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65 SMITH (CAPTAINE JOHN) GENERALL HISTORIE of VIRGINIA, NEW ENGLAND, and the Summer Isles, with the names of the Adventurers, Planters and Governors, from 1584 to 1624, sm. folio, having an engraved title which bears_portraits of Queen Elizabeth, James I and Prince Charles; William Pass's Portrait of Duchess of Richmond; and 3 maps, Virginia, Old Virginia, and the Summer Isles; old calf 1624


another copy, with 4 maps (including New England); engraved title; and Delaram's portrait of the Duchess of Richmond; fine copy in brown morocco 1624

In this second copy, a modern engraving of the portrait of Matoaka is inserted. As for the plate of the Duchess of Richmond, it must be said that the Pass portrait is the one issued with the book; Delaram's which is no less rare, was substituted in some


67 South Carolina.

Mogunt, 1604

Torres Rubio was the author of a rare Quichua Dictionary. Pp. 70-101 contain:
Litterae annuae Insularum Philippinarum & FR. VAEZ anno 1601 conscriptae.
70 TREZIER, Relation du Voyage de la Mer du Sud et Côtes du Chily et du
Perou, sm. folio, maps, plans, plates of Costumes, etc. calf gilt

Paris, 1716 71 TUCKER (J.) The respective pleas and arguments of the Mother Country and of the Colonies distinctly set forth, 8vo. bds. Glocester, 1775 72 VOYAGES aux Côtes de Guinée et en Amerique par Mr. N. ***, 12mo. Views and plates of Botany, old calf gilt Amst. E. Roger, 1719 73 VILLA-SENOR y Sanchez (D. Jost. Ant.) THEATRO AMERICANO, Descripcion General de los Reynos, y Provincias de la Nueva-España y sus Jurisdicciones, 2 vols. sm. folio, limp vellum, frontispieces, rare Mexico, Viuda de D. J. B. de Hogal, 1746-8 74 WEARE (G. E.) Cabot's Discovery of North America, post 8vo. plates,




75 WRIGHT (Dr. J.) Early Bibles of America, 8vo. facsimiles, large paper,
only 50 printed, cloth, uncut
American Languages:

76 BASALENQUE (Fr. Diego) Arte de la lengua Tarasca, 4to. cloth Mexico, 1886
77 ST. JOHN, THE GOSPEL according to St. John, in the language of the Six
NATIONS (N. Y. Indians), 18mo. sheep, very scarce London, [1805]
78 ELIOT (John) The Indian Primer; or, the way of training up of our
Indian Youth in the good knowledge of God, edited by Small, 12mo.
1669, reprinted Edinburgh, 1877

into the Causes of the Disappointment of Success in the late
Expedition against St. Augustine, under the Command of General
Oglethorpe, with the Appendix, sm. folio, plan of S. Augustine's
Harbour, old calf gilt arms on sides

South Carolina, Charlestown, printed by Peter Timothy, 1742 28 0 0 68 THACHER (J. B.) The Continent of America, its Discovery and its Baptism. An essay on the nomenclature of the old continents, a critical and bibliographical inquiry into the naming of America and into the growth of the cosmography of the New World; together with an attempt to establish the landfall of Columbus on Watling Island, and the subsequent discoveries and explorations on the main land by Americus Vespucius, one vol. atlas 4to. extra cloth New York, 1896 69 TORRES (Jacobus) Relatio histerica rerum in Provincia Peruana apud Indos a Patribus S. J. gestarum, 18mo. blue morocco, gilt edges



Anglo-Saxon Poems, with Translation, Glossary, Preface and Notes by J. M. Kemble, 2 vols. 12mo. half morocco gilt, marbled edges

Pickering, 1835-7

£ 8. d.

25 0 0

50 0 0

5 5 0

3 10 0

0 18 0 100 110

3 16 0

0 10 6 076

0 10 0

2 2 0


1 8 0


80 BEOWULF. The Translation of the Anglo-Saxon Poem of, with copious glossary, preface and philological notes, by John M. Kemble, 12mo.




81 BOETHIUS, King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Version, 8vo. cloth
82 EARLE (J.) Two of the Saxon Chronicles parallel with supplementary
extracts from the others, notes and glossary, 8vo. cloth
Oxford, 1865
83 Fox, Poetical Calender of the Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Saxon and English,
8vo. bds.


85 VERNON, Anglo-Saxon Grammar, 12mo. cloth 86 ARCHEOLOGIA, published by the SOCIETY of ANTIQUARIES of LONDON. 54 vols., and vol. LV. part 1, COMPLETE, with a GENERAL INDEX to the first fifty vols. ;-4to., with numerous plates; the first forty-seven vols. uniformly whole bound in calf gilt, the rest in cloth, as published, A FINE



1830 016 086



84 SWEET (H.) A Student's Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon. 8vo. cloth
Compiled with the greatest care, and laudably free from those more than doubtful
forms which have found their way into earlier dictionaries. Besides being critical
in his selection of material, Dr. Sweet has been very judicious in his arrangement.'"
Glasgow Herald.


£ 3. d.

1861 0 1 0

0 10 0 020


89 ADAM (Rob.) Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia, impl. folio, 61 fine plates, fine copy in russia gilt, gilt edges, from Lord Ashburnham's Library



1770-1896 30 0 0

Another copy, impl. folio, numerous plates, hf. calf, stamp on title 1764 91 COCKERELL (C. R.) and others. ANTIQUITIES of ATHENS and other places in Greece, Sicily, etc. Delineated and Illustrated by C. R. Cockerell, W. Kinnard, T. L. Donaldson, W. Jenkins, W. Railton. Impl. folio, numerous fine plates and vignettes; hf. bd., uncut 1830

The rare supplementary volume to the great work of Stuart and Revett on the
Antiquities of Athens.

Another set, as above, 55 vols. and one half-vol., 4to. in cloth and bds. as published, UNCUT THROUGHOUT, very rare in this state 1770-1896 36 0 0

15 vols., in

A Series from 1866 to 1895, forming vols. XL-LIV. 30 parts, royal 4to. (published at upwards of £40), in cloth 1866-95 15 0 0

92 DOLLMAN (F. T.) Examples of Ancient Domestic Architecture, illustrating the Hospitals, Bede Houses, Schools, Almshouses, etc. of the Middle Ages in England, impl. 4to. 40 plates, hf. morocco


310 0


2.10 0


93 KERR (R.) The Gentleman's House; or how to plan English Residences, 8vo. many folding plates and cuts, hf. bd. morocco, gilt top



Second edition, with a Supplement on Works of alteration, and additional plates. 94 LENOIR (A.) Architecture Monastique, 3 parts in 2 vols. 4to. numerous Paris (Duc. Ined.), 1852-6 95 PENROSE (F. C.) Principles of Athenian Architecture, impl. folio, plates, some coloured, bds. Dilettanti Society, 1851 96 SCHIRMER and MUNCH. The Cathedral of Trondjem, impl. folio, 8 woodcuts on India paper and 31 large plates, no text, hf. morocco Christiana, 1859 97 ARQUITECTURA MODERNA DE BARCELONA, par F. Rogent y Pedrosa, part 1, folio, 20 plates of the Elevations of the chief Buildings of Barcelona, with an illustrative descriptive text

Barcelona, 1897 To be completed in 6 parts. 98 VIOLLET-LE-DUC, Dictionnaire de l'Architecture française du XIe au XVIe siècle, 10 vols. 8vo. many cuts, hf. bd. Paris, 1854-68 10 0 0 Original and best issue.


1 100



0 12 0


99 VITRUVIUS. Di Lucio Vitruuio Pollione de Architectura Libri Dece
traducti de latino in Vulgare affigurati: Cōmentati.. Colophon: . .
Impressa nel amoena & delecteuole Citate de Como p Magistro da Pōte
Citadino Milanese : ne larno . . M.D. XXI . . Folio, with 110 illustrative
woodcuts; hf. bd. fine copy
Como, 1521

Rare and valuable. The heading on the first page of text shows that Cesare
Cesariano, a Milanese professor of Architecture, was the man who supplied the
commentary and the illustrations. Among the latter is a large design of Milan
Cathedral, which is said to be the earliest engraved example of a Gothic edifice.
Besides the proper illustrations of Architectural character, there are likewise figures of
waterwheels, military engines, and other inventions; including a warship moved not
only by sails, but also by paddles.

100 VITRUVIUS. M. Vitruvii. de Architectura libri decem, cum Commentariis Danielis Barbari . . . Sm. folio, many fine woodcuts; old vellum Venetiis, 1567 101 WOTTON. The Elements of Architecture, Collected by Henry Wotton Knight... Sm. 4to. 1624

102 ARMELLINI. Bibliotheca Benedictino-Casinensis; sive Scriptorum Casinensis Congregationis, alias S. Justinæ Patavinæ . . . Operum, ac Gestorum notitiæ. 2 parts and 8 appendixes, complete in 1 vol., thick folio, mottled calf gilt, from Lord Ashburnham's library

Assisii fratres Campetelli, 1731-35 This copy includes all the eight supplementary pieces detailed in Brunet's description.


103 BEARDMORE (J.) A Catalogue with illustrations of the collection of Ancient arms and armour at Uplands, Nr. Fareham, Hampshire, folio, plates, cloth 1844 104 DE GHEYN (J.) MANIMENT D'ARMES D'ARQUEBUSES, MOUS-QUETZ et PIQUES. En conformite de l'ordre de Monseigneur le Prince Maurice, sm. folio, engraved title and 117 full-length plates not only showing the exercises of arms but also giving the costume of the period, old calf

Amsterdam, [1608] 105 MUSEO ARMERIA de D. José ESTRUCH Y CUMELLA, 4to. 166 plates, with descriptive text, of every variety of Early Spanish and Oriental Armour and Weapons, red morocco, gilt top Barcelona, 1896

Only 100 copies privately printed. Specimens of Moorish and Spanish Armour exist in few European collections.

106 H. E. VOGTHERR and Hans BURGMAIR'S Figures of Old German Heroes, etc. in Armour with Shields, 87 fine copperplate engravings, with a crown and the word " paar" beneath, on reverse of each, with an engraved coat of arms in front, dated 1545, and the inscription HE. VOGTHERR. H. BURGKMAIR, fine original impressions, mounted in an impl. 4to. scrapbook, half morocco, RARE

Original issue, before the Family Names and numbers were engraved; here they are added with pen and ink. See Nagler, vol. xx, page 502.

107 ARUNDEL SOCIETY. Descriptive Notice of the Drawings and

Publications of the Arundel Society from 1849 to 1868, and from 1869
to 1873, by F. W. MAYNARD. 2 vols., atlas 4to., illustrated by photo-
graphs of all the publications (published at £9), cloth


108 BACON (Lord) ESSAIES. Religious Meditations. Places of Perswasion and diswasion. Seene and allowed (two parts), fifth edition (a pirated one), for John Jaggard, 1612

SIR FRANCIS BACON HIS APOLOGIE, in Certaine Imputations concerning the late EARLE OF ESSEX, second edition (title mended) [the Jadis copy was believed to be UNIQUE], Matt. Lowns, 1605

in 1 vol. 18mo. original limp vellum, VERY RARE

£ s.

109 BACON'S (Fr.) Two Books of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning, small 4to. calf

Oxford, 1633


7 10 0

0 10 0

0 10 0


0 15 0


1545 50 0 0


1 10 0

12 12 0

2 2 0

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110 BACON (Roger) The Opus Majus, edited with introduction and Analytical Table, by John Henry Bridges, Fellow of Royal College of Physicians, sometime Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, 2 vols. 8vo. 1897

BEAULIEU, Plans et Profils des Villes de la Principauté de CATALOGNE,
116 Views of Barcelona, Lerida, Tarragona, Vich, etc.
in 1 vol. sm. oblong 4to. old calf

Paris (1660)

Pretty Views in Lorraine, Alsace, Germany and Catalonia.
120 BEAUMONT and FLETCHER. Works, with Notes and Memoir by the
Rev. A. DYCE, 11 vols. 8vo. portraits, calf extra, by Riviere 1843-46
121 BENTLEY'S (Richard) Works, collected by Dyce, 3 vols. 8vo. red
morocco extra, gilt edges, bound by Clarke and Bedford

122 Berkshire. THOYTS' (Emma E.) History of the Royal Berkshire Militia,
Reading, 1797

8vo. coloured and plain plates, bd.


111 BARON (R., of Grayes Inne, Gent.) EPOTOПIAIгNION, or the Cyprian Academy, portrait and frontispiece engraved by Marshall (some headlines cut into), 1648—Deorum Dona, a Masque, by the same Author,— in 1 vol. 12mo. blue morocco extra, gilt edges, very rare 1647 112 BARTSCH (A.) le Peintre Graveur, 21 vols. in 22, and 4to. Atlas of Extra plates-together 23 vols. calf neat Vienne, 1803-21 113 BASAN (F.). Dictionnaire des Graveurs anciens et modernes . . . seconde edition . . . 2 vols., sm. 8vo., with 50 plates, giving specimens of the work of celebrated engravers; calf Paris, 1789 114 Basque. LARRAMENDI, El vencido Arte de la lengua Bascongada, 18mo. hf. calf, scarce Salamanca, 1729 115 BATEMAN (J.) The Great Landowners of Great Britain and Ireland, stout post 8vo. cloth 1883 0 7 6

A most creditable performance; pages 249-332 contain a complete List of the
Officers of the Regiment from 1640-1896.

By the existing law the Militia can be raised by ballot. The sooner this is done, and the sooner the Volunteers are amalgamated with the Militia, the sooner we shall have a truly trustworthy reserve force in this country.


123 BERRY'S (W.) Pedigrees of the Families of the County of Sussex, 2 vols.

folio, boards


8. d.

Bible Prints:

124 BIBLIA Sacra Vulgatæ Editionis Sixti V Pont Max. jussu recognita et
Clementis VIII auctoritate edita, stout sm. 4to. 140 fine copperplate
vignettes by J. T. De Bry, calf neat

Mogunt, 1609

Scarce, wanting in most De Bry collections.

1 12 0

116 BATEMAN (STEPHEN) THE DOOME, warning all men to Judgemente; wherein are contayned for the most parte all the Straunge Prodigies hapned in the Worlde, . . . in the manner of a general Chronicle, sm. 4to. black letter, numerous singular woodcuts of monsters, prodigies, a printing press, etc. (a few leaves mended), modern violet morocco extra, gilt edges, VERY RARE R. Nubery, assigned by H. Bynneman, 1581 10 00 117 BAUREN (J. W.) Prospecten m Italien Friaul etc. small oblong 4to. 40 pretty Views in Italy, Spain, Austria, etc. including Views of fine Gardens, engraved by Küsell, hf. bd. Augspurg, 1681 118 BAYEUX TAPESTRY, represented in 17 large COLOURED plates, 22 x 30 inches; unbound Society of Antiquaries, 1822 Forms the first portion of the sixth vol. of the " Vetusta Monumenta." 119 BEAULIEU (le Sieur de) Plans et Profils des principales Villes de LORRAINE et de Bar, avec les acquisitions de la France en 1648 et 1659, including Mentz, Metz, Toul and Verdun, also Views of Saarburg, Phaltsburg, Strassburg, Cleves, Frankfurt, Worms, Treres, Cologne, Landau, and other Cities in ALSACE, 136 plates


810 0

0 10 0


015 0




3.10 0

0 10 6



Bible Prints-continued.

125 WESTWOOD (J. O.) Palaeographia Sacra: being a Series of
Illustrations of the ancient versions of the Bible, large 4to. 50 plates
in gold and colour, reproduced in facsimile from Ancient Illuminated
Manuscripts, hf. bd. morocco
London, s. a. (P1850)

This volume gives a good idea of the splendid Illuminated Bibles in the great
Libraries of Europe.



126 BIBLIOGRAPHICA; Papers on Books, their history and art. 12 parts, COMPLETE, forming 3 thick vols., impl. 8vo., with 65 fine plates, consisting of facsimiles of fine bindings in gold and colours, of early woodcuts, of illuminations in MSS., etc.; in wrappers, uncut 1893-97 the same, Parts I, II, and III; in wrappers, uncut 1893-94 128 DE BURE (G. F.) Museum typographicum, seu collectio in quo, omnium fere librorum in quavis facultate ac Lingua rariorum, recensentur, 12mo. old French red morocco extra, gilt edges (Paris) 1755 Only 12 copies printed.

129 DIBDIN (T. F.) BIBLIOGRAPHICAL DECAMERON, or ten days pleasant
Discourse upon Illuminated MSS. etc. numerous portraits and wood-
cuts, some on india paper, 3 vols. royal 8vo. purple morocco gilt,
gilt edges
130 DIBDIN. The Library Companion; or, the young man's guide and the
old man's comfort in the choice of a library. 8vo., with the INDEX;
bds., uncut
FRANCE AND GERMANY, numerous illustrations, some on india paper,
with the large PRIVATE PLATE OF DIANE DE POICTIERS, by Thomson (of
which only 50 impressions were taken), 3 vols. royal 8vo. russia gilt,
gilt on marbled edges, £14. 14s, or green morocco

132 DIBDIN'S Reminiscences of a Literary Life, with Anecdotes of Books
and Book Collectors, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. PROOF
Impressions of the numerous plates, blue morocco extra, joints, gilt edges,
the Hamilton Palace copy, excessively rare in this L. P. state





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133 EDWARDS (Edw.). Memoirs of Libraries: including a handbook of Library Economy. 2 vols. large 8vo. with front. and plates; cloth 1859 Libraries and Founders of Libraries. 8vo. russia, uncut, binding worn


Free Town Libraries, their formation, management and history; in Britain, France, Germany and America. 8vo. russia, uncut 1869 136 POTTHAST. Bibliotheca Historica Medii Evi; Wegweiser durch die Geschichts werke des Europaïschen Mittelalters von 375-1500. Inhaltsverzeichniss zu "Acta sanctorum," 1862-SUPPLEMENT, 1868; 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf Berlin, 1862-8 137 QUARITCH'S General Catalogue of Books. 8vo., 1130 pages; including Index; hf. morocco 1868


General Catalogue of Books. 8vo., 1889 pages, including Index; hf. morocco 1874

Rare, and valuable for the number and importance of the early-printed books which it describes.

The Dedication Copy to Sir F. Freeling; illustrated with Two Autograph Letters of the Author: an Autograph Poem of G. Payne, "the Exning Poetical Mole-Catcher"; a Drawing of the Duchess of Bedford (wife of the Regent Duke), from the Bedford Missal; two drawings from Sir J. Tobin's Chamg de Drap d'Or; a View of the Pepysian Library, and of Caxton's House, on India l'aper; a Duplicate First Proof of the Portrait of R. Wilbraham, Esq., on India Paper; and Various Duplicate Plates worked separately from the Text.

£ 8. d.

3 16 0

1817 10 10 0

Supplement to the preceding Catalogue, 1875-77. 8vo. 1672 pages, including Index; hf. morocco


General Catalogue of Books. 8vo. 2395 pages, including Index; hf. morocco


4 4 0 100

0 12 0

1821 18 18 0

1836 65 0 0


1 10 0

0 10 0



0 2 6

0 15 0

0 4 6

1 10 0

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