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324 BOCCIUS (G.). Treatise on the Management of Fresh-Water Fish. 8vo., cloth

325 BOWDICH (MRS. T. E.).


THE FRESH - WATER FISHES OF GREAT BRITAIN, drawn and described. Impl. 4to., 47 most beautifully executed coloured drawings, many of them heightened with silver and bronze; green morocco extra, gilt edges; RARE

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Printed for the authoress, 1828 52 10 0 Lord Ashburnham's copy fetched, June 29th, 1897, £76. 326 BRÜHL (B. C.). Die Methode des osteologischen Details, dargestellt am Karpfen-Skelette. . . 4to., 3 plates; bds. Wien, 1845 326*COSTA (0. G.). Fauna del REGNO di NAPOLI. PESCI. 3 pts., 4to., with 112 beautifully coloured plates; green morocco extra, gilt edges

Comprises the Fishes of the Mediterranean.

Napoli, 1850 etc. 327 CUNNINGHAM (J. F.). Natural History of the Marketable Marine Fishes of the British Islands. With a Preface by E. Ray Lankester. 8vo., numerous cuts; cloth




7 10 0



1 4 0

0 17 6

328 CUVIER et VALENCIENNES. Histoire Naturelle des POISSONS. 22 vols., 4to., with 650 plates, mottled calf Paris, 1828-49 10 10 the same, 22 vols. 4to. of text, and 3 vols. royal 4to. of the 650 plates, EXQUISITELY COLOURED; half red morocco Paris, 1828-49 21 0 0 The best scientific work on Fishes; it is exceedingly rare in the coloured state. 330 DAY (F.). British and Irish Salmonidæ. Impl. 8vo., 10 coloured and 2 plain plates; cloth 1887 331 DODERLEIN (P.). Manuale Ittiologico del Mediterraneo. 3 pts., impl. 8vo., sd. Palermo, 1881-85 832 DONOVAN (E.). Natural History of BRITISH FISHES. 5 vols., roy. 8vo., 120 exquisitely coloured plates; an entirely uncut copy in the old half binding; the Cork Institution stamp on titles 1802-8 333 EVERMANN (B. W.). Report upon Salmon Investigations in the Headwaters of the Columbia River, Idaho, 1895. Roy. 4to., illustrations; Washington, 1896 334 GARRETT und GÜNTHER. Journal des Museum Godeffroy. ANDREW GARRETT'S Fische des Südsee, beschrieben und redigirt von ALBERT C. L. G. GÜNTHER. Parts 1-6, roy. 4to., 120 plates, the majority being finely coloured (pub. at £18. 10s), sd. Hamburg, 1873-77 10 0 0 335 JARDINE (Sir W.). BRITISH SALMONIDE. Atlas folio, comprising


12 large and splendidly coloured plates of the Salmon Species, with letter-
press descriptions; in a portfolio


3 10 0

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8 8 0

This magnificent series of coloured plates was privately printed at the expense of Sir William Jardine. Each plate has a charming back-ground of some delightful bit of Scotch scenery. Most of the figures are of the full size of life. 335*Marine Fishes: The Life-Histories of the British Marine Food-Fishes, by William Carmichael McIntosh and Arthur Thomas Masterman. Demy 8vo., 516 pp. and 21 coloured plates; cloth Cambridge, 1897 1 1 0 A detailed prospectus on application. Discourse of Fish and Fish Ponds. Sm. 8vo., calf E. Curll, 1714

336 NORTH (Hon. R.).
337 YARRELL (W.). History of British Fishes. 2 vols., portrait and 522
wood-engravings; half green morocco extra, gilt tops, uncut
The Third Edition, edited by Sir John Richardson.

14 0

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Industrial Arts:
338 BANCROFT (E.). Experimental Researches concerning the Philosophy
of Permanent Colours; and the best means of producing them.
2 vols., 8vo., half calf


339 BARNARD (F. A. P.). Report on Machinery and Processes of the
Industrial Arts, and Apparatus of the Exact Sciences. 8vo., plates
and woodcuts; cloth
New York, 1869
Dealing with the exhibits at the Paris Exhibition of 1867.

0 10 0


Industrial Arts-continued.

340 BECKMANN (J.). A History of Inventions and Discoveries. Translated
by W. Johnston. 4 vols., 8vo., old calf (rebacked)
A veritable mine of information on many interesting and out of the way subjects.
341 DELAVAL (E. H.). An Experimental Inquiry into the cause of the
Permanent Colours of Opake Bodies. Roy. 8vo., cloth, uncut; scarce
Warrington, 1785
342 DUNCAN (J.). Practical and Descriptive Essays on the Art of WEAVING.
8vo., 14 folding plates; half calf
343 EDWARDS (F.). A Treatise on Smoky Chimneys, their cure and
prevention. Roy. 8vo., plates; cloth

£ s. d.

0 10 0

1 10

Glasgow, 1808 1 16 (

1869 0 1

344 FLEISCHMANN (W.). The Book of the Dairy. Translated by Aikman and Wright. 8vo., cloth (pub. 10s 6d)

A manual of the science and practice of dairy work.

345 HURST (G. H.). Silk Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing. numerous actual specimens; cloth (pub. 7s 6d)





346 KICK (F.). Flour Manufacture. A Treatise on Milling Science and Practice. Translated by H. H. P. Powles. Roy. 8vo., 113 woodcuts and 24 plates; cloth (pub. £1. 58)


1888 0 14

347 KNECHT (E.), C. RAWSON, and R. LOEWENTHAL. A Manual of Dyeing. Vols. I-II, 8vo., numerous illustrations and specimens of Dyed Fabrics; cloth (pub. £2. 58)

1893 348 LE FÈVRE (L.). Traité des MATIÈRES COLORANTES. 2 vols. impl. 8vo., pp. xx, 1648, and 261 actual specimens in all colours; cloth Paris, 1896 The latest and by far the best work on the subject.

349 MORITZ (R.) and G. H. MORRIS. Text-Book of the Science of Brewing. 8vo., pp. xvi, 534, and numerous plates; cloth (pub. £1. 1s) 1891 350 NERI. The Art of Glass, wherein are shown the ways to make and colour Glass, Pastes, Enamels, Lakes, and other Curiosities. Written in Italian by Antonio Neri, and translated into English . . . Sm. 8vo., old calf; scarce



0 13


0 12

1 1

351 PELLATT (Apsley). Curiosities of Glass Making. Sm. 4to., 6 coloured plates and many woodcuts; cloth 1849 Containing details of the processes and productions of ancient and modern ornamental glass manufacture.

352 POWELL (B.H.). Economic Products of the Punjab. Vol. I., all published, roy. 8vo., plates, cloth

353 REIBER (F.). Etudes Gambrinales. Roy. 8vo., cloth

Roorkee, 1868 02 1882 03

Histoire et archéologie de la bière et principalement de la bière de Strasbourg. 354 SACCARDO (P. A.). Chromotaxia su Nomenclator Colorum polyglottus additis speciminibus coloratis ad usum Botanicorum et Zoologorum. 8vo., 50 coloured specimens; sd.

Patavii, 1891

355 SAWER (J. C.). Odorographia, a Natural History of Raw Materials and Drugs used in the Perfume Industry. 2 vols., 8vo., cloth 1892-94 356 WATT (A.). The Art of Paper-Making. Cr. 8vo., illustrations; cloth (pub. 78 6d)


0 18

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357 WYCKOFF (W. C.). The Silk Goods of America. 8vo., cloth
New York, 1879
A brief account of improvements in the silk manufacture of the U. S.

358 CLAPAREDE (E.) et J. LACHMANN. Etudes sur les Infusoires et les
Rhizopodes. 2 vols. in 1, royal 4to., 37 beautifully finished plates; half
calf neat
Genève, 1858-61
359 DUJARDIN. Histoire Naturelle des Zoophytes. Infusoires, comprenant
la Physiologie et la Classification de ces Animaux, et la manière de les
étudier à l'aide du Microscope. Far F. DUJARDIN. 8vo., 22 coloured
plates; half calf
Paris, 1841




360 EHRENBERG (C. G.). Die INFUSIONS-THIERCHEN als vollkommene Organismen. 2 vols., large folio, 64 finely coloured plates containing several hundred figures (pub. at £18, unbound); half bound;


£ s. d.

Leipzig, 1838 10 10 0

"It should be recollected that Ehrenberg, with a thirty-shilling microscope, produced his great work on the Infusoria; a work with which British microscopy has nothing to compare, although it has spent thousands of pounds annually on its instruments."DR. LANKESTER's Schleiden's Botany, p. 550.

361 EHRENBERG. Five Works in 1 vol., 4to., many coloured plates; half calf Berlin, 1830-59


An important collection comprising: I. Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Organisation der Infusorien und ihrer geographischen Verbreitung, besonders in Sibirien. 1830. II. Zur Erkenntniss der Organisation in der Richtung des kleinsten Raumes. Zweiter Beitrag. 1832. III. the same. Dritter Beitrag. 1834. IV. Über den Grünsand und seine Erläuterung des Organischens Lebens. 1856. V. Beitrag zur Bestimmung

des stationären mikroskopischen Lebens in bis 20,000 Fuss Alpenhöhe. 1859. 362 EHRENBERG. Organisation, Systematik Organisation, Systematik und geographisches Verhältniss des Infusionsthierchen. 8 coloured plates, 1830-Kreidefelsen und des Kreidemergels aus mikroskopischen Organismen. plates, 1839-in 1 vol., 4to., half calf neat Berlin, 1830-39


363 FOCKE (G. W.). Physiologische Studien. A. Wirbellose Thiere. I. POLYGASTRISCHE INFUSORIEN. 2 pts. in 1 vol., roy. 4to., 6 coloured plates containing numerous figures; some leaves stained; half brown Bremen, 1847 364 GLEICHEN (W. F.). Abhandlung über die Saamen-und Infusionsthierchen, und über die Erzeugung; nebst mikroskopischen Beobachtungen des Saamens der Thiere und verschiedener Infusionen. 4to., 32 plates; old calf Nürnberg, 1778 365 HUDSON (C. T.) and P. H. GOSSE. The ROTIFERA; or WheelAnimalcules. 2 vols. in 1. 1886-SUPPLEMENT. 1889-Impl. 8vo., with 34 fine folding plates (mostly coloured); half calf, uncut, and sd. 1886-89

Dr. Hudson, the discoverer of Pedalion mirum is specially distinguished for his knowledge of the Rotifera, concerning which he is the chief living authority. Numerous new genera and species have been brought to light by means of his researches.

The genus Pedalion discovered and described by Dr. Hudson is one of the most remarkable and important contributions to animal morphology of the past twenty years."-E. R. L.

367 KENT (W. S.). INFUSORIA. A Manual of the Infusoria, including a description of all known Flagellate, Ciliate and Teutaculiferous Protozoa, British and Foreign. 3 vols., royal 8vo., 52 splendid plates containing hundreds of figures, cloth gilt (published at £4. 48)



1880-1881 the same, 3 vols., roy. Svo., 51 plates; half calf gilt (pub. £4. 48 in cloth) 369 KÖLLIKER (A.). Icones Histiologica oder Atlas der vergleichenden Gewebelehre. Erste Abtheilung der feinere Bau der Protozoen. Roy. 4to., illustrations in the text and 9 plates containing many figures (some coloured); half calf neat


2 10 0

1 4 0

1 1 0

0 18 0


2 12 6

2 17 6


0 17 6

370 KUTORGA (S.). Naturgeschichte der Infusionsthiere, vorzüglich nach Ehrenberg's Beobachtungen. 1 vol., 8vo., and 1 vol., 4to., 2 plain, and 5 coloured, plates; half calf Carlsruhe, 1841 371 MÜLLER (O. F.). Vermium terrestrium et fluviatilium seu Animalium Infusoriorum, Helminthicorum et Testaceorum, non marinorum, succincta Historia. 2 vols. in 1, 4to., half calf

Havnia et Lipsia, 1773-74 372 NITZSCH (C. L.). Beitrag zur Infusorienkunde, oder Naturbeschreibung der Zerkarien und Bazillarien. 8vo., 6 coloured plates; half calf

0 15 0


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373 PRITCHARD (A.). The Natural History of Animalcules. 8vo., plates; calf

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374 JAPAN: Agricultural production of the Japanese Empire. Large folio,
23 maps; bds.

375 JESSE (E.). Gleanings of Natural History; with local Recollections.
12mo., half calf
To which is added "Maxims and Hints for an Angler."
376 JONES (T. R.). General Outline of the Organisation of the Animal
Kingdom. 8vo., pp. xli, 842, and 400 illustrations; half brown
morocco extra, gilt top, uncut


377 KоHL. Geschichte des Golfstroms und seiner Erforschung. 8vo., maps; cloth Bremen, 1868

378 KURZ (S.) Forest and other Vegetation of Pegu. Folio, map, cloth

Calcutta, 1875 379 LEACH (W. E.). The Zoological Miscellany; being Descriptions of New or Interesting Animals. 3 vols., roy. 8vo., about 150 beautifully coloured plates; hf. bd.; Library stamp on sides


0 3


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380 Leland Stanford Junior University Publications:
1. JORDAN (D. S.). The Fishes of Sinaloa. 30 plates




Notes on Fishes, little known or new to Science. 24

1896 VI. RUTTER (C.). Notes on Fresh-water Fishes of the Pacific Slope of North America 1896 VII. KELLOGG (V. L.). New Mallophaga, II, from Land Birds; together with an Account of the Mallophagous Mouth-Parts. 14 plates


VIII. STARKS (E. C.). List of Fishes collected at Port Ludlow,

together, 5 vols. or parts. Roy. 8vo.; sd.

1896 1895-96 017


381 LEWES (G. H.). Sea-side Studies at Ilfracombe, Tenby, the Scilly Isles, and Jersey. 8vo., illustrations; half red morocco, gilt top 1858 382 LINNEUS. Egenhändiga Anteckningar af Carl Linnæus om sig sielf med Anmärkningar och Tillägg. Sm. 4to., 7 plates containing Portraits, Arms, Views, and facsimile Letter; half red morocco Stockholm, 1823 383 LINNEANA, in Nederland Aanwezig. Tentoongesteld op 10 Januari 1878 in het Koninklijk Zoologisch Genootschap "Natura Artis Magistra" te Amsterdam. Roy. 8vo., portrait; hf. bd. Amsterdam, 1878 0 5

Containing a valuable bibliography.

384 LUND (P. V.). E Museo Lundii. Forste Bind. Indeholdende Afhandlinger af Joh. Reinhardt, O. Winge, Udgivéren og S. Hansen. Roy. 4to., numerous fine plates; bds. Kjobenhavn, 1888



385 LYELL (C.). Travels in North America. 2 vols., post 8vo., maps and plates; half red morocco neat, gilt tops


0 10


Containing geological observations on the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia. A Second Visit to the United States of North America. 2 vols., post 8vo., half red morocco neat, gilt tops



The first volume is of the second edition.

Oblong folio, 249

1881 03

387 M'ALPINE (D.). Zoological Atlas: Invertebrata.
coloured figures and diagrams; cloth
388 MACGILLIVRAY (W.). Natural History of Dee Side and Braemar.
8vo., map and plates; privately printed for the Queen; cloth,



389 MACPHERSON (H. A.). A VERTEBRATE FAUNA of LAKELAND, including Cumberland and Westmoreland, with Lancashire North of the Sands. 8vo., etchings, etc.; cloth Edinburgh, 1892

1 16

1 10

Also a

390 MARKHAM (Gervase). MAISON RVSTIQUE, or the Covntrey
Farme: Compiled in the French tongue by Charles Steuens and John
Liebault.. translated into English by Richard Svrflet
short collection of the hunting of the Hart, Wilde Bore, Hare, Fox,
Gray, Cony; of Birds and Faulconrie. 4to., with some woodcut designs
Flower Beds, Labyrinths, etc.; extremely fine and perfect copy, having the
rare leaf marked A at the beginning; in the original calf


[blocks in formation]

London, Arnold Hatfield, 1606 12 12 0 the same, another copy, the last leaf in facsimile, large copy in calf (rebacked), WITH THE ARMS OF JAMES I IN GOLD ON SIDES

1606 10 10 0

Markham's name does not appear in this edition. It is a most interesting work as will appear from the list of contents on p. 2, as follows :-


"There is conteined in this last edition whatsover can be required for the building or good ordering of a Husbandman's House or Countrey Farm: as namely to forsee the changes and alterations of times, to know the motions and powers of the Sun and Moone, upon the things about which Husbandry is occupied, as to cure the sicke labouring man, to cure beasts and flying fowles of all sorts, to dresse, plant or make Gardens as well for the Kitchen and Physicke use, as also in quarters, with many faire and cunning portraitures, to make compartments of divers fashions in every quarter with a large description of the herbe Nicotiana or Petuin, as also of the root Mechoacan to plant, graft, and order Orenge trees, Citron trees, and such other strange trees to order Bees to make Conserves, to preserve fruits, flowers, roots and rindes to make Hony and Wax: to plant and graft all sorts of fruit trees: to make Cider, Perrie, drinke of Cruises and oiles: to distill waters and oiles, or quintessences of whatsoever the Husbandman's store and increase, with many paternes of alembecks for the distilling of them: to feed and preserve silkwormes: to make and maintain Meadow grounds, Fishponds of running and standing waters: to take Fishes to measure and till Corne ground: to bake bread: to dress baked meats: to brewe beere : to trimme vines to make medicinable wines with a very large and excellent discourse touching the nature and qualitie of wine in generall and after that another special and particular one of all such wines as grow in Gascoine, Languedoc, Touraine, Orleans, Paris, and other countries of France to plant woods of timber and undergrowth, to make a warren: to breed Herons and to imparte wilde beasts. And lastly in the end a briefe discourse of the nature, maner of taking and feeding of the Nightingale, Linnet, Goldfinch, Siskin, Larke and other such singing and melodious birds."



392 ALLEN (H.). Monograph of the Bats of North America. 8vo., numerous plates; cloth Smithsonian Institution, Washington, 1893 0 8 6 393 AUDUBON (J. J.) and J. BACHMAN. The VIVIPAROUS QUADRUPEDS OF NORTH AMERICA. 3 vols. in 2, atlas folio, 150 magnificent coloured plates-The DESCRIPTIVE TEXT. 3 vols., impl. 8vo., containing plates 151-155, which were never issued in foliotogether, 5 vols., uniformly bound in half russia New York, 1845-54 40 0 0 394 BELL (T.). History of British Quadrupeds, including the Cetacea. 8vo., with nearly 200 woodcuts; half russia (cracked), 10s 6d; or, cloth

1837 395 DEWHURST (H. W.). The Natural History of the Order Cetacea, and the Oceanic inhabitants of the Arctic Regions. 8vo., plates and cuts; cloth

1834 396 FISHER'S (G.) Anatomie der Maki und der ihnen verwandten Thiere. Erster Band. 4to., 2 vignettes and 24 plates; half calf Frankfurt a/m, 1804 397 FLOWER (W. H.). Recent Memoirs on the CETACEA. Folio, with many plates; bds. Ray Society, 1866 CONTENTS: Eschricht and Reinhardt on the Greenland Right-Whale; Eschricht on the Species of Orca inhabiting the Northern Seas; Reinhardt on Pseudorca crassidens; Lilljeborg's Synopsis of the Cetaceous Mammalia of Scandinavia.

398 GEOFFROY-ST.-HILAIRE ET F. CUVIER. Histoire Naturelle des MAMMIFÈRES. 3 vols., impl. folio, 360 beautifully coloured plates; red morocco, gilt backs, calf sides, with broad borders of gold, gilt edges; a fine copy

0 12 0




Paris, 1824-35 12 0 0

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