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Binders contemporary with the Deromes-continued.
774 Q. ASCONII PEDIANI Commentationes, in aliquot M. Tvllii
Ciceronis Orationes. . Lvgd. Batav. . MDCXLIV.

12mo. bound in olive morocco, with a mosaic pattern on the


The back full-gilt and flat, but having sham bands and panels. The central fleuron (different in each panel) is impressed upon a lozange-shaped piece of crimson leather; the lozanges accompanied by two stars and two dots on each side. The bands have a roulette representing a chain of square, lozangy, and round jewels. The sides are gilt with a border of running arches enclosing and supporting fanfare ornaments, but the border is broken at the four corners by the insertion of a large quatrefoil, enclosing a flower and four bezants and supporting a fleuron. The centrepiece is an inlaid oblong figure of crimson morocco cut in the style of an architectural ornament, and bearing on its surface pointillé fleurons, flowers, bezants and dots. The fly and endleaves are of gold paper bearing a pattern of red flowers. The rims of the covers are gilt with a perpendicular line broken at intervals by parallel diagonals (in the style of bindings done about 1590). This pretty volume may have been bound by Padeloup, but I am not inclined to think so. The date of the binding is about 1730-40.

With the bookplate of "Valent Bourdier de Beauregard which are palé, or et azur, trois trèfles (2 et 1) mi-azur et mi-or."

775 [DUGUET] Traité de la Croix de Notre Seigneur Paris M.DCC.XXXIII. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. black morocco extra, gilt edges 1733

Bound at the date of the book. A pointillé ornament at the angles on the sides within the fillet of three equidistant lines. The back full-gilt with that same ornament as the centrepiece in the panels, the cornerpieces being palm wreaths (like those used in some of Padeloup's work about 1730). The rim and inside bear the Boyet roulette.

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ENTRETIENS DE CICERON SUR LA NATURE DES DIEUX. Traduits par . . D'Olivet. . Paris. . M.DCC.XXXII. 2 vols. sm. 8vo. red morocco extra, gilt edges 1732

A beautiful binding in the freshest possible condition. The sides are gilt only with the fillet of three equidistant lines. On the back at the top is the Duseuil form of the Boyet roulette. In the panels, a tall slender fleuron is surrounded by a mass of large gold dots with cornerpieces like palm branches. In the lowest portion of the back there is a sort of frieze-ornament. There is a rose above and below the tomenumeral.

With the Yemeniz book-label.

777 HORATIUS. Qvinti Horatii Flacci Opera . . Londini æneis tabvlis incidit Iohannes Pine MDCCXXXIII(-XXXVII). 2 vols. 8vo. the original or post-est edition; red morocco extra, gilt edges, with broad floral borders on the sides, and blue silk linings

A fine binding executed perhaps by Louis Douceur. The border is a row of various alternating flowers rising from conventional stems; and a short garland with strings lies in front of each angle. In the panels on the back is a lozangy figuru composed of culots and dots (arranged to form crosses and saltires) with a daisy for their centre. The gilding on the rims is the roulette resembling a line of wire twisted into ringgroups at short intervals. This as well as another roulette at the bottom of the back show that the binder had some antiquated tools in his possession. The book is lettered HORACE DE LONDRES.

778 RABELAIS. ŒUVRES DE MAITRE FRANCOIS RABELAIS . . Amsterdam.. M.DCC.XL(-XLI). 3 vols. 4to. with fine plates; blue morocco extra, gilt edges

A valuable book in a fine binding, the work perhaps of Anguerrand. A pomegranate is the central ornament in the panels.

£ S.

779 ANTIPHONAIRE PARISIEN, suivant le Nouveau Breviaire. Paris 1736.6 vols.; GRADUEL DE PARIS.. MDCCXXXVIII. 2 vols.; -together 8 vols. 12mo. red morocco extra, gilt edges Paris, 1736-38

A fine set of books, bound with care and elegance. The ornament in the panels on the back is a daisy, enclosed in a circle which is fringed with triangular points, and thus forms an octagonal figure, having three stars on each side of it. In each panel, the cornerpieces are part of a branch, and the sidepiece is a thistle. . On the sides of the binding, the border decoration is the upper part of the old Boyet dentelle, and within each corner there is a little wreath or garland such as generally formed part of Padeloup's large dentelle designs. The Boyet roulette is used again on the rims and inner edges of the binding.

This seems to have been bound about 1745.



1733-37 20 0 0

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1740-41 20 0 0


Binders contemporary with the Deromes--continued.

780 ARETINO (Pietro) Opere [Genesi del Vniverso, Hvmanita di Christo, Sette Salmi]. At end: Vinegia. . MDLI . . Small 4to. crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, a beautiful binding, Derome style, done about 1750


781 LA LITVRGIE ANGLOISE. Ov le Livre des Prieres pvbliqves. . traduit en François par l'Ordonnance de sa Maieste de la Grande Bretaigne. A Londres.. MDCXVI.. Small 4to. a ruled copy, bound in green morocco extra, gilt edges



Bound about 1750, perhaps by Anguerrand or J. A. Derome. The usual triple fillet on the sides, with a portion of the Boyer dentelle for the inside edging. marguerite in the centre of the panels, with a pear and a pomegranate for the corner ornaments; an annulet at each side of the marguerite, and two gold dots above and below it. A branchy ornament at top and bottom of the back. The bands are gilt with parallel diagonal strokes from left to right.

This rare volume was prepared for the use of the Channel Islanders.

782 PHÆDRI .. Fabularum Æsopiarum libri quinque. . Parisiis . . MDCCXLII. 12mo. frontispiece and vignettes; olive green morocco extra, gilt edges


Bound about 1750-55, perhaps by Padeloup, for a Bishop or Archbishop, whose arms are on the sides (un sautoir accompagné de deux croix, l'une en chef, l'autre en pointe, et cotoyé de deux têtes de licorne), with a marquis's coronet and a Bishop's hat.

This is a dainty piece of binding, flat-backed, with a marguerite in the panels.
The linings are of pink silk.

783 SCARRON. OEUVRES DE MONSIEUR SCARRON A Amsterdam MDCCXXXVII. 10 vols. in 11, 16mo. plates; blue morocco extra, gilt 1737


On the sides a lace border of alternate fleurs-de-lis and fanfares springing from a double row of curves and crooks. The pattern inside is the Boyet roulette in its fine Padeloup form. The back is flat with a marguerite in each panel; the fleur-de-lis and strawberry roulette at top and bottom.

This pretty book was bound (about 1750-55) by no ordinary hand; if it be
Fournier's, it is one of his best examples.

With the bookplate of Thomas Gaisford.

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784 JORDANI BRUNI Nolani de Triplici Minimo . . libri v . . Francofvrti.. MDLXXXXI. 12mo. morocco extra, gilt edges 1591

A pretty book, bound perhaps by Fournier about 1755-60. The book is flat and full-gilt.


MDLVIII. 12mo. citron morocco extra, gilt edges


The back is flat, and gilt with the rolling branches so much used by Padeloup, with gold dots scattered among them. The sides have a branchy border within the fillets, finished off with a slight lace-point edging on each side. The roulette inside repeats the fillet and lace-points. It is a fine piece of work, probably by Fournier or Anguerrand about 1755.

With the bookplate of Wilmot Viscount Lisburne (about 1760).

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In Vinegia

787 GOMEZ PEREIRA. ANTONIANA MARGARITA, opvs nempe physicis, medicis, ac theologis necessarium per Cometivm Pereiram Anno M.D.LIIII. . Colophon: Methymnæ Campi. . 1554. Small folio, blue morocco extra, gilt edges


Probably bound in Derome style before 1765. Bound in at the end are two pieces connected with the work; namely, the " Objectiones Michaelis à Palacios," 10 pp. not dated; and the Apologia or Responsiones of the author, which was printed in 1555.

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£ 8. d.


12 12 0


786 MONTANI (Aria) HVMANAE SALVTIS MONVMENTA Christoph. Plantinvs 1571. Small 4to. with beautiful full-page plates by Crispin van den Brock; blue morocco extra, gilt edges 1571 20 00

On the sides the triple fillet; inside the edge the V pattern with strawberry leaves; on the flat-back a long roll of leaves, flowers, and fruits, broken only by the lettering of the title (on a red leather label). This is probably the work of Laferté about 1760.

The plates are different from those in the 8vo. issue of the same date.



1 10 0


Binders contemporary with the Deromes—continued.

788 [BELLOY (Pierre de)] MOYENS D'ABVS, ENTREPRISES ET NVLLITEZ du Rescrit et Bvlle. . Contre le serenissime Prince, Henry de Bovrbon. Roy de Nauarre . . Et Henri de Bovrbon.. Prince de Condé . . Par vn Catholique, Apostolique, Romain; mais bon François.. Ambrvm, Par Pierre Chaubert. M.D.LXXXVI. 12mo. red morocco extra, gilt edges 1586

Bound about 1760-70, perhaps by Derome le jeune. There is an acorn as centrepiece in the panels, accompanied by two dots above, two below, and an annulet on each side; with bits of branches for cornerpieces. At top and bottom, the fanfare roulette. Inside the V roulette.

This is an excellent specimen of binding of the older Derome's style.

789 RABELAIS. LES OEVVRES DE M. FRANCOIS Rabelais, Docteur en Medecine.. A Lyon, Par Iean Martin. 1584. Divided into 4 vols. 16mo. fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges

The flower in the panels attended by two, or by four. gold dots, the branchy roulette at top and bottom, and the general air of the binding, might be suggestive of the work of Derome jeune about 1765. It is a pretty little book.

On the flyleaf is the engraved bookplate of Ferdinand Ernest, Count Mollarth (about 1760); and on the end-leaf that of the first Earl of Lisburne (about 1775). 790 TORNÉ (l'Abbé) Sermons prêchés devant le Roi . . 3 vols. 12mo. red Paris, 1765

morocco extra, gilt edges

A pretty set of volumes. Flat-backed, and richly gilt, with a dentelle pattern on the sides. There is also stamped on the sides the escutcheon of a great ecclesiastic, which bears three arrow-heads turned downwards (2 and 1) with a Marquis's coronet and an Archbishop's hat. On vol. II an attempt has been made to cancel the escutcheon by stamping an ornamental design completely over it, and this must have been at about the same time as the binding, i.e. 1766.

791 VIRGILIUS. Publii Virgilii Maronis Opera. . Lutetiæ Parisiorum .. MDCCXLV. 3 vols. 12mo. a pretty book in red morocco extra, gilt edges 1745

1584 10 10 0

Flat-backed with transverse lines for bands; a figure like an artichoke being the central ornament in the panels. Bound by a contemporary of Derome le jeune.-With the book plate of Viscount Lisburne (about 1765-70).

792 MARGUERITE DE VALOIS, Contes et Nouvelles. . Amsterdam . . M.DC.XCVIII. 2 vols. 12mo. numerous beautiful engravings after Romain de Hooge; red morocco extra, gilt edges

First Edition with these engravings, printed on a stronger and finer paper than the later issues. The back of the binding is flat, with green labels for the lettering. In the panels a flower, surrounded by a lozange of roundels, dots, etc., with cornerpieces; at top and bottom a branch and fruit ornament. A cornerpiece on the sides is a lily; the double V roulette inside the cover. Bound about 1770. This is a pretty book.

793 MEERMAN (Gerardi) Origines Typographica. . Hage Comitum . . MDCCLXV. 2 vols. impl. 4to. LARGE PAPER, ruled; red morocco extra, gilt edges


Bound probably between 1770 and 1775, in the style of Derome le jeune. The large V V roulette inside. The fillets are three equidistant lines (1 and 2) of equal thickness. A flower in the panels surrounded by a large number of stars and dots.

Dr. Dibdin's engraved bookplate is pasted within the cover.


5 vols. 8vo. fine plates and vignettes by Gravelot, Cochin, etc.; red
morocco extra, gilt edges


Bound about 1770-75. The three lines of the fillets are equidistant. The ornament on the panels is a quiver of arrows upright with one shaft lying fesswise, another shaft and the bow in saltire behind it. This ornament is surrounded by roses, dots, and spearheads.

8. d.

1698 16 0 0

An escutcheon: or, a cock, with two stars fesswise on a chief vert, within a garter bearing the motto franc et loyal, has been added on the sides.

44 0

795 [DU MARSAIS] Essai sur les Préjugés. . ouvrage contenant l'Apologie
de la Philosophie par Mr. D. M. Londres, MDCCLXX. 12mo. olive
morocco extra, gilt edges

Flat-backed, with no other ornamentation on the outside than the double parallel
lines which form the frames and bands of the panels, and the double fillet on the sides.
Inside, the roulette is the row of double V lines with strawberry leaves between them.-
This book is attributed to Baron d'Holbach.

3 16 0


1757 22 10 0

4 4 0

2 2 0

Binders contemporary with the Deromes-continued.

796 BOILEAU DESPREAUX (Nicolas) Euvres . . A La Haye MDCCXXII. . 4 vols. 12mo. plates and vignettes by H. Picart; red morocco extra, gilt edges 1722

A flower and cornerpieces in the panels, the bands gilt with a straight line, a branchy ornament at top and bottom; a flower for cornerpiece on the sides the rim and inside edge of the cover gilt with groups of double diagonal lines, having a dotted line between each group. Bound about 1770-75.

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797 VIDE (Marci Hieronymi) Poemata omnia . . Colophon: Cremonae . MDL.. 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. red morocco extra, gilt edges


Flat-backed, with a flower, surrounded by dots and annulets, in the panels, and at the bottom the drawer-handle ornament of Derome le jeune. On the sides a triple fillet, the middle line thicker than the others. The double V roulette inside. Bound about 1775-80.

798 LONGUS. ΛΟΓΓΟΥ .. κατὰ Δάφνιν καὶ Χλόην λόγοι τέτταρες Recensuit

Ludovicus Dutens. Parisiis. . M.DCC.LXXVII. 12mo. with all the
plates of the Regent's edition inserted, as well as the Petits Pieds; green
morocco extra, gilt edges

Flat-backed, with an acorn in the panels; the double V roulette inside the cover.
Bound about 1776-80.

799 [POMPIGNAN (le Marquis de)] Melange de Traductions de différens ouvrages de morale, Italiens et Anglois. . Paris. . MDCCLXXIX. 12mo, red morocco extra, gilt edges


A pretty binding. A flower in the panels, with a gold dot on each side, and a slender fleuron leaning to it from each corner. The bands gilt with diagonal strokes left to right; a row of fanfare ornament at top and bottom. Inside the cover the roulette is of the V pattern. This is an excellent piece of binding in the older style which Derome le jeune had now abandoned. It may, however, be his work.

800 RAOUL DE COUCY. Mémoires Historiques on y a joint le Recueil de ses Chansons .. Paris MDCCLXXXI. 12mo. LARGE PAPER, with plates and music; red morocco extra, gilt edges 1781


Flat-backed, an acorn in the panels, with cornerpieces both in the panels and on the sides. The roulette inside is a riband rolling upwards round a stem.

801 [CHAPPUIS (Gabriel)] LE MISAVLE, OV HAINEVX DE COVRT, Lequel. demonstre serieusement l'estat des Courtisans . . Auec la maniere, coustumes & moeurs des Courtisans Alemands. . traduite à la fin, par l'autheur des Misaule, G. C. D. T. A Paris . . M.D.LXXXV Small 8vo. green morocco extra, gilt edges



Flat-backed, the panels gilt with leafy diagonal lines from both sides, producing by their intersection a lattice-work with a gold dot in each lozange. The roulette of diagonal lines and dots inside.


802 ESTIENE (Henri) Apologie pour Herodote ou Traité de la Conformité

des Merveilles anciennes avec les modernes A La Haye .
M.DCC.XXXV. 2 tomes in 3 vols. 12mo. frontispieces; blue morocco
extra, gilt edges, WITH MOULLIE'S TICKET


The ticket is engraved: "Relié par | MOULLIE, | Rue S. Jacques, | Hôtel de la Couture. No. 69." Bound in a style very like that of Derome le jeune; flat-backed, with a fleuron in the panels which is at once lozangy and cruciform. The inside roulette is the combination of diagonal lines and dots used by Derome on the Agrippa. 803 FÉNELON. LES AVANTURES DE TELEMAQUE


par feu Messire François de Salignac, la Mothe Fenelon . . nouvelle edition, conforme au Manuscrit . Amsterdam.. MDCCXXXIV. Folio, PROOF IMPRESSIONS of the numerous beautiful plates, to which is added a nearly entire DUPLICATE SET OF ENGRAVER'S PROOFS; blue morocco extra, gilt edges, with Bradel's ticket

Only a hundred and fifty copies were printed of this edition.—The binding was done by Bradel about 1790 and is a very sumptuous piece of work, with broad borders of gold outside and inside, and watered

£ s. d



4 14 6

1 10 0

28 0


3 30

1734 105 00

Binders contemporary with the Deromes-continued.

silk linings. The ticket is engraved and runs thus: Relie par BRADEL
l'Ainé | Successeur du Sr. Derome | le Jeune, son Oncle | Rue St. Jacques
| Hotel de la Couture No. 65.

This copy was in the Labédoyère library.


804 MESCHINOT (Jehan) LES LUNETTES DES PRINCES avec avlevnes balades Paris.. Iehan Bignon M.CCCCC.XXXIX. 18mo. printed in Roman letters; a fine copy in blue morocco extra, gilt edges, WITH COURTEVAL'S TICKET

805 Amand. GARNIER.

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A pretty little book, bound (about 1800) by a man whom Lesné (the bookbinding author of La Reliure in verse) describes as having been a great refiner of the art and a great master of his craft. The linings are of watered rose silk.

Modern Binders:


1539 12 12 0


.. 1616. 12mo. red morocco extra, gilt edges

Bound, à petits fess, after a beautiful"Eve" pattern composed of a geometrical pattern, with palm leaves, curves, and fanfares.

806 Belz-Niedrée. [NIGEL WIRCKER] BRUNELLUS IN SPECULO STULTOR'. Small 4to. Gothic Letter, with a large woodcut on the title; crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, with the Seillière arms on the sides

S. n. (about 1480) A famous satire on the Priesthood, written by an Englishman in Latin verse. LISVARTE DE GRECIA . Libro septimo de Amadis Lixboa.. 1587. Small folio, crimson morocco super extra, gilt edges, by Belz-Niedrée 1587 The back full-gilt; the corners on the sides gilt with a triangular assemblage of curves enclosing a rose in an oval; in the middle the Seillière arms within a wreath. A gilt dentelle border on all four sides of the paper lining.


A Paris.. M.DC.LXXXII. . 8 vols. 12mo. plates; fine copy in red morocco Janséniste, WITH A BLUE MOROCCO DOUBLURE EXQUISITELY


A charming binding. The doublure is tooled with a broad border of fine pointillé. Copies of this edition have sold for as much as 1500, 1600, and 1700 francs. 809 DORAT. LES BAISERS, PRÉCÉDÉS DU MOIS DE MAI, POËME. A La Haye .. M.DCC.LXX. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, with exquisite impressions of the plates and vignettes by Eisen; blue morocco extra, gilt edges, WITH A CITRON


A yellow satin leaf faces the doublure. The binder's name is not given, but he is
evidently identical with the Broca de Londres who bound the Molière.
This celebrated edition has sold for as much as 1500 francs.

810 Chambolle-Duru.

1682 15 15 0

CRONICA DEL MUY ALTO PRINCIPE Y ESFORÇADO CAUALLERO VALERIAN DE UNGRIA. 1540. Colophon.. impresso el presente libro en.. Valencia. Por Francisco diaz Romano. . M.D.XL. divided into 2 vols. small folio, in a SPLENDID DOUBLÉ BINDING by Chambolle-Duru

Red morocco inside and outside, the doublure richly gilt. The back is brilliantly decorated, and the Seillière arms appear upon the sides. Only one other copy of the book is known, which wants the title and other leaves. The above copy wants the first leaf of the table, and perhaps leaves d 7 and d 8.

£ 8. d.

1770 50 0 0

811 STAGI (Andrea) Opera. . intitolata Amazonida . . Colophon : Venetia.. M.CCCCC.III. . 8vo. in Roman letter, and in verse; crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, WITH A CRIMSON MOROCCO DOUBLURE, the arms of Baron Seillière on the outside

A splendid specimen of the binder's art.

3 16 0

4 4 0

812 Curzin. MOLIERE. LE MISANTROPE COMEDIE par I. B. P. DE MOLIERE. A Paris. . M.DC.LXVII. . 12mo. frontispiece; red morocco Janseniste, WITH A CRIMSON MOROCCO DOUBLURE BEAUTIFULLY


7 7 0

1540 22 10 0

A fine and perfect copy of the First Edition of one of the greatest works in French dramatic literature; charmingly bound.

1503 12 0 0

1667 27 10 0

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