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754 WILLUGHBEII (Francisci) . . . Ornithologiæ libri tres . . . Folio, in the
original half binding
The Ornithology of F. Willughby . . . In Three Books.
Wherein all the Birds hitherto known
are accurately described
. . To which are added Three considerable Discourses. I. Of the

1678 1 10 0

Art of Fowling. II. Of the Ordering of Singing Birds. III. Of Falconry. By John Ray. . . Folio, 78 plates, old calf, rebacked 756 WILSON (A.). AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGY; or Natural History of the Birds of the UNITED STATES. 9 vols. 76 coloured plates figuring 397 Birds Philadelphia, 1808-25 BONAPARTE (C. L.). AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGY; Natural History of Birds inhabiting the UNITED STATES, not given by WILSON. 4 vols. 37 coloured plates Philadelphia, 1825-33 the two works together, 9 vols., roy. 4to., and 4 vols., folio, hf. 1808-33 25 0 0







the same, 9 vols., roy. 4to., and 4 vols., folio, bound in five volumes, dark blue morocco extra, gilt edges, by Clarke

The rare original edition. In many instances the birds are represented the full

size of life.

761 WILSON (S. B.) and A. H. EVANS. Aves Hawaiiences: The Birds of
the Sandwich Islands. Pts. I, III, IV, roy. 4to., 25 coloured plates;
sd. (pub. £3. 3s net)
To be completed in 7 parts. Parts 1-6 are ready, price 21s each.
762 YARRELL (W.). History of BRITISH BIRDS. 3 vols. 8vo., 520 woodcuts;
half calf
the same. Second Edition. 3 vols. 8vo., 535 woodcuts;


the same, 9 vols., roy. 4to., and 4 vols., folio, half russia neat


764 OWEN (R.). Odontography; or, a Treatise on the Comparative Anatomy of the Teeth. 2 vols., roy. 8vo., 150 plates containing many hundred figures; half russia (cracked) 1840-45

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Life, by his grandson the Rev. R. Owen. 2 vols., 8vo., portraits; cloth (pub. £1. 4s) 1894


In this, the scientific portions are revised by C. D. Sherborn, and an essay by
Huxley, on Owen's position in anatomical science, is added.


1808-33 27 10 0

766 BITTNER (A.).

Lamellibranchiaten der Alpinen Trias. I Theil : Revision der Lamellibranchiaten von Sct. Cassian. Impl. 4to., 24 plates; sd. (pub. 27 fl.) Wien, 1895 767 BLANFORD (H. F.). The Fossil Cephalopoda of the Cretaceous Rocks of Southern India. Folio, with 25 plates; sd.

Geological Survey of India, 1861 768 [BOWERBANK. Fossils of the London Clay]. Roy. 8vo., plates by J. D. C. Sowerby ? 1840 An important extract of 144 pp. 769 BUCKLAND (W.). Reliquiæ Diluvianæ. 4to., numerous plates; half calf


1808-33 35 0 0


Observations on the organic remains contained in caves, fissures, and diluvial gravel, and on other geological phenomena, attesting the action of an universal deluge. 770 BURMEISTER (Hermann). Organization of Trilobites. Edited by BELL and FORBES. Folio, with six plates; bds. the same, folio, hf. morocco neat


772 DAVIS (James W.). Fossil Fish of the Cretaceous Formations of
Scandinavia. Roy. 4to., with 9 plates; sd. Royal Dublin Soc. 1890
773 D'ORBIGNY (A.). Cours Elémentaire de Paléontologie et de Géologie
stratigraphiques. 2 vols. in 1, cr. 8vo., and 1 vol., 4to., half calf and
Paris, 1849-52

8. d.

0.10 0

1 11 6

1 12 0 1 10 0


0 120

1 10 0




036 050




774 CHAPUIS (F.) et G. DEWALQUE. Mémoire en Réponse à la Question suivante: faire la Description des Fossiles des Terrains secondaires de la Province de Luxembourg. 4to., 38 plates; half calf neat

Bruxelles, 1854

Forming, with several other works on mathematics etc., the 25th vol. of the
Mémoires Couronnés et Mémoires des Savants Étrangers, publiés par l'Académie
Royale des Sciences, des Lettres, et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique.

775 DEECKE (W.). Die Foraminiferenfauna der Zone des Stephanoceras
Humphresianum im Unter-Elsass. 2 plates. Strassburg, 1884-
CHAPUIS (F.). Nouvelles Recherches sur les Fossiles des Terrains
secondaires de la Province de Luxembourg. Première Partie.
20 plates. 1858-MOSELEY (H. N.). On the Structure and Relations
of the Alcyonarian Heliopora cærulea, with some Account of the
Anatomy of a Species of Sarcophyton, Notes on the Structure of
Species of the Genera Millepora, Pocillopora, and Stylaster, and
Remarks on the Affinities of certain Palæozoic Corals. 2 plates.
1875-MOSELEY. On the Structure of a Species of Millepora occurring
at Tahiti, Society Islands. 2 plates. 1876-MOSELEY. On the
Structure of the Stylasteride. Il plates. 1878-GREGORIO (A. de).
Coralli Giuresi di Sicilia-GREGORIO. Nota intorno a taluni Fossili
di Monte Erice. 2 plates. 1886-GREGORIO. Fossili del Giura-Lias
(Alpiniano de Greg). 2 plates. 1885-REUSS (A. E.). Die Bryozen,
Anthozoen und Spongiaren des braunen Jura von Balin bei Krakau.
4 plates. 1867-KÜBLER (J.). Die Foraminiferen des scheweiz Jura.
4 plates. 1870-in 1 vol., roy. 4to., half calf neat; lettered "Moseley,
776 EUDES-DESLONGCHAMPS (E.). Le Jura Normand. Etudes Paléontolo-
giques des divers Niveaux Jurassiques de la Normandie. Livraisons
I-II, impl. 4to., 17 plates; in parts (pub. 40 fr.) Paris, 1877-78
777 FRAAS (E.). Die Labyrinthodonten der Schwäbischen Trias. Roy. 4to.,
17 fine plates; sd.
Stuttgart, 1889
778 FRITSCH (A.). Fauna der GASKOHLE und der KALKSTEINE der PERM-
FORMATION BÖHMENS. Vols. 1-3, part 1, in 9 parts, folio, with 80 plates
containing a large number of coloured figures; as issued Prag, 1879-88
779 GEYER (C.). Über die Liasischen Cephalopoden des Hierlotz bei
Hallstatt. Impl. 4to., 4 plates; sd. (pub. 7 fl.)
Wien, 1886
780 HAAS (H.) und C. PETRI. Die Brachiopoden der Juraformation von
Elsass-Lothringen. 1 vol., impl. 8vo., and 1 vol., roy. 4to., 18 plates
containing many figures; half calf neat

Strassburg, 1882
781 HAIME (J.). Description des Bryozoaires Fossiles de la Formation
Jurassique. Impl. 4to., 6 plates; bds.
Paris, 1854

782 KOCH (C. L.) und W. Dunker. Beiträge zur Kenntniss des Nord-
deutschen Oolithgebildes und deseen Versteinerungen. Roy. 4to.,
7 plates; bds.
Braunschweig, 1837

783 LAUBE (G. V.). Die Bivalven des braunen Jura von Balin. 5 plates.
1866-LAUBE. Die Gastropoden des braunen Jura von Balin. 3 plates.
1866-LAUBE. Die Fauna der Schichten von St. Cassian.
5 pts.
43 plates. 1864-68-BECKER (E.). Die Korallen der Nattheimer
Schichten. 4 plates. Cassel, 1875-MILASCHEWITSCH (C.). Die
Korallen der Nattheimer Schichten. 6 plates. Cassel, 1875-76-
DUMKOWSKI (E. v.). Die Spongien, Radiolarien und Foraminiferen
der Unterliassischen Schichten vom Schafberg bei Salzburg. 6 plates.
Wien, 1832-in 1 vol., roy. 4to., half calf neat
784 M'COY (F.). Contributions to British Paleontology, or First
Descriptions of Three Hundred and Sixty Species and several Genera
of Fossil Radiata, Articulata, Mollusca, and Pisces, from the Tertiary,
Cretaceous, Oolitic, and Palæozoic Strata of Great Britain. Roy. 8vo.,
illustrations; cloth

Cambridge, 1854

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785 M'Coy (F.). Prodromus of the Palæontology of VICTORIA; or, Figures and Descriptions of Victorian Organic Remains. 4 pts., impl. 8vo., with 40 plates containing numerous plain and coloured figures; sd.

Melbourne, 1874-76

Prodromus of the Paleontology of Victoria; or Figures and Descriptions of Victorin Organic Remains. Parts I-VII, impl. 8vo., 70 plates in tints; sd. Melbourne, 1874-82 787 MOJSVÁR (Edmund Mojsisovics Edlen von). Die Cephalopoden der Hallstätter Kalke. Band II in 2 vols., impl. 4to., 130 fine lithographic plates; sd. (pub. 100 Gulden) Wien, 1893 788 MARTIN (J.). Paléontologie Stratigraphique de l'Infra-Lias du Département de la Cote-d'Or, suivie d'un aperçu paléontologique sur les mêmes assises dans le Rhone, l'Ardéche et l'Isère. Roy. 4to., 8 plates; half calf neat 8. d.

Extracted from the Mémoires de la Société Géologique de France. 789 MURCHISON (R. I.), E. de VERNEUIL, and Count A. von Keyserling. The Geology of RUSSIA in Europe and the URAL MOUNTAINS. 2 vols., roy. 4to., 7 folding coloured maps and geological sections, 12 lithographic Views, 50 plates of Fossil Remains, and woodcuts;_cloth


The text to the second volume is in French.


790 NICHOLSON (H. Alleyne) and R. ETHERIDGE jnr. Monograph of the Silurian Fossils of the Girvan district in Ayrshire. Fasc. I (Rhizopoda, Actinozoa, Trilobita). Roy. 8vo., with 9 plates; bds. Edin. 1878 791 OWEN (Richard). Paleontology, or a Systematic Summary of Extinct Animals and their Geological Relations. 8vo., woodcuts; cloth Edinburgh, 1860 792 OWEN (R.). Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Fossil Reptilia of South Africa in the British Museum. Impl. 4to., with 70 fine large plates, many of them folded, and a tabular view of the fossiliferous strata of the Earth; hf. calf gilt, rare

1876 793 PARKINSON (J.). Organic Remains of a former World. 3 vols. 4to., 1833

numerous coloured plates; half blue calf gilt

An examination of the mineralized remains of the vegetables and animals of the antediluvian world; generally termed extraneous fossils.

plates with descriptions; bds.

794 PAVLOW (A.) et G. W. LAMPLUGH. Argiles de Speeton et leurs
Equivalents. Roy. 8vo., 11 fine plates; sd.
Moscou, 1892
795 PHILLIPS (J.). Figures and Descriptions of the Paleozoic Fossils of
Cornwall, Devon, and West Somerset. 8vo., 60 plates; cloth 1841
796 QUENSTEDT (F. A.). Atlas zu den Cephalopoden. Impl. 4to., 36 fine
Tübingen, 1849
[with General Index and SUPPLEMENT, by J. D. C. SOWERBY]. 7
vols., large 8vo., complete, with 650 (1-648, 33 bis, and A) finely
coloured plates (pub. at £26.); a working copy in the original half
binding; a bargain

the same, 7 vols., 8vo., half russia (repaired)
799 STUR (D.). De Culm-Flora der Ostrauer und Waldenburger Schichten.
Impl. 4to., numerous illustrations; sd. (pub. 40 fl.)
Wien, 1877
Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Flora der Vorwelt; Heft II.
800 TERQUEM (O.). Paléontologie de l'Etage inférieur de la Formation
Liasique de la Province de Luxembourg, Grand-Duché (Hollande), et
de Hettange, du Departement de la Moselle. Roy. 4to., 15 plates; half
calf neat
8. d.
Extracted from the Mémoires de la Société Géologique de France.
801 TERQUEM et BERTHELIN. Etude microscopique des Marnes du Lias
Moyen d'Essey-les-Nancy, zone inférieure de l'Assise a Ammonites
Margaritatus. Royal 4to., with 20 plates comprising some hundreds of
figures; half calf neat
Société Géologique, 1875

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803 TERQUEM et JOURDY. Monographie de l'Etage Bathonien dans le
département de la Moselle. Royal 4to., with 15 plates of fossils; sd.
Société Géologique, 1869
804 TERQUEM et E. PIETTE. Le Lias inférieur de l'Est de la France,
comprenant la Meurthe, la Moselle, le Grand-Duché de Luxembourg,
la Belgique et la Meuse. Roy. 4to., 18 plates; half calf neat
s. d.
Extracted from the Mémoires de la Société Géologique de France.
805 THOMSON (James) on the Development and Generic Relation of the
Corals of the Carboniferous System of Scotland. 8vo., with 14 plates;
Glasgow, 1883
806 WILLIAMSON (W. C.). A Monograph on the Morphology and Histology
of Stigmaria Ficoides. Roy. 4to., 15 plates; bds.
Printed for the Palæontographical Society, 1887

807 Petroleum. REDWOOD (B.), G. T. HOLLOWAY, and others. PETROLEUM,
2 vols., 8vo., numerous maps, plates, and illustrations in the text; cloth
(pub. £2.58)
A treatise on the geographical distribution and geological occurrence of petroleum
and natural gas; the physical and chemical properties, production, and refining of
petroleum and ozokerite; etc.


808 BERNOULLI (D.) Hydrodynamica. plates; hf. bd.

809 D'ALEMBERT. Traité de Dynamique.



4to., pretty vignettes and folding Argent., 1738 Sm. 4to., folding plates; old Paris, 1743 Traité de l'Equilibre et du Movement des Fluides. Sm. 4to., 10 folding plates; old calf Paris, 1744 811 EULER (L.). Mechanica sive Motus Scientia Analytice exposita. 2 vols., 4to., half calf neat Petropoli, 1736 812 PHYSICAL SOCIETY of London. PROCEEDINGS: Vols. I-XIII; and XIV, nos. 1-4; being from March, 1874, to April, 1896-PHYSICAL MEMOIRS selected and translated from foreign sources, Vol. I, parts 1, 2, 3, 1888-90-LIST of Memoirs on the Physics of Matter, by Lehfeldt, 1894;-8vo., with plates; in cloth and parts as issued 1885-96 813 PICKERING (E. C.). Elements of Physical Manipulation. Part II. 8vo., cuts; cloth 1876 814 ROITI (A.). Elementi di Fisica. 2 vols., roy. 8vo., with nearly 900 illustrations; sd. Firenze, 1891-94 815. WEBSTER (T.). Theory of the Equilibrium and Motion of Fluids. 8vo., cloth Cambridge, 1836


816 DUMORTIER et VAN BENEDEN. Histoire Naturelle des Polypes composés d'Eau Douce. 4to., 6 plates containing numerous plain and coloured figures; unbd. 1842-48

From the Memoires de l'Academie Royale de Bruxelles. 817 TREMBLEY (A.). Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire d'un genre de Polypes d'Eau Douce. 4to., folding plates; bds. 5s; old mottled calf gilt Leide, 1744 Cr. 8vo., pp. viii, 544;

818 READE (Winwood). The Martyrdom of Man.



The author, a disciple of Darwin, states in his preface, that on certain minor points he ventures to dissent from Darwin's views, and that there is probably much of which Darwin would disapprove.


819 BELL (T.). History of British Reptiles. 8vo., woodcuts; cloth 1849 820 BOULENGER (George Albert). Catalogues of the LIZARDS in the British Museum. 3 vols., thick 8vo., with 106 plates (published at £3. 68) hf. calf neat 1885-87

[blocks in formation]


821 GÜNTHER (Albert). The Reptiles of British India. Folio, with 26 plates
representing upwards of 100 specimens; bds. or hf. calf Ray Society, 1864
822 KREFFT (G.). The Snakes of Australia; an Illustrated and Descriptive
Catalogue of all the known Species. 4to., 12 coloured plates containing
numerous figures, bds., rare
Sydney, 1869
another copy.
4to., the plates plain, bds., 15s; or, green

morocco extra


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824 ROESEL VON ROSENHOF. Historia Natvralis RANARVM Nostrativm . . . cum Praefatione. A. v. HALLER . . . edidit accvratisqve iconibvs ornavit, A. I. ROESEL von ROSENHOF... Large folio, coloured frontispiece, vignettes, and 24 fine plates in two states (plain and coloured), containing numerous figures of Frogs; the Text in German and Latin; calf Norimberga, 1758 825 TRACTS (6) in 1 vol., 4to., plain and coloured plates; half calf 1833 etc. Comprising:-I, Gravenhorst, Über Phrynosoma Orbicularis


Chamæleopsis Hernandesii, 1833; II, Maximilian, Ueber die Cobra Coral der
Brasilianer; III, Mayer, Über die Hintere extremität der Ophidier; IV, Maximilian,
Über Coluber Lichtensteinii; V, Maximilian, Über den Quetz Paleo des Seba; VI,
Mayer, Beiträge zu einer Anatomischen Monographie der Rana Pipa.
Royal Society of London:

£ s. d.

The "Philosophical Collections" by Robert Hook, seven numbers complete, published in 1679-1682, during which time the Philosophical Transactions were interrupted, and which were intended to supply the gap, are included in the above set,-they will be found in vols. xiii

and xiv.




1 16 0

0 15 0

826 PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS of the Royal Society of London, A COMPLETE SET unabridged from the beginning in 1665 to 1896, inclusive, being vols. I-CLXXXVII, with GENERAL INDEXES to 1665-1830, and the EXTRA VOLUMES published in 1878 and 1896;-4to. with an immense number of plates; the first eighty-four vols. bound in sixty-five, in FINE OLD RED MOROCCO EXTRA, gilt edges; the subsequent volumes up to the year 1874 neatly and uniformly bound to match in half red morocco, cloth sides; the rest in cloth parts 1665-1896 240 00


827 PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS of the Royal Society of London. A COMPLETE SET, unabridged, from the beginning in 1665 to 1886, inclusive, being vols. I—CLXXVII, with GENERAL INDEXES, 1665-1830 in 2 vols., the Extra-Vol. of 1878, also SPRAT'S and BIRCH'S Histories of the Society, etc., as further described below; -4to., the first one hundred and twenty vols. uniformly and neatly whole bound in russia, the rest as published, A VERY FINE SET from Dunn Gardner's library 1665-1886 175 00

Bound uniformly and included in this set are: Birch's History of the Royal Society, 4 vols., 1756-57; Sprat's History of the Royal Society, 1734; a vol. of tracts published by the Royal Society (containing Discourses by Sir John Pringle on Air, the Torpedo, the Attraction of Mountains, Preserving the Health of Mariners, the Reflecting Telescope, and Gunnery) and a French Index, "Table des Memoires imprimés dans les Transactions Philosophiques," 1665-1735, par M. de BREMOND,

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