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£ 8.


d. 182 MASKELL (W. M.). An Account of the Insects noxious to Agriculture

and Plants in New Zealand. The Scale-Insects (Coccididae). Roy.
8vo., 23 coloured plates ; cloth

Wellington, 1887 0 10 6 183 MERIAN (Mariæ Sibillæ) Dissertatio de Generatione et Metamorphosi

bus INSECTOROM SURINAMENSIUM. Royal folio, front. and 72 beautifully
coloured plates, heightened with gold ; a large and fine copy in old calf,
neatly rebacked

Amst., 1719 6 0 0 184

another issue. Royal folio, the frontispiece, vignettes, and coat of arms, in addition to the 72 plates, being coloured and heightened with gold; in old red morocco (repaired), dentelle borders, gilt edges

Amst., 1719-Hago Comitum, 1726 4 10 0 The Hague reprint, bearing both the Amsterdam and Hague titles. 185 METRICK (E.). Handbook of British Lepidoptera. Post 8vo., illustrations ; cloth (pub. 108 6d net)

1895 0 7 6 186 MIALL (L. C.) and A. DENNY. The Structure and Life-History of the Cockroach. 8vo., illustrations ; cloth

1886 0 5 0 187

Natural History of Aquatic Insects. Cr. 8vo., woodcuts; cloth (pub. 6s)

1895 0 3 6 188 MOORE (F.). The LEPIDOPTERA of Ceylon. 3 vols. royal 4to., 215 coloured plates ; cloth, gilt tops (pub. at £21. 12s); as new 1880-87 12 0 0

Published under the auspices of the Government of Ceylon. 189

Descriptions of New Indian Lepidopterous Insects from the Collection of the late W. S. Atkinson. Part III: HETEROCERA (continued). Impl. 4to., 3 plates ; sd.

Calcutta, 1888 0 3 6 190 OBERTHÜR (C.). ÉTUDES d'ENTOMOLOGIE.

Faunes Entomologiques. Descriptions d'Insectes nouveaux
ou peu connus. Livraisons I–XX, 4to. and roy. 4to., the
plates superbly hand-coloured; sd. Rennes, 1876-96 48 0 0

Première Livraison. Faune de Lépidoptères d'ALGERIE. 4 coloured

Deuxième Livraison. Nouveaux Lépidoptères de la CHINE. 4 coloured

Troisième Livraison. Lépidoptères de l'AFRIQUE ORIENTALE et d'

ALGÉRIE. 4 coloured plates,
Quatrième Livraison. Papilionidæ. 6 coloured plates
Cinquième Livraison. Lépidoptères de l'ile Askold. 9 coloured plates
Sixième Livraison. I, Lépidoptères de Chine. II, Lépidoptères

d'AMÉRIQUE. III, Lépidoptères d'Algérie. IV, Le Genre Ecpan

theria. 20 coloured plates
Septième Livraison. Lépidoptères d'Europe et d’AMERIQUE MÉRIDIONALE.

3 coloured plates
Huitième Livraison. Lépidoptères des PyrénéES. 1 coloured plate
Neuvième Livraison. Lépidoptères du Tubet, de MANTSCHOURIE,

d'Asie-MINEURE et d'Algérie. 2 coloured plates
Dixième Livraison. Lépidoptères de l'Asie ORIENTALE. 3 coloured

Onzième Livraison. Nouveaux Lépidoptères du TAIBET. 7 coloured

Douzième Livraison. Nouveaux Lépidoptères d'AFRIQUE et d’AMÉRIQUE.

Premiers Etats de Lépidoptères de la RÉUNION. Lépidoptères

EUROPÉENS et ALGÉRIENS. 7 coloured plates
Treizième Livraison. Lépidoptères des Iles Comores, d'ALGERIE et da

THIBET. 10 coloured plates
Quatorzième Livraison. Lépidoptères du Genre Parnassius. 3 coloured


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Quinzième Livraison. Lépidoptères d'Asie. 3 coloured plates
Seizième Livraison. Lépidoptères du Pérou, du THBET et du YUNNAN.

2 coloured plates
Dix-Septième Livraison. Lépidoptères d'Asie et d'Afrique, 4 coloured

Dix-Huitième Livraison. Lépidoptères d'AFRIQUE et d'Asie. 6 coloured

Dix-Neuvième Livraison. Lépidoptères d'EUROPE, d’Algerie, d'Asie et

d'OCÉANIE. 8 coloured plates
Vingtième Livraison. De la Variation chez les Lépidoptères. 24 plain

and coloured plates
191 OCHSENHEIMER (F.) und F. TREITSCHKE. Die Schmetterlinge von

Europa. Vols. I-VI, VIII, and IX, pt. 1, 8vo., bound in 11 volumes,
half calf

Leipzig, 1807-32 192 ORMEROD (E. A.). A Manual of Injurious Insects, to which is

appended a short Introduction to Entomology. 8vo., illustrations ;
cloth (pub. 58)

1890 193 Text-Book of Agricultural Entomology. Cr. 8vo., illustrations ; cloth (pnb. 38 6d)

1892 194

Reports of Observations of Injurions Insects and Common Farm Pests, 1893. Impl. 8vo., frontispiece and cuts ; sd. 1894 195 PACKARD (Alpheus S.). Monograph of the BOMBYCINE Motus of

America North of Mexico, including their transformations and
origin of the larval markings and armature. Part I. Family 1:
NOTODONTIDÆ. [All yet published.] Royal 4to., 291 pages, 10 maps,
and 49 plates, comprising hundreds of figures, most of them printed in
colours; sd.

National Academy of Sciences (U.S.), 1895 196 RADDE. Lepidopteren Ost-Sibiriens, inbesondere des Amur-Landes,

gesammelt von den Herren G. Radde, R. Maack und P. Wulffius,
bearbeitet von 0. Bremer. Roy. 4to., 8 plates containing a large
number of coloured figures; cloth

St. Petersburg, 1864
Forming the first part of the eighth volume of the seventh series of the “Mémoires

de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de St. Petersbourg.'
197 SAUNDERS (E.). The Hymenoptera Aculeata of the British Islands.
8vo., plates ; cloth

1896 198 SCUDDER (S. H.). Brief Guide to the commoner Butterflies of the

Northern United States and Canada. Post 8vo., cloth New York, 1893 199

The Life of a Butterfly. Cr. 8vo., cloth New York, 1893 200

Tertiary Tipulidae, with special reference to those of Florissant,
Colorado. Roy. 8vo., 9 folding plates; sd.

Reprinted from the Proc. Amer. Philos. Soc.
201 SEDGWICK (A.), F. G. SINCLAIR, and D. SHARP. Peripatus. Myriapods.
Insects, part I. 8vo., many illustrations; cloth (pub. 178 net) 1895

The fifth vol. of the Cambridge Natural History, edited by Harmer and Shipley. 202 SMITH (John B.). Catalogue of the Lepidopterous Superfamily

NOCTUIDÆ in Boreal America, and a Revision of the Deltoid Moths,
with 14 plates ;-2 vols. 8vo.

Smithsonian Inst., 1893-95 203 STEPHENS (J. F.). Illustrations of BRITISH ENTOMOLOGY;

or, a Synopsis of Indigenous Insects: containing their Generic and
Specific Distinctions; with an Account of their Metamorphoses, Times
of Appearance, Localities, Food, and Economy, as far as practicable
[being a complete Description of all the known British Species,
arranged in two great Classes of HAUSTELLATA and MANDIRULATA).
12 vols., royal 8vo., with 100 beautifully COLOURED plates, containing
numerous figures; hf. bd., uncut

CONTENTS : Haustellata, 4 vols., 1828-34—Mandibulata, 7 vols., 1828-35–
Supplement, 1846.

Sold separately: 204 HAUSTELLATA. Vol. IV. Plates 33-34, coloured; sd.

1834 205 MANDIBULATA. Vol. VII. Plates 35-40, coloured ; sd.


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206 STEPHENS (J. F.). Manual of British Coleoptera or Beetles. 8vo.,

1839 207 SWINHOE (C.). Catalogue of Eastern and Australian Lepidoptera

Heterocera, in the collection of the Oxford University Museum.
Part I, Sphinges and BOMBYCES. 8vo., 8 finely coloured plates; cloth,
(pub. 218)

Oxford, 1892 208 THOMAS (Cyrus). Synopsis of the Acrididæ of North America. 4to., with a plate; sd.

Washington, 1873 209 TRIMEN (R.) and J. H. Bowker. SOUTH-AFRICAN BUTTERFLIES. 3 vols., roy. 8vo., 12 coloured plates containing many figures; cloth

1887-89 210 the same.

Vol. III. PAPILIONIDÆ and HESPERIDE. Roy. 8vo., 3 coloured plates; cloth

1889 211 TUTT (J. W.). British Moths. Cr. 8vo., 12 coloured plates and numerous woodcuts; cloth (pub. 58)

1896 212

British Butterflies, being a popular Handbook for Young
Students and Collectors. Cr. 8vo., illustrations; cloth (pub. 5s) 1896
The Pterophorina of Britain. 8vo., cloth

Reprinted from “ The British Naturalist.”
214 VAN DER WOLP (F. M.). Catalogue of the described Diptera from
South Asia. Impl. 8vo., sd.

The Hague, 1896
Published by the Dutch Entomological Society.
215 WAHLBERG. Lepidoptera Microptera, quæ J. A. Wahlberg in Caffrorum

terra collegit, descripsit P. C. Zeller. Svo., bds.; scarce Stockholm, 1852 216

Kafferlandets Dag-Fjärilar, insamlade aren 1838-45 af J. A.
Wahlberg, beskrifna af H. D. J. Wallengrën. 4to., Uds.

the same.

1857-Heterocer-Fjärilar, samlade i Kafferlandet. 1865—in 1 vol., 4to., bds.

1857-65 218 WALKER (Francis). List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in

the Collection of the British Museum. 35 vols., 12mo., complete;
bds., scarce

Gray's List of the Papilionidæ, 12mo., 1856, is given with the above.
219 WATERHOUSE (C. O.). Illustrations of Typical Specimens of Coleoptera

in the British Museum. Part I. LYCIDÆ. 8vo., with 18 coloured
plates (publ. at 16s); cloth

Nothing more has yet appeared.
220 WestwooD (J. O.). Introduction to the Modern Classification of
Insects. 2 vols., 8vo., coloured plate and woodcuts; hulf calf neat

1839-40 221 WHITE (A. E. Holt). The Butterflies and Moths of Teneriffe. Sm.

4to., 4 coloured plates containing numerous figures after drawings by the
Author; cloth


Second Edition. Revised. With 537 illustrations, cloth 1897

LONGmans have just issued a New and Revised Edition of this book, which was
first published in 1872, and has been long out of print.

Since the publication of the First Edition numerous discoveries have been made of objects both of neolithic and palæolithic age, which have necessitated considerable additions to the original work, inasmuch as all the principal discoveries of stone antiquities that have taken place in Britain during the last quarter of a century are more or less fully recorded in the new edition. The principal additions that have been made relate to the palæolithic period, concerning which our knowledge has been much enlarged within the last twenty-five years. The new illustrations, partly borrowed from the publications of different learned societies, but to a great extent specially engraved for the work from original specimens, are upwards of sixty in number. Although to a certain extent re-written, the book still retains its original form and character, and no alteration has been made in the numbering of the figures, the new illustrations being indicated by letters affixed to the numbers.

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0 10 6

2 0 0

0 5 0

1 8 0


£ . a 223 EISSLER (M.). Handbook of Modern Explosives. Cr. 8vo., about 100 illustrations ; cloth

1890 224 SANFORD (P. G.). . Nitro-Explosives. Cr. 8vo., woodcuts; cloth (pub. 98)

1896 0 5 0 A practical treatise concerning the properties, manufacture, and analysis of

nitrated substances, including the fulminates, smokeless powders, and celluloid. 225 GUTTMANN (O.). The Manufacture of Explosives. 2 vols., 8vo., 147 illustrations ; cloth (pub. £2. 28)

1895 1 5 0 Falconry: 226 BRODRICK (W.). Falconers' Favourites. Impl. folio; 6 large

COLOURED PLATES representing in life-size all the British species of
Falcons at present used in Falconry, with text ; cloth, scarce

Van Voorst, 1865 5 0 0 227 SALVIN and BRODRICK. Falconry in the British Isles. Impl. 8vo. First Edition, 24 coloured plates, cloth

1855 6 6 0 228 the same, impl. 8vo. Second Edition, revised and enlarged, , with 28 coloured plates ; cloth gilt

Van Voorst, 1873 7 7 0 229 Uharon. Los Libros de Cetreria del Canciller Pero Lopez de Ayala,

de Juan de Sant-Fahagun, y de Don Fadrique de Zuñiga y Sotomayor.
Noticias reunidas por D. Francisco R. de Vhagon. 8vo. sd.

Madrid, 1889 0 5 0
Privately printed ; only seven copies for sale.

An essay showing by quotations and comparisons that the old MS. work of Sant-
Fahagun on Falconry had been largely plagiarised from the treatise written in the

14th century by Lopez de Ayala.
230 Flower Studies. Recueil de Bouquets et Etudes de Fleurs gravé d'apres

les Desseins par les meilleurs Maitres. Folio, 10 plates, bds. Paris (1760)
Forest and Fruit Trees:
231 BROOKSHAW (G.). Pomona BRITANNICA, or, a Collection of the most

esteemed Fruits at present cultivated in this Country, selected princi-
pally from the Royal Gardens at Hampton Court. With full
Descriptions of their various Qualities, Seasons, etc. Atlas folio,
93 beautifully coloured plates; old red morocco, with borders of gold,
gilt edges; FINE COPY


graphie de toutes les Espèces et Variétés d'Arbres Fruitiers cultivés
dans cet Etablissement. 9 vols., royal 4to., with more than 500 superb
plates, with the figures coloured ; half green morocco, gilt tops, uncut
(pub. 600 fr.)

Paris, 1862-75 16 10 O

Vol. J. Introduction-Organographie-etc.

II-VI. Le Porier.
VII. Le Pêcher.
VIII. Le Pêcher (Pavies), le Brugnon, le Prunier, et l'Abricotier.

IX. Le Fraisier, et le Groseillier.
233 EVELYN. SYLVA, or a Discourse of Forest-Trees, and the Propagation

of Timber in His Majesties Dominions. By J. E. Esq; ... To which
is annexed Pomona ... also Kalendarivm Hortense. ... Small

Small folio,
old calf

1664 1 40 The rare First Edition, and the first book printed by order of the Royal Society. 234 EVELYN (J.). Silva: or, a Discourse of Forest-Trees. Roy. 4to., portrait and numerous well-engraved plates ; old calf (re-backed)

York, 1776 1 0 235 LOWE (John). The Yew-Trees of Great Britain and Ireland. 8vo., 270 pp., with 39 photographic illustrations, cloth

1897 A pictorial record of the finest existing Yew-Trees, with accurate scientific and historical details.

Chapter IX. treats on Bows and the Companies of Archers.

X. on the Poisonous Properties of the Yew. 236 MANWOOD. A” Treatise of the Lawes of the Forest Manyyood ... Sm. 4to., old calf


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0 10 0

by Iohn

£ 8. d.

1 12 6

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0 15 0

Forest and Fruit Trees-continued.
237 SELBY (P. J.). History of British Forest-Trees, indigenous and intro-

duced. 8vo., nearly 200 woodcuts; half morocco, very neat, gilt

1842 238 WALKER (W.). Forest Trees of British Landscape. Folio, 26 plates and

other illustrations ; cloth, only 50 copies printed Privately printed, 1876 239 FORSKAL. Descriptiones Animalium, Avium, Amphibiorum, Piscium,

Insectorum, Vermium; quæ in itinere Orientali observavit P. Forskal,
1775—Icones rerum Naturalium, quas in itinere Orientali depingi
curavit P. Forskal, 1776-in 1 vol., 4to., 43 plates ; vellum

Hauniæ, 1775-76 240 FORSTER (T.). The Perennial Calendar, and Companion to the Almanac. 8vo., calf gilt

1824 Illustrating the events of every day in the year, as connected with history, chronology, natural history, astronomy, popular customs, and antiquities, with useful rules of health, observations on the weather, explanations of the fasts and festivals of

the church, and other miscellaneous useful information.
241 GALEN. Ioan Philippi Ingrassiae ... in Galeni librvm de Ossibvs

doctissima et expectatissima commentaria . . . Sm. folio, portrait and
numerous illustrations on copper ; calf

Panormi, 1603
Gardens and Gardening:
242 CRADOCK (J.). Literary and Miscellaneous Memoirs. 4 vols. in 2,
8vo., half calf

1828 Comprises Lectures on Landscape Gardening, and visits to famous gardens. 243 Curtius. Hortorvm Libri XXX. Autore Benedicto Cartio Symphoriano Folio, vellum

Lugduni, 1560 244 EVELYN (J.). Kalendarium Hortense : or, the Gard'ners Almanac,

directing what he is to do Monthly throughout the Year; and what
Fruit and Flowers are in prime . . . Sm. 8vo., frontispiece; hf. bd.;

1706 245

Acetaria. A Discourse of Sallets. By J. E. ... Author of the Kalendarium ... Sm. 8vo., hf. bd.; scarce

1699 246 LANGHAM. The GARDEN OF HEALTH : containing the sundry rare and hidden vertues and properties of all kindes of Simples and Plants

· Gathered by the long experience and industry of WILLIAM
LANGHAM ... The Second Edition corrected and amended .
Sm. 4to., black letter ; an excellent copy in old calf

1633 247 Le Rouge. Collection des Jardins Anglois et Chinois. Oblong folio,

about 150 (of 420) piates of Gardens, Buildings, Furniture and Cos-
tumes in England and France ; hf. bd.

Paris, 1776-87
Comprises Cahiers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6.
218 LETH (Hendrik de) het zegenpralend Kennemerland. Folio, 100 fine

Views of Pleasure Gardens, Palaces and Villas round HAARLEM-La
Triomphante RivièRE DE VEcht, map of Utrecht, 102 plates of
Country Houses and Gardens-two vols. in 1, folio, 202 plates,
hf. od.

Amst., 1719 249 Paul (W.). Contributions to Horticultural Literature. 8vo., portrait and plates ; cloth

Waltham Cross, 1892
A selection of articles written for gardening periodicals, and papers read before
various societies from 1813-92.
250 LAWNS AND Gardens: How to beautify the home lot, the pleasure

ground and garden, by N. Jonsson-Rose. Large 8vo., with 172 illustra-
tions and plans by the author, fancy cloth

This book is intended to be a help to all lovers of gardening as applied to home
surroundings, and as an aid to every owner of a country residence, to village
improvement societies, landscape-gardeners, and young students of the art. It treats
of the practical side of landscape-gardeniny, describes the best harily plants, and points
out the proper use of each.


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