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82 EVELYN (J.). SILVA: or, a Discourse of Forest-Trees. 2 vols., roy. portrait and numerous plates; russia gilt; fine copy

York, 1786


83 FOSTER (M.). Bulbous Irises. 8vo., woodcuts; sd.
84 FRIES (E.). Systema Mycologicum, sistens Fungorum Ordines, Genera,
et Species. 3 vols., 1821-32-Elenchus Fungorum. 2 vols., 1828-
Index. 1 vol.-together, 6 vols. in 5, 12mo., half calf

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88 GERARDE. The HERBALL or Generall Historie of Plantes. Gathered by John GERARDE of London Master in Chirvrgerie. Imprinted at London by Iohn Norton. 1597 Folio, with innumerable woodcuts and an engraved title containing a View of a Garden; old calf (rebacked); JOSEPH PAXTON'S COPY, with his label 1597

The rare First Edition.

In this, the last leaf (Iiiii 4) is missing, otherwise it is a desirable copy. 89 GERARD. A Catalogue of Plants cultivated in the Garden of JOHN GERARD, 1596-99. Edited with Notes, References to GERARD'S HERBALL, the addition of Modern Names, and a Life of the Author, by B. D. JACKSON. 4to., bds. 1876 No. 56 of 100 privately printed copies. Presented to Mr. Roper by the author. 90 GORDON (G.). THE PINETUM: being a SYNOPSIS of all the CONIFEROUS PLANTS at present known, with Descriptions, History and Synonyms, and a comprehensive Systematic Index. 8vo., pp. xxviii and 484; cloth 1880

This much enlarged new edition incorporates the former supplement and includes an index of the popular names of Coniferæ, English and foreign. An alphabetical reference-list of all the coloured plates of the Genus Pinus published in the great works of Lambert, Lawson, and Forbes, is added.

91 GRANT (Capt. Bartle). Orchids of Burma and the Andaman Islands described. 8vo., vi, 424 and 8 Index pp. (published at 12s 6d); cloth

Rangoon, 1895 Published privately in Burma. Indispensable to all Orchid Collectors. 92 GRAY (Asa). Synoptical Flora of North America. The GAMOPETALE. A Second Edition of vol. I, part II, and vol. II, part I. 8vo., pp. 974; sd. Washington, Smithsonian Misc. Collections, 1888 93 GREEN (Thos.). Universal Herbal, or botanical, medical and agricultural Dictionary of all the Plants in the World. 2 stout vols. 4to., second edition improved, many plates, hf. calf neat

London, 1823 94 GRENIER (C.). Flore de la Chaine Jurassique. 8vo., pp. 1001; cloth Paris, 1865-75 95 GREVILLE (R. K.). SCOTTISH CRYPTOGAMIC FLORA, or Coloured Figures and Descriptions of Cryptogamic Plants, belonging chiefly to the Order FUNGI. 6 vols., roy. 8vo., 300 finely coloured plates; half green 1823-28 This, though a complete work in itself, forms an almost indispensable Supplement to Sowerby's English Botany, which does not comprehend Cryptogamic Plants. 96 GREVILLEA; a Quarterly Record of Cryptogamic Botany and its Literature. Edited by M. C. COOKE. Vols. I-XXII. 22 vols. 8vo. with 185 plates, most of them COLOURED; the first twelve vols. in six, half bound in calf neat, the rest in numbers 1872-94

morocco extra

1 17 6 016


Gryphiswaldia, 1821-28 Systema Orbis Vegetabilis. Pars 1. PLANTE HOMONEMEE. 12mo., half calf Lundæ, 1825 86 FRIES. Epicrisis Generis Hieraciorum. Scripsit Elias Fries. (Ex “Upsala Universitets Arsskrift "). 8vo., interleaved with Mr. Roper's notes; bds. Upsaliæ, 1862 87 GARDEN (The). An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Horticulture in all its branches. A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in November, 1871, to the end of September, 1896, forming vols. I-XLIX, and the first eleven numbers of vol. L, also a General Index to the first twenty vols.; 4to., with many hundreds of full-page COLOURED PLATES, and many thousands of woodcuts (published at about £45); forty vols. in half calf, eight in cloth, the last vols. in numbers 1871-96 18 10 (




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100 0 15 0

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4 10 0

97 GREW (N.). The Anatomy of Plants. With an Idea of a Philosophical History of Plants. And several other Lectures, read before the Royal Society. Folio, Large Paper; 83 well engraved plates; old calf, rebacked 1682

8 HABIRSHAW (F.). Catalogue of the DIATOMACEA, with References to the various published Descriptions and Figures. 4to., half bound; scarce New York, 1877 One of fifty copies reproduced for private use, by means of the Edison Electric Pen Process.


9 HACKEL (E.). The True Grasses. Translated by F. Lamson-Scribner
and E. A. Southworth. 8vo., numerous illustrations; cloth
100 HARVEY (W. H.). PHYCOLOGIA BRITANNICA; a History of British
Seaweeds. 4 vols. roy. 8vo., 360 coloured plates; cloth (pub.
£7. 108)


PHYCOLOGIA AUSTRALICA; a History of Australian Seaweeds; comprising Coloured Figures and Descriptions of the Marine Algae of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia, and a Synopsis of all known Australian Algæ. 5 vols. royal 8vo., 300 coloured plates; cloth (pub. £7. 13s) 1858-63 102 HASSALL (A. H.). BRITISH FRESHWATER ALGE. 2 vols., 8vo., 103 coloured plates; a nice copy in half brown morocco, uncut Including descriptions of the Desmidex and Diatomaceæ.


103 HEIBERG (P. A. C.). Conspectus criticus Diatomacearum Danicarum. Roy. 8vo., 6 plates; the Text in Danish; half calf Kjobenhavn, 1863 04 Herbal. LE GRANT HERBIER EN FRANCOYS, contenant les qualitez, &c. des HERBES, ARBRES, GOMMES, SEMENCES, HUYLLES, et pierres precieuses. Small 4to., Gothic Letter, numerous curious woodcuts of plants and flowers, large and clean copy; old vellum; VERY RARE Paris, Jehan Janot, s. d. (1484) One of the earliest Herbals published.

105 HILL (J.). Exotic Botany. Large folio, 35 beautifully coloured plates ; calf gilt


06 HOFMEISTER (Dr. Wilhelm). On the Germination, Development and
Fructification of the Higher Cryptogamia, and on the Fructification of
the Coniferæ. Translated by Frederick CURREY. 8vo., with 65 plates;
Ray Society, 1862
Origin, Affinities,

107 HOOKER (J. D.). On the Flora of Australia, its
and Distribution; being an Introductory Essay to the Flora of Tas-
mania. 1859-BABINGTON (C.). The Lichens of New Zealand.
9 plates-in 1 vol., roy. 4to., half calf neat


Reprinted from the Botanical report of the Erebus and Terror voyage, 1839-43. 108 HOOKER (J. D.). The Student's Flora of the British Islands. 12mo.,


1870 1878


the same. Second Edition. 12mo., morocco

110 HOOKER and THOMPSON. Introductory Essay to the Flora Indica.




111 HOOKER (W. J.). BRITISH JUNGERMANNIÆ: being a History and

Description, with Figures, of each Species of the Genus, and Micro-
scopical Analyses of the Parts. Royal 4to., containing 88 finely coloured
plates; Roxburghe binding, gilt top, uncut

the same. Royal 4to., half brown morocco extra, gilt edges 1816
the same. Royal 4to., earliest colouring; half russia, binding





the same. Royal 4to., earliest colouring; calf gilt, elegantly



115 HOOKER (W. J.). A CENTURY of FERNS; being Figures with brief Descriptions of One Hundred New, or Rare, or imperfectly known Species of Ferns from various parts of the World. 1854-A SECOND CENTURY of FERNS. 1862-together, 2 vols., royal 8vo., 200 coloured plates; half bd.


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116 HOOKER (W. J.). FILICES EXOTICE; or, Figures and Descriptions of EXOTIC FERNS. Roy. 4to., 100 finely coloured plates by Fitch; cloth 1859 117 HOOKER (W. J.). The Botanical Miscellany. 3 vols., roy. 8vo., half calf gilt 1830-33


JOURNAL OF BOTANY, being a second series of The Botanical Miscellany. 4 vols., 8vo., whole calf neat 1834-42 The LONDON JOURNAL of BOTANY [in continuation of The Journal of Botany]. 7 vols., 8vo., half russia neat 1842-48 Hooker's Journal of Botany and KEW GARDEN MISCELLANY [in continuation of The London Journal of Botany]. 9 vols., 8vo., hf. 1849-57 In all 23 vols. forming the COMPLETE SET, with upwards of 300 plates, some of them COLOURED 1830-57 118 HORSFIELD, BENNETT, and BROWN. PLANTE JAVANICE RARIORES, descriptæ iconibusque illustratæ, quas in Insula Java, Annis 1802-1818, legit et investigavit Thomas Horsfield. Folio, 50 finely coloured plates; cloth, uncut Londini, 1838-52 1838-52


the same. Folio, half calf


the same. Folio, half green morocco extra, gilt edges 1838-52 121 HORTUS INDICUS MALABARICUS, continens Regni Malabarici apud Indos celeberrimi omnis generis Plantas rariores adornatus per H. van RHEEDE, van DRAAKENSTEIN. . . et JOHANNEM CASEARIUM. Commentariis illustravit ARNOLDUS SYEN . . . Folio, 57 finely engraved plates; old calf gilt, Arms on sides Amstelodami, 1678

Eleven more volumes afterwards appeared.


I. ESSAI sur la GÉOGRAPHIE des PLANTES. Impl. 4to., 1 large folding
plate on linen
II. PLANTES EQUINOXIALES. Vol. I. Impl. folio, portrait and 64 plates,
Papier vélin
III. RELATION HISTORIQUE. 3 vols. impl. 4to. and 1 vol. atlas folio,
69 plates, some coloured, Papier vélin
IV. ASTRONOMIE. 2 vols. impl. 4to., 2 plates

Vol. I and portion of vol. II. Impl. 4to., 30 coloured plates 1811
VI. ESSAI POLITIQUE sur la Nouvelle-Espagne. 2 vols. impl. 4to. 1811
VII. ATLAS GÉOGRAPHIQUE et Physique du Royaume de la Nouvelle-

Espagne. Atlas folio, 20 plates, Papier vélin
VIII. NOVA GENERA et SPECIES PLANTARUM. 7 vols. impl. folio,
701 coloured plates, Papier vélin

IX. MELASTOMEкS. Impl. folio, 60 coloured plates, Papier vélin 1816
X. MIMOSES et autre Plantes Légumineuses. Impl. folio, 60 coloured
plates, Papier vélin

123 JACKSON (B. D.). Guide to the Literature of Botany. Small 4to., auto

graph letter of the author inserted; half red morocco, gilt top, uncut 1881
A classified selection of Botanical works, including nearly 6000 titles not given in
Pritzel's Thesaurus.

£ s.

124 JONES (J. P.) and J. F. KINGSTON. Flora Devoniensis. 8vo., half morocco,

very neat


3 15 0

122 HUMBOLD et BONPLAND. VOYAGE aux RÉGIONS ÉQUINOXIALES du NOUVEAU CONTINENT, fait en 1799—1804, par Al. de HUMBOLDT et A. BONPLAND; rédigé par ALEXANDRE de HUMBOLDT. In 10 vols. impl. folio, 2 vols. atlas folio, and 10 vols. impl. 4to. (as described below), with 1007 plates, nearly all of which are superbly coloured; one vol. bds., one vol. sd., the others half russia; VERY RARE

Paris, 1807-19 70 0


2 2 2.10



0 10 0

125 JOHNSTONE (W. G.) and A. CROALL. Nature Printed British Sea-Weeds. 4 vols., roy. 8vo., woodcuts and more than 200 beautiful colour-printed plates; cloth

Flore Cryptogamique des Flandres. Tome I. Roy. 8vo., half

126 KICKX (J.).
127 KING (G.).


Manual of Cinchona Cultivation in India.

128 KURZ (S.). Forest Flora of British Burma. 2 vols. 8vo., cloth
Calcutta, 1877
129 KÜTZING (Dr. F. T.). Synopsis Diatomearum, 1833-with others by the
same author-in 1 vol., 8vo, plain and coloured plates; half calf 1833
Die kieselschaligen Bacillarien oder Diatomeen. 4to., 30 plates,
calf; RARE
Nordhausen, 1844
the same.
4to., interleaved with MS. notes by Mr. Roper; calf 1844
Phycologia Germanica, d. i. Deutschland Algen in bündigen
Beschreibungen. 8vo., half calf neat
Nordhausen, 1845
From the "Litteratur-Bericht zur Linnæa für das Jahr, 1833."
133 KÜTZING, Species Algarum. 8vo., pp. 922; half calf Lipsia, 1849
134 LAMBERT (AYLMER BOURKE). Description of the GENUS PINUS,
illustrated with Figures, Directions as to the Cultivation, and Remarks
on the uses of the several species: also descriptions of many other
trees of the Family of CONIFERA, SECOND EDITION, ENLARGED by DoN.
3 vols. impl. folio, portrait and 97 plates most exquisitely coloured in
the first style of art, a few leaves of text absent; half morocco, gilt edges




8vo., bds.


Calcutta, 1880

VERY RARE, especially the third volume. The plates of the second edition were revised, and the fructification added by Mr. Lambert.

136 LEIGHTON (Rev. W. A.). The British Species of Angiocarpous Lichens
elucidated by their Sporidia. 8vo., with 30 coloured plates; cloth
Ray Society, 1851
137 LEIGHTON'S (Rev. W. A.). LICHEN FLORA of Great Britain, Ireland, and the
Channel Islands. 8vo., third edition, xviii and 548 pp. (sold by the
Author for 16s), cloth Shrewsbury, printed for the Author, 1879
One of the best Botanical Monographs ever produced.

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140 PROCEEDINGS AND JOURNAL of the Linnean Society. A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in 1838 to 1896, forming 67 vols., including all the Supplements, and General Indexes, 8vo., with a great number of plates; neatly and

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Weddell, 1828-37 36 0 0

135 LEES (E.). The Forest and Chace of Malvern. 8vo., illustrations; sd. Worcester, 1877 0 1 0

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0 18 0

138 Linnean Society. TRANSACTIONS of the LINNEAN SOCIETY. A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in 1788 to 1896, forming 39 vols. and 12 parts, 4to., with many hundreds of fine plates, many of them COLOURED; thirty-eight vols. uniformly half bound in calf, the rest in parts 1791-1896 32 0 0


0 10 0

another set as above, 39 vols. and 12 parts, 4to. the first thirty vols. bound in twenty-five, in half russia, the rest in parts, a neat set 1791-1896 31 0 0

[FIRST SERIES] 30 vols., and General Index, 2 parts in 1 vol., 1791-1875-SECOND SERIES (in which the Zoological and Botanical papers are published separately): Zoology, vols. I, II, III, IV, V, and VI parts 1-5; Botany, vols. I, II, III, IV parts 1-4, and V parts 1-3.

Linnean Society-continued.

uniformly half bound, in fifty-two vols., calf, the recent parts


1838-96 21 10 0

Proceedings. 1838-1855. 2 vols. (these two vols. are very scarce).
Proceedings. 1856-1863 (bound up with the first seven vols. of the

Proceedings. 1864-1895, in 4 vols. and 3 parts.

JOURNAL. Zoology. 25 vols. 1855-1896.

General Index to the first twenty vols. of the Zoological section,
1 vol., 1896.

JOURNAL. Botany. 32 vols. 1855-1896.

General Index to the first twenty vols. of the Botanical section,
1 vol., 1888.

Catalogue of the Society's Library, 2 parts or vols., 1866–93. 141 LOUDON (J. C.). Arboretum et Fruticetum Britannicum; or, the Trees and Shrubs of Britain delineated. 8 vols. 8vo., 412 plates and many hundred woodcuts; cloth

1844 From the Roydon Hall library, with Mr. Frere's stamp on the titles. 142 Lowe (E. J.). Fern Growing. Fifty years' experience in crossing and cultivation. Impl. 8vo., portrait and 62 pretty illustrations; cloth 1895 143 LUARD (A. T. y.) und O. N. WITT. Die Diatomaceen der Polycystinenkreide von Jérémie in Hayti, Westindien. Impl. 4to., 7 plates; sd.

Berlin, 1888 144 LYNGBYE. TENTAMEN HYDROPHYTOLOGIE DAMICE continens omnia Hydrophyta Cryptogama Daniæ, Holsatiæ, Faeroæ, Islandiæ, Groenlandiæ hucusque cognita, systematice disposita, descripta et iconibus illustrata, adjectis simul speciebus Norvegicis. Auctore Hans Christiano Lyngbye. 4to., 70 plates; half calf Hafniæ, 1819

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British Fungus Flora. 4 vols. post 8vo., cuts, cloth 152 MASTERS (Maxwell T.). Vegetable Teratology, an account of the principal deviations from the usual construction of Plants. 8vo. with numerous woodcuts; cloth, scarce

Ray Society, 1869 153 MAUND (B.). The Book of Hardy Flowers; or, Gardeners' Edition of the Botanic Garden. Sm. 4to., numerous pretty coloured plates and woodcuts; half calf

(? 1840)

154 MAYR (H.). Monographie der Abietineen des Japanischen Reiches (Tannen, Fichten, Tsugen, Lärchen und Kiefern). 4to., 7 coloured plates; bds. (pub. 20 m.)

1890 155 MEEHAN (T.). Native Flowers and Ferns of the United States in their botanical, horticultural, and popular aspects. Vol. I., 4to., 32 coloured plates; in eight parts, as issued Boston, 1878 156 MENEGHINI Synopsis Desmidiearum hucusque cognitarum-Lobarzewski, Diatomaceen-in 1 vol., 8vo., plates; half calf From "Linnæa; ein Journal für die Botanik in ihrem ganzen Umfange."

300 C

0 10 0

the same. 4to., the plates beautifully coloured; calf; RARE 1819 A presentation copy to Dawson Turner from the King of Denmark (see inscription on fly-leaf). 146 M'ALPINE (D.). The Botanical Atlas. Parts VII, VIII, X, XI, XIII. Folio, 20 coloured plates; in wrappers Edinburgh, 1882-83 0 5 0 Systematic Arrangement of Australian Fungi. 4to., pp. viii and 237; sd. Melbourne, 1895 148 MACKAY (J. T.). Flora Hibernica, comprising the Flowering Plants, Ferns, Algæ, etc. of Ireland. 8vo., half morocco, gilt top, uncut, very neat


0 10 0

Dublin, 1836 149 MARTYN (T.). Plates with Explanations; intended to illustrate Linnæus's System of Vegetables. 8vo., 38 coloured plates; hf. bd. 1799 150 MASSEE (G.) A Monograph of the Myxogastres. Impl. 8vo., 12 coloured plates; cloth



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1840 060

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