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87 BENNETT (A. R.). The Telephone Systems of the Continent of Europe.
8vo., pp. xiv, 436, and 169 illustrations; cloth (pub. 15s)
88 BLAKESLEY (T. H.). Papers on alternating Currents of Electricity.
Second Edition, enlarged. Cr. 8vo., cloth

89 BLAVIER (E. E.). Nouveau Traité de Télégraphie Electrique. 2 vols.
in 1, 8vo., numerous illustrations; hf. bd.
Paris, 1867

90 BONNEY (G. E.). Electrical Experiments. Cr. 8vo., 144 illustrations; cloth

93 CULLEY (R. S.). A Handbook of Practical Telegraphy.


8vo., diagrams;


94 DE LA RIVE (A.). Treatise on Electricity. 3 vols., 8vo., numerous
illustrations; cloth
95 EDISON. The Life and Inventions of THOMAS ALVA EDISON, by W. K. L.
Dickson and Antonia Dickson. 4to., 200 illustrations; cloth 1894
96 ELECTRICAL Laboratory Notes and Forms. Sm. folio, cloth
? 1895
97 FARADAY (M.). Experimental Researches in Electricity. 3 vols.,

8vo., plates; cloth 1849-44-55 98 FERRINI (R.). Recenti Progessi nelle Applicazioni dell' Elettricitá. Parte Prima delle DYNAMO. 8vo., 230 illustrations; sd. Milano, 1892 2a Edizione, completamente rifatta. 99 FLEMING (J. A.). The Alternate Current Transformer, its theory and practice. Vol. I, 8vo., woodcuts; cloth (pub. 12s 6d) 1896 The new edition.


91 CAILLARD (E. M.). Electricity. The Science of the Nineteenth Century. Cr. 8vo., illustrations; cloth (pub. 7s 6d) 1891 92 CABEUS. PHILOSOPHIA MAGNETICA, in qva Magnetis Natvra penitys explicatvr, et omnivm qvæ hoc Lapide cernuntur, causæ propriæ afferuntur... Auctore NICOLAO CABEO.. M.DC.XXIX. Folio, engraved title and numerous woodcuts; bound in old French olive morocco, fleurs-de-lis on back, and semis of the same on sides with plain centre panels, gilt edges; FINE COPY; RARE; "Domus Probat Paris. Soc. Jesu on title Colon., J. Kinckius; Ferraria, F. Succius, 1629 15 0 0


"Ebert's is the only bibliographical work in which I have found an account of this book. In the Brit. Mus. Catalogue it is mentioned as printed at Cologne-Ebert says at Cologne and Ferrara in the same year. From this copy having both titles I should conclude that there was but one edition and that it was printed at Ferrara.”MS. note on fly-leaf.

100 FODOR (E. de). Die elektrischen Verbrauchsmesser.

illustrations; sd.


Post 8vo., 77


s. d.







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016 014

101 FONTAINE (H.). Eclairage à l'Electricité. Roy. 8vo., 326 illustrations;
hf. red morocco
Paris, 1888
102 GELLIBRAND. A Discovrse Mathematical on the Variati-on of the
Magneticall Needle... By HENRY GELLIBRAND... 1635. Sm. 4to.,
presentation copy, calf neat

1635 210

103 GERARD (E.). Leçons sur l'Electricité. Quatrième Edition. 2 vols., roy. 8vo., numerous illustrations; half red morocco, uncut Paris, 1895 104 GUY (A. F.). Electric Light and Power, giving the result of practical experience in Central Station Work. Cr. 8vo., illustrations; cloth (pub. 58) 1894 02 105 HAWKINS (C. C.) and F. Wallis. The Dynamo, its theory, design, and manufacture. Cr. 8vo., pp. xiv, 520, and 190 illustrations; cloth (pub. 10s 6d)



106 JACKSON (D. G.). Text-Book on Electro-Magnetism. Vol. I. Cr. 8vo., woodcuts; cloth 1893 06 107 KAPP (G.). Electric Transmission of Energy. Cr. 8vo., 130 illustrations;


1891 026
the revised Fourth Edition. Cr. 8vo., 166 illustrations; cloth
(pub. 10s 6d)

1894 0 5 6



109 MUNRO (J.). Heroes of the Telegraph. Cr. 8vo., portraits; cloth 1891 110 NORMAN. The NEWE ATTRACTIUE, containyng a short discourse of the Magnes or Lodestone, and amongest other his vertues, of a newe discouered secret and subtill propertie, concernyng the Declinyng of the Needle, touched there with under the plaine of the Horizon. Now first founde out by ROBERT NORMAN Hydrographer. Hereunto are annexed certaine necessarie rules for the art of Nauigation, by the same R.N... 1581.-[BOROUGH]. A DISCOVRS of the VARIATION of the CUMPAS, or Magneticall Needle. Wherein is Mathematically shewed, the maner of the obseruation, effectes, and application thereof, made by W. B. And is to be annexed to the Newe Attractiue of R.N. 1581.

In 1 vol., sm. 4to., Black Letter, diagrams; Fii, Fiii, and Gii of the "Discourse absent; one or two headlines slightly cut into; vellum; 1581




The NEWE ATTRACTIUE. A-E, in fours; F, 1.; H, 1 l. In all, 22 ll.
A DISCOURS. *, 4 U.; A, 2 ll.; B-E, in fours; F1; F4; G1; G3; G 4.
In all, 27 (of 30) ll.

The Newe Attractive, shewing the nature, propertie, and manifold vertues of the Loadstone... by Ro: NORMAN. With the application thereof, for finding the true Variation of the Compas.. by maister W: Burrowes... 1614. Sm. 4to., calf neat 1614 112 PREECE (W. H.) and A. J. Stubbs. Manual of Telephony. Cr. 8vo., pp. xviii, 508, and numerous illustrations; cloth (pub. 15s)


113 REICHENBACH (Baron von). Researches on Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, and Chemical Attraction in their relations to the Vital Force. 8vo., plates and woodcuts; cloth 1850 114 RIDLEY. A Short Treatise of Magneticall Bodies and Motions. By MARKE RIDLEY ... 1613. Sm. 4to., engraved title, portrait, and diagrams; a few contemporary annotations on one or two of the margins; bright morocco, edges rough gilt

The author, in his preface, deals tolerantly with the many and varied theories concerning magnetic bodies, instancing many of the most notable from those of Pliny and Nicander to that of Robert Norman. He is however particularly emphatic concerning the production of perpetual motion by means of the load-stone, he finding it "by the experience of many ingenious practices. . . unpossible to be done."

115 Röntgen Rays. RIGHI (A.). Sulla Propagazione dell' Elletricità nei Gas attraversati dai Raggi di RÖNTGEN. Roy. 4to., illustrations; sd. Bologna, 1896 116 SALAMONS (Sir D.). Complete Handbook of the Management of Accumulators. 8vo., photographic illustrations; cloth


The revised second edition.

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117 SHAW (G.). Manual of Electro-Metallurgy. 8vo., cloth
Opvscvlvm perpetva memoria dignissimvm, de NATVRA


MAGNETIS, et eivs effectibvs ... Authore IOANNE TAISNIERIO HANNONIO ... Coloniae . . . M.D.LXII. Sm. 4to., portrait at back of title (repeated on the last leaf), initial letters, and woodcuts, calf neat Including a theory concerning perpetual motion. 119 THOMPSON (Silvanus P.). The Electromagnet, and Electromagnetic Mechanism. 8vo., woodcuts; cloth (pub. 15s) 120

Dynamo-Electric Machinery. Svo., pp. xi, 835, and folding plates; cloth (pub. 24s)

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The revised Fifth Edition.

121 TYNDALL (J.). Researches on Diamagnetism and Magne-Crystallic Action, including the question of Diamagnetic Polarity. 8vo., illustrations; cloth

122 WEYMOUTH (F. M.). Drum Armatures and Commutators. 8vo., woodcuts; cloth (pub. 78 6d)

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1613 10 10 0

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5 0 0

1891 080

1896 0 14 0

1870 050

1893 046


123 WORMELL (R.). Electricity in the Service of Man. Thick 8vo., more than 950 illustrations; cloth 1893

The revised edition, enlarged by R. M. Walmsley.

124 LANGDON-DAVIES (C.). Explanation of the Phonopore, and more especially the Simplex Phonopore Telegraph. 4to., illustrations; the text in English and French; bds. 125 ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, NINTH AND LAST EDITION, complete, with the General Index, 25 thick vols., 4to., cloth, as issued (pub. £45. 10s)

1891 0 20


126 BOVEY (H. T.). A Treatise on Hydraulics. 8vo., numerous illustrations;
New York, 1895
127 BURTON (W. K.). The Water Supply of Towns and the Construction
of Waterworks. Impl. 8vo., numerous plates and woodcuts; cloth
(pub. 25s)

A practical treatise for the use of engineers and students of engineering.
128 SMITH (R. H.). Graphics, or the Art of Calculation by drawing Lines,
applied especially to Mechanical Engineering. Part I. 1 vol., 8vo.,
and 1 vol., roy. 4to., numerous diagrams; cloth
129 STEVENSON (D.). The Principles and Practice of Canal and River
Engineering. Impl. 8vo., numerous illustrations; cloth (pub. £1. 11s 6d)
Edinburgh, 1886
130 STEPHENSON (G.). Life, by SAMUEL SMILES. 8vo., portrait; cloth 1858
131 VERNON-HARCOURT (L. F.). Rivers and Canals. 2 vols., 8vo., plates
and woodcuts; cloth (pub. £1. 11s 6d)
Oxford, 1896
The second edition, re-written and enlarged.
132 WEGMANN (E.). The Water-Supply of the City of NEW YORK, 1658-
1895. Roy. 4to., 148 folding and other plates; cloth (pub. £2. 2s)

New York, 1896 133 WHEELER (W. H.). History of the Fens of South Lincolnshire. Roy. ? 1895

£ 8. d.

1878-89 14 0 0

0 10 0

Svo., maps; cloth

The second and greatly enlarged edition of a work describing the rivers Witham and Welland and their estuary, and containing an account of the reclamation, drainage, and enclosure of the fens adjacent thereto.


134 ABBOT (J.) AND J. E. SMITH. NATURAL HISTORY OF THE RARER LEPIDOPTEROUS INSECTS OF GEORGIA [(AMERICA)]. 2 vols., large folio, 104 plates of the best colouring of Insects, their metamorphoses, and the plants on which they feed; half calf (mended)


According to Lowndes, some of the copies of this work were but indifferently coloured and are therefore practically valueless.

135 AUSTAUT (J. L.). Les Parnassiens de la Faune Paléarctique.

Sm. 4to., 32 coloured plates; cloth Leipzig, 1889 136 BARRETT (C. G.). The Lepidoptera of the British Islands. 3 vols., Svo., cloth 1893-96 137 BONHOTE (J. L.) and N. C. ROTHSCHILD. Harrow Butterflies and Moths. Vol. I. 8vo., bds. 1895 138 BROUN (Capt. T.). Manual of the New Zealand Coleoptera. Pts. I, V, VI, VII, in 2 vols., 8vo., bds. Wellington, 1880-93 139 BUCKLER. The Larvae of the British Butterflies and Moths. By William Buckler, edited by H. T. STAINTON and Geo. T. PORRITT. 7 vols. 8vo. with 127 COLOURED plates; cloth Ray Society, 1886-97 140 BUCKTON (George Bowdler). Monograph of the British APHIDES. 4 vols. 8vo. with 134 coloured plates; cloth Ray Society, 1875-82 141 BUCKTON (G. B.). Natural History of Eristalis Tenax or the DroneFly. 8vo., 2 coloured and 7 plain plates; cloth (pub. 8s net) 1895 142 BUTLER (E. A.). Our Household Insects. Cr. 8vo., 7 plates and many illustrations in the text; cloth (pub. 6s)

An account of the insect-pests found in dwelling-houses.

O 10 0

1889 0 7 6,

O 15 0

0 18 0 076

1 0 0

140 0 10 0

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1893 036


143 CAMERON (Peter). Monograph of the British Phytophagous
Hymenoptera. 4 vols. 8vo. with 84 plates representing several hundred
specimens, most of the figures being COLOURED; cloth Ray Society, 1882-92
144 COLLECTION (A) of Plain and Coloured Drawings and Hand-coloured
Engravings of Insects accompanying a letter-press Catalogue. The
whole neatly mounted in a 4to. volume; hf. bd.
(? 1850)
145 COMSTOCK (J. H.). Introduction to Entomology. Roy. 8vo., plates and
cuts; sd.
Ithaca, N. Y., 1880
146 COOKE (M. C.). Vegetable Wasps and Plant Worms. Cr. 8vo.,
numerous illustrations; cloth (pub. 5s)


2 pts., impl. 8vo., sd.

A history of entomogenous fungi, or fungi parasitic upon insects. 147 COTES (E. C.) and C. SWINHOE. Catalogue of the Moths of India. Calcutta, 1887 148 CURTIS (John). BRITISH ENTOMOLOGY; being Illustrations and Descriptions of the Genera of Insects found in Great Britain and Ireland. 16 vols. in 8, royal 8vo., an original copy, with Indexes of Insects and Plants, and 770 coloured plates containing figures from nature of the most rare and beautiful species, and in many instances, of the plants upon which they are found; half gilt binding 149 CYRILLI (D.) ENTOMOLOGIE NEAPOLITANE Specimen primum. Royal folio, 12 superbly coloured plates with engraved text; half blue morocco;


Neapoli, 1787

Privately printed.

150 DONOVAN (E.). An Epitome of the Natural History of the INSECTS of CHINA. 4to., the original issue; 50 coloured plates; a fine copy in russia gilt 1798


Natural History of BRITISH INSECTS. 16 vols. in 5, large Svo., with nearly 600 coloured plates; a sound working copy, hf. bd. 1802-13 152 DOUGLAS and Scott. The British Hemiptera. Vol. I: HemipteraHeteroptera (all published). 8vo. with 21 plates; cloth

Ray Society, 1865

153 DUNCAN (J.). Beetles. Cr. 8vo., 30 coloured plates; cloth

£ 8.

Edinburgh, 1835
Forming one of the volumes of Jardine's Naturalist's Library.
154 EDWARDS (J.). The Hemiptera-Homoptera (Cicadina and Psyllina) of
the British Islands. 8vo., plates; cloth

155 EIMER (G. H. T.) und K. FICKERT. Die Artbildung und Verwandt-
schaft bei den Schmetterlingen. II Theil. Eine Systematische
Darstellung der Abänderungen, Abarten und Arten der Schwalben-
schwanz-Ähnlichen Formen der Gattung PAPILIO. 1 vol., impl. 8vo.
and 1 vol., folio, 4 coloured plates and 7 illustrations in the text; sd.
Jena, 1895
156 ELLIS (J. W.). Liverpool Coleoptera. 8vo., cloth Liverpool, 1889
The Lepidopterous Fauna of Lancashire and Cheshire. Svo.,
Leeds, 1890
158 ENTOMOLOGISTS' ANNUAL (The), edited by H. T. Stainton, from the
beginning in 1855 to 1874, inclusive, forming 20 vols. 12mo., with
plates, some coloured; bds.
Van Voorst, 1855-72



FELDER'S Lepidoptera-see NOVARA Voyage. 159 FOWLER (W. W.). The Coleoptera of the British Islands. Vol. I, Adephaga-Hydrophilidæ. 8vo., cloth


160 HAGEN (H. A.). Bibliotheca Entomologica. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo., hf. bd. Leipzig, 1862-63 161 HENSHAW (S.). Bibliography of the more important Contributions to American Economic Entomology. Parts I, II, and III. The Writings of B. D. Walsh and C. V. Riley. 1 vol., royal 8vo., cloth

Washington, 1890


3 10 0

1824-39 17 10 0

2 16 0



0 3 6

5 0 0

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0 10 0 020




1 0 0

0 3 6


162 HEWITSON. Catalogue of the Collection of Diurnal Lepidoptera formed by the late W. C. HEWITSON, and bequeathed by him to the British Museum. By W. F. KIRBY. 4to., sd.


the same. 4to., bds.



Printed for private circulation.
164 HYATT and ARMS. Guides for Science-Teaching. No. VIII. INSECTA, by
A. Hyatt and J. M. Arms. 12mo., folding plates; cloth
165 JACQUELIN DU VAL. Genera des Coléoptères d'Europe.
6 coloured plates by Migneaux; cloth

166 KAPPEL (A. W.) and W. E. KIRBY. Beetles, Butterflies,
other Insects. Sm. 4to., 12 coloured plates; cloth
167 KELLER (J. C.).

Histoire de la Mouche Commune de nos Appartemens.
Sm. folio, 4 finely coloured plates; calf extra, gilt edges Nuremberg, 1766
163 KIRBY (W. F.). A Synonymic Catalogue of Diurnal Lepidoptera.
Large 8vo., pp. vii, 690; sd.


A Synonymic Catalogue of Neuroptera Adonata, or Dragonflies.
Roy. 8vo., sd. (pub. 16s)



A Synonymic Catalogue of Lepidoptera Heterocera (Moths). Vol. I. SPHINGES and BOMBYCES. Roy. 8vo., pp. xii, 951; cloth 1892 Elementary Text-Book of Entomology. 8vo., 87 plates containing over 650 figures; cloth (pub. 10s 6d) 1892


The second edition, revised and enlarged.



4to., 18 coloured plates; bds.


Natural History of LEPIDOPTEROUS INSECTS of NEW 4to., frontispiece and 18 coloured plates; hf. bd.; 1805 1822


the same.

174 LOWNE (B. T.). Anatomy, Physiology, Morphology, and Development of the BLOW-FLY. Pts. 1-3, roy. 8vo., numerous illustrations; sd. (pub. £1.88)


1890-92 175 LUBBOCK (Sir John). Monograph of the Collembola and Thysanura. 8vo., with 78 plates, some of the figures coloured; cloth Ray Society, 1873 On the Origin and Metamorphoses of Insects. Cr. 8vo., illustrations; cloth 1874 177 LUCAS. [COLEOPTÈRES de l'ALGERIE, par H. Lucas]. 2 vols. folio, with 47 plates containing a large number of finely coloured figures; half red morocco, gilt tops, uncut Paris, 1849

Consisting of the section of the "Exploration scientifique de l'Algérie, 1840-42" devoted to Coleoptera.

Impl. 8vo.,
Paris, 1854
Moths, and

This copy is without the frontispiece.

Boston, 1890 040

£ s. d.

INDIA, BURMAH and CEYLON. A Descriptive Handbook of all the
known Species of Rhopalocerous Lepidoptera inhabiting that Region,
with Notices of Allied Species occurring in the neighbouring Countries
along the Border. Vols. I-III (all published), impl. 8vo., numerous
illustrations drawn by Babu Gris Chunder Chuckerbutty, and Babu
Behari Lall Dass, the wood engravings by George Pearson, the autotype
plates by the Autotype Company of London, the chromo-lithographs by
West, Newman and Co.; sd.
Calcutta, 1882-90

0.10 0 0 11 0

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1 8 0



1 15 0


3 16 0 300

0 14 0

0 15 0



178 LUCAS (W. J.). The Book of British Hawk Moths. Cr. 8vo., frontispiece, 14 plates, and illustrations in the text; cloth (pub. 3s 6d) 1895 179 LYONET (P.). Traité Anatomique de la Chenille qui ronge le Bois de La Haye, 1762 1 0 0 Lyonet, unable to find an artist capable of rendering the extreme delicacy of his subject, acquired the art of engraving, and has made the plates of this work celebrated for the beauty of their execution.

Saule. 4to., plates; bd.

2 10 0

80 the same. Vols. I-III, impl. 8vo., hf. red morocco, uncut 1882-90 4 16 0

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