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£ 8. d. 677 GOULD. THE BIRDS OF NEW GUINEA and the

adjacent Islands, including many new Species recently dis-
covered in Australia. Completed by R. BOWDLER SHARPE.
5 vols., impl. folio, 320 coloured plates ( pub. £78. 15s in
bds.); half morocco, gilt tops, fine copy

1875-88 60 0 0
“It is admitted by every ornithologist that New Guinea and the
Papuan Islands have the finest birds in creation--the Paradiseidæ,
which have many different decorations, and must be seen in the
drawings to understand their forms.

“ There are also the finest Parrots, Kingfishers, and Pittas; some of each are figured in every part.”—J. Gould. 678 GRAHAM (H. D.). The Birds of IonA and Mull, edited by J. A. HARVIEBrown. Sq. roy. 8vo., with illustrations by the Author; cloth

Edinburgh, 1890 0 18 0 679 GRAVES (G.). British ORNITHOLOGY. 2 vols., large 8vo., 96 coloured plates; half calf and bds. uncut

1811-13 0 16 0 680 2 vols. in 1, large 8vo., calf gilt

1811-13 0 18 0 681

Second Edition. 3 vols., 144 coloured plates. 1821 -OVARIUM BRITANNICUM. 15 coloured plates. 1816--together, 4 vols. in 3, large 8vo., half green morocco extra

1816-21 2 2 0 682 the same. 4 vols. in 3, impl. 8vo., LARGE PAPER; hf. bd., uncut

1816-21 2 10 0 683

Ovarium Britannicum ; being a correct delineation of the Eggs of such Birds as are natives of, or domesticated in Great Britain. Roy. 8vo., 15 plates containing numerous coloured figures; half

1816 0 10 0 684 GRAY. (G. R.). GENERA OF BIRDS: comprising their Generic

Characters, a Notice of the Habits of each Genus, and an extensive
List of Species referred to their several Genera (with Appendix and
Index], illustrated by D. W. MITCHELL. 3 vols. folio, 350 plates, the
Birds exquisitely COLOURED, the details of structure plain; half red
morocco, gilt tops

1844-49 16 10 0 685 the same.

3 vols., folio, the earliest issue ; half morocco, gilt edges

1844-49 25 0 0 686 GURNEY (J. H.). Descriptive Catalogue of the Raptorial Birds in the Norfolk and Norwich Museum. Part 1. Impl. 8vo., cloth 1864 0 2 6

Describing the Serpentariidæ, Polyboridæ, and Vulturidæ. 687 HARTERT (E.). · Katalog der Vogelsammlung im Museum der Sencken

bergischen naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Frankfurt am Main. 8vo., half morocco

Frankfurt a. M., 1891 0 3 6 688 HATCH (P. L.). Notes on the Birds of Minnesota. Roy. 8vo., pp. 487;

cloth Geological and Natural History Survey, Minneapolis, 1892 0 7 6 689 HEADLEY (F. W.). The Structure and Life of Birds. 8vo., 78 illustrations ; cloth (pub. 78 6d)

1895 0 4 6 690 Horne (G.). Pheasant Keeping for Amateurs. 8vo., plates (1 coloured); cloth

1887 0 1 0 691 HUME (Allan). List of the Birds of India. Roy. 8vo., bds.

Calcutta, 1879 0 2 0 692 IBIS (The); a Magazine of General Ornithology. COMPLETE from

the beginning in 1859 to 1896, inclusive, with GENERAL INDEXES to the vols. for 1859-1894 in 2 vols. ;-40 vols. 8vo. with a great number of fine COLOURED plates

1859-96 0 0 0 (First Series) 6 vols. 1859-64 ; Second Series, 6 vols. 1865-70 ; Third Series, 6 vols. 1871-76; Fourth Series, 6 vols. 1877-82 ; Fifth Series, 6 vols. 1883-88 ; Sixth Series, 6 vols. 1889-94 ; Seventh Series, vol. I and II, 1895-96 ; General Index to the first three series, 1 vol., 1876 ; General Index to the fourth, fifth, and sixth series, 1 vol.

Ibis (The)-continued.
693 Ibis (The). First Series, Vol. III, with 13 coloured plates ; uncut 1861

Including : Reinhardt on Birds of Greenland ; Sclater on Milvago carunculatus;
Swinhoe on Ornithology of Hongkong, Macao and Canton ; Robert Owen on the
Nesting of Guatemalan Birds ; Heuglin on Birds of N.E. Africa ; F. and P. Godman
on Birds observed at Bodö ; Newton on Wolley's discovery of the breeding of the
Waxwing ; Gurney on Birds from Natal ; Salvin on Quesal-shooting in Vera Paz;
Abbott on Birds of the Falkland I. ; Sclater on American Barbets ; Irby on Birds of
Oudh and Kumaon ; Sclater on the Genus Turdus ; Wallace on Birds of Ceram and
Waigiou ; Sclater on a rare species of Hawk; Blakiston on Birds of British North

America ; etc. etc.
693*Ibis (The). First Series, Vol. IV, with 13 coloured plates ; uncut 1862

Including : Sclater on American Barbets (cont.), on Falco circumcinctus, and on
Pipra deliciosa ; Gurney on Birds from Natal ; Newton on the Gular Pouch of the
Male Bustard, and on Birds of Madagascar; Layard on Birds of the Antarctic Seas ;
Taylor on Birds of Florida ; Reinhardt on the Genus Balæniceps ; Gurney on the
Eggs of Vultur auricularis and Aquila audas; Verreaux and Des Murs on the
Genus Circaetus ; Swinhoe on Birds of Foochow ; Tristram on Birds of Palestine,

2 00

etc, etc.

694 IBIS (The). First Series, Vol. V, with 13 coloured plates; uncut 1863 5 0 0

Including : Blyth's Catalogue of the Birds of India ; Blakiston's Birds of Brit.
N. Amer. (cont.); Swinhoe's Ornith. of N. China, Formosa, and N. Japan ; Sclater
on Dacnis and on Calliste, and on Eastern Asiatic Thrushes ; Gurney on Birds from
Natal (cont.), on the Kestrel of Madagascar, and on a new Hawk from China ;
Newton and Roch on Birds of Madagascar (cont.); S. S. Allen on the Birds of

Egypt, etc. etc.
695 Ibis (The). First Series, Vol. VI, with 10 plates; uncut

Including : Adams on Birds of Egypt and Nubia ; Wright on Birds of Malta and
Gozo ; Allen on Acrocephalus stentorius ; Wallace on the Genus Pitta, and on Astur
griseiceps; Sclater on the Genus Cosmetornis, on the Birds of the Comoro I., on the
Rapacious Birds of the Zambesi Region, and on a new species of Tetragonops; Tickell
on the Hornbills of India and Burmah ; Newton on the Irruption of Pallas's Sand-
Grouse in 1863 ; Schomburgk on Birds of Siam ; etc.

The following scarce nos. of the First Series are sold separately at
the price affixed to each :
696 Vol. III, number 9, January, 1861,

zaetus Ayresii, Pindalus rufica.
containing 4 coloured plates (Eggs pillus, and Macheropterus deli-
of Guatemalan Birds, Milvago

ciosus), 3s 6d
carunculatus, Tinnunculus Alopex, 699 Vol. IV, number 15, July, 1862,
and Eggs of Ampelis garrula), 58

containing 3 coloured plates (Cir.
697 Vol. III, number 12, October, 1861,

caetus Beaudouini, Buteo brachypcontaining 4 coloured plates (Ac

terous, Atelornis pittoides), 2s 6d cipiter pectoralis, Psalidoprocne 700 Vol. IV, number 16, October, 1862, cypselina, Hypotriorchis castano- containing 4 coloured plates (Turnotus, and Zosterops poliogastra),

dus Naumanni, Hirundo Monteiri, 58

Leucotreron Gironieri, and Psaro698 Vol. IV, number 14, April, 1862,

pholus ardens), 2s 6d
containing 3 coloured plates (Spi-

JARDINE and P. J. Selby. 4 vols. roy. 4to., with 207 coloured plates,
those of the first three volumes being in duplicate (plain and coloured);
neatly half bound, gilt tops

Edinburgh, [1829-431 100 701athe same.

4 vols. roy. 4to., with 122 (of 207) coloured plates ; the text complete; in a parcel

[1829-43] The plates contained in this copy are numbered as follows :-Vols. 1-III.-1-50,

53, 68, 76, 92, 106[*]-110[*], 112-120, 130. Vol. IV.-1-53 7016the same.

Vol. IV, separately. Roy 4to., with 53 coloured plates; unbd.

[1837-43] 3 10 ! This fourth volume, without which the work can in no way be considered perfect, is exceedingly scarce. Many dealers are quite unaware of its existence, as is evidenced

by the number of copies, which, sold as complete, consist of but three volumes. 702 LAWRENCE (G. N.). 7 pieces by this eminent ornithologist, in 1 vol., 8vo., cloth

1877-79 0 Dealing with birds from the Islands of St. Vincent, Grenada, and Dominica ; a new species of Cypselidæ, birds from Martinique, Guadeloupe, etc.

703 LE VAILLANT (F.). Histoire NATURELLE des PERROQUETS (avec le

troisième Volume Supplémentaire par A. BOURJOT SAINT HILAIRE).

3 vols. imperial folio, Large Paper, 250 coloured plates Paris, 1801-38 20 0 0 704

HISTOIRE NATURELLE d'une PARTIE d'OISEAUX NOUVEAUX et Rares de l'AMÉRIQUE et des INDES. Imperial folio, Large Paper, with double set of the 49 plates (plain and coloured)

Paris, 1801 9 0 0 705 HISTOIRE NATURELLE des OISEAUX d'AFRIQUE. 6 vols. imperial

folio, Large Paper, with double set of the 300 plates (plain and

Paris, 1805-8 28 0 0 The above three works of Le Vaillant are uniformly and beautifully bound in reddish brown morocco, gold borders on sides, gilt edges. 706

HISTOIRE NATURELLE des OISEAUX de Paradis et des ROLLIERS; des Toucans et des BARBUS (suivie de celle des PROMEROPS et GUEPIERS et des CouroucOUS). 3 vols. atlas folio, Largest Paper, with double set of the plates (plain and coloured); red morocco super-extra, borders of gold, gilt edges, with Mr. Larking's monogram in gold, on sides

Paris, 1806-7 36 0 0 The publication price was 2376 francs, unbound. 707 LINDERMAYER (R. A.). Die Vögel Griechenlands. 8vo., half morocco

Passau, 1860 0 2 6 708 LLOYD (L.). The Game Birds and Wild Fowl of Sweden and Norway.

Second Edition. Impl. 8vo., map, woodcuts, and coloured plates ;

1867 2 7 6 709 MACGILLIVRAY (W.). History of British BIRDS. 5 vols., 8vo., numerous plates and cuts ; cloth

1837-52 6 10 0 Specially esteemed as the great authority on the anatomy of birds. 710 MCILWRAITH (T.). The Birds of Ontario. Second Edition, enlarged and revised. 8vo., portrait and woodcuts ; cloth

1894 0 4 6 711 MANZINI. Ammaestramenti per allevare, pascere, & curare gli

Uccelli . Li quali s'ingabbiano ad uso di cantare. Opera nonamente
composta per Cesare Manzini Romano ... Milano ... M.DC.XLV. . .
18mo., curious woodcuts of Singing Birds; red morocco extra, by

1615 1 80 COLLATION : A, 12 Il. ; B, 18 ll.

The extreme rarity of this little work is accounted for, not only by its early date, bat by its small size. The wonder is that any copy or copies still exist. 712 MEYER (A. B.). Abbildungen von Vogel-SKELETTEN. Parts I-V, impl. 4to., 50 fine plates; as issued

Dresden, 1879-83 1 16 0 713 Michelet (J.). L'Oisean. Cr. 8vo., morocco

Paris, 1858 0 1 6 714 MUNE-EDWARDS (A.). Recherches sur la Faune Ornithologique éteinte

des Iles Mascareignes et de Madagascar. Impl. 4to., numerous plates,
plain and coloured ; cloth

Paris, 1866-73 1 8 0 715 Minor (H. D.). The Land-Birds and Game-Birds of New England. Second Edition, by Brewster, 8vo., illustrations; cloth

Boston and New York, 1895 0 7 6 716 Mommsen (A.). Griechische Jahreszeiten. Heft III. 8vo., half calf

Schleswig, 1875 0 2 6 Inhalt: Zeiten des Gehens und Kommens und des Brütens der Vögel in Griechenland und Ionien. Catalog von Dr. Krüper, mit Citaten und Zusätzen von Dr. Hartlaub.

-Kalender, vom Herausg.-Litteratur, von Dr. Hartlaub.
717 MONTAGU (G.). Ornithological Dictionary of British Birds. Second

Edition, by J. Rennie. 1831- Supplement. 1813-together 2 vols.,
8vo., hf. bd.

1831-13 0 5 6 718 MORRIS (Rev. F. O.). History of British Birds. 6 vols., roy. 8vo.,

the original issue; 358 coloured plates ; half red morocco gilt, gilt

1851-62 5 15 0 719

6 vols., roy. 8vo., half green morocco extra, gilt tops, uncut

1851-62 6 6 0

the same.

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720 NAUMANN (J. F.) und C. A. BUHLE. Die Eier der Vögel Deutschlands

und der benachbarten Länder. 5 pts. in 1 vol. 4to., with 10 plates
containing several hundred beautifully coloured figures of Eggs ; calf

Hulle, 1818-28 721 NEARLING (H.). North American Birds. Pts. I-II, roy. 4to., 7 coloured plates; sd.

1890 722 NEWTON (A.) and H. GADOW. DICTIONARY of Birds. With Contribu

tions from R. Lyddeker, C. S. Roy, and R. W. Shufeldt. Demy 8vo.,
pp. xii, 1088, and numerous illustrations; in cloth; or in the four
original parts, boards with leather backs

1893-96 723 Nitzsch's Pterylography; from the German, edited by P. L. Sclater. Folio, with 10 plates, bds.

Ray Society, 1867 724 NORTH (A. J.). Descriptive Catalogue of the Nests and Eggs of Birds

found breeding in Australia and Tasmania. Impl. 8vo., 21 photographic
plates containing numerous figures ; hf. bd.

Sydney, 1889 725 PARKER (W. Kitchin). Morphology of the Duck and Auk Tribes. Roy. 4to., with 9 plates ; sd.

Roy. Irish Acad. 1890 726 Robinson (P.). Birds of the Wave and Woodland. Roy. 8vo., pretty illustrations; cloth (pub. 10s 6d)

1894 727 RUDOLPH of Austria. Notes on Sport and Ornithology. Translated by C. G. DANFORD. 8vo., pp. vi, 648; cloth (pub. 188)

1889 728 Russian ORNITHOLOGY. Several important pieces in 1 vol., roy. 4to.,

with, in all, 24 coloured plates, cloth

CONTENTS : I, Brandt. Descriptiones et Icones Animalium Rossicorum novorum :
Aves, fasc. 1 (all published), 18 coloured plates, Petropoli, 1836. II, an extract from
the Mem. de l'Acad. Imp. d. Sc. vii Série, 3 coloured plates, 1881. III, Conspectus
Avium Imperii Rossici, fasc. 1, St. Petersbourg, 1884. IV, Pleske, Beschreibung einiger
Vogelbastarde, coloured plate, St. Petersbourg, 1887. V, Pleske, Revision der
Turkistanischen Ornis, ibid., 1888. Zoology of the Afghan Delimitation Com-

mission : Birds, by R. Bowdler Sharp, 2 coloured plates, n. d.
729 SAVIGNY (J. C.). Histoire naturelle et mythologique de l'I bis. 8vo.,
6 plates;

Paris, 1805 730 SCLATER (P. L.) and W. H. Hudson. ARGENTINE ORNITHOLOGY. A

Descriptive Catalogue of the Birds of the Argentine Republic. 2 vols.,
impl. 8vo., 20 hand-coloured plates ; lds.

200 copies printed and signed, of wbich this is No. 145.
“Dr. Sclater and Mr. Hudson have combined their forces to produce one of the
best books ever written on South American Ornithology. Each is a master of bis own
portion of the subject, for no one is better nted with Neotropical Ornithology
than Dr. SCLATER, and Mr. Hudson has been known for many years as one of the best
living observers of the habits of birds in the field. The scheme of the book, therefore,
leaves nothing to be desired, and the whole of the get-up,' as regards paper, print, and
illustrations, renders it as good as it is possible to be, and reflects the greatest credit on

the publisher.”Nature.
731 SEEBOHM (Henry). Coloured Figures of the Eggs of British Birds,

with Descriptive Notices; edited (after the Author's death) by
R. BOWDLER SHARPE. Roy. 8vo., 300 pp. and 60 plates ; cloth

Sheffield, 1896
“ Taken as a whole, Seebohm’s is decidedly the finest work on British oology that has
yet been published, especially as it contains figures of the eggs of many species which
were unknown in the days of Hewetson. It will be very acceptable to the numerous
collectors of eggs, to many of whom the earlier work-with its nearly two thousand
pages of letterpress-would be an encumbrance; there are barely three hundred pages

in the present."-Athenæum, August 7th, 1897.
732 SHARP (Henry). Practical Wildfowling: a Book on Wildfowl and
Wildfowl Shooting. Demy Svo., 300 pages, with 177 illustrations

“Mr. Henry Sharp is an old hand, and he has written this book, the first from his
pen, with twenty years' experience to back him. Undoubtedly Mr. Henry Sharp
understands everything he writes about; but his strongest point is a thorough knowledge
of guns, particularly of punt guns, of punts, ammunition, and shooting paraphernalia
* Practical Wildfos

useful book that will interest all persons
interested in this particular branch of shooting. The drawings, by the author's brother,
are well-executed and life-like, and the work contains a good index.”—The Sketch.

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£ d. 733 SHARPE (R. Bowdler). Birds in Nature. Roy. 4to., 39 coloured plates and other illustrations ; cloth (pub. £3. 38)

1888 1 0 0 734 - Scientific Results of the Second Yarkand Mission. Aves, by

R. BOWDLER SHARPE. Folio, 24 coloured plates by Keulemans ;

1891 0 10 0 735 Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club. Vol. 1. 8vo.,

, cloth

1893 0 2 0 736 SHELLEY (G. E.). Handbook to the Birds of Egypt. Impl. 8vo., 14 coloured plates ; cloth; scarce

1872 2 16 0 737

A MONOGRAPH of the NECTARINIIDE, or Family of Sun-Birds. Royal 4to., 120 coloured plates (cost to subscribers, £12. 12s), blue morocco extra

1876-80 6 6 0 738 SHUFELDT (R. W.). The MYOLOGY OF THE RAVEN (Corvus corax sinuatus). 8vo., many structural engravings (pob. at 13s); cloth

Macmillan, 1890 0 4 6
A guide to the study of the muscular system in Birds. A high-class work on the
Anatomy of Birds for scientific Ornithologists and Public Libraries.
739 STEJNEGER (Leon.). Ornithological Explorations in the Commander

Islands and Kamtschatka. 8vo., 382 pages, and 7 plates, most of the
figures coloured ; sd.

Smithsonian Inst., 1885 0 7 6 740 STERLAND (W. J.). Birds of Sherwood Forest. Cr. 8vo., 4 plates (3 coloured); cloth

1869 0 5 0 741 STONE (Witmer). The Birds of Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Roy. 8vo., cloth

Philadelphia, 1894 0 6 0 742 STRICKLAND (H. E.) and A. G. MELVILLE. The Dodo and its Kindred.

Impl. 4to., woodcuts, and 18 plates containing many osteological details,
views, and coloured facsimiles of Savery's two pictures of the Dodo;

1848 0 12 0
Describing the history, affinities and osteology of the Dodo, Solitaire, and other
extinct birds of the islands Mauritius, Rodriguez, and Bourbon,

At the end is a valuable bibliography of the Didinæ. 743 SWAINSON (W.). A Selection of the Birds of Brazil and Mexico.

Roy. 8vo., 78 exquisitely coloured plates ; half morocco; very scarce 1841 4 10 0 744 TEGETMEIER (W. B.). Pheasants, their Natural History and Practical

Management. Third Edition, enlarged. 8vo., plates and woodcuts ;
cloth (pub. 78 60)

1897 0 4 0 745 THEOBALD (F. V.). The Parasitic Diseases of Poultry. Cr. 8vo., cloth


PLANCHES COLORIEES D'OISEAUX, pour servir de suite et de
complément au PLANCHES ENLUMINÉES de Buffon. 5 vols., impl. 4to.,
600 coloured plates ; a scientifically arranged copy, unbound Paris, 1838 16 0 0

This copy having been broken up and arranged in families, it cannot be guaran-
teed, although believed to be, complete.
the same.

5 vols., impl. folio, Large Paper; 600 coloured plates; half red morocco, gilt tops, uncut

1838 27 0 0 748 Tracts. 8 Tracts in 1 vol., 8vo., cloth

1874-80 0 2 6 Comprising contributions by W. H. Dall, G. N. Lawrence, and R. Ridgway. 749 TWEEDDALE (Arthur, Marquis of). Ornithological Works. Edited by

R. G. W. Ramsey. With Biographical Sketch by W. H. Russeli.
Roy. 4to., portrait and woodcuts (without the coloured plates); cloth

For private circulation, 1881 1 5 0 The author made the birds of the Philippines and the Eastern Archipelago his special study. 750 WALCHNER (H.). Beiträge zur Ornithologie des Bodenseebeckens. 8vo., 2 folding plates ; half morocco neat

Karlsruhe, 1835 0 2 0 751 WILD-Fowl (The) and Sea-Fowl of Great Britain. By a Son of the

Marshes. Edited by J. A. Owen. 8vo., illustrations by Bryan Hook ;
cloth (pub. 148)

1895 0 8 0


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