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604 WILLKOMM (M.). Die Wunder des Mikroskops oder die Welt im
kleinsten Raume. Sm. 4to., illustrations ; half calf

Leipzig, 1856 605 WOOD (J. G.). Common Objects of the Microscope. 12mo., coloured plates by Tuffen West; cloth

1861 606 Mineralogy. KURR (J. G. v.). Das Mineralreich in Bildern. Folio, 22 plates containing numerous coloured figures ; bds.

Stuttgart und Eisslingen, 1858 Mining and Metallurgy: 607 AGRICOLE (G.) de re Metallica libri XII ... Folio, very many woodcuts representing Mining and Smelting Operations; calf or vellum

Basiler, 1657 608 ClowES (F.). The Detection and Measurement of Inflammable Gas and

Vapour in the Air. Cr. 8vo., coloured frontispiece and other illustrations;
cloth (pub. 58 net)

1896 609 KIRKALDY (D.). Results of an experimental inquiry into the Mechanical

Properties of Steel, of different degrees of hardness, and under various
conditions, manufactured by C. Aspelin. 4to., plates and woodcuts ;

1873 610 PETTUS (Sir J.). Fleta Minor. The Laws of Art and Nature, in

Knowing, Judging, Assaying, Fining, Refining and Inlarging the
Bodies of confin’d Metals. In Two Parts. Folio, portrait and numerous
plates; old calf

A work still in great request. The first part contains the Assays of Lazarus

Erckern, the second has a considerable etymological interest.
611 RICHARDS (J. W.). Aluminium : its History, Occurrence, Properties,

Metallurgy and Applications, including its Alloys. 8vo., illustrations ;
cloth (pub. 21s)

1890 612 SCHLUTER (C. A.). Gründlicher Unterricht von HÜTTE-WERKEN

nebst einem vollständigem PROBIER-Buch ... Folio, frontispiece, and
numerous folding plates of forges and kindred appliances; hf. bd.

Braunschweig, 1738 613 SPERGES (J. von). Tyrolische Bergwerksgeschichte. 8vo., portrait ; half calf

Wien, 1765 614 ZOPPETTI (V.). Arte Siderurgica. Nozioni sulla Produzione della

Ghisa, del Ferro e dell'Acciaio. 2 vols., roy. 8vo., 158 woodcuts;

Milano, 1883 615 Mivart (St. George). Essays and Criticisms. 2 vols., 8vo., cloth (pub. 32s)

616 Alder and HANCOCK'S Monograph of the British Nudibranchiate

Mollusca. 7 parts complete, folio, with 82 plates, most of them coloured ;

1845-55 616*. another copy, folio, hf. calf

1845-55 617 ALLMAN (George James). Monograph of the Fresh-Water Polyzoa, including all the known species. Folio, with 11 coloured plates; bds.

Ray Society, 1856 618 BROOKS (W. K.). The Oyster. Cr. 8vo., illustrations; cloth

Baltimore, 1891 619 FLEMING (J.). Molluscous Animals, including Shell Fish. 8vo. plates; cloth

Edinburgh, 1837 620 FORBES (E.) and S. HANLEY. History of British Mollusca, and

their Shells. 4 vols., 8vo., more than 200 plates ; half calf 1853 620*.

the same. 4 vols., roy. 8vo., LARGE PAPER; the plates coloured; half brown morocco neat, gilt tops

1853 621 KOBELT (W.); Studien zur Zoogeographie. Die Mollusken der Palæarktischen Region. Impl. 8vo., sd.

Wiesbaden, 1879 622 Oyster Culture in relation to Disease. Roy. 8vo., sd. (pub. 8s 6d) 1896

The Twenty-Fourth Annual Report of the Local Government Board, 1894-95.

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d. 623 PhilPOTS (J. R.). Oysters, and all about them. 2 vols., cr. 8vo., pp. 1370; cloth

1890-91 0 7 6 624 REEVE (Lovell). The Land and Freshwater Mollusks indigenous to,

or naturalized in, the British Isles. 8vo., woodcuts ; half red morocco,
gilt top

1863 06 0 625 WOODWARD (S. P.). Manual of the Mollusca ; or rudimentary treatise

on Recent and Fossil Shells. 12mo., plates and woodcuts; calf 1851-56 0 5 0 626 NATURAL HISTORY (Dictionary of); or, Complete Summary of Zoology. 18mo., with a very large number of coloured figures ; half calf 1802

0 5 0 627 NATURALIST (A) on the Prowl, or, in the Jungle. By Eha. Cr. 8vo., 80 illustrations; cloth

1894 0 4 0 628 WILD NORWAY: with Chapters on the Swedish Highlands, Jutland,

and Spitzbergen. By ABEL CHAPMAN, Author of “Wild Spain," etc.
8vo., with seventeen full-page illustrations and numerous smaller ones by
the Author and Charles Whymper

1897 0 16 0
It is hoped that this book may become a standard work on Norwegian Sport. It is
the result of many years' personal experience of all kinds of sport-Stalking, Fishing,
Shooting, and Elk-hunting. The author is well known as a naturalist, and his
interesting remarks on the habits of birds and animals are those of a close and careful

CONTENTS :--Chap. I. Fjeld and Fjord-Chaps. II. and III. Reindeer-Stalking-
Chaps. IV. and V. Salmon Fishing-Chap. VI. Memories of Monsters--Chap. VII.
Salmon in Surendal-Chap. VIII. Summer Rambles—Chap. IX. More Salmon
Rivers--Chaps. X. and XI. Trouting- Chap. XII. Autumn in Norway-Chap. XIII.
Hunting Camps in Hardanger--Chaps. XIV, and XV. Elk-Huntinz-Chaps. XVI.
and XVII. Highlands of the Swedish Divide--Chap. XVIII. Wild Life in Forest and
Fjeld-Chap. XIX. Impressions of Denmark-Chap. XX. Lagoons and Marshes of

Jutland-Chap. XXI. The North Sea-Chap. XXII. Spitzbergen.
YORK. 13 vols., 4to., many hundred coloured plates; cloth

New York, 1842-3 14 0 0

Vol. I. MAMMALIA, by De Kay. Vols. VI and VII. Botany, by Torrey.
coloured plates.

140 coloured plates.
Vols. II and III. REPTILES and Fishes,

Vol. VIII. MINERALOGY, by Beck. by De Kay. 102 coloured plates.

Plates and figures.

Vols. IX-XII. GEOLOGY, by Hall,
Vol. IV. ORNITHOLOGY, by De Kay.

Emmons, Vanuxen, and Mather.
141 coloured plates.

Numerous plans, plates, and diagrams. Vol. V. MOLLUSCA and CRUSTACEA. 55 Vol. XIII. AGRICULTURE, by Emmons. colour ed plates.

Plans and plates.
630 Novara. The Voyage round the World. REISE DER ÖSTERREICHISCHEN

FREGATTE “NOVARA” um die Erde, in den Jahren 1857-59, unter den
Befehlen des Commodore B. von WÜLLERSTORF-URBAIR.
8vo., and 18 vols., roy. 4to., with several hundred plates, the greater part
of them, the LEPIDOPTERA in particular, being finely coloured ; 1 vol. in
morocco, 5 half bound, the rest as issued

Vienna, 1861-70 30 0 0
Anthropologischer Theil. 35 plates.
Botanischer Theil. 36 plates.
Geologischer Theil. 52 plates.
Linguistischer Theil.
Medicinischer Theil. 2 plates.
Statistisch-commercielier Theil. 9 plates.
Zoologischer Theil. 228 plates.
Beschreibender Theil.

Separately: 630* LEPIDOPTERA. 2 vols., 4to., 140 superbly coloured plates; bds. 1865-70 15 00 Optics : 631 ALHAZEN. Opticæ Thesavrus Alhazeni Arabis libri septem . . . eivsdem

liber de Crepvscvlis & Nubium ascensionibus. Item VITELLONIS
libri X . . . Folio, diagrams; old calf

Basilece, 1572 0 10 0


3 vols., roy.

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632 CODDINGTON (H.). An Elementary Treatise on Optics. 8vo.,
folding plates; half calf neat

Cambridge, 1823 06 633 A Treatise on the Eye and on Optical Instruments. Being Part II of A System of Optics. 8vo., folding plates ; half calf neat ;

Cambridge, 1830 1 0 0 634 EULER (L.). Dioptricæ pars prima [secunda et tertia). 3 vols. 4to., plates; old mottled cali

Petropoli, 1769-71

1 0 0 635 [LASSERÉ (F.)). La Dioptriqve Ocvlaire, ov la Theoriqve, la Positive,

et la Mechaniqve, de l'Ocvlaire Dioptriqve en toutes ses especes. Par
le Pere Cherybin d'Orleans . . . Folio, numerous fine plates ; old

Paris, 1671 0 10 0 636 [Newton (I.)]. Opticks : or, a Treatise of the Reflexions, Refractions,

Inflexions and Colours of Light . . . 4to., folding plates ; old calf 1704 0 7 6 637 POTTER (R.). Elementary Treatise on Optics. 2 vols., 8vo., cloth; or, bound in 1 vol., half calf

1851 0 50 The revised second edition. 637*. Physical Optics, or the Nature and Properties of Light. 8vo., woodcuts; half calf

1856 0 3 0 638 SMITH (R.). A Compleat System of Opticks. 2 vols., 4to., plates ; hf. bd.

Cambridge, 1738 0 6 0 639 Zaux. Oculus Artificialis Teledioptricus sive Telescopium, ex abditis

rerum Naturalium & Artificialium principiis protractum novâ methodo,
eâque solidâ explicatum ac comprimis é triplici fundamento Physico
seu Naturali, Mathematico Dioptrico et Mechanico, seu Practico
stabilitum . . . Authore R. P. F. Joanne Zahn ...3 pts. in 1 vol.,
sm. folio, numerous plates ; vellum

Herbipoli, 1685-86 0 ņ 6
On p. 181 of part 1, is a plate illustrating the idea of a photographic camera.
640 ANDERSSON (C. J.). Notes on the Birds of Damara Land and the

adjacent countries of S. W. Africa. 8vo., map and 3 plates; cloth 1872 0 90 641 Atkinson (J.). Compendium of the Ornithology of Great Britain. 8vo., pp. xii and 232 ; half morocco



4 vols., atlas folio, the Original Issue; 435 superbly
coloured plates containing life-size representations 1827-38

Objects represented in the Work entitled The Birds of
AMERICA. "5 vols., impl. 8vo.

1831-39 together, 4 vols., atlas folio, and 5 vols., impl. 8vo., uniformly bound in half blue morocco by Lewis 1827-39 350 00

The above being a copy of the first issue, the numbering of the plates of the first volume is almost entirely in Arabic numerals.

Audubon, by birth an American, was the son of a Frenchman. His indefatigable pursuit of knowledge, his enthusiastic devotion to the science of ornithology, his keenness of insight, have rendered his name for ever famous as that of one of the greatest naturalists the world has seen. With Buffon, Cuvier, and Owen, he occupies a front rank from which no later investigator can dethrone him ; and at the same time he holds a position of no small importance as one of

the literary celebrities of the New World.
The Companion Work:

impl. folio, 72 coloured plates ; half green morocco, gilt tops,

New York, 1866-69 25 0 0
The continuation to the work of Audubon.

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644 AUDUBON (J. J.). OrnituOLOGICAL BIOGRAPHY, or an Account of the
Habits of the Birds of AMERICA. 5 vols., roy. 8vo., hf. bd.; a bargain;

Edinburgh, 1831-39
the same.

5 vols., roy. 8vo., proof portrait (with autograph afired) inserted; calf extra, by J. Clarke

1831-9 Author's presentation copy to William Yarrell. 646

Synopsis of the Birds of North America. 8vo., pp. xxii and 359 ; bds.

Edinburgh, 1839 647 BACKHOUSE (J.). Handbook of European Birds. Cr. 8vo., front., pp. viii and 334; cloth (pub. 10s 6d)

1890 648 BAIRD (S. F.), T. M. Brewer, and R. Ridgway. History of North

LAND BIRDS. 3 vols., 61 coloured plates and 593 woodcuts

Boston, 1875
WATER BIRDS. 2 vols., with several hundred woodcuts, mostly
coloured by hand

Boston, 1884 together, 5 vols., impl. 8vo., coloured plates and culs, cloth 1875-84 649 BENDIRE (C.). Life Histories of NORTH AMERICAN BIRDs, with special

reference to their Breeding, Habits, and Eggs. Roy. 4to., 12 fine
coloured plates containing a large number of oological figures; cloth

Smithsonian Ins., Washington, 1892 650 BLACKBURN (H.). Birds from Moidart and elsewhere. 8vo., with nearly 90 finely executed plates; cloth

Edinburgh, 1895 651 BLYTH (E.). Catalogue of the Birds in the Museum Asiatic Society. 8vo., bds.

Calcutta, 1849 652 BONAPARTE (C. L.). Iconographie des Pigeons. Impl. folio, 140 exquisitely coloured plates; bds., RARE

Paris, 1857 Comprising those figures not included by Mme. Knip in the work of Temminck and Prévost.

see also: Wilson. 653 BRUCE (G.). The Land Birds in and around St. Andrews. Cr. 8vo., pp. vii, 563 ; cloth

Dundee, 1895 654 BRÜNNICH (M. T.). Die naturliche Historie des Eider-Vogels. 12mo., 3 plates; half calf

Kopenhagen, 1703 655 Bichner und Pleske. Beiträge zur Ornithologie des St. Petersburger Gouvernements. 8vo., half morocco

St. Petersburg, 1881 656 BULLER (W. L.). History of the Birds of NEW ZEALAND. 4to.,

frontispiece, woodcuts, and 35 hand-coloured plates, shewing in many
cases the male and female or adult and young; half calf

the same. 4to., red morocco extra, gilt edges

1873 658 the same.

Second Edition. 2 vols., folio, with 50 plates, of which 48 are printed in colours after drawings by KEULEMANS; in the thirteen original parts

1888 659

the same. 2 vols., folio, a beautiful copy in half green morocco, elaborately gilt backs, fancy sides, gilt tops, uncut

1888 660 BUREAU (L.). L'Aigle Botté, Aquila Pennata (Cuvier). Folding

coloured plate. 1875--De la Mue du Bec et des Orements Palpébraux
du Macareux Arctique, Fratercula Artica (Lin.), après la Saison des
Amours. Plain and coloured figures. 1877—in 1 vol., impl. 8vo.,

1875-77 660*

Recherches sur la Mue du Bec des Oiseaux de la Famille des MORMONIDÁS. Roy. 8vo., several coloured and plain plates containing figures of Beaks; cloth

Paris, 1879

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Vols. 1-XXV, and XXVII [Vol. XXVI is not yet
published]. 26 vols., 8vo., with some hundreds of fine
COLOURED PLATES; nine vols. neatly half bound in calf gilt

one in hf. morocco gilt, the rest in cloth

1874-96 36 00 662 Challenger. Voyage of H.M.S. CHALLENGER, 1873-76: Birds, by P. L. SCLATER. Roy. 4to., 30 coloured plates by Smit; sd.

1881 1 8 0 663 Code (The) of Nomenclature and Check-List of North AMERICAN Birds. 8vo., cloth

N. Y., 1886 0 5 0 664 COUES (Professor Elliott). HANDBOOK of Field and GENERAL

ORNITHOLOGY. 8vo., many cuts of the Anatomy of Birds (pub. at
10s), cloth

Macmillan, 1890 0 4 6
A manual of the structure and classification of Birds, with instructions for collect-
ing and preserving specimens—forming a companion to every work on Birds, and the

necessary adjunct to every Sporting book. 665 Dixon (C.). British Sea Birds. 8vo., 8 pretty illustrations by C. Whymper; cloth (pub. 10s 6d)

1896 0 6 0 666 DRESSER (H. E.) [and R. B. SHARPE). History of the BIRDS of

EUROPE, including all the Species inhabiting the Western Palæarctic
Region. 8 vols., impl. 4to., 633 beautifully drawn and coloured plates ;
half red morocco extra, gilt tops, uncut; an OriGINAL SUBSCRIBER'S

1871-81 50 0 0 667

the same, the SUPPLEMENT. 9pts. impl. 4to., coloured plates; parts 1-8 ready, each

1 1 0 To the many collectors, who, from either a lack of means or of opportunity, have been unable to acquire a copy of Dresser's great work, an extract should be of interest. Such an extract consisting of 14 pp.roy. 4to., dealing with the SQUATAROLA HELVETICA and the Tringa Minuta, can be supplied for 30the same, with a coloured plate by

Keulemans, 18. 668 D'URBAN (W. S. M.) and M. A. MATHEW. The Birds of Devon. 8vo.,

coloured plates, photographs, and maps; cloth (pub. 21s net) 1892 0 15 0 669 ELLIOT (D. G.). A MONOGRAPH of the PHASIANIDA

or Family of the PHEASANTS. 2 vols., impl. folio,
84 superb coloured plates; in the five original parts, £30 ;
or, hf. bd. red morocco, RARE

1872 36 00 The finest and rarest of all Elliot's celebrated works. 670 GÄTKE (H.). Heligoland as an Ornithological Observatory. The result

of fifty years' experience. Translated by R. Rosenstock. Roy. 8vo.,
portrait and woodcuts; cloth ; scarce

Edinburgh, 1895 1 16 0 671 GIGLIOLI (E. H.). Notizie d'Indole Generale, migrazioni, nidificazione, alimentazione, ecc. 8vo., sd.

Fizenze, 1891 0 4 0 Primo Resoconto dei Risultati della Inchiesta Ornitologica in Italia. Parte III. 672 GOULD (J.). A CENTURY of Birds from the HIMALAYA MOUN. TAINS.Impl. folio, 80 coloured plates ; half green morocco

1832 12 0 0 673 GOULD. THE BIRDS OF AUSTRALIA. 7 vols.,

600 coloured plates. 1848 — THE SUPPLEMENT. 81
coloured plates. 1851-70 together 8 vols., impl. folio,
a magnificent copy in blue morocco extra, broad gold borders,
full gilt backs, gilt edges

1848-70 180 0 0 674 GOULD. THE BIRDS OF ASIA. [Completed by R.

BOWDLER SHARPE]. 7 vols., impl. folio, 530 coloured
plates (pub. £110. 5s in boards); ħalf dark green morocco
extra, gilt edges

1850-83 80 0 0

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