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Collotype, and Block Illustrations, 1 volume, small Colombier 8vo.
handsomely bound

1897 1 50

or, Large Paper 2 20 The work will be issued in one handsome volume, printǝd at the Chiswick Press : 250 copies only of the ordinary edition will be printed, and will be supplied to Subscribers at £1. 58.

One hundred copies also, numbered and signed, will be printed on Large Paper, and sold to Subscribers at £2. 28.

These will contain certain additional illustrations, including an extra photogravure from a fine pencil drawing of three Princesses, belonging to Her Majesty the Queen, and reproduced by special permission, an engraving of a fine circular miniature belonging to Earl Spencer, and a reproduction of a very delicate pencil drawing that had been preserved by the Baroness Cosway in Italy as a good example of her husband's work and was only brought to England this year.

An illustrated prospectus on application. Classics : 182 ÆSCHYLUS, recensuit Jacobus Scholefield. 8vo., calf gilt ; prize copy

Cantabrigice, 1830 0 5 0 183 Æschyli Tragedie, ex. ed ne T. Stanleii, accedunt variæ lectiones et

notæ quibus suas passim intertexiut Samuel BUTLER. 8 vols. 8vo., Gr. et
Lat. ; half gilt

Cantabrigiæ, 1809-16 1 0 0 184 AESCHYLUS, The Tragedies of, re-edited with an English commentary by F. A. Paley, 8vo. calf

1855 0 2 6 185 Æsop. Fabulæ Æsopicæ gr. et lat. cura de Furia, 8vo. calf gilt

Lipsice, 1810 0 7 6 186 AMMIANUS MARCELLINAS, The Roman Historie, containing such acts and

occurrents as passed under Constantius, Julianus, Iovianus, Valentin-
ianus and Valens Emperouz, translated by Holland, sm. folio, fine copy
in contemporary stamped calf


1 10 6 187 ANACREONTIs Odaria, [Græce], cura Forster. 8vo., Large and Thick

paper with fine impressions of the many pretty vignettes; russia extra,
gilt edges


1 0 0 An inferior re-issue was produced in 1813. 188 APPIAN of Alexandria, History of, Made English by J. D. . The

Punick, Syrian, Parthian, Mithridatick, Illyrian, Spanish and Hanni-
balick Wars and Civil Wars of Rome, 2 vols. in 1, folio, calf 1690

0 10 0 189 ARISTOTELES, Græce, cum Versione Latina, Scholiis et Indice, ex recens. J. Bekkeri, edid. Academia Regia Borussica, 5 vols. 4to. calf gilt

Berol. 1831-70
The best modern text of Aristotle generally found in 4 volumes without the

190 ARISTOTELis de animalibus historiae libri x. Graece et Latine. Textum

recensuit Scaligeri versionem recogn. commentarium, indicesque
adjecit J. G. Schneider, 4 vols. 8vo. calf gilt

Lipsiæ, 1811 191

Organon Græce ed. T. Waitz, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt Lipsice, 1844 192 ARISTOTLE, The Treatises of, translated from the Greek by Thomas TAYLOR, 4to. hf. calf

1808 193

The Great, and Eademian, Ethics, the Politics, and Economics, translated from the Greek by Thomas TAYLOR, 4to. cloth

1811 194

The History of Animals, and treatise on Physiognomy translated from the Greek by Thomas Taylor, 4to. cloth

1809 195 ARISTOTLE on the Constitution of Athens. Facsimile of Papyrus cxxxi

in the British Museum. 22 plates, in 1 vol., large folio (published at
£2. 2s), cloth

1891 196 edited (with notes) by Kenyon, 8vo. (publ. at 7s 6d), cloth 1891 197 CICERO. Of the Nature of the Gods. 8vo., old calf

1741 198 Diodorus the Sicilian, The historical library of Containing the anti

quities of Egypt, Asia, Africa, Greece, the Islands and Europe. Also
an historical account of the af of the Persians, Grecians and
Macedonians, made English by G. Booth, folio, calf


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200 DIONYSIUS. Les Antiquitez Romaines de Denys d'Halicarnasse,

traduites du Grec par Gabriel Francois le Jay. 2 vols. 4to., old

1722 201 DIONYSIUS LONGints on the Sublime : translated from the Greek by W. Smith, 8vo. bds.

1800 202 EURIPIDIS [Opera] quæ extant omnia [Gr. et Lat., cura), S. MUSGRAVE. 4 vols. 4to., a nice copy in old russia, a barguin

Oxonii, 1778 Each volume has the bookplate of C. D. Wray. 203 EURIPIDIS Tragoediæ, ex nova recognitione A. Matthiæ. 2 vols. Sro., a prize copy in russia gilt, Arms on sides

Oxonii, 1821 204 HOMERI Odyssea, Græce et Latine, ed. A. S. Clarke. 2 vols. 8vo., calf neat

1815 205 Horatii Opera, ed. Gesner, 12mo. frontispieces, calf gilt Lond. 1824 206 JUVENAL and Perseus’ Satyrs, in English verse by Dryden, 12mo. plates, calf

1735 207 LUCRETJI de rerum Natura libri sex. 4 vols. 8vo., calf Glasgue, 1813 208 MANNERT (K.). Geographie Griechen und Römer. 10 vols. in 14, 8vo., maps, calf

Leipzig, 1825 etc. 209 Meyer (H.). Anthologia veterum Latinorum Epigrammatum et Poematum. 2 vols. 8vo., calf gilt

Lipsiæ, 1835
210 Minucius Felix's Octavius and Tertullian's Apology for the primitive
Svo. calf

1708 211 MÜLLER (R. D.) Handbuch der Archäologie der Kunst, 8vo. calf

Breslau, 1835 212 MYTHOGRAPH LATINI: Hyginus, Fulgentius, Lactantius, Placidus,

Albricus, ed. Munckerus. 2 vols. in ), sm. 8vo., portrait and other
plates, vellum

Amst. 1681 211 NIZOLII (M.) Lexicon Ciceronianum, ex recensione Alexandri Scoti. 3 vols. 8vo., bds.

1820 212 OPPIANUS. Halieuticon; et Cynegeticon, Gr. et Lat. L. Lippio

interprete, 12mo., EDITIO Aldina, brown morocco, inside ornamental
borders, g. e. by Bauzonnet, Renouard's copy with his device in centres,
and monogram of the Baron de Seillière in gold on back and in corners

Venet. in aed. Aldi, 1517 213 ORATORES ATTICI, recensuerunt atque adnotationes criticas addiderunt

J.G. Baiterus et H. Sauppius. 2 parts in 1, 4to. hf.calf Turici, 1850 214 OVIDII Opera, e textu Burmanni; cum notis Bentleii hactenus ineditis. 5 vols. 8vo., half russia

Oxonii, 1825-26 215 PETRONIUS ARBITER's Works, translated by Addison, 12mo. front. 1736 216 PHILOSTRATUS, The first two books of, Concerning the life of Apollonius Tyraneus, in English, by Charles Blount, sm. folio, calf

1680 217 PINDARI Olympia, Nemea, Pythiæ, Isthmia, Graece, sm. 4to. calf

Francofurti, 1542 218 PINDAR, Odes of, with several pieces in Prose and Verse, translated

from the Greek. To which is prefixed a dissertation on the Olympick
Games by Gilbert West, 4to. calf

1749 219 Plato's Four Dialogues. Sm. 4to., the publishers' interleaved edition ; bds.

? 1840 The whole of Heindorf's valuable notes are subjoined in English. 219* SENECA, The Workes of, both Morrall and Naturall, translated by Tho. LODGE, folio, engraved title, calf

1614-13 220

Morals, and Benefits, by L'Estrange, thick 8vo. calf 1699 221 SOPHOCLES, the Plays and Fragments, with Critical Notes, Commentary,

and Translation in English Prose, by R. C. JEBB. 3 vols. 8vo. cloth
(pub. £2)

Cambridge, 1883-88
I, The Oedipus Tyrannus. II, The Oedipus Coloneus. III, The Antigone.
222 STRABONIS Rerum Geographicarum, lib. XVII, Gr. et Lat. cum

notis, recensuit J. P. Siebenkees, FINE PAPER, 6 vols. 8vo. old English
green morocco, line tooled, gilt edges, by Kalthoeber Lips. 1796-1811

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3 15 0 Classics-continued.

£ $. & 223 Taciti LIBRI V noviter inventi atque cum reliquis ejus operibus editi, sm. 4to., calf gilt

Mediolani, in officina minutiana, 1517

“Presque aussi rare que l'originale,” Brunet. 224 THEATRE (The) of the Greeks. 8vo., bds.

Cambridge, 1827 0 1 6 A history, literature, and criticism of the Grecian drama. 225 WALLON (H.) Histoire de l'Esclavage dans l'Antiquité, 3 vols. 8vo., hf. bd.

Paris, 1872 1 0 0 226 COMTE (A.) Cours de Philosophie positive, 6 vols. 8vo., hf. calf gilt

Paris, 1830-42 1 001 227

deauxième edition augmentée d'une prefare par Littré, 6 vols. 8vo., hf. calf neat

ib. 1864 180 227 Congress. TRANSACTIONS of the Ninth INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS of

ORIENTALISTS, London, Sept. 1892. Edited by E. Delmar Morgan.
2 vols., thick royal 8vo. (pub. at £2. 2s), cloth

1893 0 15 0 228 Corea. San Kort Tsou RAN TO SETs; ou, Aperçu Général des Trois

Royaumes, traduit du Japonais-Chinois, par Klaproth, 8vo. text, and
4to. atlas of 5 large maps ;-2 vols.

An account of the Corean Kingdom, viz. Corea, Yezo and Loochoo, from a

Japanese author Rinsifee.
229 CORYAT'S CRUDITIES. Hastily gobled vp in five Moneths trauells

in France, Sauoy, Italy, Rhetia comonly called the Grisons country,
Heluetia alias Switzerland, some parts of high Germany, and the
Netherlands; Newly digested in the hungry aire of Odcombe .
sm. 4to. engraved title encircled by a border containing portrait and
several scenes of Coryat's adventures, plates, with the very rare leaf of
Errata, very fine copy in russia, gilt edges, by Hering

1611 500 230 the same, a tall copy, quite perfect, sound and clean, in old calf 1611 30 0 0 231

the same, a good sound copy, but with the engraved title in facsimile, old calf

1611 15 00 The printed title begins as follows: "THREE Crude Venes ." and is followed by 151 pages preliminary to the body of the book. These 151 pp. contain the sportive compositions of a considerable number of distinguished contemporaries (including Ben Jonson), who contributed what is called “the encomiastic and panegyrick verses of some of the worthyest spirits of this kingdom.”. They are chiefly in English, but comprise also some pieces in Latin, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Welsh,

French, etc. 232 Corear's Crudities. Facsimile of the rare leaf containing the “Errata"1611 233 Facsimile of the very rare ENGRAVED TITLE



MITTELALTERS. 3 vols. imp). 4to., Best Edition, Fine Paper, coloured title
and 420 plates, illuminated in gold and colours; the text in GERMAN;
red morocco, super-extra, uncut, top edges gilt, by F. BEDFORD; from
Lord Crawford's library

Frankfurt, 1840-54 25 0 0 235

the same. 3 vols.impl. 4to., Best EDITION, Fine Paper, coloured title and 424 plates, illuminated in gold and colours ; the text in FRENCH; red morocco extra, gilt edges

Francfort, 1840-54 20 00 236 the same.

3 vols. impl. 4to., the plates uncoloured; the text in FRENCH; half red morocco extra, uncut, top edges gilt


7 7 0 This splendid work, the most beautiful and the most authentic on Mediæval Costume, embracing a period of 1100 years—from the VIth to the XVIth centurywas published unbound at 1520 francs. The new edition is a much inferior book, the

colouring being effected by chromolithography instead of by hand.
237 Costume of France and Germany: A Series of 87 Drawings in Indian

Ink of the full-length Costume of all classes of Society, early in the
18th century, by ANTON BIBER, with the title “Zeit Vertreib, Anton
Bibers," small folio, half calf

1730 12 0 0
These Drawings show considerable artistic skill. Herr Anton Biber's Coat of
Arms is given on the title, he probably executed them during a stay in Paris at the
Court of Louis XIV.

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238 CRANE (Walter) Of the Decorative Illustration of Books, old and new,

a stout 12mo. volume, comprising several hundred Illustrations,

A cheap compact Handbook of choice books with woodcuts or copper-plates ;

added are facsimiles of Miniatures from MSS.
239 DABISTAN-I MAZAHIB. Account of the various Religions, sects,

and schools of philosophy and theosophy, by Muhsin Fani, in Persian,
sm. folio, MS. written in a clear and elegant Talik; bound A.H. 1235
the same, in Persian, first printed edition, 4to. 545 pp. calf

Calcutta, A.H. 1224
The importance of the Dabistan has been familiar to students since Sir William

Jones first recorded its “ wisdom, learning, and indecency," over a hundred years ago. 241 the same, in Persian, roy. 8vo. lithographed, bd. (Lak' hnau) A.H. 1298 242 The DABISTAN, or School of Manners, in English, with notes, etc.

by David Shea and Ant. Troyer, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, scarce Paris, 1843
Danish :
243 BIBLIA DANICA.—Biblia Deter den gantoke Hellige Scrifft udsaet

paa Danske, folio, black letter, with woodcuts, FIRST EDITION, in the
original calf binding, with brass corners and clasps, some leaves neatly

Prentit en Kobenhaffn, 1550
In 1871 Lilly's copy, mended, fetched £12. 10s.

“The Danish version was undertaken by command of Christian III., King of
Denmark, at the suggestion of Brugenhagen ; it was printed at Copenhagen in 1550,

and is of extreme rarity.”Horne. 244 Der NË TESTAMENTE PAA DAUSKE, 12mo. old calf, wants title, extremely rare

Wittemberg, 1557 245 RAFN (C. C.) Nordiske Fortids Sagaer, efter den udgivne islandske eller gamle nordiske Grundskrift oversatte, 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt

Kiobenhavn, 1829-39 246 Rask's Danish Grammar, 8vo. cloth

1847 247 DODWELL (E.). Tour through Greece, 1801, 1805, and 1806. 2 vols.

4to., pretty riews, and numerous plates illustrating Classical Art and
Archæology; bds.

1819 248 DRAYTON. Nymphidia and the Muses Elizium, by Michael Drayton, Esq., 8vo. front. and borders, bds.

1896 The first of these exquisite compositions appeared in mdcxxvii in the volume published under the title of “ The Battuile of Agincourt.” The Muses Elizium was Drayton's last work. It was first published in mdcxxx.

These two pieces have a common character of gaiety and lightness ; they take a place among the poetical dainties of their period. The present text is that of the first editions. The book is printed in the Vale Type with Frontispiece, Border, and Initial Letters, designed and cut on the wood by Charles Ricketts, demy octavo. Two

hundred and ten copies printed.
249 DUMONT D'URVILLE. Voyage pittoresque autour du Monde, resumé

général des Voyages de Découvertes de Magellann, Tasman, Cook,
Vancouver, etc. 2 vols. Sm. folio, with a very large number of

illustrations of Manners and Customs, Views, etc.; half calf 1834-35 250 DUNTON.

A Trve lovmall of the Sally Fleet, with the proceedings of the Voyage. Published by Iohn Dynton, London Mariner, Master of the Admirall call'd the Leopard . . . London ... 1637. Sm. 4to., with the scarce folding chart; calf neat; rare

1637 This quaint account of the rescue of Christians taken by corsairs and confined at Salee in Morocco, is by one who had, at one time, suffered imprisonment at that place. In his preface he speaks pathetically of his only son “now slave in Argeire, and but ten yeares of age, and like to be lost for ever, without Gods great mercy and the Kings clemencie.”

At the end is a complete list of three hundred and thirty-nine men, women, and children rescued.

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... 1660.




£ 8. d. 252 CALISCH (I. M.) English-Dutch Dictionary. 8vo., pp. viii and 919; cloth

Tisl, 1875

0 2 6 253 HEXHAM (H.). A copious Englisg and Netherduytch Dictionarie... Rotterdam

-A large Netherduytch and English Dictionarie . Rotterdam . .. 1658.- in 1 vol. sm. 4to., old calf

1660-58 0 180 254 VANDER NOOT (J.) de Poeticshe Werken, flamand et français, title

and portrait on vellum, woodcuts, Antwerpen, 1584; Hymne de
Braband, flamand et français, coloured portrait and woodcuts, ib. 1580;
Abregé des douze Livres Olympiades, flamand et français, fine copper-
plate portrait and plates, several illuminated, ib. 1579–3 vols. in 1, sm.
folio, fine copies, vellum, from the Beckford library, VERY RARE 1579-84 9 0 0

CONTENTS: Poetische Werken, 35 pages (including title), portrait and 5 woodcuts ;
Hymne de Braband, 22 pages (including title, portrait and woodcut; Abregé,
52 pages (including title, portrait, and 17 plates). The woodcuts are by P.

Huyssens, the plates by Dirck Volkaert Coornaert.
255 DANTE. L'Inferno di Dante Alighieri disposto in ordine

grammaticale e corredato di brevi dichiarazoni da G. G.
WARREN LORD VERNON. 3 vols. folio, with portrait of
Dante after Giotto, portrait of Lord Vernon, maps,
genealogical tables, 102 sheets of armorial bearings, and 112
plates ; hf. bound, uncut

1858-65 21 00 A magnificent edition, printed for presents only. 256 EACHARD, The Gazetteer's or Newsman's Interpreter, 12mo. calf 1709 0 2 257 EBN HAUKAL, The Oriental Geography of, translated from the Arabic by Sir W. Ouseley, 4to. map, hf. calf

1800 0 10 0 Ebn Haukal was an Arabian Traveller during the 10th century. Egypt: 258 ALBUM DU MUSÉE DE BULAC, roy. folio, photographic plates of objects in the Museum, with explanations, hf. morocco

Le Caire, 1872 6 10 0 Miss Amelia B. Edwards in the Academy, Sept. 27, 1890, says : " In the days of the old Balaq Museum, and under the régime of its founder, Mariette Pasha, was issued that beautiful and scarce volume, L'Album du Musée de Balaq, which it may be remembered met with an untimely fate, the whole stock having perished in the fire which destroyed the premises of M. Mourès, at Paris. Fortunate, therefore, are those who possess the few copies yet extant, preserving as they do the only photographic record of those delightful galleries which were literally the creation

of Mariette." 259 ARUNDEL AND BONOMI, Gallery of Antiquities selected from the British Museum, 2 parts in 1 vol. many coloured, cloth

0 16 0 260 BAEDEKERS's Egypt, 12mo. maps, cloth

1878 0 1 61 261 BARTOLOTTI (P.) Del primitivo Cubito Egizio e de' suoi Geometrici

rapporti colle altre unita di misura e di peso Egiziane e Straniere,
3 parts in 4, 4to. plates, sd.

Modena, 1878-82 0 5 0 262 BELZONI (G.) Narrative of the Operations and recent Discoveries

within the Pyramids, Temples, Tombs, and excavations in Egypt and
Nubia, 4to. portrait and plates, calf


0 7 6 263 BIRCH (Sam) Ancient History from the Monuments. Egypt from the

earliest times to B.C. 300, 12mo. interleaved to 4to. numerous MS. notes,

1879 0 2 6 264 Bonomi (J.) and SHARPE (S.) Triple Mummy Case of Aroeri-Ao, 4to. 8 coloured plates, bds.


0 3 0 265 BOOK OF THE DEAD. Chapitres supplémentaires du LIVRE DES MORTS

162-174. Texte égyptien autographié par J. Bijtel avec traduction et
comment. p. W. Pleyte, 3 vols. impl. 4to. bds. publ. £2 10s.

Leide, 1881 1 18 0 265* BURTON (J.) Excerpta Hieroglyphica, obl. folio, 46 plates, 78 6d; or, 51 plates, 108

Qahirah, 1825-28 0 15 0

n. d.

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