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315 HANSEN (P. A.). Fundamenta nova Investigationis Orbitæ veræ quam
Luna perlustrat. 4to., sd.
Gotha, 1838
316 HERSCHEL (Sir J. F. W.). Outlines of Astronomy. 8vo., frontispiece
and woodcuts; cloth

another edition. 8vo., half green morocco

another edition. 8vo., cloth




Epitome Astronomiae Copernicanæ. . . authore Joanne Sm. 8vo., many diagrams; the title mended; old pigskin Lentijs ad Danubium, 1618 320 LA LANDE. Astronomie par Jerome le Francais (La Lande). 3 vols., 4to., hf. bd. Paris, 1792

Kepplero with tyers




Troisième Édition, revue et augmentée.

321 LEGENDRE (A. M.). Nouvelles Méthodes pour la détermination des Orbites des Comètes; avec un SUPPLÉMENT. 4to., cloth Paris, 1806 322 LUBBOCK (J. W.). On the Theory of the Moon, and on the Perturbations of the Planets. 8vo., bds. 1834 323 MAIN (R.). Practical and Spherical Astronomy, for the Use chiefly of Students in the Universities. 8vo., diagrams; cloth Cambridge, 1863 324 MONTHLY NOTICES of the ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY.

A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in 1827 to end of 1895, forming
55 vols. and a General Index to the first twenty-nine vols. 8vo. with
plates; thirty-three vols. in sixteen in half calf gilt, two vols. bound_not
uniformly, the rest in numbers


325 MULER. Tabulæ Frisica Luna-Solares quadruplices; è fontibus Cl.
Ptolemæi, Regis Alfonsi, Nic. Copernici, & Tychonis Brahe, recens
constructæ. Opera et studio Nicolai Muleri . . . 4to., engraved title
containing 4 portraits; calf
Alcmaria, 1611
326 NEWCOMB (S.). An Investigation of the Orbit of Uranus, with General
Tables of its Motion. Imp. 4to., fine copy in calf gilt
Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, 262.
327 PEARSON (W.). Introduction to Practical Astronomy.


4to., complete; numerous plates; hds.

2 vols., roy.

328 PONTÉCOULANT (G. de). Théorie analytique du Système du Monde. 4 vols., 8vo., calf gilt; the fourth volume not quite uniform

333 BAKER (J. G.).

very neat

Paris, 1829-46 329 PROCTOR (R. A.). Saturn and its System. 8vo., 13 plates; cloth 1882 330 RICHER. Observations Astronomiques et Physiques faites en l'Isle de Caïenne. Folio, old calf (rebacked), with the French Royal Arms on sides Paris, 1679

331 WOODHOUSE (R.). Elementary Treatise on Astronomy. Physical Astronomy. 8vo., bds.

Cambridge, 1818 332 BABBAGE (C.). Passages from the Life of a Philosopher. 8vo., cloth 1864 Contains an account of Babbage's calculating machine.

1827-95 24 0 0

North Yorkshire. 8vo., maps; half morocco, gilt top,


334 BANKS.

Dealing with the Botany, Geology, Climate, and Physical Geography. Catalogus Bibliothecæ Historico-Naturalis JOSEPHI BANKS. Auctore J. DRYANCER. 5 vols., 8vo., calf (worn) 1798-1800 335 BASTIAN (H. C.). The Beginning of Life. 2 vols., post 8vo., numerous illustrations; cloth-or half calf


An account of the nature, modes of origin and transformations of lower organisms. 336 BINET (A.). Les Altérations de la Personnalité. Svo., illustrations; cloth Paris, 1892 337 BLAINVILLE (H. M. DUCROTAY). OSTÉOGRAPHIE, ou Description Iconographique comparée du Squelette et du Système Dentaire des cinq classes d'Animaux Vertébres Récents et Fossiles, pour servir de base à la Zoologie et à la Géologie. Roy. 4to. and roy. folio. Comprising a considerable portion of the text and 160 (of 329) fine lithographic

£ 8. d.





1 16 0


0 10 0

0 10 6 040

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£ s. d.

plates; bound in four royal quarto and four royal folio volumes, half
green morocco; VERY RARE
Paris, 1839-64 10 0 0

At a time when it is almost an impossibility to obtain the complete book, so
considerable a portion as the above may well be eagerly sought after. The names of
Blainville and Owen will be handed down to posterity as the greatest connected with
the science.

338 BLYTH (E.). Several rare TRACTS in 1 vol., 8vo., plates (plain and

coloured); hf. bd.

v. d.

Including among others: I, Descriptions of Three Indian Species of Bat (Taphozus). II, New or little known Species of Birds. III, Report of a Zoological Collection from the Somali Country. IV, The Indian and Malayan Species of Cuculidæ (Cuckoos), with Appendix. V, Monograph of the Species of Lynx. VI, Osteology of the Elephant. VII, Review of the Species of True Stag, or Elaphoid form of Cervus. VIII, The Feline Animals of India. IX, Descriptions of various Reptiles, new or

little known.


339 BONAPARTE (C. L. Principe). ICONOGRAFIA della FAUNA ITALICA, per le quattro Classi degli Animali Vertebrati. 3 vols. folio, 180 coloured plates, heightened with gold and silver (pub. £31. 10s); half calf; RARE Roma, 1832-41 10 0 0 the same. 3 vols. in 4, folio, a beautiful copy in full dark green morocco extra, gilt edges, by Clarke

1832-41 12 10 07

The work is divided as follows: MAMMIFERI e UCCELLI, 48 plates; AMFIBI, 54 plates; PESCI, 78 plates.

341 British Association. REPORTS of the British Association for the advancement of Science, for the years 1881 to 1894, inclusive;-14 vols. 8vo., with plates, etc.; cloth 1881-94 342 British Museum. List of the Specimens of BRITISH ANIMALS: Centroniæ or Radiated Animals, 1848; Sponges, 1848; Crustacea, 1850; Fish, 1851; Anoplura or Parasitic Insects, 1852; Diatomacea, 1859;-in 2 vols., 12mo., hf. calf 1848-59 343 Cambridge. TRANSACTIONS of the CAMBRIDGE PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY. Vols. I-VI, 6 vols. 4to., with plates; calf, RARE Cambridge, 1822-38 344 CATESBY (MARK). NATURAL HISTORY of CAROLINA, Florida and the Bahama Islands, in English and French, revised by [G.] EDWARDS, [with APPENDIX]. 2 vols., roy. folio, with the map and 220 plates beautifully coloured from the original Drawings; very fine copy in old calf gilt



"The plates of this edition are coloured with superior care."-Lowndes. 345 Cattle. BRADLEY (R.). The Gentleman and Farmer's Guide for the Improvement of Cattle . . . the Breeding and Breaking of Horses. . . 8vo., with a plate; calf, with the bookplate of Alex. Thistlethwayte 346 Challenger. Scientific Results of the Challenge Expedition, 1872-76. 41 vols. in 50, COMPLETE, thick royal 4to., with 2800 plates, 300 maps and charts, and numerous woodcuts (published at £102. 12s), cloth

Zoology, 32 vols. in 40; Botany, 2 vols.; Physics, Chemistry, Petrology, Meteorology, etc., 2 vols.; Deep Sea Deposits, 1 vol.; Narrative of the Cruise, 2 vols. in 3; "Summary," 2 vols. Chemistry:


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3.10 0

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7 10 0

5 10 0

0 10

1880-91 67 10 0

347 HURST (G. H.).

Cr. 8vo.,

For works on Alchemy, see next List. Painters' Colours, Oils, and Varnishes. pp. xi, 461, and numerous woodcuts; cloth (pub. 12s 6d) 1892 070 348 WURTZ (Ad.). DICTIONNAIRE de CHIMIE pure et appliquée. 5 vols.

in 3-SUPPLEMENT. 2 vols.-together, 5 vols. in 7, royal 8vo., with
hundreds of illustrations; half red morocco
Paris, [1868-86]

4 4

Comprenant la Chimie organique et inorganique; la Chimie appliquée à l'industrie, à l'agriculture et aux arts; la Chimie analytique; la Chimie physique et la minéralogie.

349 Colour. BENSON (W.). Principles of the Science of Colour. 4to., plates

containing numerous plain and coloured figures; cloth






350 BINNEY (W. G.). Manual of American Land Shells. 8vo., 528 pages,
full of woodcuts; sd.
Smithsonian Inst. 1885
351 CARPENTER (William B.). Introduction to the study of the Foramini-
fera. Folio, with 22 plates; bds.
Ray Society, 1862
the same, folio, hf. morocco neat
353 WILLIAMSON (William Crawford).
Foraminifera of Great
Britain. Folio, with 7 plates; bds.
Ray Society, 1858
the same, folio, hf. morocco neat


a copy of each of the above works of CARPENTER and WILLIAMSON, bound up with Burmeister's Organization of Trilobites, 1846,-in 1 vol. folio, hf. calf gilt

356 JEFFREYS (J. G.).

1846-58-62 BRITISH CONCHOLOGY, or an Account of the MOLLUSCA Which now inhabit the British Isles and the surrounding seas. 5 vols., crown 8vo., coloured and plain plates; cloth; a copy of the best issue 1862-69

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357 REEVE (LOVELL) and G. B. SOWERBY. CONCHOLOGIA ICONICA: or, Illustrations of the Shells of Molluscous Animals. 20 vols., 4to., COMPLETE, with nearly 2750 plates, of the original colouring, comprising about 20,000 figures; half russia, the contents fully lettered; fine copy; rare

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1843-78 000

Genus PECTEN. 4to., 35 plates of the original colouring, containing a
large number of figures; half green morocco
359 Coquille. DUPERREY (L. I.). VOYAGE autour du MONDE, exécuté par
Ordre du Roi, sur la Corvette "LA COQUILLE," pendant les Années


Royal folio, consisting of the Atlas of 60 topographical and ethnographical plates (59 coloured) 1826 ZOOLOGIE, par LESSON et GARNOT. 2 vols. roy. 4to. and 1 vol. roy. 1826-30

folio, complete, 157 coloured plates

The plates are divided as follows: Mammals, 9; Birds, 44; Reptiles, 7;
Fishes, 38; Molluscs, 16; Crustaceans, 5; Insects, 22; Zoophytes, 16.
HYDROGRAPHIE, par DUPERREY. Impl. folio, consisting of the Atlas of

53 maps, charts, and plates


together, 2 vols. roy. 4to., 2 vols. roy. folio, and 1 vol. impl. folio, with 270 plates, of which 216 are coloured; half blue morocco extra, gilt edges; VERY RARE Paris, 1826-30 18 0 0 360 Crustacea. BAIRD (W.). Natural History of the British Entomostraca. 8vo. with 36 plates; some of the figures coloured; cloth 1850 361 CUVIER. The ANIMAL KINGDOM, with Figures designed after Nature: the Crustacea, Arachnides, and Insecta, by LATREILLE. 8 vols. 8vo., with about 800 coloured plates; cloth, uncut 1834-37 A handy and desirable edition. 362 DE MORGAN. Recherches sur les origines de l'Egypte. L'Age de la Pierre et les Metaux. Par J. DE MORGAN. Roy. 8vo., pp. xiv + 270; sewed Paris, 1896 "M. de Morgan's book bristles with interesting points. The value of his book consists not only in the newness of the facts which he produces, but also in the carefulness of his arrangements of them and the deductions therefrom; and something is to be said for the honesty which he displays in discussing subjects with which he is well acquainted, and in leaving those of which he has no special knowledge, to the investigations of experts."—Nature, April 22nd, 1897.

363 Echinodermata. SARS (M.), J. KOREN, and D. C. DANIELSSEN. FAUNA LITTORALIS NORVEGIE, oder Beschreibung und Abbildungen neuer oder wenig bekannten SEETHIERE, nebst Beobachtungen über die Organ



1 16 0

0 18 O

isation, Lebensweise u. Entwickelung derselben. 2 pts. in 1 vol.,
impl. 4to., 22 plates containing numerous figures; half calf; RARE
Christiania, 1846-Bergen, 1856
The text of the first part is in German and that of the second in Danish and



364 TRANSACTIONS of the ROYAL SOCIETY of EDINBURGH. A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in 1783 to 1895, forming vols. I—XXXVII, and XXXVIII parts 1 and 2 ; with a GENERAL INDEX, 1788-1888;-4to., with many plates, the first twenty-five vols. in calf gilt; the rest in parts, from the library of Sir Roderick Murchison


a bargain

Edinburgh, 1788-1896 50 00 the same, vols. I-XXV, 4to. twenty-one in half calf, four sewed, 1788-1869 10 10 0


366 BEDELL (F.). The Principles of the Transformer. 8vo., pp. xii, 416; cloth (pub. 13s net)

367 BENJAMIN (P.). The intellectual Rise in Electricity.

1896 8vo., reproductions


of old portraits and plates; cloth 368 BERLY'S Universal Electrical Directory, 1897. Roy. 8vo., cloth

(pub. 78 6d)

1897 369 FLEMING (J. A.). The Alternate Current Transformer. Vol. I. The Induction of Electric Currents. 8vo., cloth 1889

370 HAWKINS (C. C.) and F. WALLIS. The Dynamo, its Theory, Design, and Manufacture. Post 8vo., pp. vii, 526, and 190 illustrations; cloth (pub. 10s 6d)

£ s. d.

3 10 0

Concerning the Paraná, the Uruguay, and the La Plata Estuary.
378 ROBINSON (H.). Hydraulic Power and Hydraulic Machinery. 8vo.,
numerous woodcuts and 43 plates; cloth


379 SIMMS (F. W.). Practical Tunnelling. Sm. folio, plates; cloth
The second edition of this valuable work, revised by W. D. Haskoll.
380 STEVENSON (T.). The Design and Construction of Harbours. 8vo.,
plates; cloth
Edinburgh, 1874
381 TURNER (J. H. T.) and A. W. BRIGHTMORE. The Principles of
Waterworks Engineering. 8vo., pp. xv, 429; cloth


0 12 0



1896 050

371 THOMPSON (Silvanus P.). Polyphase Electric Currents and alternatecurrent Motors. 8vo., pp. viii, 261, numerous woodcuts, and 2 folding plates; cloth (pub. 12s 6d)


372 WEBSTER (A. G.). The Theory of ELECTRICITY and MAGNETISM, 8vo., pp. xii and 576; diagrams; cloth 1897

Being lectures on mathematical physics by the assistant-professor of physics and director of the physical laboratory, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts. Engineering:

373 BLACK (Capt. W. M.). The United States Public Works. Oblong sm.
folio, with more than 40 photogravures and working drawings; cloth
(pub. 21s net)
New York, 1895

A book of reference for all persons interested in the public works, and for engineers
and contractors in general.
374 GANGUILLET (E.) and W.R. KUTTER. A General Formula for the uni-
form Flow of Water in Rivers and other Channels. 8vo., cloth 1889
375 MERRIMAN (Mansfield). Text-Book on Retaining Walls and Masonry
New York, 1892
376 REDGRAVE (G. R.). Calcareous Cements: their Nature and Uses, with
some observations upon cement testing. Cr. 8vo., diagrams; cloth
(pub. 88 6d)

Dams. 8vo., cloth

1895 040 377 REVY (J. J.). Hydraulics of Great Rivers. Impl. 4to., 8 double plates;



0.18 0


0 14 0

0 10 6

0 10 0


0 12 0 0.10


1893 0 14 0

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Agassiz, Histoire Naturelle des

POISSONS D'EAU DOUCE de l'Europe centrale :

Livrn. I. SALMO and THYMALLUs, fol. with 27 plates, 1839 (pub. 75 frs.) Livrn. II. EMBRIOLOGIE des SALMONES, par Vogt, 1 vol. royal 8vo. and 14 plates in folio, 1842 (pub. 36 frs.)

Livro. II bis. ANATOMIE des SALMONES, folio, 14 plates (pub. 30 frs.) Extra plates: ANATOMIE, planches M, N and O, sold separately for 38 together 55 remarkably fine plates, 20 of them elaborately COLOURED and heightened with SILVER, hf. bd. and sd., £1. 168 1839-42 A very beautiful book; all Anglers and Ichthyologists should secure a copy before the few remaining copies are sold.

AGASSIZ, Recherches sur les POISSONS

FOSSILES, comprenant la description de 500 espèces qui n'existent plus, l'exposition des lois de la succession et du développement organique des poissons durant toutes les métamorphoses du globe terrestre, une nouvelle classification de ces animaux. . ., enfin, des considérations géologiques générales tirées de l'étude des fossiles, 5 vols. royal 4to. of TEXT, and 5 vols. ob. fol. of ATLAS, in 18 parts, containing in all 384 PLATES, many of them in tints (pub. at 648 francs), unbound, slightly imperfect, £14. 14s

Neuchatel, 1533-44

CONTENTS.-Tome I. Introduction et toutes les questions générales, anatomiques, zoologiques et géologiques; Tome II. Histoire de l'Ordre des Ganoïdes; Tome III. l'Ordre des Placoïdes; Tome IV. Histoire de l'Ordre des Ctenoïdes; Tome V. Histoire de l'Ordre des Cycloïdes.

Very few copies remain for sale. The book is sure to disappear altogether from the market before long. Sets completed.

"In 1844, Agassiz concluded the publication of his gigantic work on the Fossil Fishes, which appeared at Neuchâtel in five quarto volumes, with 311 folio plates. Eighty of the greatest museums of Europe had furnished the material for it, and the number of described species amounted to 1700 in about 20,000 examples. The Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles' is undoubtedly Agassiz's most important work, and forms, with Cuvier's and Valenciennes' Histoire Naturelle des Poissons' and Johann Müller's treatises, the foundation of our present knowledge of fishes, while it does not confine itself to the region of ichthyolites, but extends over the entire wide field of the anatomy and classification of fishes, essentially modifying the latter. Agassiz considered, and with justice, that the separation of the ganoids from the other fishes into the rank of a special order, as the greatest step towards progress for which science was indebted to him; and on the basis of the comparison of the fossil fishes of all formations with living forms, he enunciated several generally valid laws, which have had an important bearing on the development theory of the whole organic world."-Nature, April 24th, 1879.




vivants et fossiles, 4 vols. in 1, 4to. 63 plates (pub. at 98 frs.); bd. £1. 16s Neuchatel, 1839-42

CONTENTS:-Livrn. I. Les SALÉNIES, 5 plates-Livrn. II. Les SCUTELLES, 32 platesLivrn. III-IV. Le Monographie des GALERITES et des DYSASTERS, par DESOR, 17 plates— Livrn. V. L'Anatomie du genre ECHINUS par VALENTIN, 9 plates in folio.

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Agassiz, Etudes critiques sur les MOL

LUSQUES FOSSILES, 4 livraisons, in 1 vol. 4to. 105 plates (pub. 108 frs.), bd. £1. 58


Livrn. I. Les Trygonies du Jura, et de la craile Suisse, 11 plates.
II-IV. Les Myes de Jura, etc. 94 plates.

Agassiz, Etudes sur
Etudes sur les GLACIERS, 8vo.

and folio Atlas of 32 plates (pub. 40 frs.), scarce, £1. 10s

Text 1840

Agassiz, Iconographie des COQUILLES TER

TIAIRES, large 4to. 15 plates (pub. 15 frs.), 10s


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