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£ 3. d.


502 WALTON (W.). Problems in illustration of the Principles of Theoretical Mechanics. 8vo., plates; cloth

1842 0 26

503 WEISBACH (J.) and G. HERRMANN. The Mechanics of Pumping Machinery. 8vo., 197 illustrations; cloth


The authorised translation from the second German edition, by K. P. Dahlstrom. Medicine, Early Works on: 504 BOSSCHE. Historia Medica, in qua libris IV. Animalium Natura, et eorum Medica utilitas exacte & luculenter tractantur . . . Auctore GUILIELMO vanden BossCHE . . . Sm. 4to., many curious woodcuts of Birds, Mammals, Fishes, Insects, etc.; vellum Bruxellæ, 1639 505 BRUEL.

The revised Second Edition.

07 6


0 15 0

1 16 0

Praxis Medicinæ, or, the Physician's Practise: wherein are contained all inward Diseases from the Head to the Foot . . . Written by that famous and worthy Physician, WALTER BRVEL... Sm. 4to., old calf; scarce 1639 506 CALLISEN (A. C. P.). Medicinisches Schriftsteller-Lexicon der getzt lebenden Aerzte, Wundärzte, Geburtshelfer, Apotheker, und Naturforscher aller gebildeten Völker. 33 vols. 12mo., neatly half bound in calf by Zaehnsdorf Copenhagen, 1830-Altona, 1845 507 EUONYMUS. The TREASURE of EVONYMUS, conteyninge the vvonderfull hid secretes of nature, touchinge the most apte formes to prepare and destyl Medicines, for the conseruation of helth. . . Translated (with great diligence, & laboure) out of Latin, by PETER MORVRYNG... Imprinted at London by John Daie... Sm. 4to., FIRST EDITION; Black Letter: many woodcuts of Herbs etc.; a fine large copy in old calf [1559] 10 0 0 VERY RARE. For an account of this curious work, see Pulteney's Progress of Botany in England. 508 VAN HELMONT. Ortvs Medicinæ, id est initia physicæ inavdita progressus medicinæ nouus, in Morborvm vltionem ad Vitam longam avthore Ioan. Baptista Van Helmont . . . Folio, engraved title; old calf, rebacked



Lugduni, 1655 PHENOMENA. Instructions for the Observation of Phenological Phenomena, prepared at the request of the Council of the Meteorological Society. 8vo., interleaved; half calf 510 STEINMETZ (A.). Sunshine and Showers: their influences throughout Creation. Cr. 8vo., illustrations; cloth

0 10 0






511 ADAMS (G.). Essays on the Microscrope. 4to., frontispiece and more
than 30 plates; old calf
This frontispiece is by no means to be despised as an example of mezzotinto
512 BAKER (H.). Of Microscopes, and the Discoveries made thereby.
2 vols., 8vo., plates; half calf, 5s; or, old calf neat
513 BASHAM (W. R.). On Dropsy connected with Disease of the Kidneys,
and on
some other Diseases of those Organs, associated with
Albuminous and Purulent Urine. 8vo., illustrated with numerous

microscopic figures; cloth


514 BEALE (L. S.). The Microscope in its Application to Practical Medicine. 8vo., 270 woodcuts and a coloured plate; cloth

0 7 6

06 0

[blocks in formation]


On the Structure of the simple Tissues of the Human Body. 8vo., illustrations; cloth

[1861] 026


How to work with the Microscope. 8vo., pp. xix, 383, and many illustrations; cloth


06 0


the same, another edition. 8vo., pp. xvi, 518, and illustrations;



0 15 0


The Microscope in Medicine. Fourth Edition, enlarged. 8vo., pp. xxxii, 539, and more than 500 illustrations; cloth

[blocks in formation]

519 BECK (R.). Treatise on the Construction, Proper Use, and Capabilities
of Smith, Beck, and Beck's Achromatic Microscopes. Roy. 8vo.,
woodcuts and plates; half red morocco, gilt top


520 BISCHOFF (E. P. E.). Mikroskopische Analyse der Anastomosen der Kopfnerven. 4to., 43 plates; half morocco

521 BROCKLESBY (J.). tions; cloth

Views of the Microscopic World.

£ s. d.


München, 1865


[blocks in formation]

Gand, 1843


522 BURGGRAEVE (A.). Histologie ou Anatomie de Texture. 8vo., plates;
half calf neat

523 BURY. Figures of Remarkable Forms of POLYCISTINS, or, Allied
Organisms in the Barbados Chalk Deposit. 4to., 25 photographic
plates; half brown morocco; rare
Privately printed, 1860-61
524 CARPENTER (W. B.). The Microscope and its revelations.
Appendix by F. G. Smith. Large 8vo., 434 illustrations; calf




Philadelphia, 1856 525 COOKE (M. C.). One Thousand Objects for the Microscope. 12mo., 500 figures; bds.

1869 010

526 CHEVALIER (A.). L'Etudiant Micrographe. Traité Théorique et Pratique
du Microscope et des préparations. 8vo., plates (representing Infusoria)
and woodcuts; half morocco
Paris, 1865
527 CHEVALIER (C.). Die Mikroskope und ihr Gebrauch. 8vo., plates;
half morocco

528 Cholera. Appendix to Report of the Committee for Scientific Inquiries
in relation to the Cholera-Epidemic of 1854. 8vo., 27 coloured plates
of microscopical air and water specimens; half calf



[blocks in formation]

529 CLARKE (L. L.). Objects of the Microscope. 12mo., cloth
530 CURIOSITIES of Animal Life; with the recent Discoveries of the Micro-
scope. 12mo., cloth

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[blocks in formation]

531 DAVIES (T.). The Preparation and Mounting of Microscopic Objects.
12mo., cloth
the same, the Second Edition, enlarged. 12mo., cloth [1873]
533 Diatomaceæ. Bibliography of the Microscope and Micrographic Studies,
being a Catalogue of Books and Papers in the Library of JULIAN DEBY.
Part III. The DIATOMACEE. Compiled with the Co-operation of
F. KITTON. Impl. 8vo., cloth

[blocks in formation]

534 EHRENBERG (C. G.). Verbreitung und Einfluss des mikroskopischen Lebens in Süd- und Nord- Amerika. 4to., 4 coloured plates; half calf Berlin, 1843 Fortsetzung der mikrogeologischen Studien. 4to., 30 plates; Berlin, 1875 MIKROGEOLOGIE. Das Erden und Felsen schaffende Wirken des unsichtbar kleinen selbstständigen Lebens auf der Erde. Large folio, with 41 plates containing an immense number of figures, many of which are coloured; half bound; RARE Leipzig, 1854 Passat- Staub und Blut- Regen ein grosses organisches unsichtbares Wirken und Leben in der Atmosphäre. 4to., 6 coloured plates; half calf neat


0.10 6

0 10 0

7.10 0

Berlin, 1849 0.10 6 538 FREY (H.). Das Mikroskop und die Mikroskopische Technik. 8vo.. 228 illustrations; half calf Leipzig, 1863 036 539 GIROD-CHANTRANS. Recherches chimiques et microscopiques sur les Conferves, Bisses, Tremelles, etc. 4to., 26 coloured plates, half calf Paris, 1802 540 GLEICHEN (W. F.). Auserlesene mikroskopische Entdeckungen bey den Pflanzen, Blumen und Blüthen, Insekten und andern Merkwürdigteiten. 4to., portrait and 83 coloured plates; hf. bd. 541 GRIFFITHS (A. B.). Physiology of the Invertebrata. 8vo., woodcuts;

[blocks in formation]

542 HAGER (H.). Das Mikroskop. 1870-HARTING (P.). Die Macht
des Kleinen, sichtbar in der Bildung der Rinde unsers Erdballs, oder
Uebersicht der Gestaltung, der geographischen und geologischen
Verbreitung der Polypen, Foraminiferen, und Kieselschaligen
Bacillarien. 1851-in 1 vol., 8vo., half calf


543 Das Mikroskop und seine Anwendung. 8vo., woodcuts; half Berlin, 1866



Das Mikroskop und seine Anwendung. 8vo., woodcuts; cloth Berlin, 1876 545 HANNOVER (A.). On the Construction and Use of the Microscope. Edited by J. Goodsir. 8vo., woodcuts and 2 plates; cloth

Edinburgh, 1853

[blocks in formation]


0 6 0

0 7 6


Impl. 8vo., numerous

Mainz, 1865

546 HASSALL (A. H.). Microscopic Anatomy of the Human Body. 2 vols.,
8vo., 67 fine plates, several in colours; cloth
547 HELWIG (A.). Das Mikroskop in der Toxikologie.
photographic illustrations; half calf neat
548 HOEFLE (M. A.). Chemie und Mikroskop am Krankenbette. 8vo.,
illustrations; half calf
Erlangen, 1848
549 HOFMEISTER (W.). Neue Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Embryobildung
der Phanerogamen. 27 plates. Erlangen, 1858-GERLACH (J.). Mikro-
skopische Studien aus dem Gebiete der menschlichen Morphologie.
8 plates. Erlangen, 1858—in 1 vol., impl. 8vo., half calf
550 HOGG (J.). The Microscope: its History, Construction, and Applications.
8vo., more than 500 illustrations; cloth



551 JÄGER (G.). Anleitung zu mikroskopischen Beobachtungen und zum
richtigen Gebrauch des Mikroskops. Large 8vo., illustrations; half
calf neat
Berlin, 1867

552 JOBLOT (L.). Descriptions et Usages de plusieurs nouveaux Microscopes.
4to., folding plates; old gilt calf


Paris, 1718

[blocks in formation]

Leipzig, 1853
Traduction de


[blocks in formation]

A Manual of Human Microscopic Anatomy. Svo., pp. xvi, 633,

[blocks in formation]

Observations d'Histoire Naturelle faites avec le Microscope. 2 vols. in 1, 4to., folding plates; old calf Paris, 1754-55 554 KLENCKE (H.). Mikroskopische Bilder. 12mo., 430 illustrations; half calf

355 KÖLLIKER (A.). Eléments d'Histologie Humaine. MM. J. Béclard et M. Sée. Large 8vo., 334 woodcuts;


and 249 illustrations; cloth 557 KÖSTLIN (O.). Die mikroskopischen Forschungen im Gebiete der menschlichen Physiologie. 8vo., half calf Stuttgart, 1840 558 LEDERMÜLLER'S (M. F.) Mikroskopischen Gemüths und Augen-Ergötzung. 3 parts in 2 vols. 4to., with 2 engraved titles, a portrait of Frederick Marggraf of Brandenburg, and 150 coloured plates of microscopical instruments and objects; old half binding Nürnberg, 1760-62

At the end are two similar pieces each with a coloured plate. Included among the
plates is a representation of the magic lantern.

559 LENS (The); a Quarterly Journal of Microscopy. Edited by S. A.
BRIGGS. Vol. I, and Vol. II pp. 1-184 (all published) in 2 vols., 8vo.,
with plates and woodcuts; hf. morocco neat
Chicago, 1872-73

morocco neat

Rare, and valuable for the papers on Diatoms, which are: The Diatomaceæ of Lake Michigan; Conspectus of the D.; Where to search for the D.; The Preparation of D.; The Bailey Collection of D.; Siliceous Shelled Bacillares; List of Rhode Island D. 560 LEUCKART (R.). Die Menschlichen Parasiten und die von ihnen herrührenden Krankheiten. 2 vols. 8vo., 669 illustrations; half Leipzig und Heidelberg, 1863-76 561 LEYDIG (F.). Beiträge zur mikroskopischen Anatomie und Entwickelungsgeschichte der Rochen und Haie. 8vo., 4 folding plates; half calf Leipzig, 1852 562 MAGGI (G. A.). Principi della Teoria Matematica del Movimento dei Corpi, Corso di Meccanica razionale. Roy. 8vo., sd.

[blocks in formation]

£ s. d.

1 10 0

Microscope-continued. 563 MEYER (H. A.) und K. MöвIUS. Die Prosobranchia und Lamellibranchia der Kieler Bucht. Folio, 24 finely coloured plates; bds. Leipzig, 1872 564 MICROSCOPICAL SOCIETY. A COMPLETE SET of the publications of the Microscopical Society from the beginning in 1841 to August, 1896, forming 73 vols. in 68, and 4 parts, 8vo., with many plates; the whole neatly and strongly half-bound in MOROCCO, a very fine 1841-96 30 0 0 MICROSCOPIC JOURNAL and Structural Record by Daniel CooPER and George BUSK, 2 vols., 1841-42.



TRANSACTIONS of the Microscopical Society (FIRST SERIES), 3 vols. large 8vo.


TRANSACTIONS, NEW SERIES, 16 vols., 1853-68.

QUARTERLY JOURNAL of Microscopical Science, from the beginning in 1853 to
1868. 16 vols.

MONTHLY MICROSCOPICAL JOURNAL: Transactions of the Royal Microscopical
Society, edited by Henry LAWSON. 18 vols. 1869-77.

JOURNAL of the Royal Microscopical Society concerning its Transactions and
Proceedings, 1878 to August, 1896, being 18 vols. and 4 parts, of which the first
seventeen vols. are bound in thirty-one, the rest being in parts.

565 MICROSCOPIC JOURNAL and Structural Record, edited by Daniel COOPER
and George BUSK. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo., with woodcuts; hf. calf 1841-42
This forms a forerunner of the publications of the Microscopical Society.
566 TRANSACTIONS of the Microscopical Society. [FIRST SERIES]
3 vols. in 2, complete, royal 8vo., with plates; cloth, uncut, very scarce

The second series, 16 vols., 1853-1868, was issued with the Quarterly Journal of
Microscopical Science for the corresponding period; and from 1869 to 1877 the Society's
Transactions appeared in the Monthly Microscopical Journal.
567 MONTHLY MICROSCOPICAL JOURNAL, Transactions of the Microscopical
Society, and Record of Histological Research, from its beginning in
1869 to its close in 1877;-18 vols. complete, Svo. with plates; cloth
and hf. bd.


568 MICROSCOPIC MISCELLANY (The); being Selections from the Microscopic Journal. Edited by Daniel COOPER. 8vo., with front. and woodcuts; hf. calf

1847 569 JOURNAL of the QUEKETT MICROSCOPICAL CLUB. COMPLETE from the beginning in 1866 to April, 1896, as detailed below;-12 vols. and 3 parts, 8vo., with many plates; half calf neat


015 0




5 5 0

1 10 0

1878-88 24 0 0

[First Series] 6 vols., including a General Index, 1868-81; Second Series, Vols. I-V, and Vol. VI, nos. 1-3, 1881-96; Reports, 1866-73, in 1 vol. 570 JOURNAL of the Quekett Microscopical Club. From 1878 to 1893. [First Series] Vols. V and VI; and Second Series, Vols. I-IV, and V parts 1 and 2. 8vo., five vols. hf. calf; and eight parts 1878-93 571 QUARTERLY JOURNAL of MICROSCOPICAL SCIENCE. A CONSECUTIVE SERIES from January, 1878, to February, 1888, or NEW SERIES, Vols. XVIII-XXVII and XXVIII, parts 1, 2 and 3. In all 10 vols. and 3 parts, 8vo. and royal 8vo., with numerous fine plates; in cloth and numbers, UNCUT, very scarce 572 MICROSCOPICAL SOCIETY. JOURNAL of the Royal Microscopical Society, from the beginning in 1878 to 1887 inclusive, forming 10 thick vols., large 8vo., with plates; the first vol. half bound in morocco, the rest in cloth and parts uncut 1878-87 (First Series) 3 vols. 1878-80; Second Series, 7 vols. 1881-87. 573 MICHEL. Du Microscope de ses Applications à l'Anatomie pathologique au Diagnostic et au Traitement des Maladies. 4to., 5 plates; half Paris, 1857 574 MOHL (H. von). Mikrographie, oder Anleitung zur Kenntniss und zum Gebrauche des Mikroskops. Large 8vo., 6 folding plates; half calf Tübingen, 1846 575 MOREL (C.). Traité élémentaire d'Histologie Humaine normale et pathologique. Roy. 8vo., 34 plates; half calf Paris, 1864







576 MOSER (A.). Anleitung zum Gebrauche des Mikroskops. 8vo., plate; half calf

Berlin, 1839

577 NAEGELI (C.) and S. Schwendener. The Microscope in Theory and
Practice. 8vo., numerous illustrations; cloth
578 [NEEDHAM (T.)]. An Account of some new Microscopical Discoveries.
8vo., plates; cloth


579 PELLETAN (J.). Le Microscope son emploi et ses applications. 8vo.,
4 plates and 278 figures in the text; half calf neat
Paris, 1876
580 PFAFF (E. R.). Das menschliche Haar. 8vo., 14 plates; half red
Leipzig, 1866
581 PRITCHARD (A.) and C. R. GORING. Microscopic Illustrations. Impl.
8vo., LARGE PAPER; several coloured and plain plates; half calf 1830
the same. New Edition, emended and enlarged. 8vo., half


£ S. d.






0 10 0

0 2 6







the same. New Edition, enlarged. 8vo., half calf
The Microscopic Cabinet. 8vo., coloured plates; half calf 1832
Micrographia. 8vo., plates, etc.; half calf


[blocks in formation]




0 26

0 3 6


586 QUEKETT (J.). Practical Treatise on the Use of the Microscope. 8vo., 9 plates and 241 woodcuts; calf neat


1848 another edition. 8vo., 12 plates and 270 woodcuts; calf neat 1852 Lectures on Histology. 2 vols., 8vo., more than 400 woodcuts; cloth 1852-54 589 REINHARD (H.). Das Mikroskop und sein Gebrauch für den Arzt. 8vo., woodcuts; half morocco Leipzig und Heidelberg, 1864 590 REINICKE (F.). Beitraege zur Neuern Mikroskopie. Large 8vo., plates; half calf Dresden, 1858 Bound up is, Lerebours, Instruction pratique sur les Microscopes, 1846. 591 REINSCH (P.). Das Mikroskop. 8vo., 6 plates; half calf Nürnberg, 1867 592 ROBIN (C.). Traité du Microscope. Deuxieme Edition revue et augmentée. 8vo., pp. xxiii, 1101, also 3 plates and 336 woodcuts; cloth Paris, 1877 593 SCHACHT (H.). Das Mikroskop und seine Anwendung, insbesondere für Pflanzen-Anatomie. Zugleich ein einleitender Unterricht in der Physiologie der Gewächse. 8vo., numerous plates and woodcuts; half Berlin, 1855 594 SCHOCH (G.). Die Mikroskopischen Thiere des Süsswasser-Aquariums. I Buch. Die Urthiere. 8vo., 8 plates; half calf neat Leipzig, 1868 595 STARR (M. A.), O. S. STRONG, and E. LEAMING. Atlas of Nerve Cells. Impl. 4to., 53 photographic plates and 13 diagrams; cloth (pub. 42s net) New York, 1896 596 STRASBURGER (E.). Sur la Formation et la Division des Cellules. Impl. 8vo., 8 plates; half calf


597 SUFFOLK (W. T.). On Microscopical Manipulation. woodcuts; cloth

der Thiergewebe

598 VALENTIN (G.). Die Untersuchung der Pflanzen-und
in Polarisirtem Lichte. 8vo., 84 woodcuts; hf. bd. Leipzig, 1861
599 [VARLEY]. IMPROVEMENTS in the Microscope. 8vo., 6 plates; half


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

600 VOGEL (J.). Anleitung zum Gebrauch des Mikroskopes zur
Zoochemischen Analyse. 8vo., 3 plates; half calf
Leipzig, 1841
601 VOGELSANG (H.). Philosophie der Geologie und Mikroskopische
Gesteinsstudien. Large 8vo., 10 coloured plates; half calf Bonn, 1867
602 VON DÜBEN (G.). Treatise on Microscopical Diagnosis. Large 8vo.,
71 illustrations; cloth
New York, 1859
603 WIESNER (J.). Einleitung in die Technische Mikroskopie nebst Mikro-
skopisch-Technischen Unterschungen. 8vo., 142 illustrations;
half morocco

[blocks in formation]
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