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157 MISSOURI BOTANICAL GARDEN (The). Annual Reports for 1890, 1891, and
1893-95. 5 vols., roy. 8vo., numerous well produced botanical plates,
Portraits, Views, and Plans of the Garden; cloth, uncut
158 MOGGRIDGE (J. T.). Contributions to the Flora of MENTONE, and to a
Winter Flora of the Riviera, including the coast from Marseilles to
Genoa. Roy. 8vo., 99 coloured plates; (pub. £3. 38) cloth 1874
159 MURRAY (G.). Phycological Memoirs, being Researches made in the
Botanical Department of the British Museum. Part I. Impl. 8vo.,
8 plates containing numerous coloured figures; sd.
160 NEWMAN (H.). History of British Ferns. 8vo., woodcuts; a nice copy in


half morocco neat, gilt top

1854 161 PALISOT-BEAUVOIS (A. M. F. J.). Flore d'OWARE et de BENIN en Afrique. Large folio, 60 finely coloured plates; half russia Paris, 1804 162 PARKINSON. PARADISI IN SOLE PARADISUS TERRESTRIS. Or a Garden of all sorts of pleasant flowers which our English ayre will permitt to be noursed vp with a Kitchen garden . . . and an Orchard of all sorte of fruitbearing Trees . . . with the right orderinge planting & preseruing of them by John PARKINSON . . . Sm. folio, woodcuts; half calf


"Between the first appearance of Gerard's Herbal and the second edition, Parkinson had published his Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris, the most popular gardening work of this period.

"The title of the book is a play upon his name: Park-in-Sun's Earthly Paradise, and the quaintness, freshness, and originality of the title is characteristic of the whole book. Parkinson has the power of inspiring his readers with a love of flowers and a feeling for their beauty, and still, after a lapse of centuries, no gardener could fail to be refreshed and stimulated in his art by a perusal of the Earthly Paradise.

"The feeling that this book might inspire in children is very prettily shown in Mary's Meadow by Juliana Horatia Ewing."-The Hon. Alicia Amherst. 163 PARKINSON. THEATRUM BOTANICVM: The Theater of Plants.


£ 8. d.

1629 13 5 0

The valuable zoological and botanical monographs forming this collection are also sold separately, and will each be found in this catalogue under its respective class-heading;-see under Botany, Crustacea, Entomology, Reptilia, Zoophytes, etc.

The last vol. issued (in 1897, for 1894) is the seventh vol. of "The Larvæ of British Butterflies and Moths," by William BUCKLER and G. T. PORRITT.

1 7 6

1 11 6


04 6


Or, an

HERBALL of a Large Extent by JOHN PARKINSON . . Folio, innumerable woodcuts and an engraved title by Marshall, containing portrait; a good sound copy in the original half binding 164 PAYEN. Memoire sur l'Amidon. 8vo., plates (some coloured); half calf [1838]


From the botanical section of the "Annales des Sciences Naturelles."

165 PAYER (J.).

166 PLUMIER (C.). Traité des FOUGERES de l'AMERIQUE.

Botanique Cryptogamique, ou Histoire des Familles naturelles des Plantes inférieures. Impl. 8vo., numerous woodcuts; half calf Paris, 1850 Large folio, the text in Latin and French; 172 beautifully engraved plates; half calf neat Paris, 1705 Greatly esteemed on account of the exactness with which these ferns are illustrated. 167 POULSEN (V. A.). Botanical Micro-Chemistry, an introduction to the Study of Vegetable Histology. Cr. 8vo., cloth Boston, 1884 168 RABENHORST (L.). Kryptogamen-Flora von Sachsen, der Ober-Lausitz, Thüringen und Nordböhmen. 2 vols., cr. 8vo., many woodcuts; half calf Leipzig, 1863-70 169 RALFS (J.). The BRITISH Desmidiem. Roy. 8vo., 35 coloured plates after drawings by E. Jenner; cloth



the same. Roy. 8vo., calf gilt, yellow edges


171 RAY SOCIETY'S PUBLICATIONS. A COMPLETE SET, from the beginning in 1844 to the latest volume issued, comprising 48 vols., 8vo., cloth, and 24 vols. and parts, folio, bds. 1844-97 32 0 0

2 10 0 0 3 6


1 10 0

0 2 6


1 12 0 1 16 0

172 REPORT on the CONIFER Conference held at the Chiswick Gardens, Oct. 1891. 8vo. 588 pp. (publ. at 15s 6d), sd.

Royal Horticultural Soc., 1892 173 ROXBURGH (W.). Flora Indica or descriptions of Indian Plants, by Carey. 3 vols. 8vo. best edition, hf. morocco, gilt edges Serampore, 1832 174 ROYLE (J. F.). The Fibrous Plants of India, fitted for Cordage, Clothing, and Paper. With an account of the Cultivation and Preparation of Flax, Hemp, and their Substitutes. 8vo., cloth 1855 175 SACCARDO (P.A.). SYLLOGE FUNGORUM omnium hucusque cognitorum. 11 vols. in 12, roy. 8vo.,-APPENDIX. 1 pt.-together, eleven volumes bound in twelve in half dark blue morocco extra, gilt tops, contents lettered, the Appendix sd.; A FINE COPY Patavii, 1882-Dresdæ, 1896 Describing or enumerating all known species to the end of 1895, to the number of

43,635. 176 SALISBURY. Prodromus Stirpium in Horto ad Chapel Allerton vigentium. Auctore Ricardo Antonio Salisbury. 8vo., bds., uncut; RARE

Privately printed, 1796


8vo., cloth

The Genera of Plants.
178 SAUNDERS (W. Wilson), W. G. SMITH, and A. W. BENNETT. Mycological
Illustrations, being Figures and Descriptions of New and Rare
Hymenomycetous Fungi. 2 pts. in 1 vol., impl. 8vo., 48 coloured
plates; half calf



£ s. d.





0 18 0 0 4 0

0 15 6

half calf


179 SAVI (G.). FLORA ITALIANA, ossia Raccolta delle Piante più belle, che si coltivano nei Giardini d'Italia. 3 vols. in 1, large folio, with 120 plates of the best colouring; a very fine copy in green morocco extra, with Arms on sides, gilt edges, by Lewis Pisa, 1818-24 12 0 0 180 SCHACHT (H.). Die Spermatozoiden im Pflanzenreich. 8vo., 6 plates; Braunschweig, 1864 181 SCHIMPER. Synopsis Muscorum Europæorum præmissa introductione de elementis bryologicis tractante. Scripsit W. P. Schimper. 8vo., plates; hf. bd. Stuttgartiæ, 1860 another copy. 8vo., presentation copy from the Author to W. Wilson, with many MS. notes by Mr. Wilson; half morocco, gilt top, 1860 very neat 183 SCHKUHR (C.). Beschreibung der RIEDGRÄSER. 2 pts. 93 coloured plates, 1812-KUNZE (G.). SUPPLEMENTE zu Schkuhr's Riedegräsern. Band 1, Erste Hälfte. 50 coloured plates, 1840-50--together, 3 vols., 8vo., whole and half russia, not quite uniform 1812-50

0 15 0


2 10 U

184 SCHMIDT (ADOLF). ATLAS der DIATOMACEEN-KUNDE. In verbindung mit den Herren GRÜNDLER, GRUNOW, JANISCH and WITT. Parts 1-50, folio, with 200 plates (pub. £15); plates 1-96 carefully mounted on cardboard and bound in two half morocco volumes, the accompanying text being in cloth; the rest in parts





Aschersleben-Leipzig, about 1885-95 12 10 0 the same. Parts 1-34, folio, plates 1-136; in parts (pub. £10. 48) Aschersleben, about 1885-90 186 VERZEICHNISS der in A. SCHMIDT'S Atlas der DIATOMACEENKAUDE, heft 1-36. Impl. 8vo., sd. Leipzig, 1890 187 SCHUMANN (J.). Preussische Diatomeen. 4to., plates; interleaved; half red morocco [1862] 188 SEEMAN. Journal of Botany, British and Foreign. Edited by Berthold SEEMAN, Henry TRIMEN, James BRITTEN, etc. A complete set from the beginning in 1863 to October, 1896, forming 34 vols., 8vo. with about 500 plates, many of them COLOURED; thirty-three vols. in cloth, the last nine parts sd.

1863-96 25 00



A Voyage to the Islands Madera, Barnados, Nieves, S. Christophers and JAMAICA, with the NATURAL HISTORY of the last of those Islands. . . by HANS SLOANE . . . 2 vols. thick folio, with 274 plates; a fine copy in old red morocco extra, gilt edges 1707-25 190 SMITH (G. E.). Catalogue of rare or remarkable Phænogamous Plants, collected in South Kent. 8vo., 5 coloured plates; half calf 1829 192 SMITH (W.). Synopsis of the BRITISH DIATOMACEE; with Remarks on their Structure, Functions and Distribution; and Instructions for collecting and preserving Specimens. 2 vols. in 1, impl. 8vo., 69 plain and coloured plates by Tuffen West; half russia, gilt top; RARE 1853-56 the same. 2 vols., impl. 8vo., cloth, uncut





the same. 2 vols., impl. 8vo., calf gilt

195 SOLE (W.). MENTHE BRITANNICE: being a new Botanical arrangement
of all the BRITISH MINTS. Folio, 24 plates; interleaved with MS. notes
by Mr. Roper; half green morocco extra, gilt top
Bath, 1798
A Pocket Flora of Edinburgh. 12mo., cloth 1894
Treatise on the Physiology of Plants. Translated by
F. E. Weiss. 8vo., 33 illustrations; cloth (pub. 9s net)

196 SONNTAG (C. O.).
197 SORAUER (P.).

198 SOWERBY (JAMES). ENGLISH BOTANY; or, Coloured Figures of British Plants, with their essential characters, synonyms, and places of growth [described by Sir JAMES E. SMITH]. 36 vols., 17901814-GENERAL INDEXES. 1 vol., 1814-SUPPLEMENT. 4 vols., 1831-49-together, 41 vols. in 40, 8vo., 2960 coloured plates; a fine copy in old gilt calf


the same, 41 vols. in 40, 8vo., 2960 coloured plates; old calf neat ; a sound working copy


200 SOWERBY (J.) and Sir J. E. SMITH. ENGLISH BOTANY. 8vo., with about 2580 coloured plates; half calf

The Second Edition, arranged according to the Linnæan method, with the descriptions shortened, and occasional remarks added.

201 SOWERBY (J.). ENGLISH BOTANY; or, Coloured Figures of British Plants, edited by SYME and LANCASTER. Third Edition, enlarged, re-arranged, and revised. 12 thick vols., impl. 8vo. 1937 coloured plates; cloth 1863-86


the same. 12 vols., impl. 8vo., a fine copy in half green morocco extra, gilt edges 203 SOWERBY (J.). COLOURED FIGURES of ENGLISH FUNGI or MUSHROOMS. 3 vols., 1797-1803-[SUPPLEMENT, 1803-15]-together, 4 vols. in 2, folio, 440 coloured plates; hf. bd.; A BARGAIN 1797-[1815] 204 the same. 4 vols., folio, in the original bds., entirely uncut


[blocks in formation]

1790-1849 32 0 0

207 SOWERBY and SMITH. A Specimen of the BOTANY of NEW HOLLAND, by
E. SMITH. Vol. I (all published), 4to., containing 16 finely coloured
plates, by J. SOWERBY; half calf; RARE

208 STAFF (O.). Die Arten der Gattung Ephedra. Roy. 4to., map and 5
plates; sd.
Wien, 1889


3 3 0

3 10 0

4 10 0

1790-1849 28 0 0
12 vols.,

200 100


10 0 0

0 0 0


10 10 0

the same.

1797-[1815] 15 0 0 4 vols. in 3, folio, interleaved with numerous MS. notes by Mr. Roper half green morocco extra, gilt tops, uncut 1797-[1815] 206 SOWERBY (J.). ENGLISH FUNGI. [The SUPPLEMENT] separately. Folio, [1803-15]

40 coloured plates, unbd., uncut

The plates are arranged as follows:-1-400 (vols. I-III); 401-440 (Supplement).
Plate 423 is on 422, 427 on 425, 438 on 420, 439 on 440.

The Supplement, lacking in many copies, is but rarely offered for separately.


16 0 0

4 0 0

3 17 6


209 STEVENSON (J.). British Fungi (Hymenomycetes). 2 vols., cr. 8vo., illustrations; cloth 1886

210 SWEET (R.). The BRITISH FLOWER GARDEN; containing Figures and Descriptions of the most Ornamental and Curious Hardy Herbaceous Plants, including Annuals, Biennials, and Perennials. Vols. I-V, 8vo., with 500 coloured plates by E. D. Smith; half green morocco, very neat 1823-33

Comprising the complete First Series, and vols. I and II of the Second. 211 TAYLOR (J. E.). Flowers: their origin, shapes, perfumes and colours; 12mo. with 32 coloured figures and 161 woodcuts; cloth

212 TEMPÈRE. Le DIATOMISTE. Journal spécial s'occupant exclusivement
des Diotomées et de tout ce qui s'y rattache. Paraissant tous les trois
mois. Par J. TEMPÈRE, avec la collaboration de MM. J. BRUN,
24 pts. forming 2 vols., roy. 4to., with many finely produced plates; in
pts., as issued (pub. 120 fr.)
Paris, 1890-96
213 THORNTON (R. J.). The BRITISH FLORA; or, Genera and Species of
British Plants. 5 vols., 8vo., numerous plates; a nice copy, though
as usual, somewhat imperfect; dark blue morocco extra, gilt edges;



214 TOZZETTI (J. T.) Catalogus Vegetabilium Marinorum Musei sui, opus posthumum ad secundam partem Novorum Generum Plantarum celeberrimi P. A. Micheli inserviens, cum notis O. T. Tozzetti Joannis filii. Sm. folio, 3 plates; calf neat Florentiae, 1826 1854

215 TRACTS. Three pieces in 1 vol., 8vo., half morocco


Comprising Leighton on British Graphideæ, Umbilicari, and Arthonie ;
Deacon on Verrucaria and Sagedia; Berkeley and Broome on British Fungi.

Several valuable pieces in 1 vol., 8vo., half calf

1868-74 Containing contributions by Trimen, Britten, Smith, De Candolle, and others. 217 TRELEASE (W.). The Species of Epilobium occurring North of Mexico.

Svo., 48 plates; sd.


218 TRIMEN (H.). Hand-Book to the FLORA of CEYLON. Vols. or parts I-II, 8vo., and 1 vol., roy. 4to., 50 coloured plates; cloth and portfolio

1878 0 5 0


and W. T. Thiselton Dyer. Flora of Middlesex. Cr. 8vo., cloth 1869 220 TRIPP (F. E.). British Mosses. 2 vols., impl. 8vo., numerous coloured plates; cloth (pub. £2. 12s 6d) 1888

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221 TURNER'S HERBAL. First Edition :

A new Herball, wherin are conteyned the names of Herbes in Greke,
Latin, Englysh, Duch, Frenche, and in the Potecaries and Herbaries
Latin... by Wylliam Turner . . . Imprinted at London by Steven
Mierdman. Anno 1551 . .

The Seconde Parte of Vuil-liam Turners Herball

Imprinted at Collen

by Arnold Birckmann . . . M.D.LXII . . . A Booke of the Natures and Properties/as well of the Bathes in English as of other Bathes in Germany and Italy. by William Turner Imprinted at Collen by Arnold Birckman . . M.D.LXII

A most excellent and perfecte Homish Apothecarye . . . Translated by Jhon Hollybush. Imprinted at Collen by Arnold Birckman




s. d.

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0 12 0



1893-94 150


0 17 6






in 1 vol., folio, without the title to the first part of the Herball and the last leaf of the Homish Apothecarye, but having three blank leaves and the rare slip of errors; an extraordinary copy in an entirely uncut state with the exception of four leaves; the corners of a few of the leaves at the end slightly perished; hf. bd

1551-1562 12 10 0 So scarce that neither Herbert nor W. Carew Hazlitt have seen a complete copy.

222 TURNER (Dawson). FUCI; or, Colored Figures and Descriptions of the Plants referred by Botanists to the genus Fucus. 4 vols., royal 4to., with 261 (29 bis, 30 bis, 31 bis) plates of Seaweeds, coloured from Nature; half red morocco, gilt tops 1808-19

223 [TURNER (D.)]. Specimen of a Lichenographia Britannica; or, Attempt
at a History of the British Lichens. 8vo., cloth; scarce
For private circulation only, 1839
224 TURNER. Libellus de re Herbaria Novus, by WILLIAM TURNER, originally
published in 1538, reprinted, with Notes, Modern Names, and a Life
of the Author, by B. D. JACKSON. 4to., facsimile of the rare original,
10 ll.; bds.

One hundred copies privately printed.

225 VAN HEURCK (H.). Synopsis des DIATOMÉES de BELGIQUE. 2 vols.,
impl. 8vo., illustrated by more than 130 highly finished lithographic
plates; a fine copy in half green morocco extra, gilt tops, uncut

Anvers, 1880-85
Boston, 1890

226 WARD (R. H.). Plant Organization. 4to., sd.
227 WATSON (H. C.). TOPOGRAPHICAL BOTANY: being local and personal
Records towards showing the Distribution of British Plants traced
through the 112 Counties and Vice-Counties of England, Wales, and
Scotland. Thick 8vo., second edition, corrected and enlarged with a
Memoir of the Author, by J. G. BAKER, ESQ., F.R.S., etc., and an entirely
new coloured map showing the distribution of British Plants; cloth
(published at 16s)


The first edition, privately printed at Thames Ditton in 1873, having become very rare, a new one has been edited from the Author's interleaved copy, which he kept constantly at hand, and in which he entered all the records of the occurrence of plants in additional vice-counties that came to his notice.

228 WATSON (H. C.). CYBELE BRITANNICA; or British Plants, and their Geographical Relations. 4 vols. 1847-59-COMPENDIUM. 1870SUPPLEMENT to the Compendium. 1872-TOPOGRAPHICAL BOTANY. 1873-74- -in 6 vols., 8vo., some autograph letters of the author's inserted; half morocco, gilt tops, very neat 1847-74

An interesting set of these valuable works. Both the Supplement to the Compendium and the work on Topographical Botany are privately printed. 29 WESTERMAIER (M.). A Compendium of General Botany. Translated by A. Schneider. 8vo., 171 illustrations; cloth New York, 1896 230 WETTSTEIN (R. v.). Monographie der Gattung Euphrasia. Roy. 4to., illustrations in the text, 14 plates, and 4 maps; sd. Leipzig, 1896 231 WIGHT (R.) and G. A. WALKER-ARNOTT. Prodromus Flora Peninsulæ Orientalis. Vol. I (all published). 8vo., cloth; rare 232 WILLIAMS (F. N.). Notes on the Pinks of Western Europe. 8vo.,





233 WILSON (W.). BRYOLOGIA BRITANNICA; containing the Mosses of Great
Britain and Ireland. 8vo., 61 plates; cloth; scarce
234 WOOD (H. C.). A Contribution to the History of the FRESH-WATER
ALGE of NORTH AMERICA. Roy. 4to., 21 plates containing a large
number of coloured figures; half calf neat
[Washington], 1872
235 WOODS (J.).
The Tourist's Flora: a Descriptive Catalogue of the
Flowering Plants and Ferns. 8vo., cloth

The first, Treating of Oxen, Kine, and Calves . . . The second, Dis-
coursing of the Government of Horses . . . The third, Discoursing
the Order of Sheep, Goats, Hogs, and Dogs

LEONARD MASCAL... Sm. 4to., Gothic letter; old calf

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£ 8. d.

Gathered by

4 4 0

1 0 0


660 026

0 10 0

4 4 0


236 BERNAYS (L. A.). The Olive and its Products. 8vo., cloth Brisbane, 1872 0 20

237 MASCAL. The GOVERNMENT of CATTEL. Divided into three Books.


0 18 0

1 5 0

01 0


1 8 0

1 10 0

2 10 0

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