story of Australasia : its Discovery, Colonisation, and Development, cloth extra

( 10 6 38 WITHERS (N. B.) The History of Ballarat, 8vo. plates, cloth Ballarat, 1870 0 12 0 39 Royal Society of TASMANIA. Papers and Proceedings of the Royal

Society of Van Diemen's Land. Vol. I, in 3 parts, 1849-51 ; vol. II,
in 3 parts, 1852-54; vol. III, parts 1 and 2, 1855-59. Papers and
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, for the years 1875,
1876, 1877, 1878, 1888, 1890, and 1892. Monthly Notices of the
Papers and Proceedings for the years 1863, 1864, 1865, 1867, 1868,
1869, 1870, 1872, 1873, 1874 and 1879. Report of the Society for
1862. Catalogue of the Library of the Society, 1885. 28 vols, and
parts 8vo. with plates ; sd.

Tasmania, 1859-92 2 10 0 40 NATURAL HIStory of VICTORIA. Prodromus of the Zoology of Victoria ;

or, figures and descriptions of the living species of Classes of the
Victorian Indigenous Animals. By Frederick McCoy.

I-XV. 15 parts or vols., royal 8vo., 150 COLOURED PLATES, with
text; bds.

Melbourne, 1878-87 3 10 0 41 JOURNAL and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South WALES.

Vols. XIII–XXVII, for the years 1879—1893. 15 vols. 8vo. with

numerous plates (pub. at £7.178 6d), cloth and sewed Sydney, 1880-94 2 0 0 42 PROCEEDINGS of the Linnean Society of New South Wales. New Series,

vol. III, parts 2 and 4;—2 thick nos., 8vo., with plates (published
at £2. 28)

Sydney, 1888-89

0 10 0 43 TRANSACTIONS and Proceedings of the NEW ZEALAND INSTI

TUTE. Vols. I—XXVII. 1868-1894. 27 vols. thick large 8vo. with
plates ; bds. scarce

Wellington, 1869-95 15 0 0
Volumes sold separately : VII, VIII, IX, XIV, XV, XVI, XIX, XXII, and
XXIII, price 78 6d each.


BADMINTON LIBRARY, edited by the Duke of Beaufort

and A. E. T. Watson. LARGE PAPER, ONLY 250

COPIES PRINTED 44 ARCHERY. By C. J. LONGMAN, Col. H. WALROND, etc. 195 illustrations

and 2 maps

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Vol. I. AFRICA and AMERICA. 77 illustrations.

Vol. II. EUROPE, Asia, and the Arctic REGIONS. 73 illustrations. 47 BOATING. By W. B. WOODGATE. 49 illustrations 48 COURSING AND Falconry. By HARDING Cox and the Hon. Gerald

LASCELLES. 76 illustrations 49 DANCING. By Mrs. Lilly GROVE, Miss MIDDLETON, the Hon. Mrs.

ARMYTAGE, the Countess OF ANCASTER, etc. 131 illustrations 50 RACING AND STEEPLE-CHASING. Racing: By the EARL OF SUFFOLK AND

BERKSHIRE and W. G. Craven. Steeple-chasing : By Arthur COVENTRY

and ALFRED E. T. Watson. 58 illustrations 51 SKATING, CURLING, TOBOGGANING, and other Ice SPORTS. By J. M. HEATH


ORMOND HAKE, and Henry A. Buck. 284 illustrations 52 SWIMMING. By ARCHIBALD SINCLAIR and WILLIAM HENRY. 119 illustrations 53 TENNIS, LAWN TENNIS, RACKETS, and Fives. By J. M. and C. G. HEATH

COTE, etc. 79 illustrations 54 YACHTING. By LORD BRASSEY, the EARL OF ONSLOW, Sir EDWARD


Val. I. CRUISING, CONSTRUCTION, RACING RULES, etc. 114 illustrations.


etc. 195 illustrations.

Cook's First Voyage in H.M.S. ENDEAVOUR, in 1768-71, to Terra del
Fuego, Otahite, New Zealand, Australia, the Dutch East Indies, etc.
edited by Sir Joseph Hooker, 8vo. portraits and charts

Sir Josepo Hooker's motive in editing this Journal of long ago is to give
prominence to Sir Joseph Banks' indefatigable labours as an accomplished observer
and ardent collector during the whole period occupied by that expedition, and thus to
present him as the pioneer of those naturalist voyagers of later years of whom Darwin

is the great example.
56 BARLOW (W.) New Theories of Matter and of Force, 8vo. cloth 1885
57 Bates (H. W.) The Naturalist on the River Amazons, crown 8vo. cloth 1873
58 BICKERDYKE (John). The Book of the All-Round Angler. LARGE

Paper Edition, thick 8vo. with numerous plates and woodcuts (price to
subscribers 218), Roxburghe binding

Only 200 copies printed. This book, which commences with an Introduction
written by Mr. Wm. Senior (“Red Spinner"), is eminently a practical one.

It will be found to contain more useful information on the various modern methods of angling in fresh and salt water than has ever been published in one volume and far in excess of anything published at the price. In whatever part of the United Kingdom the angler may be—whether on the sea-coast or inland, on sea, lake, or river-he will be

able, by following the instructions given, to fish with a fair chance of success. Botany: Chiefly from the Library of that amiable and accomplished savant,

the late Mr. Edwin Clarke, of Marlow, Bucks.
59 ALLIONIUS. FLORA PEDEMONTANA, sive enumeratio methodica stirpium

indigenarum Pedemontanii, auctore CAROLO ALLIONIO. 3 vols. in 1,
folio, 92 plates; russia gilt

From the Westdean Library, with John Peachey's bookplate.
60 ANNALS of Botany, edited by Balfour, Vines, and Farlow. Numbers I,

III, IV, and VI;-4 parts in 3, large 8vo., with plates (published at
£1. 14s), sd.

1887-88 61 BADHAM (C. D.) A Treatise on the Esculent Funguses of England, roy. 8vo. 17 plates, some coloured, cloth

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£ 8. d.

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62 BEDDOME (R. H.). The Ferns of SOUTHERN INDIA, being Descriptions

and Plates of the Ferns of the MADRAS PRESIDENCY. Royal 4to., 271
plates, rough calf

Madras, 1863 63 the same, the SECOND Edition. Roy. 4to., boards, uncut ibid., 1873 64 Bentham (G.) and J. D. HOOKER. Handbook of the British Flora

Illustrations of the British Flora-together, 2 vols. cr. 8vo., with 1310
woodcuts by Fitch and Smith; cloth (pub. 21s)


tion of the Plants of the Australian Territory, 7 vols. 8vo., cloth,

1863-78 66 Bolus (H.). The Orchids of the Cape Peninsula. Roy. 8vo., 36 plates containing numerous plain and coloured figures; cloth (pub. 158)

Cape Town, 1888 67 Extra Tropical South African Orchids. Roy. 8vo., 50 plates

containing numerous plain and coloured figures; cloth (pub. 218) *1893 68 BURNETT (M. A.) Plantæ Utiliores; or, illustrations of useful plants,

employed in the Arts and Medicine, 4 vols. 4to. 250 coloured plates,
calf gilt

1842 69 CALCUTTA. Annals of the Royal BOTANIC GARDEN, vol. V, pt. 2. Folio, in a portfolio

1895 70 the same, vol. VI. Folio, in a portfolio

1895 71 the same, vol. VII. Folio, in a portfolio

1896 Previous volumes can be supplied. 72 COOKE (M. C.). Handbook of British Fungi. 2 vols. post 8vo., coloured plate and several hundred woodcuts; cloth

1871 73 CORDIER (F. S.) Les Champignons de la France, impl. 8vo. 60 finely coloured plates, sd.

Paris, 1870 74 DODOENS. A Nievve Herball, or Historie of Plantes : wherein is

contayned the vvhole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of
Herbes and Plantes . . . First set foorth in the Doutche or Almaigne
tongue, by that learned D. REMBERT DODOENS . . . translated out of
French into English, by Henry LYTE . . . Sm. folio, the title and a
few leaves mended; morocco

London, 1578
Exceedingly rare. The woodcuts in this copy are coloured.

ARBUSTES, édition augmentée par VEILLARD, J. SAINT-
7 vols. impl. folio, Large Paper, 500 plates beautifully
coloured by hand; elegantly bound in green morocco with
broad tooled borders, by J. Wright

Paris, 1825
From the Aylesford Library. This work was published at 2490
francs, and the binding has not cost less than £45.

FRUITIERS, nouvelle édition, augmentée d'un grand nombre
de Fruits par A. POITEAU et P.J. F. TURPIN. 6 vols. in 5,
impl. folio, Papier Vélin, 329 superbly coloured plates ;
splendidly bound in green morocco with broad tooled borders,
by J. Wright

Paris, 1835
From the Aylesford Library. Published at £86 unbound; cost
of binding £42; in all £128.

the same. 6 vols. in 5, impl. folio, Papier Vélin, 329 coloured plates; half brown morocco, uncut


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£ 8. d.

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78 FLORE DES SERRES et des Jardins de l'Europe; Annales générales

d'Horticulture, comprenant descriptions des plantes les plus rares et
les plus méritantes nouvellement introduites, édité par L. Von Houtte.
23 vols. COMPLETE, royal 8vo. with about 3000 FINELY COLOURED plates,
besides woodcuts; a beautiful set in hf. red morocco gilt, uncut

Gand, 1845-83
(PREMIÈRE SÉRIE) 10 vols. 1845-55-SECONDE SÉRIE, 13 vols. 1856-83.

This work contains much valuable information on everything concerning the
Flower and the Kitchen Garden, Hothouse Plants, Forest-trees, etc. and essays on
Natural History, Meteorology, and all Science important to every botanist and lover

of plants.
79 GERARDE. The HERBALL or Generall Historie of Plantes.

Gathered by John GERARDE of London Master in Chirvrgerie.
Imprinted at London by Iohn Norton. 1597 Folio, with innumer-
able woodcuts and a beautifully engraved title containing a View of a
Garden; old calf

The rare First Edition.
In this, the last leaf (Iiiii 4) is missing, otherwise it is a fine and desirable

“Although the Herbal cannot lay claim to originality, yet Gerard, translator and
adapter as he was, has left an indelible mark of individuality on his work ; his notes

on the localities of flowers are specially characteristic.”Hon. Alicia Amherst.
80 GERARDE. The HERBALL ... by John GERARDE ... Enlarged and

Amended by Thomas Johnson ... Folio, the Best Edition, with engraved
title and woodcuts ; old calf rebacked

81 the same. Folio, a leaf of the Index injured; half russia 1633

the same, another issue. Folio, the title mounted, otherwise a fine copy in old gilt calf, with the Swinton crest on the back

Johnson described some 800 more plants than Gerard, and added many wood-

the total number in the completed Herbal was 2717.Hon. Alicia Amherst.
83 GRANT (Capt. Bartle) The Orchids of Burma and the Andaman Islands

described, 8vo. vi, 424 and 8 Index pp. (subscription price 12s 6d),

Kangoon, 1895
Published privately in Burma. Indispensable to all Orchid Collectors.
84 GREVILLEA; a Quarterly Record of Cryptogamic Botany and its

Literature. Edited by M. C. COOKE. Vols. I--XXII. 22 vols. 8vo.
with 185 plates, most of them COLOURED; the first twelve vols. in six, half
bound in calf neat, the rest in numbers

The first two volumes appeared in monthly numbers, and are, of course, entitled "a
monthly record,” etc. This Journal includes descriptions of all the species figured in

Cooke's “ Illustrations of British Fungi."
85 HACKEL (E.). The True Grasses. Translated from Die NATÜRLICHEN

PFLANZENFAMILIEN by F. Lamson-Scribner and Effie A. Southworth.
8vo., upwards of 90 illustrations and diagrams; cloth

The following are extracts from a letter received from C. B. Clarke, Esq., F.R.S.,
F.G.s., President of the Linnean Soc.:-

“ Hackel, as å systematist, is surpassed by no living German, and his especial Order is Gramina. His account of these in ‘Engler und Prantl Pflanzenfamilien' is altogether the best account of the whole Order extant, i.e. that incluauw wnd the Grasses of the World."

"No competent person would commence any systematic work on Grasses without

Hackel's work on his table."
86 HALL (J. G.) A collection of about 80 coloured drawings of Fungi, sm.
folio, loose in portfolio

About 1860 87 HASSALL (A. H.). History of the British FRESHWATER Algx, inB

cluding the Desmideæ and Diatomaceæ. 2 vols. 8vo., 103 coloured Bu plates ; cloth, rare

1845 an

88 HILLEBRAND (W.). Flora of the Hawaiian Islands. 8vo., 673 pp. , ang frontispiece, and map; cloth

Heidelberg, 1888

cuts ;

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