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£ 8.

d. 23 ELWES (H. J.). _ A Monograph on the Genus LILIUM, illustrated by

W. H. FITCH. Imp. folio, 48 coloured plates; half green morocco extra,
gilt edges

1880 10 10 0 A fine copy of this beautiful book, now scarce. 94 FITZGERALD (R. D.). AUSTRALIAN ORCHIDS. Pts. I-XII,

forming vol. I, complete, and the first five parts of vol. II (all
published), royal folio, 118 superb hand-coloured plates (some folding);
half morocco, gilt edges, and parts; VERY RARE Sydney, 1882-[93] 15 00

Out of print. One more part containing the title etc. to the second volume,

in preparation.
25 Forskal. Flora Ægyptiaca-Arabica, sive Descriptiones Plantarum, quas

per_Ægyptum inferiorem et Arabiam Felicem detexit, illustravit
P. Forskal. 4to., old calf

Hauniæ, 1775 0 7 6 26 FUCHSIUS. Leonharti Fuchsii Medici, primi de Stirpivm. Historia

commentariorvm tomi uiuæ imagines . Sm. 8vo., with about 500
beautiful woodcuts, the English names being added in contemporary MS.

(without pp. 351-2); in the original hf. binding Basilec, 1545 0 15 C 27 Plantarvm Effigies, è Leonartho Fuschio, ac quinque diuersis

linquis redditæ . . 18mo., with more than 500 pretty woodcuts,
including a portrait of the author, the English name is added to each
plate in contemporary MS.; calf gilt

Lugduni, 1552 2 2 0 28 HARVEY (W. H.). PAYCOLOGIA BRITANNICA: a History of British

Seaweeds. 4 vols., roy. 8vo., the ORIGINAL Issue, nearly 400 coloured
plates ; a sound working copy, hf. bd.

1846-51 4 0 0 29 Manual of the British Marine Algæ. 8vo., coloured plates ; cloth

1849 0 12 0 30 HOGG (R.) and G. W. JOHNSON. The Wild Flowers of Great Britain.

An irregularly arranged copy in 3 vols. roy. 8vo., consisting of nearly 450

coloured plates with descriptions; a sound working copy in half roan 1863-68 1 12 0 31 LAMBERT (A. B.). Description of the Genus Pinus, with Directions

relative to the Cultivation, and Remarks on the Uses of the several
Species : also Descriptions of many other new Species of the Family
of CONIFERE. 1 vol., impl. 8vo. (text), and 1 vol., impl. folio, 93
coloured plates ; half morocco

1842 5 0 0 32 LEÓN (N.). Biblioteca Botánico-Mexicana. 8vo., bds. Mexico, 1895 0 5 0 33 MACER. Herbarū Vires Macer tibi Carmie dicet. (at end) Habetis

iuuenes studiosissimi Macri floridi de virib'herbarū opusculum ab omi
mēda castigatissimū vna cũ interpretatiūculis luce meridia ra löge
clarisimis. Finis. Sm. 8vo., gothic letter ; portrait of the Author on
title and numerous woodcuts of plants (several slightly coloured); a fine
and very large copy

s. l. et a. (1510) 5 15 0
Very rare. The supplement to Brunet thus speaks of it: “Cette edition, avec le
commentaire de C. Guéroult, a sans doubte été imprimée dans une ville de province

vers 1510 ; elle est restée inconnue à M. Brunet.". 34 New ZEALAND Ferns. A Collection of 54 neatly mounted actual Specimens; in a 4to. case ; hf. bd.

2 10 0 35 RAIUS. Historia Plantarum auctore Joanne Raio ..

3 vols., folio, a nice copy in old calf gilt

1686-1704 1 16 0 36 REICHENBACHIA. Orchids Illustrated and Described, by F. SANDER.

4 vols. forming 2 Series, impl. folio, with 192 large and magnificently
coloured plates ; finely half bound in crushed Levant morocco extra, gilt tops,
uncut ; RARE (issued by the publishers, in half morocco, at £35). 1888-94 30 0 0

The binding of this copy is a marked advance on the regulation half morocco
supplied by the publishers.

The growing popularity of Orchids, the ever-increasing demand for information respecting them, and the indifferent serial works relating to this lovely and important class of plants hitherto published, have furnished sufficient reasons for this great work. It was the aim of the authors to represent truthfully the natural aspect of the plants, which are drawn life-size, and in addition to the coloured illustrations, scientific drawings of the structural parts of the flowers have been given when desirable. Some of the plant-portraits are coloured by lithography, others are band-painted, as was sound expedient. To the detailed information respecting each plant are added


practical notes on its culture. It was the intention of the authors to illustrate all
classes of the Orchid family, and species and varieties of garden value, whether old or
new, have found a place in the work. A large number of the earlier parts having been

long out of print, the complete work is now VERY SCARCE.
The Companion Work:
37 THE GENUS MASDEVALLIA, issued by the MARQUIS of Lorhan,

chiefly from Plants in the COLLECTION of Orchids at NEWBATTLE ABBEY.
Plates and descriptions by Florence H. WOOLWARD. Additional Notes
by F. C. LEIMANN. Complete in 9 parts, square folio, with 87 hand-
coloured plates, 61 woodcuts, and a map; in the original wrappers 1896 8 8 0

Only a few copies remain in this coloured state, and, as far as they can be supplied,
are each offered at £8. 85, instead of at the subscription price of £13. 10s. Every
desirable detail of each genus and species is reproduced, the whole being accurately
coloured under the eyes of Miss Woolward.

For a substantial binding in half morocco 21s will be charged.

Orchid collectors and lovers of beautiful flowers should hasten to secure a snbscription

copy, as but three remain for sale. 37 ROXBURGH (W.). Flora India; or, Descriptions of Indian Plants. Roy. 8vo., cloth

Calcutta, 1874 0 180 Reprinted literatim from Carey's Edition of 1832. 38 SOWERBY. ENGLISH BOTANY or Coloured Figures of British Plants.

SUPPLEMENT to the Third Edition, vols. I-IV. Compiled by N. E.
Brown. Impl. 8vo., 15 coloured plates ; cloth (pub. 178)

1892 0 10 6 39 STRASBURGER (E.). Handbook of Practical Botany, for the Botanical

Laboratory and Private Student. From the German by W. Hillhouse.
8vo., 134 illustrations; cloth

1887 050 40 Tilli. Catalogus Plantarum Horti Pisani auctore Michaele Angelo

Tilli. Folio, portrait and 52 finely engraved plates, including a Plan
of the Garden ; calf gilt

Florentiæ, 1723 3 3 0 41 WADE (W.). Salices or an Essay towards a General History of

Sallows, Willows, and Osiers, their Uses and best Methods of
propagating and cultivating them. 8vo., folding coloured plate; hf. bd.;
the Cork Institution stamp on title

Dublin, 1811 1 0 0 42 WALLICH (N.). PLANTE ASIATICE RARIORES; or, Descriptions and

Figures of a select number of Unpublished East Indian Plants. 3 vols.,
impl. folio, 300 most beautifully coloured plates ; half morocco 1830-32 12 0 0

One of the finest works published in this or any other country. Only 254 copies

were issued. 43 [BOYLE). Some Considerations touching the Usefvlnesse of Experimental Naturall Philosophy. Sm. 4to., old calf

Oxford, 1663 0 5 0 44 BROWN (T.). Inquiry into the Relation of Cause and Effect. 8vo., calf


0 2 6 Cambridge Natural Science Manuals, Biological Series. General Editor:

Arthur E. SHIPLEY, of Christ's College, Cambridge :

Trinity College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo., pp. i–xvi+1–559. With
numerous illustrations

Cambridge, 1897 012 46 THE CAMBRIDGE NATURAL HISTORY. Edited by S. F.

Harmer, M.A., Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, Superintendent of
the University Museum of Zoology; and A. E. Shipley, M.A., Fellow
of Christ's College, Cambridge, University Lecturer on the Morphology
of Invertebrates. To be completed in Ten Volumes. 8vo. Vols. II

III, and V are ready

0 17 0 Intended in all respects to be a Standard Natural History accurate enough to be of use to the Student, and at the same time popular enough for the general reader who desires trustworthy information as to the structure and habits of all members of the Animal Kingdom, from the Protozoa to the Mammals. The Volumes are fully illustrated by original figures drawn where possible from nature. When complete the Series is one which should be indispensable in all Libraries, whether public or private.



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£ $. d.

The contributions will be arranged approximately according to
the following plan :-
VOL. I.-Protozoa, Prof. Marcus Hartog, M.A. ; Sponges, Prof. W. J. Sollas,

Sc.D., F.R.S. ; Jelly-fish, Sea-Anemones, etc., Prof. S. J. Hickson,

M.A., F.R.S. ; Star-fish, Sea-Urchins, etc., E. W. MacBride, M.A.
Vol. II.-Flat Worms, etc., F. W. Gamble, M.Sc. (Vict.); Nemertines,

Miss L. Sheldon ; Thread-worms, etc., A. E. Shipley, M.A.; Rotifers,
etc., Prof. Marcus Hartog, M.A. ; Polychaet Worms, W. B. Benham,
D.Sc. (Lond.); Earth-worms and Leeches, F. E. Beddard, M.A.,

F.R.S.; Gephyrea, A. E. Shipley, M.A. ; Polyzoa, S. F. Harmer, M.A.,
Vol. III.-Molluscs, A. H. Cooke, M.A.; Brachiopods (Recent), A. E.

Shipley, M.A.; Brachiopods (Fossil), F. R. C. Reed, M.A.
Vol. IV.–Spiders, Mites, etc., C. Warburton, M.A. ; Scorpions, Trilo-

bites, etc., Prof. M. Laurie, B.A. ; Pycnogonids, etc., Prof. D'Arcy W.

Thompson, M.A. ; Crustacea, Prof. W.F. R. Weldon, M.A., F.R.S.
Vol. V.-Peripatus, A. Sedgwick, M.A., F.R.S.; Centipedes, etc., F. G.

Sinclair, M.A. ; Insects, D. Sharp, M.A., F.R.S.
Vol. VI.-Insects, D. Sharp, M.A., F.R.S.
VOL. VII.-Balanoglossus, etc., S. F. Harmer, M.A.; Ascidians and

Amphioxus, Prof. W. A. Herdman, F.R.S., D.Sc.; Fishes, Prof. T. W.

Bridge, M.A.
Vol. VIII.--Amphibia and Reptiles, H. Gadow, M.A., F.R.S.
Vol. IX.–Birds, A. H. Evans, M.A.

[In the Press
Vol. X.-Mammals, F. E. Beddard, M.A., F.R.S.

“ There are very many, not only among educated people who take an interest in science, but even among specialists, who will welcome a work of reasonable compass and handy form containing a trustworthy treatment of the various departments of Natural History by men who are familiar with, and competent to deal with, the latest results of scientific research. The first issued volume of the series deals with Molluscs and Brachiopods. The paper and print, and the number, accuracy, and beauty of the illustrations seem all that could be desired. Altogether, to judge from this first volume, the Cambridge Natural History' promises to fulfil all the expectations that its prospectus holds out.”Times.

• There is no doubt that if the succeeding volumes are carried out upon the same plan as is that which we have just received, the Cambridge Natural History 'will be an indispensable work; for it appeals to a far wider class than works upon Natural History generally do. . The volume before us can be read with profit by the zoologist, and there is a vast amount of matter which is interesting to those who like

the tit-bits of science.”Daily Chronicle. 17 [CHAMBERS (R.)]. Explanations : a Sequel to “Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation.” Post 8vo., half red morocco neat

1846 18 (CHAMBERS (R.)]. Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation. Tenth

Edition, with additions. 8vo., many woodcuts; half red morocco

1853 19 CHARLETONI (Gualteri) Exercitationes de Differentiis & Nominibus

Animalium. Quibus accedunt Mantissa Anatomica. Editio
Secunda . . . Folio, Large Paper, ruled in red, copperplate engravings ;
old French red morocco, gilt Etruscan vases on back, line sides ; FINE

Oxon., Theat. Sheld., 1677
Chemistry: For Works on ALCHEMY-see June List.
50 ALLEN (A. H.). Commercial Organic Analysis. Vol. III, part 2:

Amines and Ammonium Bases, Hydrazines, Bases from Tar, Vegetable
Alkaloids. 8vo. pp. viii, 584; cloth (pub. 188)

1892 51 BENEDIKT (R.). Chemical Analysis of Oils, Fats, Waxes and of the

commercial Products derived therefrom. Revised and enlarged by

J. Lewkowitsch. 8vo., pp. xviii, 683; cloth { pub. 21s net) 1895 52 BLAIR (A. A.). The Chemical Analysis of Iron. Roy. 8vo., woodcuts ; cloth (pub. 218)

For the analysis of iron, steel, pig-iron, iron ore, limestone, slag, clay, sand, coal,
coke, and furnace and producer-gases.
53 Blount (B.) and A. G. BLOXAm. Chemistry for Engineers and Manu-
facturers. 2 vols., 8vo., illustrations; cloth (pub. £1. 6s 6d) 1896

Vol. I, Chemistry of Engineering, Building, and Metallurgy.
Vol. II, Chemistry of Manufacturing Processes.

0 3 0

0 6 6


2 2 0

0 10 6

0 16 0

0 120

0 16 0 56


£ $. d. 54 Cairns (F. A.). A Manual of Quantitative Chemical Analysis for the

Use of Students. Third Edition, revised and enlarged by E. Waller.
8vo., pp. xii, 417; cloth

New York, 1896 0 8 6 55 Clowes (F.). Treatise on Practical Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis. Cr. 8vo., pp. ævi, 396, and cuts; cloth (pub. 78 6d)

1890 0 3 0 and J. B. COLEMAN. Quantitative Chemical Analysis. Cr. 8vo., pp. xxiv, 533, and cuts; cloth (pub. 9s)

1895 0 5 6 57 COLLECTANEA CHYMICA : à Collection of Ten Treatises in Chymistry ...

Written by Eir. Philaletha, Anonymous, Joh. Bapt. Van-Helmont,
Dr. Fr. Antonie, Bernhard Earl of Trevisan, Sir Geo. Ripley, Rog.
Bacon, Geo. Starkey, Sir Hugh Platt, and the Tomb of Semiramis,
see more in the Contents . . . Sm. 8vo., old calf

1684 0 5 0 58 COMEY (A. M.). A Dictionary of Chemical Solubilities inorganic. 8vo., pp. wx, 515; cloth (pub. 158 net)

1896 0 12 0 59 CROOKES (W.). Select Methods in Chemical Analysis (chiefly inorganic).

Third Edition, rewritten and enlarged. 8vo., pp. xxii, 718, and 67
woodcuts cloth (pub. 21s net)

1894 0 16 0 60 DANIELL (J. F.). Introduction to the Study of Chemical Philosophy. 8vo., pp. ævi, 764, and illustrations ; cloth

1843 0 5 0 The Second Edition, revised and enlarged. 61 GATTERMANN (L.). The Practical Methods of Organic Chemistry. Trans

lated by W. B. Shober. Cr. 8vo., pp. xii, 330, and numerous illus-
trations ; cloth (pub. Es 6d)

New York, 1896 0 5 0 62 GROVES (C. E.) and W. THORP. Chemical Technology or Chemistry in

its applications to Arts and Manufactures. Vol. II. LIGHTNING. Řoy.
8vo., xvi, 398, and numerous illustrations ; cloth (pub. 208) 1895 0 120

Contents : Fats and Oils, by Dent. Stearine Industry, McArthur. Candle
Manufacture, by Field. The Petroleum Industry, and Lamps, by Redwood. Miners'

Safety Lamps, by Redwood and Louis.
63 HARTMAN (J.). Bazilica Chymica, & Praxis Chymiatricæ or Royal and

Practical Chymistry . . . faithfully Englished by a Lover of Chy-
mistry · .. Sm. folio, old calf

1670 0 7 6 64 JAGO (W.). Text-Book of the Science and Art of Bread-Making; including

the Chemistry and Analytic and Practical Testing of Wheat, Flour,
and other materials employed in Baking. 8vo., pp. xi, 648, and wood-
cuts; cloth (pub. 158 net)


0 120 65 LEWES (V. B.). Service Chemistry: being a short Manual of Chemistry

and its applications in the Naval and Military Services. Second and
revised edition. 8vo., pp. xv, 558; cloth (pub. 158)

(1895] 0 0 66 LUNGE (G.). A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Manufacture

of Sulphuric Acid and Alkali, with the collateral branches. Vols. II.
III. 8vo., pp. xi, 929, xxii, 840, and numerous illustrations ; cloth
(pub. £4.48)

1895-96 2 10 Second Edition, revised and enlarged. 67 MENSCHUTKIN (N.). Analytical Chemistry.

Analytical Chemistry. Translated by James
Locke. 8vo., pp. xii, 512; cloth (pub. 178 net)

1895 68 Mour (F.) et A. CLASSEN. Traité d'Analyse Chimique par la Méthode des Liquers Titrées. Roy. 8vo., 201 illustrations ; half red morocco

Paris, 1888 69 MÖLLER (F. P.). Cod Liver Oil and Chemistry.

4to., pp. cxxiii, 508, and illustrations ; cloth (pub. 158)

1895 0 80 70 PROCTOR (B. S.). Manual of Pharmaceutical Testing. Cr. 8vo., pp. vii, 176; cloth

1890 71 WAGNER (R. von). Manual of Chemical Technology. Translated and

edited by W. Crookes. Impl. 8vo., 596 illustrations ; cloth (pub.
£1. 12s)

1892 72 WATTS (H.). DICTIONARY OF CHEMISTRY and the allied branches of other sciences. 5 vols., 1863-71-Supplement.

5 . 1872-Second Supplement. 1875—Third Supplement, part II. 1881—together, 8 vols., roy. 8vo., half morocco and cloth


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0 180

1 16 0

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£ 8. d. 73 WILLIAMS (R. P.). Chemical Experiments general and analytical. 8vo., illustrations ; cloth

Boston, 1895 0 4 0 Conchology: 74 CATLOW (A.). Popular Conchology. Post 8vo., woodcuts ; cloth 1854 0 2 6 75 Cox (J. C.). Monograph of Australian Land Shells. Impl. 8vo., 20 coloured plates; bds.

Sydney, 1868

0 18 0 76 JOHNSTON (G.). An Introduction to Conchology; or, Elements of the

Natural History of Mollascous Animals. 8vo., pp. xvi and 615;

1850 0 5 0 77 LISTER (Martini) Historiæ sive Synopsis Methodicæ Conchyliorum et

Tabularum Anatomicarum. Recensuit et indicibus auxit G.
Huddesford. Folio, many finely engraved copperplates ; russia

Oxonii, 1770 1 10 0
78 TURTON (W.). Manual of the Land and Fresh-Water Shells of the
British Islands. Post 8vo., 12 coloured plates ; cloth

1840 0 5 0
A new edition, revised by J. E. Gray.
79 Bate and WESTWOOD. History of the British Sessile-eyed Crustacea.

2 vols., 8vo., numerous illustrations ; half brown morocco, gilt tops,
uncut; fine copy

1863-68 2 17 6
80 BELL (T.). History of the British Stalk-Eyed Crustacea. 8vo., wood-
cuts; cloth

1853 0 12 6 80*HERICK (F. A.). The American Lobster: a Study of its Habits and Development. Roy. 4to., 54 plates ; sd.

Washington, 1895 0 17 6 81 Darwin (C.). The Descent of Man, and Selection in relation to Sex. 2 vols., cr. 8vo., illustrations; cloth

1871 0 15 0 82 Dawson (Sir J. W.). The Canadian Ice Age, being notes on the Pleistocene Geology of Canada. 8vo., sd.

Montreal, 1893 0 5 0 $3 Echinodermata. FORBES (E.). History of British Starfishes. 8vo., woodcuts ; cloth

1841 0 5 6 84 Echinodermata. AGASSIZ (L.). Monographies d'EcHINODERMES, vivants

et fossiles. Roy. 4to., more than 50 plates (pub. at 98 frs.); half calf

Neuchatel, 1838 1 16 0
Content:-Livrn. I. Des SALÉNIES. 5 platesLivrn. II. Des SCUTELLE8.
32 plates--Livrn. III-IV. Des GALERITES et des DYSASTER. 17 plates-Livrn.

V. Anatomie du genre ECHINUS. 9 double plates.
Electricity :
85 [BARLOWE (W.)]. MAGNETICALL ADUERTISEMENTS: or divers pertinent

obseruations, and approued experiments concerning the nature and
properties of the Load-stone: Very pleasant for knowledge, and most
needfull for practise, of trauelling, or framing of Instruments fit for
Trauellers both by Sea and Land . . . 1616. Sm. 4to., woodcuts; a
nice copy in boards ; excessively rare

1616 6 6 0
A peculiarly interesting volume. At the end is printed a letter of William Gilbert,
the famous author of the “ de Magnete,” in which he refers to his celebrated book and
mentions the probable addition of an appendix, containing an account of some of
Barlowe's experiments:—“... I shall be glad to see you, as you write, as any man. I
will have any leisure, if it were moneth, to conferre with you, you have shewed mee
more, and brought more light than any man hath done... he is a great Magneticall
man (Johannes Franciscus Sagredus], and writeth that hee hath conferred with divers
learded men of Venice, and with the readers of Padua, and reporteth wonderfull liking
of my booke, you shall have a coppy of the letter : Sir, I purpose to adjoyne an
appendix . to my booke after a while ... and I would have some of your experi-
ments ...

W. Gilbert."
1618. Sm. 4to., calf neat

1618 6 6 0
Presentation copy from the author. Bound up with “ A Breife Discovery of the
Idle Animadver-sions of MARKE RIDLEY ... upon a Treatise entituled, MAGNETICALL

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