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14 ROBINSON (C. H.). Specimens of Hausa Literature. 4to., cloth

Cambridge, 1896 15 SALT (H.). Voyage to Abyssinia, and Travels in the interior of that

country, 1809-10. Roy. 4to., charts and numerous plates ; half russia,

1814 16 SANDOVAL (P. Alfonso de). Naturaleza Policia Sagrada I Profana, Cos

tumbres I Ritos, I Catechismo Evangelico de todos Etiopes. sm. 4to.,
engraved title, vellum, scarce

Sevilla, Fr. de Lira, 1627 17 STANLEY (H. M.). How I Found Livingstone. 8vo. xvi. and 736 pp., portraits, maps, and many other illustrations, cloth

1873 Being travels, adventures, and discoveries in Central Africa, including four

months' residence with Dr. Livingstone. 18 VIGN (C.). Cetshwayo's Dutchman. 12mo., cloth

1880 19 WADDINGTON (G.). and B. HANBURY. Journal of a Visit to some parts of Ethiopia. 4to., maps and plates ; bds.

1822 20 ALAEDDIN and the Enchanted Lamp. Done into English from the Arabic by John Payne. 8vo., vellum gili

1889 Privately printed for sale. 21 ALI (Syed Ameer). The Life and Teachings of Mohammed, or the Spirit of Islam. 8vo., cloth (pub. 18s.)

1891 22 ANANGA-RANGA, the Hindu Art of Love. 8vo., vellum Kuma Shastra, 1885 Arabic: 23 ALF LAILA. The Arabian Nights. vol. 1. 8vo., in Arabic; half calf gilt

Bairút, 1888 24 ALFIYYA; ou, la Quintessence de la Grammaire Arabe, ouvrage de

Djémal-eddin Mohammed connu sous le nom d'Ebn-Malec; publié
en original, avec un commentaire par SilveSTRE DE Sacy. 8vo., cloth,

Paris, 1833 25 'Ali. Verses by 'Ali and his Children, in Arabic, with Persian com

mentary. Small folio MS. stained, hf. calf lettered Rozat as Sefa 1080 26 BRESMIER, La langue Arabe, 8vo. hf. morocco

Paris, 1855 26*. Chrestomathie Arabe-Vulgaire. 8vo., half calf

Alger, 1846 27 BUKHARI. AS-SATRENU L BUKHĀRI (The great Commentary on the Tradi

tions, in Arabic), thick 8vo. fine MS. written within gold-ruling,
1020 pp. with twenty-seven lines to the page, in a beautiful and minute,
but very clear Nastalik hand, with all the vowel-points; in a gilt Indian
Translated by Sayyid Ahmad Shamsu d-Din, son of Faghru d Din,

al-Jahurmí, A.H. 901
A remarkably fine and early copy of this great work ; written in a Persian hand

(Jahrum is in Persia).
27*EL-BOKHÂRI (Abou Abdallah Mohammed ibn Ismail). Le Recueil des

Traditions Mahométanes, publié par Ludolf Krehl. 3 vols. 4to. (two
vols. hf. bd. the third in boards)

Leyde, 1862-68 28 CARLYLE (J. D.). Specimens of Arabian Poetry. 8vo., bds. 1810

From the earliest time to the extinction of the Khaliphat. 29 CLOUSTON (W. A.) Arabian Poetry for English Readers : edited with

introduction and notes, 12mo. sd. privately printed, Glasgow, 1881 30 HAJI KHALFAE Lexicon Encyclopædicum et Bibliographicum à .

Haji Khalfa compositum, Arabice et Latine, edidit G. Fluegel, 7 vols.
4to. hf. calf, out of print, and scarce

Leipzig, 1835-58

With Commentary and Index.
31 HuzailI ANTHOLOGY. The Poems of the Huzailis, edited, in Arabic, by

KOSEGARTEN. Vol. I (all published) containing 293 pages of Arabic
text; hf. morocco, uncut, very rare

1854 32 KALILA WA Dimna. Calila et Dimna on Fables de Bidpai en Arabe, suivies de la Moallaka de Lebid, Arabe et François, par Silvestre de Sacy, 4to.

Paris, 1816


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£ 8. d. 33 KUFIC KURAN. A Fragment continuous and unbroken,

from the 11th verse of Sura 66 (At-Tahrim) to the end of
Sura 108 (in other words, Juz' XXIX and XXX) in
CHARACTERS, 115 leaves, seven lines to the

page ;

with gilt ornamentation at the beginning of each Sura; in admirably fine preservation, and bound in olive morocco lined with red morocco, ornamentally gilt inside and outside

About A.D. 800 100 0 0 A highly interesting and valuable codex which may have been written in Baghdad in the time of Hārūn ar-Rashid. The binding, which is probably Indian work of the early part of the last century, serves, by its sumptuous mode of decoration, to show how the volume was prized.

There is no sign of Juz' division; the only lines of demarcation are the Sura headings which are written in gold with a gold ornament, shaped like a leaf or roundel or otherwise, in the margin. The dia

critical marks are added by a much later hand. 31 Kuran, in Arabic, sro., lithographed on yellowish paper ; 8d.

(Lucknow) Oudh Akhbar press, 1294 (1876) 0 4 0 35 Laríf (Al) fi kull ma‘ání taríf (Arabic Grammar in Arabic), small 8vo. bds.

Malta, 1839 0 1 6 36 Lansing (J. G.) Arabic Manual, 8vo. cloth

Chicago, 1886 0 5 0 37 AL-MAKKARI. The History of the Mohammedan Dynasties in Spain

. . by Ahmed Ibn Mohammed Al Makkari . . . translated, with notes on the history, geography and antiquities of Spain, by PASCUAL DE GAYANGOS. 2 vols. 4to., cloth

1840 3 3 0 38 EL-Mas'udi's Historical Encyclopædia, entitled “Meadows of Gold and

Mines of Gems," from the Arabic by SPRENGER. Vol. I. (all published),

1841 0 2 6 29 MULTAKA-UL-ABAUR, by Ibrahim al Halabi, (a celebrated Lawbook,) in Arabic, small 4to., calf

Constantinople, 1258 (1841) 0 6 0 40 RICHARDSON. Arabic Grammar. 4to., hf. morocco

1811 0 2 0 41 SACY (Silvestre de) Chrestomathie Arabe, on extraits de divers

écrivains arabes, tant en prose qu'en verse avec une traduction
francaise et des notes, seconde édition, 3 vols. 8vo. sd. £3; or in
5 vols. hf. calf

Paris, 1826 3 7 6 42 Sacr. Grammaire Arabe, seconde edition, corrigée et augmenteé,

2 vols. 8vo. xx and 608, xii and 697 pp., tables and plates, sd. £2. 15s;
hf. calf

Paris, 1831 3 0 0 43 Sacr. Anthologie Grammaticale Arabe, suite de la Chrestomathie, Arabe et Francais, 8vo. x, 519 and 184 pp. bd.

1823 2 0 0 44 SALOMÉ (H. A.) Arabic. English Dictionary, with an Index. 2 vols. 8vo. hf. bd.

1890 1 7 0 45 Stewart (D.) Arabic Grammar. 8vo. cloth

1841 0 1 6 46 SCTUTI. The History of the Temple of Jerusalem, from the Arabic of

the Imam Jalal-addin al Siuti, with notes, etc. by the Rev. J.
Reynolds. 8vo.

1836 010 0 47 Tautáwi (Rafi“) Taklísu l-Abríz, (Journey to France) in Arabic, 8vo. bd.

Búlák, 1265 (1848) 0 5 0 ! 43 VOCABULAIRE Arabe-Français. 12mo.; bds.

Beyrouth, 1883 0 5 6 ARATOS. The Phainomena, or Heavenly Display, in English. By R. Brown. 4to. bds.

1885 0 3 0 l *

50 ARCHÄOLOGISCHE Zeitung, herausgegeben von Eduard GERHARD.

Jahrgänge I-XIII, bound in 4 vols. 4to., with numerous plates ;

Berlin, 1843-55

2 10 0 Archäol. Zeitung, nos. 1-48, or vols. I-IV, with 48 plates, Jan. 1843 to Dec. 1846—Neue Folge, nos. 1-24, or vols. I-II (V-VI), with 24 plates, Jan. 1847 to Dec. 1848-Denkmäler, Forschungen und Berichte als Fortsetzung der archäol. Zeitung, nos. 1-228, Jan. 1849 to Dec. 1855 ; with 84 plates ; Archäol. Anzeiger, nos, 1-84 (excepting nos. 58-60), Jan. 1849 to Dec. 1855.

A few duplicate numbers are bound up here and there, and some of the titles have

been misplaced by the binder. Architectures : 51 ANDERSON (W. J.) The Architecture of the Renaissance in Italy. 8vo., with 54 plates, and 74 smaller illustrations in the text ; cloth

1896 0 126 52 BRAYLEY and BRITTON. History of the ancient Palace and late

Houses of Parliament at Westminster. 8vo. illustrations, cloth 1836 0 7 6 53 GLOSSARY of Terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian and

Gothic Architecture, and Companion, 3 vols. 8vo. fourth edition,
many plates; cloth

1845-46 2 2 0 54 LE CLERC, Traité d'Architecture avec des remarques, et des observations

tres - utiles, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. 182 plates of Architectural and
Ornamental details, old calf

Paris, 1714 0 120 55 STURGIS (R.) European Architecture, a historical study. 8vo. 10 plates, and 256 illustrations in the text ; cloth

1896 0 18 0 56 Vitruvii de Architectura libri X, edd. Rose et Strübing, 8vo. sd.

Lipsiae, 1867 0 2 6 57 Armenian. AUCHER AND BRAND, Armenian-English and English

Armenian Dictionary, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. 983 and 640 pp. double
columns, sd. 178; hf. bd.

Venice, 1821-25 10 58 A Grammar, Armenian and English. 12mo. hf. bd. Venice, 1819 0 3 59 Armour. EGERTON of Tatton (Lord) A Description of INDIAN and

ORIENTAL Armour. Impl. 8vo., with 23 plates of every rariety
of Oriental Armour; cloth


0 10 1 60 ARUNDELL (F. V. J.) Discoveries in Asia Minor, including a description

of the ruins of several ancient cities, especially Antioch of Pisidia.
2 vols. 8vo. map and plates; bds.

1834 0 7 61 ASHBURNHAM Manuscripts. Copy of Papers relating to the purchase of the

Stowe Collection by Her Majesty's Government. Folio, 72 pp.,

1883 0 5 Asiatic Society of Bengal: 62 JOURNAL of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vols.' I-LXIII, 1832-1894

(excepting vols. XXII; XXIII ; and XXIX number 5), with a
General Index to the first twenty-three vols.; together with the
PROCEEDINGS of the same Society, COMPLETE from the beginning in
1865 to 1894 ; forming 30 vols. ;-in all 92 vols. 8vo. with a great
number of plates ; in half calf and numbers

1832-94 40 0 A sound and desirable set, which includes the extra numbers, supplements, etc.

The Proceedings previous to 1865 are included in the volumes of the Journal. 63 GLEANINGS in Science [Edited by JAMES PRINSEP), 3 vols. 8vo, with plates ; uncut, or neatly bound

Calcutta, 1829-31

10 This is the forerunner of the “ Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal,” and

should be added to sets of that periodical.
Asiatic Society, Straits Branch;
64 Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. A COMPLETE

Set from the beginning in July, 1878, to October, 1894, inclusive,
forming numbers 1-27.5. 8vo., with maps and plates ; the first twenty-
four numbers in seven vols. neatly half bound, the rest sewed, scarce

Singapore, 1878-94 5 5 64 Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9. Six in one vol. cloth, two sd.

1878-82 0 18

Assyrian :

£ s. d. 66 CHOSSAT (E. de) Répertoire Assyrien traduction et lecture, 184 pp. :

Classification des Caractères Cunéiformes, Babyloniens Ninivites
Archaïques et Modernes, 204 pp. in 1 vol. roy 4to. hf. morocco

Lyon, 1878-9 1 10 0 67 Delitzsch (F.) Assyrische Lesestücke, roy. 4to. bds. Leipzig, 1876 0 5 0 68

Assyrische Lesestücke nachden originalen Theils revidirt Theils zum ersten maleherausgeben und durch eine Schrifttafel eingeleitet, folio, pp. viii, and 108 pp. bds.

Leipzig, 1878

0 18 0 69 The Hebrew Language viewed in the light of Assyrian Research, 8vo. cloth

1883 0 1 6 70 Assyrisches Handwörterbuch.

4 parts, roy. 8vo. sd. 1894-6 2 16 0 The continuance of this work will proceed quickly and be completed this year. The publication of Delitzsch's Handwörterbuch has been anxiously expected by students for many years. All the Assyrian Words are in Roman Characters, thus rendering it of

use to not only Assyriologists, but to all Orientalists. 71 Haupt, Der keilinschriftliche Sinflathbericht, 12mo. plates, sd. 1881 0 1 6 72 LAYARD (A. H.). Inscriptions in the Cuneiform Character from Assy

rian Monuments. Impl. folio, 98 leaves of lithographed facsimile ;

British Museum, 1851 0 16 0 73 OPPERT et MENAUT, Les Fastes de Sargon Roi d'Assyrie, 721 à 703 avant J.C., folio, in Assyrian (cuneiform) and Latin, hf. morocco

Paris, 1863 0 12 0 With introduction, cuneiform inscription, transliteration, and Latintranslation. 74 SATCE (A. H.) Babylonian Literature, 8vo. cloth

n. d. 0 1 0 75 SCHRADER (E.) die Assyrisch-Babylonischen Keilinschriften, 8vo. pp. iv. and 394, plates, hf. morocco

Leipzig, 1872

0 90 76 Die Keilinschriften und das alte Testament. 8vo. hf. morocco

Giessen, 1872 0 8 0 77 Die Sargonsstele des Berliner Museums. 4to. two plates, bds.

Berlin, 1882 0 3 0 | 78 Smith (G.) History of Assurbanipal, translated from the Cuneiform Inscriptions, roy. 8vo., plate, pp. iv. and 384, cloth

1871 1 12 0 In cuneiform character, with transliteration and translation. 79 The Assyrian Eponym Canon, 8vo. cloth

0 2 0 80 Astronomy. Menthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Vols.

XXVII–LIV. 28 vols. 8vo. fifteen vols. in half morocco neat, the
rest in bds, and parts, uncut

1866-94 6 6 0 An Index to the first twenty-nine vols. and the first thirty-eight vols. of the Memoirs

is included in the set.
81 Atkinson (T. W.). Travels in the Regions of the Upper and Lower

Amoor, and the Russian acquisitions on the confines of India and
China. Roy. 8vo., many illustrations; cloth

1860 o 50 Australasia: 82 [CALLANDER (J.)]. Terra Anstralis Cognita: or, Voyages to the

Terra Australis, or Southern Hemisphere, during the Sixteenth,
Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries. 3 vols. 8vo., old gilt calf

Edinburgh, 1766-68 300 83 Davis (J.). Tracks of McKinlay and party across Australia. 8vo., illustrations ; cloth

1863 0 7 6 84 FLINDERS (M.). Voyage to Terra Australis, 1801 to 1803. 2 vols.

4to. and 1 vol. large folio, with numerous plates; the quarto vols. of
text, calf gilt, the folio atlas, unbound

1814 8 0 0 With the bookplate of Henry Lord Langdale, and J. R. Scott.

the same, 2 vols. roy. 4to. hf. bd. with the Atlas in a folio case 7 0 0 86 the same, 2 vols. roy. 4to. bds. uncut, and imp. folio Atlas, sd.

1814 10 0 0 the same, 2 vols.impl. 4to. and folio atlas, maps and plates, russia extra, broad gilt inside borders, gilt edges, joints, by Hering 1814 14 0 0

n. d.




n. d.

88 EARLY VOYAGES to Terra Australis now called Australia. Edited, with
introduction by R. H. MAJOR. 8vo., with maps ; hf. morocco neat,

Hakluyt Society, 1859

0 16 0 89 FORSTER (A). South Australia, its progress and prosperity. 8vo., half red morocco


0 8 6 90 LINDLEY (J.). A Sketch of the Vegetation of the Swan River Colony.

Impl. 8vo., woodcuts and 9 coloured plates ; bds., uncut; fine copy 1840 1 8 0

At the end is an Alphabetical and Systematical Index to the first twenty-three

volumes of Edwards's Botanical Register.
91 MITCHELL (T. L.). Three Expeditions into the interior of Eastern

Australia, with descriptions of the recently explored region Australia
Felix and the present Colony of New South Wales, 2 vols. 8vo. plates
and maps, hf. calf

1738 1 1 0 91*MUDIE (Jas.) The Felonry of New South Wales : Real Romance of Life in Botany Bay, 8vo., map, cloth

1837 1 80 92 MUNDY (Lt. Col. G. C.). Our Antipodes : or, Residence and Rambles in the Australasian Colonies, 8vo., lithographic plates ; half red morocco

1855 ( 8 6 93 OMNIBUS (The). A Merchant's, Tradesman's, Auctioneer's, and General

Advertiser and Shipping Gazette. Nos. 22-26, 28-108. In 1 vol.
large folio, bds.

Hobart Town, 1864 1 16 0 94 St. John's COLLEGE, New Zealand. A folding Panorama lithographed on 8 4to. sheets, forming one large folding plate ; unbd.

0 2 6 95 Tasmanian Newspapers. THE INDEPENDENT; afterwards merged in the

CORNWALL CHRONICLE, from its commencement in March 28, 1831, to
Dec. 26, 1835; 1836; 1837 (except Jan. 28 to May 6); 1838; 1839 ;
1840; 1841; 1842 (except March 26 to April 16); 1843; 1844; 1845
(Jan.-June 11, July 31 Dec.); 1846 ; 1847 (Jan.- April 28 only) ; 1848
(Sept. 6 to Dec. only); 1849; 1850 ; 1851 (March 29 to Dec. 3, except
July 2-Aug. 27); 1852 (except Feb. 14-March 3); and 1853 (Jan. 5-26);
together 20 vols. folio, half calf, VERY RARE

Launceston, Vandiemen's Land, 1831-53 23 10 0 96 Tasmanian Newspapers. The BRITANNIA, and Trades Advocate, from

its Commencement in Jan. 1846; and its Continuation under the Title
of the “ TASMANIAN COLONIST,” to Dec. 1853, half bound, in 7 vols. folio,

Hobart Town, 1846-53 8 8 0 97 Azores. [T. A.]. History of the Azores, or Western Islands. 4to., map and plates ; calf gilt ; with the Rainier bookplate

1813 0 36 98 BALLHORN (F.) Grammatography, a manual of reference to the ancient and modern languages, roy. 8vo. cloth


0 4 0 99 Banking. HISTORY OF BANKING in all the leading Nations ; comprising the

United States, Great Britain, Germany, Austro-Hungary, France,
Italy, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Roumania, Russia,
Holland, the Scandinavian Nations, Canada, China and Japan ; com-
piled by thirteen authors, 4 vols. imperial 8vo., half bound

New York, 1896 5 0 0
An unbiassed study of the banking and monetary systems of all nations. The
thirteen authors include Professor W. G. Sumner, of Yale University, Henry Dunning

MacLeod, Professor Dr. Richard van der Borght, Max Wirth, etc., etc.
100 BARCIA (Andres Gonzalez) Historiadores primitivos de las Indias

Occidentales, que juntó, traduxo en parte, y sacó á luz, ilustrados con
eruditas Notas, y copiosos Indices ..
3 vols. sm. folio, calf

Madrid, 1749 9 90 101 the same, 3 vols. folio, bds. uncut

1749 10 10 0 102 another copy, in purple morocco extra, gilt edges, by Niedrée, from the Delmonte library

1749 12 0
Colon (Fernando) Historia del Almirante Christoval Colon.
Cortes (Hernan) Quatro Cartas.
Alvarado (Pedro de) Dos Relaciones al mismo Cortes.


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