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Modern Binders-continued.

£ &. d. 813 Hagué. LOMAZZI (Gio. Paolo) Rime . In Milano , . 1587

Small 4to. brown morocco extra, gilt edges, with little inlaid pieces of red
and black morocco on the sides

1587 4 14 6 A beautiful piece of work, quite unlike the productions of other binders. 814 Hardy-Mennil. CANCIONERO DE LOPEZ MALDONADO

Madrid . . 1586. Small 4to. crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, with the
Seillière arms on the sides

1586 30 0 0 A very rare book in a beautiful binding. 815 Lortic. VIRGILII. ÆNEIS. Small 8vo. CHARMING MS. ON VELLUM,

written in a fine hand closely approximating to Italics; with a beautiful
painted border of interlacements on the first page, in which there is a
picture of Virgil laurelled, and an escutcheon on which the bearing has
been defaced ; an illuminated initial to every book ; in an exquisite olive
morocco binding, gilt with a geometrical pattern of interlacements in the
Grolier style, the edges gilt and goffered

About 1475 50 0 0 816 VIRGILII Carmina omnia .. Parisiis . . MDCCCLVIII. 16mo. with photographic vignettes ; red morocco extra, gilt edges

1859 2 20 The back is richly gilt à petits fers. 817 BANDELLUS. Ad illustrissimū . . epistola fratris Vincētii de

castro nouo narratiua disputatiöis facte de materia cõceptiõis beate
virginis Marie .. Colophon : . . Bonon. per Ugonem de rugeriis

148i ...

Small 4to. green morocco extra, gilt edges, with a mosaic picture of the
Virgin on the sides, effected by the inlay of pieces of blue, yellow, and

1481 7 0 0 818 Marius-Michel. COLONNA (Guido). Title : LA CORONICA TROYANA

EN ROMACE. Colophon : .Seuilla por Jacobo crūberger . . mill
o qniētos z .xix. . Small folio, bound in red morocco, WITH A GREEN

1519 32 0 0
The red morocco cover has the Seillière arms in the centre on the sides, and a bee
in the panels on the back. The doublure is gilt, in imitation of a masterly Grolieresque
binding with a geometrical design thanked by graceful winding curves that bear azūré

fleurons. There no signature, but the work seems to be that of Marius Michel.
819 ESPEJO DE CAUALLERIAS: en el qual se trata de los fechos

del còde dõ roldā . . Colophon : Fenesce la primera parte . . Fue
impressa en Seuilla en la imprēta de Juā cromberger . : M.d.xlv.

Small folio, bound in crimson morocco, bearing the Seillière arms, with

1545 40 00 There is a splendid Grolieresque design on the doublure, which is signed “HardyMennil Marius-Michel doreur." No other copy of this volume seems to be known. 820 LEPOLEMO. Title : LIBRO PRIMERO DEL CAUALLER DE LA CRUZ.

Toledo en casa de Luys Perez . . Mill z quinientos y sessenta y tres .

Small folio, crimson morocco, bearing the Seillière arms, with a
BLUE MOROCCO DOUBLURE gilt in imitation of one of the best examples of
the Eve-LeGasconschool

1563 90 00 Signed “ Chambolle-Duru. Marius-Michel doreur."

The doublure is an exquisite piece of work. 821 PALMERIN DE OLIUA C

sus grandes fechos Colophon: Emprimido en Venetia por Gregorio de Gregoriis . M.D.XXVI. Small folio, crimson morocco, gilt edges, with a LINING of crimson morocco, richly gilt

1536 38 0 0 The doublure bears a geometrical pattern, having the spaces occupied by a semis of crosslets in the corner compartments, and by brilliant wreaths of foliage in the compartments around the centre. Signed “ Chambolle-Duru 1869. Marius-Michel, doreur."

The Seillière arms form a centrepiece on the side.

8. d.





Modern Binders-continued.

CAUALLERO RENALDOS DE MONTALUAN . Colophon : Impresso en Sala-
manca . . mill 7 qniētos t veynte seys años. Small folio, crimson
morocco Janseniste, with a MOSAIC DOUBLURE of olive morocco, inlaid with
pieces of crimson, green, and blue

1526 55 0 0
This superb doublure is an improved imitation of the most elaborate work of the
Eve-LeGascon school, and may be, without hesitation, described as one of the greatest
triumphs of the art of Marius-Michel. Signed " Chambolle-Duru Marius-Michel

823 ROMANCERO GENERAL, en qve se contiene todos los Romances

que andan impressos. Año 160+ . . En Madrid, por Iuan de la
Cuesta . . 8vo. (small 4to. size), fine copy in crimson morocco ectra,
gilt edges, LINED


1604 36 0 0
The arms of Baron Seillière on the cover. This is a superbly bouod copy of
a rare and precious volume. The back is finely decorated, but the gilding of the
doublure is a charming imitation of the so-called Eve style of binding in which
graceful branches of foliage mingle with a geometrical pattern.

Hardy-Mennil was the binder ; Marius-Michel the doreur.
821 Niedrée. [GUIART DE SERVIGNÉ] Les Sonnettes ou Memoires du Marquis

D. 2 parts in 1 vol. 16mo. 4 plates ; bound in citron morocco extra,
gilt edges, for the Duke of Hamilton, whose arms are impressed in gold
on the sides

Berg-op-Zoom, 1751 2 16 0 A pretty example of the Maison Niedrée. The book is what people call facetions, 825 R. Petit. AMADIS DE GAULA . . Colophon : . . impremido por

Antonio de Salamāca . . mill z quinientos ? xix .. Small folio, with
numerous woodcuts; the title and four other leaves in facsimile; crimson
morocco extra, gilt edges, the Seillière arms on the sides

1519 21 0 0 An excessively rare book in a magnificent cover. 826 Thibaron - Joly. HYSTORIA DE HERIQUE HIJO DE DOÑA

OLIUA . . M.D.xlviij. Colophon : Impresso en Burgos . . M.D.xlviij.
Small 4to. Gothic Letter ; fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges,

A magnificent copy of a very rare Romance.

BLANCA FLOR .. Colophon: Impresso con licencia, en Burgos ..
M.D.Lxij. Small 4to. Gothic Letter ; fine copy in red morocco extra,
gilt edges, WITH

1562 37 10 0 The ornamentation of this volume is exactly the same as that of the Henrique; the only difference being the colour of the doublure. 828 Trautz-Bauzonnet. PLATYNE DE HONESTA VOLUPTATE . . Colophon :

impressa; in Ciuitate Austrie : impensis z expensis Gerardi de Flandria . . Ño.cccco.lxxx°.. Small 4to. very fine large copy in crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, with the monogram of Yemeniz on the sides

1480 7 10 0 829 STATII SYLVARVM

QVINQVE THEBAIDOS LIBRI ACHILLEIDOS DVO . . Colophon : Venetiis in aedibvs Aldi . . M,DII. 12mo. the anchor illuminated ; beautiful copy in crimson morocco extra, gilt edges

1502 5 5 0 830 DUBELLAY. LES OEVYRES FRANCOISES de ioachim dv bellay A

Rouen. 1592. 12mo. crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, the buck
covered with granulated gold through which the crimson leather stands
out in bold decorative patterns

1592 5 0 0
A beautiful copy of a rare book. Inside the cove is the oval label of
owner, giving his arms, which are a tree vert, the shield surmounted by the coronet of
a Count.







Modern Binders-continued.

£ 8. d. 831 DUBUISSON (P. P.) ARMORIAL ALPHABETIQUE des principales

Maisons et Familles du Roiaume ..2 vols. 12mo. beautiful copy in
crimson morocco extra, gilt edges

Paris, 1757 15 15 0
At the beginning of the second volume, we find inserted a document of no small
value to a collector of bindings. It is the engraved ticket of Dubuisson, the full size
of the Armorial, and serving here as a frontispiece. It begins under an escutcheon with
the words DU BUISSON le Fils, | Relieur Doreur, | Rue Saint Jacques etc. Gruel
found it on a single specimen of Dubuisson’s binding, and has engraved it in his


VII. Oriental Bindings.
832 THE KUR’ĀN. The Seventh and the Thirteenth Juz', in Arabic, in 1 vol.

small folio, fine MS. in bold Naskhi characters, six lines to the page;
the original Egyptian binding of smooth fine grained morocco, orna-
mented with geometrical gilding, and blind-tooled knot-work and dots on
the sides (mended and rebacked) Written about 1450, bound about 1500 6 60

Within the first and second gold fillet on the sides, there is a border in blind-tooling
of a row of saltires, with a dot in each quarter. (These dots were originally gilt.)
Inside the second fillet, there is an elaborate geometrical design in gold lines, consisting
wholly of figures of angular form over which falls one that is nearly circular to the eye
but is really a dodecahedron. Within the lines and in the corners there are dots and
lattice-work, a few of the dots still retaining their gold. On the overlapping leather,
the surface is blind-tooled with knotwork except in the middle where a crescent stands
out in plain relief.

This volume was formerly the property by bequest of some institution, and has the word wakf marked on various pages. It is all in one handwriting and must therefore be regarded as having been the only rescued or obtainable portions of some

famous Kur'ān.
833 DA'WĀT-I SABA: Prayers, in Arabic. Small folio, MS. on gilt

paper, 5 leaves or 8 pp. in the finest style of calligraphy, with ten lines in
small Naskhi, and three lines in Culç upon every page, written upon a
gold ground and having the margins decorated with gold patterns of
flowers, plants, and trees; in a superb binding

Constantinople, about 1600 21 00
The cover is red morocco, but of its colour and texture we see no more than a geometri.
cal or architectonic figure in high relief which serves to frame the centrepiece. The sides
are entirely covered otherwise with fine arabesques in low relief upon a ground of gold
which occupies the whole of the sunken panels or compartments inside and outside of
the red leather space referred to. Inside, the red morocco is covered by a lining of olive
morocco which has an ornamental frame-work and fillets, and in the centre a sunken
oval panel of blue morocco bearing a beautiful floral design in gold in strong

This is Persian work of the highest order executed in Constantinople about 1600-1610. (See facsimile among Illustrations.)

The scribe, whose name is given in a colophon, was a famous calligrapher, of the end of the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth century : Ahmad KaraHisāri.

0 90 0 5 0

VIII. Books on Binding.
834 ARNETT (John Andrews) Bibliopegia, or the Art of Bookbinding in all

its branches .. the second edition with considerable additions, 12mo.
plates and woodcuts

1836 835

by John Hannett, a new edition, 12mo. plates and cuts; bds. 1842 836

An Inquiry into the nature and form of the Books of the Ancients; with a history of the Art of Bookbinding . . 12mo. plates and woodcuts

1837 The author is best known under the name of Arnett, although in the 1842 edition

of the Bibliopegia he revealed that his proper designation was Hannett. 837 BOUCHOT (Henri) Les Reliures d'Art à la Bibliothèque Nationale, roy. 8vo. 80 plates; sd.

Paris, 1888

1 0 0

1 80



Exhibition of Bookbindings (with introductory remarks by C. Gordon
Duff and Miss S. T. Prideaux). Atlas 4to. LARGE PAPER, with 113
plates mostly executed in chromo-lithography; cloth, uncut

Printed for the Club, 1891 10 10 0
The great number of faithful reproductions, executed by W. Griggs, will give this
catalogue a permanent value. The descriptions are very brief, but they are by

Mr. Weale. 839 EDWARDS (Edward) Memoirs of Libraries . . 2 vols. 8vo. plates ; cloth

1859 1 16 0 The plates include several fine coloured examples of historical and artistic book

840 FLETCHER (William Younger) English Bookbindings in the British

Museum .. selected on account of their beauty or historical interest.
Folio, 63 plates executed in gold and colours by Mr. Griggs ; cloth,

1895 3 3 0 A grand volume full of teaching for the collectors of bindings. 841 Bookbinding in England and France, 2 parts in 1 vol. roy. 8vo. 17 coloured plates, and 40 plain illustrations ; cloth, uncut

1897 0 7 6 842 Foreign Bookbindings in the British Museum, folio, with 65 coloured plates by Griggs; cloth, uncut

1896 3 3 0 This book, just issued, is one of Mr. Fletcher's best productions. 843 GROLIER CLUB OF NEW YORK. The Catalogue of Books from the libraries or collections of celebrated bibliophiles and illastrious

persons of the past .. exhibited at the Grolier Club.. January 1895. Small 4to. cloth, uncut

New York, 1895 5 5 0 84 GRUEL (Léon) Manuel Historique et Bibliographique de Reliures .

roy. 4to. numerous plates and woodcuts, several of the illustrations beauti-
fully coloured and gilt ; sd.

Paris, 1887 3 8 0 845 the same, a fine copy in whole red morocco, gilt top, uncut 1887 4 15 0

A book of great excellence; indispensable to all students of the history of the

840 HOLMES (Richard R.) A Selection of Royal and Historical Bookbindings

from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle, with an introduction,
impl. 4to. about 150 plates in colours and gold, by Griggs

1893 5 5 0 847 LA ROCHE LA CARELLE (Baron S. de) Catalogue de la Bibliothèquo

(vendue Mai 1888], roy. 4to. LARGE PAPER, with numerous plates of the
magnificent bindings in the library, besides four duplicate reproductions
in gold and colours; with the LISTE DES Prix d'ADJUDICATION which was
issued separately afterwards; sd.

Paris, 1888 1 0 0 E18 LE ROUX DE LINCY, Recherches sur Jean Grolier, sur sa Vie et sa

Bibliothèque . . 8vo. with plates giving facsimiles of Grolier's writing
and of bindings executed for him (these being reproduced in gold and
colours ; hf. red morocco extra, gilt edges

Paris, 1866 1 11 6
An autograph letter from Le Roux de Lincy to Comte Clément de Ris on the

subject of the book, is inserted.
849 LIBRI (Guillaume) MONUMENTS inédits on peu connus .. (in French and

English) 60 plates, 1862-SUPPLÉMENT, 5 plates, 1864—2 vols, in 1, roy.
folio, 65 plates in colour and gold ; hif. morocco

1862-64 4 15 0 $50

Seconde édition, roy. folio, 65 plates in colour and gold; in portfolio

1864 4 4 0 51 MARIUS-MICHEL, LA RELIURE FRANÇAISE depuis l'invention de l’Im

primerie jusqu'à la fin du XVIIIe siècle, roy. 4to. numerous plates
giving facsimiles of bindings, besides many woodcuts of the details in the
text; hf. gilt top, uncut

Paris, 1880 2 0 0
However one may disagree with certain opinions of Marius-Michel, this is an
important and valuable treatise.


roy. 4to. numerous plates and woodcuts (including some coloured ones);

Paris, 1881 0 126 853

the same two works, PRINTED ON IMPERIAL JAPANESE PAPER, and having an India proof impression of the frontispiece ; 2 vols. impl. 4to. hf. morocco, gilt tops, uncut

1880-81 4 14 6 854 QUARITCH (Bernard) A Collection of Facsimiles from examples of

Historic or Artistic Book-binding, illustrating the history of the art,
impl. 8vo. 103 coloured plates ; hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut

1889 855 the same, bound in whole red morocco extra, gilt edges 1889 10 10 0 856 TECHENER, Histoire de la Bibliophilie : RELIURES impl. folio,

50 plates; in portfolio, £2.12s 6d; or bound in half morocco Paris, 1861 3 3 0 857 THOINAN (Ernest) LES RELIEURS FRANÇAIS (1500-1800) Biographie

critique et anecdotique, précédé de l'Histoire de la Communauté des
Relieurs .. 8vo. numerous illustrations; sd.

Paris, 1893 1 60 858 the same, LARGE PAPER; sd.

1893 2 100 The labour and critical judgment exercised in the compilation of this highly important work are not likely to find rivals or imitators for many years to come.

In preparation :
AN ALPHABETICAL INDEX of the Contents of the present Cata-

logue, comprising the titles, and the names of owners and

To be had separately for 0 2 6

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