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238 MEAGER. The Mystery of Husbandry: or, Arable, Pasture, and, Woodland improved . . . By Leonard Meager . . 12mo., old calf 1697 239 NICHOLLS (H. A. A.). Text-Book of Tropical Agriculture. Post 8vo., illustrations; cloth 1892 240 TUSSER. Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry. A New Edition, with Notes, by W. Mavor. 8vo., half calf


The new, revised, and enlarged edition of

241 A HISTORY OF GARDENING IN ENGLAND, by THE HON. ALICIA AMHERST. One volume, 8vo. with many illustrations of Old English Gardens ; extra cloth


245 BRIGHT (H. A.). A Year in a Lancashire Garden. Post 8vo., cloth 1879
246 BRITISH HUSBANDRY; exhibiting the Farming Practice in various parts of
the United Kingdom. 3 vols., 8vo., illustrations; bds.
Library of Useful Knowledge, 1834-40
247 CHAMBERS (Sir W.). Dissertation on Oriental Gardening. 4to., engraving
by Cipriani and Bartolozzi on title; hf. bd.
Second edition with additions.

248 Felton's Gleaning on Style in England.

249 Fruit Trees. AUSTEN. A Treatise of FRVIT-TREES shewing the manner of Grafting, Setting, Pruning, and Ordering of them in all respects. . . By RA: AUSTEN. . . 1657.-The Spiritual use of an Orchard, or Garden of Fruit-Trees . . . By RA: AUSTEN . . 1657. 1657

-in 1 vol., sm. 4to., old calf rebacked; VERY SCARCE



A masterpiece of painstaking work.

242 BLOMFIELD (R.) and F. INIGO THOMAS. The Formal Garden in England. Royal 8vo., numerous illustrations, LARGE PAPER; buckram, uncut; scarce 1892 243 BLONDEL (J. F.). De la Distribution des Maisons de Plaisance, et de la Decoration des Edifices. 2 vols., 4to., with 160 plates of Gardens and their Palaces, old calf

Paris, 1737 244 BOYCEAU. TRAITÉ DU JARDINAGE . . . Composé par Monsieur BOYCEAV de la BARAVDIERE. . . Paris, chez Charles de Sercy . . . M.DC.LXXXVIII. . . Large folio, fine portrait, numerous tail-pieces, and many superb illustrations of Ornamental Gardens, engraved by HURET; EXCESSIVELY RARE

1688 26 0 0

COLLATION: portrait, 1.7.; title 11.; table des chapitres, 1 l.; A—G, in fours;
H, 6 l.; K, 4 l.; L, 2 l.; the engraved plates, on 58 l.

the same. 1657.-Observations upon some part of FRANCIS BACON'S NATVRALL HISTORY as it concernes Fruit-trees, Fruits, and Flowers . . By RA: AUSTEN . . . 1658.—in 1 vol., sm. 4to., in mottled calf gilt 1657-58

a. d.

251 LA THEORIE et la Pratique du Jardinage, ou l'on traite les beaux Jardins:
les Jardins de Plaisance. 4to., troisième edition augmentée, 53 plates,
old French calf
A la Haye, 1739




0.18 0



Gardens, chiefly respecting those of the Ancient 8vo. a new edition limited to 150 copies, cloth, 1897 0 10 This work on Old Gardens was originally published in 1829, and copies of the Edition of that date are now very rarely met with. In this reprint some revision of the original issue has been attempted, though certain quaint and curious forms of spelling remain as in the original. A Bibliography of the books referred to casually throughout the work, and an Index of Names, etc., have been added.


0 12 0




252 LAWRENCE (John). New System of Agriculture, being a complete Body of Husbandry and Gardening. Folio, plates; original calf 1726 180 253 LOUDON (J. C.). Encyclopædia of Gardening.

innumerable woodcuts; bds.

8vo., pp. xl, 1271, and
[1834] 050


254 LOUDON (Mrs.). The Ladies' Flower Garden: ANNUALS. 4to., 48 coloured
plates; hf. bd.
the same:
plates; hf. bd.




BRITISH WILD FLOWERS. 4to., 60 coloured plates; hf. bd. 257 PASS (Crispin). Hortus Floridus in quo rariorum et minus vulgarium florum Icones ad vivam veramque formam accuratissime delineatae. Small folio, hf. russia



Engraved Latin title.

Printed French title: Jardin de Fleurs, Utrecht, Crispian de Pas. 12 leaves.
Latin dedication and contents.

Frontispieces, 2.

Part I. Vernalis, 41 plates, a Latin text on the backs.

Part II. Aestas, front. and 19 plates, a Latin text on the backs.

Part III. Autumnus, Epigr., front. and 27 plates, a Latin text on the backs.
Part IV. Hyemalis, front. and 12 plates, a Latin text on the backs.
Also: 14 extra plates of Flowers, marked E. H.

258 PASSAEI Hortus floridus. Oblong folio, old calf


This is a later issue, with engraved additions of Insects on the plates, but without descriptive text on the backs of the plates.


Part I. Front. and 54 plates.
Front. and 20 plates.

Part II. Part III. Part IV. 259 PASSAEI Hortus

Part I.
Part II.
Part III.

Part IV.


8. d.

1 8 0

1841 1 4 0 1846 1 2 6

Epigr., front. and 25 plates (not 27).
Front. and 12 plates.

Oblong folio, vellum

Plates 20-54, Latin text.
Plates 1-19, Latin text.
Plates 1-27, Latin text.



French Descriptive text, 12 leaves.
Part 1. Front. and 41 plates, blank backs.
Part 2 Front. and 20 plates, blank backs.
Part 3. Front. and 27 plates, Latin text.

Part 4. Front. and 12 plates, Latin text.

Altera Pars. Plates 1-119, plate 120 completing the part absent. Very rare. 260 PASSAEI Hortus Floridus, Le Jardin de Fleurs, the 4 parts and the extra part "Altera Pars" perfect, very rarely thus found together. In 1 vol. oblong folio, old calf

1614 12 0 0

Altera Pars. 120 plates, Latin text.

261 SADELER'S (Just.) Flower and Animal Studies. A Series of 25 very fine plates of Flowers, Fruits, Birds, and Insects, etc., obl. 4to., original vellum Venetiis (1600)

7 10 0

1614 31 10 0

With Latin Proverbs at top and bottom of each plate. 262 TESSIER (L.). Livre de Principes de Fleurs. 4to., title and 10 beautiful plates, each Flower in two states; half morocco Paris, 1770 263 THOUIN (G.). Plans Raisonnés de Toutes les Espéces de Jardins. Folio, 56 coloured plates; half binding Paris, 1820 264 VIEWS of Some of the Most Celebrated By-gone Pleasure Gardens of London, with some contemporary descriptions thereof. 4to., 15 plates in portfolio Rogers, 1896 One of 100 copies printed on Japanese vellum. 265 FLORE DES SERRES et des Jardins de l'Europe; Annales générales d'Horticulture, comprenant descriptions des plantes les plus rares et les plus méritantes nouvellement introduites, édité par L. Von Houtte. 23 vols., COMPLETE, royal 8vo., with about 3000 FINELY COLOURED plates, besides woodcuts; a beautiful set in hf. red morocco gilt, UNCUT

6 10 0

(PREMIERE SERIE) 10 vols. 1845-55-SECOND SÉRIE, 13 vols. 1856-83.
This work contains much valuable information on everything concerning the
Flower and the Kitchen Garden, Hothouse Plants, Forest-trees, etc. and essays on
Natural History, Meteorology, and all Science important to every botanist and lover
of plants.

2 10 6

2 10 0

3 16 0

0 12 0

Gand, 1845-83 16 10 0


266 AERONAUTICAL Annual. 1896. 8vo., with portraits and plates; sd. Boston, Mass. 1896 267 PROCEEDINGS of the International Conference on Aerial Navigation, held in Chicago, Aug., 1893. 8vo., 429 pages, with illustrations; cloth New York, 1894 268 AGASSIZ (L.). An Essay on Classification. 8vo., portraits; cloth 1859 050 269 The Structure of Animal Life. 8vo., cloth 1866 050 Six lectures delivered at Brooklyn.



271 BULLETIN of the American Museum of Natural History. Vol. VI,
large 8vo., with 11 plates; sd.
New York, 1894
272 DORSEY'S (G. A., PH.D.) Contributions to Archæology: 8 Tracts,
8vo. in an envelope
Cambridge, Mass. & Chicago, 1894-97

A Peruvian Cranium Chicago, 1897
Molar Teeth of 15 New Guinea Crania

Crania from Ancon, Peru Cambridge, 1894
Ceremony of the Quichuas of Peru s. a.
History of the Study of Anthropology at
Harvard University

s. a.

A Maori Skull
The Character and Antiquity of the The Lumbar Curve in some American
Peruvian Civilization
s. a.
Salem, 1897
The learned Author is now one of the Curators of the Field Columbian Museum
in Chicago.

270 ALPINE JOURNAL (The): a Record of Mountain Adventure and scientific observation by members of the ALPINE CLUB. A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in March, 1863, to 1896, inclusive; forming vols. I-XVIII, with a General Index to the first fifteen vols.;-19 vols. 8vo. with maps, plates, and woodcuts; hf. calf gilt, the last vol. in numbers, VERY SCARCE 1863-96 25 00

273 MISSOURI GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. Vols. IV, V, VI, and VII;-royal 8vo.
with about 70 plates and maps; cloth
Jefferson City, 1894
Vols. IV and V treat of the Paleontology of Missouri, by C. R. Keyes, with
56 plates; Vols. VI and VII of the Lead and Zinc Deposits, by A. Winslow.

274 PROCEEDINGS of the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION for the advancement of Science. 10 vols. 8vo. as described below; sd. 1850-96

2nd meeting, Cambridge, 1849; 22nd, Portland, Maine, 1873; 24th, Detroit, 1875; 29th, Boston, 1880; 31st, Montreal, 1882 (in 2 parts); 32nd, Minneapolis, 1883; 34th, Ann Arbor, 1885; 39th, Indianopolis, 1890; 44th, Springfield, Mass. 1895.


275 PROCEEDINGS of the AMERICAN ACADEMY of Arts and Sciences. Vols. I-VI; IX; XII-XXII; XXIII, part 1; and XXV-XXXI; -in all 25 vols. and 1 part, large 8vo., with plates; sd. uncut

Boston, Mass. 1848-96 276 PROCEEDINGS of the CALIFORNIA ACADEMY of Sciences. Vol. III, parts 1, 2, 3; Vol. IV, part 2; and Vol. V, part 1. 8vo. with plates; sd.

San Francisco, 1863-95 Vol. V, part 1 (784 pp. and 74 plates) includes papers on the Herpetology, Water Birds, Coleoptera, etc. of Cal., on the Fishes of Sinaloa; Contributions to Western Botany, etc. 277 ROYAL SOCIETY of CANADA. PROCEEDINGS and TRANSACTIONS. 13 vols., complete (12 in royal 4to., 1 in royal 8vo.), with plates and woodcuts; cloth Montreal and Ottawa, 1883-95 Edited by Dr. G. J. Bourinot. Published at thirteen guineas. Sold separately, price one guinea per vol.

8. d.


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278 CUNNINGHAM (D. J.). The Lumbar Curve in Man and the Apes, with an account of the topographical Anatomy of the Chimpanzee, OrangUtan, and Gibbon. Roy. 4to., with 13 plates; sd.


Roy. Irish Academy, 1886
Surface Anatomy of the Cerebral Hemispheres.
Cerebral Topography, by V. HORSLEY. 1 vol., roy. 4to., with 8 plates,
some in colours; sd.


Cunningham Memoirs, No. VII, Roy. Irish Acad.


280 GERBER (F.). Elements of the General and Minute Anatomy of Man
and the Mammalia. To which are added, Notes and an Appendix, by
George Gulliver. 2 vols., 8vo., 34 plates; cloth
Die vergleichende Osteologie des Schläfenbeins.
Hannover, 1837
282 KUHL (H.). Beiträge zur Zoologie und vergleichenden Anatomie. 4to.,
folding plates; half calf
Frankfurt a/M, 1820
253 PARKER (W. Kitchen). Structure and Development of the Shoulder-
Girdle and Sternum in the Vertebrata. Folio, with 30 coloured plates;
Ray Society, 1868

281 HALLMANN (E.). 4to., 4 plates; sd.


another copy, bound up with: NITZSCH's Pterylography, from the German by P. L. SCLATER, with 10 plates, 1867;-in 1 vol., folio, hf. calf

255 PARKER (Andrew J.). Morphology of Cerebral Convolutions with special reference to the Order of Primates. Atlas 4to., with 15 plates; Philadelphia Acad. of Nat. Sciences, 1896


267 WALTON AND COTTON'S Complete Angler, with the author's Lives and notes by Sir John Hawkins. 8vo., portraits and copper-plates, calf




288 BLACKWALL (John). History of the Spiders of Great Britain and Ireland.
2 parts forming 1 vol. folio, with 29 coloured plates, representing numer-
ous figures; bds.
Ray Society, 1861-64
259 HENTZ (N. M.). The Spiders of the United States. 8vo. with
21 plates; sd.
Boston Society of Natural History, 1875
290 McCOOK (H.). AMERICAN SPIDERS and their Spinning work. 3 vols.,
4to., numerous woodcuts and 30 coloured plates containing many figures;
Philadelphia, published by the Author, 1889-93

The latest and most important work on the natural history of the orb-weaving
spiders of the United States with special regard to their industry and habits.
201 MÜLLER. Hydrachnee, quas in Aquis Dana palustribus detexit, de-
scripsit, pingi et tabulis XI æneis incidi, curavit O. F. Muller. 4to.,
11 coloured plates; bds.

Lipsia, 1781 292 SKUSE (F. A. A.). British Stalk-eyed Crustacea and Spiders. 12mo., illustrations; cloth


£ s. d.


293 REPORTS of the First, Second, Third and Fifth Meetings of the AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATION for the advancement of Science. 4 vols., thick 8vo., with plates; cloth 1887-94 I, Sydney, 1887; II, Melbourne, 1890; III, Christchurch, 1891; Adelaide, 1893.






012 0

0 14 0


286 THOMAS (Henry Sullivan). Tank Angling in India. Sm. 8vo. with cuts; cloth Madras, 1887 0 2 6



313 6



0 10 0


1 15 0



294 ARAGO (F.).

For the Works on Astrology, see Rough List 171. Popular Astronomy. Translated and edited by W. H. Smyth and R. Grant. 2 vols., Svo., plates and woodcuts; cloth 1855-58 295 BAILY (F.). Astronomical Tables and Formulæ, together with a Variety of Problems explanatory of their Use and Application. 8vo., half calf 1827

At the end is the Appendix, dated 1829.

296 BALL (R. S.). The Story of the Heavens. 8vo., xix and 551 pp.; coloured and other illustrations; cloth





another issue, 8vo., cloth 298 BOSCOVICH (L'Abbé). Nouveaux Ouvrages appartenants principalement à l'Optique, et à l'Astronomie. 5 vols., 4to., old calf gilt 299 BRAHE (Tychonis) Astronomia instaurate Mechanica. . . Folio, portrait and numerous fine plates and woodcuts of Scientific Instruments; a tall in bds. copy Noriberga, 1602 Containing views of Brahe's house and the Observatory of Uraniburg in the Island of Huenna.

300 BRAHE (Tychonis) de Mvndi Aetherei recentioribus Phaenomenis liber


.. Epistolarvm Astronomicarvm libri...

Astronomiæ instavratæ progymnasmata. Quorum hæc prima pars de Restitvtione motvvm Solis & Lunæ, Stellarumquæ inerrantium tractat...

3 works in 2 vols., sm. 4to., diagrams; calf


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Francofurti, 1648 302 BRENNAND (W.). Hindu Astronomy. Roy. 8vo., plates and diagrams;


Opera Omnia... Sm. 4to., diagrams; vellum

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£ s. d.


0 12 0

066 070

1 10 0


1610 1603-10 200

200 0 12

02 05

1896 303 BRÜNNOW'S Spherical Astronomy, translated by R. Main. Part I (all published). 8vo., cloth Cambridge, 1860 304 CHALLIS (J.). Lectures on Practical Astronomy and Astronomical Instruments. 8vo., cloth Cambridge, 1879 305 CHAMBERS (G. F.). A Handbook of Descriptive Astronomy. 8vo., pp. xxxii and 928, profusely illustrated; hf. green morocco extra, gilt top Oxford, 1877 015 306 CLAIRAUT. Théorie de la Lune. 1765-PINGRÉ. Mémoire sur le Choix et l'Etat des Lieux où le passage de Vénus du 3. Juin 1769 pourra être observé avec le plus d'avantage. 1767-in 1 vol., 4to., old French mottled calf gilt

1765-67 0 10 307 CLERKE (A. M.). Popular History of Astronomy during the Nineteenth Century. 8vo., pp. avi and 502; cloth Edinburgh, 1887 308 COMTE (A.). Traité philosophique d'Astronomie populaire. 8vo., calf gilt Paris, 1844 309 COPERNICUS. Nicolai Copernici Torinensis de Revolvtionibus Orbium Cœlestium, Libri VI... Folio, with woodcut diagrams; the corners of a few leaves mended; a tall copy in calf Basilea, [1566] 2 310 EULER (L.). Theoria Motus Lunæ exhibens omnes eius inæqualitates. 4to., sd. Petropoli, 1753 311 EULER (L.) Theoria Motuum Planetarum et Cometarum. 4to., old calf gilt Berolini, s. a.

06 06


Theoria Motuum Lunæ, nova methodo pertractata und cum Tabulis Astronomicis, unde ad quoduis tempus Loca Lunæ expedite computari possunt, incredibili studio atque indefesso laboretrium academicorum J. A. Euler, W. L. Krafft, J. A. Lexell. Opus dirigente L. Eulero. 4to., old mottled calf Petropoli, 1772 313 GAUSS (C. F.). Theoria Motus Corporum Cælestium in sectionibus conicis solem ambientium. Roy. 4to., hf. bd. Hamburgi, 1809 0 16 1 314 GRANT (R.). History of Popular Astronomy, from the Earliest Ages to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. 8vo., cloth

6 10

1852 0 10



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