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19 SÉBILLOT (Paul).

Les Travaux Publics et les Mines dans les Traditions.
et les Superstitions de tous les pays. 8vo. with 8 plates and 428
woodcuts; sd.
Paris, 1894

Serpent-Worship-see TREE and Serpent Worship.

19 SERRES (Marcel de). De la Cosmogonie de Moïse comparée aux faits
géologiques. 2 vols. 8vo., hf. vellum neat
Paris, 1841
20 Shorthand. SHELTON. Tachygraphy. The most Exact and Compendious
Method of Short and Swift Writing by Thomas Shelton .
London... 1674-[A New Art of Short Writing, by Shelton] no title;
cir. 1690-In 1 vol., 18mo., hf. morocco

In the same vol.: A Generall Grammer
Syriac, Arabic and the Ethiopic Languages
London . . . 1650, with portrait (mounted).
21 SINIBALBUS. Io. Benedicti Sinibaldi.. Geneanthropeiae sine de
Hominis Generatione decatevchon . . Sm. folio, with frontispiece;
fine copy in red morocco extra, with joints, the sides and back covered with
elegant gold tooling of a Grolier pattern, bound by Chatelin Romæ, 1642
another edition, thick sm. 4to., in the original vellum Francof. 1669
Esoteric Buddhism. 8vo. cloth


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of the Ebrew, Samaritan, Calde,
By Christian Ravis of Berlin.

24 SMITH (George) of Kendall in Westmorland. A Compleat Body of Distilling. Method of making all the Compound Cordial-Waters, etc. 2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. front., calf

25 SOUTH SEA BUBBLE. Het groote Tafareel der Dwaasheid. Folio, 64 pages of text, and 81 plates; fine copy in old panelled calf gilt 1720 another copy, folio, having 80 plates; fine copy in old Dutch calf 1720


In the latter copy eight of the plates are mounted on two leaves. The missing plate is “Koning en Koningin van de Missisippi.”

The plates (some with English and some with French descriptions in verse), are all full of humour, and ingeniously illustrate the swindling of the share market and the avidity of mankind. The book has considerable intrinsic interest, shewing, as it does, the Origin, Rise, and Progress of the famous South Sea and Mississippi schemes, the sudden fall of the shares in 1720, and the adventures of John Law.

27 SPERBER. KABBALISTICE PRECATIONES. . . stvdio... Ivlii Sperberi. 12mo. citron morocco extra, gilt edges Magdeburgi, 1600 128 SPINOZA (Ben. de). Tractatus Theologico-Politicus: inquiry into the Hebrew Scriptures . . . 8vo. cloth

431 PORTA. De occvltis literarvm notis sev artis animi sensa occulte aliis significandi aut ab aliis significata expiscandi enodandique Libri III. Io. Baptista Porta Avctore... Montisbeligardi . . . M.D.XCIII. 12mo. in the original vellum 1593


£ 8. d.

1738 050

De Fvrtivis Literarvm Notis vvlgo de Ziferis Libri Quinque . . . Io. Baptista Porta. . . avctore. Neapoli... MDCII. Sm. folio, in the original calf

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129 Spiritualism. BRITTEN (Emma H.). Nineteenth Century Miracles; or
Spirits and their work in every country of the Earth. 8vo. 556 pp.
and 36 full-page illustrations comprising numerous Portraits of
Spiritualists; cloth, rare
Manchester, 1883 1 1 0

A complete historical compendium of the great movement known as "Modern
Steganography or Secret-Writing:

430 COMIERS. L'Art d'Ecrire et de Parler occultement et sans soupçon.
18mo. with a large folding plate of numbers for constructing cypher
codes; red morocco extra
Paris, 1690

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1602 0 7 6

Steganography or Secret-Writing-continued.

433 TRITHEMIUS. Polygraphiæ libri sex, Ioannis Trithemii . . . additae
sunt... Locorum Explicationes in quibus... operis Stegano-
graphiæ principia latent . . . Per... Adolphvm Glavbvrg
Sm. 4to., inkscored and a little stained; calf

Francof. 1550
Steganographia: Hoc est: ars per occvltam scriptvram animi
svi volvntatem absentibvs aperiendi certa; avthore. . . Ioanne
Trithemio... præfixa est . . . sva Clavis . . . 2 parts or vols.
in 1 vol., sm. 4to., some leaves wormed; calf
Darmbstadii, 1621

another copy, with which is bound: ERYCI PVTEANI Cryptographia Tassiana, sive Clandestina Scriptio . . . Lovanii . . . 1627; -in 1 vol., sm. 4to. old calf gilt

The latter work is dedicated to Leon de Tassis, which explains the title. Steganographiæ nec non Clavicvlæ Salomonis Germani, Ioannis Trithemii. . . facilis dilucidaque declaratio . . . A Ioanne Caramuel . . concinnabatur. Sm. 4to. bds. Colon. Agrip. 1635 437 STIER. Præcepta Doctrinæ Logica, Ethice, Physicæ, Metaphysicæ, Sphericæq;. a M. Joanne Stiero. Sm. 4to. the title engraved; calf London, 1652 438 SUGGESTIVE Inquiry into the HERMETIC MYSTERY, with a dissertation on the more celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers, being an attempt towards the recovery of the ancient experiment of Nature. 8vo., cloth, a few MS. references on title-page; VERY RARE 1850 439 SULLY (James). Pessimism; a history and a criticism. 8vo., cloth 1891 440 SUPERNATURAL RELIGION: an enquiry into the reality of Divine Revelation. 3 vols. 8vo. cloth


the same, 3 vols., 8vo. half calf, uncut

A book well worth study by anyone who is dissatisfied with the evidences of
Christian revelation.




1874-77 1874-77


442 SWEDENBORG (Emanuel). Treatise concerning Heaven and Hell and of
the Wonderful Things therein. 8vo. bds., uncut
With the autograph of William Blake, the artist, on title.
442* BIBLIOGRAPHICAL Index of Swedenborg's Writings. 8vo., sd.
443 THEOPHILUS. An Essay upon various arts, in three books, forming an
Encyclopædia of Christian Art of the eleventh century, translated,
with notes, by Robt. HENDRIE. 8vo. illuminated title and frontispiece,



444 THOMPSON (Prof. D'Arcy W.).

1847 On Bird and Beast in ancient Symbolism. Roy. 4to. 14 pp. with cuts; sd. Edin. 1895 445 TOMASINUS. Jac. Philippi Tomasini de Tesseris Hospitalitatis Liber. In quo jus hospitii. apud veteres. expenditur. 18mo., with plates, one representing the Lord's Supper; calf Amst. 1670

A Life of Livy, by the same author, is appended.

Tree and Serpent Worship:
446 DEANE (Rev. J. B.). The Worship of the Serpent traced throughout
the world. Second Edition, enlarged. 8vo. with plates; cloth, or hf.


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the same, 8vo. Canon Jackson's copy, with notes and numerous cuttings inserted; cloth 1833 1 10 0 448 FERGUSSON (J.). Tree and Serpent Worship: or Illustrations of Mythology and Art in India in the first and fourth Centuries after Christ from the Sculptures of the Buddhist Topes at Sanchi and Amravati. Impl. 4to., with 99 photographs and plates and 21 woodcuts; hf. red morocco, gilt top, uncut 1868


Tree and Serpent Worship. SECOND EDITION. Impl. 4to., with 100 photographs and plates, and 31 woodcuts; hf. red morocco, gilt top, 1873 450 SQUIER (E. G.). The Serpent Symbol, and the worship of the reciprocal principles of Nature in America. 8vo. green morocco New York, 1851 Although the treatise is specially of American interest, it deals with Phallic matters in all parts of the world.


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Tree and Serpent Worship—continued.

451 SYDENHAM (John). Dissertation on the Ancient Colossal Figure at
Cerne, Dorsetshire . . . with observations on the Worship of the
Serpent and the Sun. 8vo. cloth
cir. 1850
452 WAKE (C. Staniland). Serpent-Worship, and other essays, with a
chapter on Totemism. 8vo. cloth


453 UNIVERSAL MUSEUM (The), or Gentleman's and Ladies Polite Magazine. For 1762. Vol. I. 8vo., with maps, plates and portraits; calf gilt 1762 Includes an article on the Cock Lane Ghost, with a plate. From Arthur Young's library.

54 Ursula (St.) CROMBACH. Vita et Martyrium S. Vrsvlæ et sociarum undecim millium Virginum. . Auctore Hermanno Crombach. . 2 vols. in 1, folio, the titles engraved, and with maps; good copy in old oak boards covered with stamped calf, rebacked, from the Jesuits' College at Aix-la-Chapelle Coloniæ, 1647 55 VANINI. Amphitheatrvm Æternæ Providentia divino-magicum, christianophysicum, nec non astrologo-catholicvm. Aduersus veteres Philosophos, Atheos, Epicureos, Peripateticos, & Stoicos. Autore Ivlii Cæsare Vanino.. Lugduni. M.DC.XV. 12mo. red morocco gilt

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Lyons, 1615 56 [VAUGHAN (Thomas)] Magia Adamica: or The Antiquitie of Magie, and The Descent thereof from Adam. proved . . . and. Discoverie of the true Coelum Terræ . . and first Matter of all Things. By Eugenius Philalethes-The Man-Mouse Taken in a Trap, and tortur'd to death for gnawing the Margins of Eugenius Phitalethes. In 1 vol., 16mo., sheep 1650 $7 VICO.

Euvres choisies de Vico, contenant ses Mémoires, la Science Nouvelle, les Opuscules, Lettres, etc., précédées d'une introduction sur sa vie et ses ouvrages. 2 vols. 8vo., calf gilt Paris, 1835 57*VINSON (Jules). Les Religions actuelles. 8vo. 658 pp.; sd. Paris, 1888 58 VISHNU PURANA (The); a System of Hindu Mythology and Tradition, translated from the Sanscrit and illustrated by notes from other Puranas by H. H. WILSON. 4to. cloth 1840

59 VOLNEY. The Ruins: a survey of the Revolutions of Empires. 8vo., with front. and 2 plates; calf 1796

Including a survey of the origin and various forms of worship.

60 Voss.

Gerardi Ioannis Vossii de Theologia Gentili et Physiologia Christiana; sive de origine et progressv Idololatriæ . . . liber I et II. In 1 vol., thick sm. 4to. a little cropped; old calf Amst. 1642 61 VOYAGE (Le) de M. de Cléville, A Londres, M.DCC.L-Le Roman Cabalistique, Amsterdam, M.DCC.L. 1 vol., 12mo., calf 1750

The two works were evidently issued together, from one press. The first consists largely of facetious verse; the second deals with apparitions.


De Secretis libri xvii. Ex variis authoribus collecti . . . per Ioan. Iacobvm VVeckervm . . . thick 12mo. vellum Basil. 1692 63 WEGNER (Georg Wilhelm). Schau-Platz vieler ungereimten Meynungen und Erzehlungen... Von den Gestirn . . . Von den Geistern (etc.). 2 vols., thick 12mo., calf

Berlin, 1736

64 WHITE (John). A Rich Cabinet, with Variety of Inventions... Receits and Conceits of severall Natures . . . variety of Recreative Fire-works ... Collected by J. W., 18mo. with woodcuts; calf

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65 WIDMANN (Georg Rudolph). Das ärgcliche Leben und schreckliche Ende
dess ... Erz-Schwarzkunstlers D. Johannis FAUSTI . . . vermehret
Durch Joh. Nicolaum Pfitzerum . . . (etc.) thick 12mo., vellum

Nürnberg, 1674
With the autograph of G. W. Dasent, the Scandinavian scholar, on the flyleaf.

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1653 0 5 0


Witchcraft-including rare books from the library of Henry Cunliffe, Esq. 466 ADAMS (Davenport). Witch, Warlock, and Magician: historical sketches of Magic and Witchcraft in England and Scotland. 8vo., viii and 428 pp. (pub. at 12s), cloth

A most interesting book, showing how firmly and how long the belief in Witches, Witchcraft, Wizards, and Magicians was engrafted in the English mind, even amongst the Members of the Royal Society.

467 BEAUMONT (John). Treatise of Spirits, Apparitions, Witchcrafts. . . the power of Witches. . . clearly asserted... 8vo., with front. (mounted); calf 1705 468 BIZOUARD (Joseph). Des Rapports de l'Homme avec le Démon; essai historique et philosophique. 6 vols. 1863-64 (1875 ?)

Histoire de la Diablerie Chrétienne, I: Le Diable

together 7 vols., 8vo., uniformly half bound in blue morocco, top edges gilt, uncut

469 BLOW (A) at Modern Sadducism In some Philosophical Considerations about Witchcraft. To which is added, The Relation of the Fam'd Disturbance by the Drummer, In the House of Mr. John Mompesson: With some reflections on Drollery, and Atheisme. By a Member of the Royal Society. 12mo., calf 1688 470 BODIN. Demonomania de gli Stregoni, cioè Fvrori, et Malie de' Demoni, col mezo de gl' hvomini . . . di Gio. Bodino. Tradotta dal Kr Hercole Cato... Venetia CIO.IO.XCII. Presso Aldo. Sm. 4to. vellum

Venice, 1592 471 BOGET. Discovrs des Sorciers, avec six advis en faict de Sorcelerie. Et vne instrvction povr vn Juge en semblable matiere: Par Henry Bogvet... troisieme edition. A Lyon . . . M.DCX. 12mo. vellum 1610

472 BROGNOLUS. Alexicacon hoc est opvs de Maleficiis ac Morbis Maleficis de eorum Cognitione, Curatione . . . avctore R. P. F. Candido Brognolo Bergomense 2 vols. in 1, folio, with fine front. and other engravings, a few corners stained; in the original calf, very rare Venetiis. 1668 473 COTTA. The Trial of Witch-craft, shewing the trve and right methode of the Discouery: with a Confutation of erroneous wayes. By Iohn Cotta, Doctor in Physicke. Sm. 4to. FIRST EDITION, fine copy, original old gilt vellum 1616


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another copy, sm. 4to. part of title supplied in MS., and the margin of last leaf mended; calf 1616 474 DAVENPORT (John) THE WITCHES OF HVNTINGDON. Their Examinations and Confessions. . London, Printed by W. Wilson, for Richard Clutterbuck. 1646. Small 4to. sd.


The author's name is signed at the foot of the dedication, addressed to the Justices of Peace for Huntington. With the signature of Jam. Calth. (James Calthrop or Calthorpe) on the title.

COLLATION: 10 leaves with signatures A, B, in fours, C 2 leaves.

475 GIFFORD. A Discourse of the subtill Practises of Deuilles by VVitches and Sorcerers. By which men are and have been greatly deluded... By G. Gyfford... London for Toby Cooke. 1587.

Sm. 4to. black letter, title within a woodcut border; fine and perfect copy in green morocco extra, gilt edges, by Riviere; VERY RARE

A, two leaves; and B-I, in fours.


George Gyfford was a noted preacher and puritan of his time. He lived at Maldon in Essex, and was thus placed in the very midst of a district which has always been famous in the history of Witchcraft."-MS. note.

£ s. d.

476 GIFFARD. A Dialogve concerning VVitches and Witchcrafts. In which

is layed open how craftily the Diuell deceiueth not onely the VVitches,
but many other . . . By George Giffard. . . Sm. 4to. black letter,


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477 GILPIN. Dæmonologia Sacra. Or, a Treatise of Satans Temptations.
In Three Parts. By Richard Gilpin. In 1 vol., thick sm. 4to. old

478 GLANVILL (Joseph). Saducismus Triumphatus: or full and plain
evidence concerning Witches and Apparitions, with a Letter of Dr.
Henry More.
2 parts in 1 vol. sm. 8vo. with two frontispieces;
479 GODELMANNUS. Tractavs de Magis, Veneficis et Lamiis, deqve his recte.
cognoscendis et pvniendis. . à Ioanne Georgio Godelmanno. Sm.
Francof. 1591


4to. vellum

EXCESSIVELY RARE. This copy has an engraved bookplate of "R. H. Alexan.
Bennet," about 1750.
484 LANCRE (Pierre de). Tableau de l'Inconstance des Mauvais Anges et
Demons, ou il est amplement traité des Sorciers et de la Sorcelerie.
Sm. 4to. fine copy in the original gilt vellum
Paris, 1612

485 MALLEVS MALEFICARVM ex variis avctoribvs concinnatus

3 vols. [the third entitled Dæmonomastix sive universi operis adversus dæmones. . . tomvs tertivs] in 2, 12mo., vellum Lugduni, 1614-21 486 MASON. The Anatomie of Sorcerie. VVherein the wicked impietie of Charmers, Inchanters and such like, is discouered and confuted. By Iames Mason, Master of Artes. Sm. 4to., fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Riviere 1612

487 MICHAËLIS (Sebastian). The admirable historie of the possession
and conversion of a Penitent woman. Sedvced by a magician that
made her to become a witch . . . in the Country of Prouince who
was brought to S. Baume to be exorcised in . . . 1610 . . . by . . .
Sebastian Michaëlis . . . wherevnto is annexed at Pnevmology, or
discourse of Spirits made by the said Father Michaelis .. Trans-
lated into English by W. B. London. for William Aspley.
2 parts in 1 vol., sm. 4to., fine copy in bright calf gilt
487* another copy, sm. 4to., the title-page defective; calf
488 PERREAUD. Demonologie ov traitte des Demons et Sorciers . . . Par
Fr. Perreavd. Ensemble . . . histoire veritable de ce qu'un Demon a
fait & dit . . . en la maison dudit Sr. Perreaud . . . 12mo. bds.



Geneve, 1653 489 ROBERTS. A Treatise of Witchcraft. . . discouering the wickednesse of that damnable Art . . . With a true Narration of the Witchcrafts which Mary Smith did practise Of her contract vocally made between the Deuill and her . . . of her death and execution . . . By Alexander Roberts . . . Preacher . . . at Kings-Linne . . .

Sm. 4to. four preliminary leaves and eighty pages; some headlines cropped; bds. RARE 1616 490 ST. ANDRÉ. Lettres de Mr. de St. André, Conseilleur-Medicin ordinaire du Roy.. au sujet de la Magie, des Malefices et des Sorciers. 12mo. calf or vellum

Paris, 1725

£ 8. d.

480 another copy, fine and large, in old calf gilt
481 [HOLLAND (Henry)] A Treatise against VVitchcraft: or A Dialogue,
wherein the greatest doubts concerning that sinne, are briefly answered:
a Sathanicall operation in the Witchcraft of all times is truly prooued
... Cambridge Printed by John Legatt . . . 1590

Sm. 4to., red morocco extra, by Riviere

A to L in fours. The author's name appears at the end of the dedication. 482 HUTCHINSON (Francis). Historical Essay concerning Witchcraft. 8vo. calf 1718

483 JAMES I. Daemonologie, in forme of a Dialogue, Diuided into three Bookes. Edinburgh Printed by Robert Walde-grane 1597. Sm. 4to. FIRST EDITION, fine and perfect copy in original boards, leather back, gilt edges 1597 16 16 0

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