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A Catalogue of the Egyptian Antiquities in possession of F. G. HILTON PRICE, Dir. F.S.A., 4to. pp. viii and 480, with coloured and photographic plates and many hundred illustrations in the text, cloth, £2. 2s 1897

This handsome volume describing the collection of Egyptian Antiquities in the possession of Mr. Hilton Price is not a mere catalogue of the objects described, but also gives a full account of the history of nearly all the Antiquities, such as the Deities, Amulets, Scarabs, Ushabtiu, etc., each group being prefaced by a short introduction.

The book contains several plates, many illustrations in the text and a good index. It will be found to be a useful book for the Collector and Student of Egyptian Antiquities.

"Egyptologists and lovers of the work and art of ancient Egypt will welcome Mr. F. G. Hilton Price's Catalogue of the Egyptian Antiquities (Quaritch) in his possession, and many will be glad to read quietly at their leisure an account of the treasures which have for some time past been familiar to the greater number of those who are interested in such things. He was wise to follow the example set by the Duke of Northumberland, Lady Meux, and the Rev. W. J. Loftie, all of whom have published catalogues of their collections, and he is to be congratulated on the appearance of the sumptuously

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printed volume now before us. Mr. Price's Catalogue' contains nearly four thousand entries, which describe a representative collection of small Egyptian antiquities, that is to say scarabs, shabti figures, bronze gods and sacred animals, objects in faïence, etc. Naturally, as he himself says, his collection contains neither large stone monuments, nor mummies, nor objects the proper place for which is a public museum. Messrs. Harrison's hieroglyphic types have been freely used, and antiquities of special interest are illustrated either by plates or wood-blocks inserted in the text."—Athenæum, September 11th, 1897.

Strack (M. L.) DIE DYNASTIE DER PTOLEMÄER, 8vo. pp. xvi and

294, genealogical table, sd. 78

Berlin, 1897

A necessary reference book for every student of Egyptology. A mass of most useful information has been brought together in such a way that it may be consulted without difficulty.

Sayings of Our Lord. Facsimiles of an early Greek Papyrus,

edited by B. P. GRENFELL and A. S. HUNT, 8vo. facsimiles, 28

the same, translation and commentary, 8vo. sd. 6d



Arab Museum: CATALOGUE of the NATIONAL MUSEUM of ARAB ART, Cairo, by MAX HERZ BEY; edited by STANLEY LANE-POOLE, cr. 8vo. pp. 91, with 8 full-page and 11 smaller illustrations, sewed, 2s


NESRANEFERAB, Queen of Ahmes II, King of Egypt, impl. Svo. (pub. at 15s) cloth, 5s

Drawings from the Sarcophagus.



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pp. vii-xxiv

Egyptian Texts with Interlinear Transliteration and Translation

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The work contains the whole of the text of this Sarcophagus (in hieroglyphic type), with a literal translation and transliteration, a general introduction, and a running translation, together with a list of the words contained in the text. This form of publication not only places the text at the disposal of scholars, but also serves as a useful reading-book to those who are engaged in studying the language.

The Author has had the benefit of the generous assistance and guidance of the late SAMUEL BIRCH, Esq., LL.D., D.C.L.; and of P. LE PAGE RENOUF, Esq., H.M. Inspector of Schools.

Champollion le Jeune, MONUMENTS DE L'EGYPTE et de la

Nubie, d'après les dessins exécutés sur les lieux, 4 vols. elephant folio, 400 large engravings, many of which are beautifully coloured to represent the originals, half bd. £12. 12s

Paris, 1835-45

Champollion le Jeune, Monuments de l'Egypte et de la

Nubie. Notices descriptives conformes aux manuscrits autographes, folio,
600 lithographed pages of Hieroglyphic Inscriptions, transcribed from the
monuments, calf, rare, £5.
Paris, 1844

With Sir Augustus Harris's Bookplate.


PIEN nach den Zeichnungen der von S. M. Friedrich Wilhelm IV, nach diesen Ländern gesendten und in den Jahren 1842-45 ausgeführten wissenschaftlichen Expedition, 6 parts in 12 vols. elephant folio, 899 plates, lithographed and coloured, handsomely bound in half red morocco, in a glass fronted mahogany case measuring in height, 43 in.; depth, 271 in.; width, 28 in. £50.


The gift of the Duke of Northumberland to the late Reginald Stuart Poole, LL.D.

Aegyptische und

Vorderasiatische Alter

thümer aus den Königlichen Museen zu Berlin. Mit erklärendem Text; in 2 vols. roy. folio, containing 138 photographic plates of the chief monuments and works of Art from Egypt and Western Asia in the Berlin Museum, in hf. morocco portfolios, £13. 10s Berlin, 1895-7 A magnificent work on the Monuments and Art of Babylon, Assyria, Syria and Egypt, illustrating every period.

Recherches sur les Origines de l'Egypte.

L'Age de la Pierre et les Metaux. Par J. DE MORGAN, pp. xiv + 270, royal 8vo. sewed, 18s

Paris, 1896

"M. de Morgan's book bristles with interesting points. The value of his book consists not only in the newness of the facts which he produces, but also in the carefulness of his arrangements of them and the deductions therefrom; and something is to be said for the honesty which he displays in discussing subjects with which he is well acquainted, and in leaving those of which he has no special knowledge, to the investigations of experts."—Nature, April 22nd, 1897.

Catalogue des Monuments et Inscriptions

DE L'EGYPTE ANTIQUE. Première Série: HAUTE ÉGYPTE, Tome Premier: DE LA FRONTIÈRE DE NUBIE A KOM OмBOS, par J. de Morgan, U. Bouriant, C. Legrain, G. Jéquier, A. Barsanti. 1 vol. impl. 4to. portrait, map, coloured plate, phototyped views and facsimiles, etc. sd. £2.2s


Tome Second: Kom Ombos Premier Partie. 1 vol. impl. 4to phototyped views and facsimiles, £2. 28


De Morgan (J.) FOUILLES À DAHCHOUR, Mars-Juin, 1894,

avec la collaboration de MM. BERTHELOT, G. LEGRAIN, G. JÉQUIER, V. LORET, D. FOUQUET.

1 vol. impl. 4to. phototyped views and facsimiles, including several beautifully coloured plates of the Jewels belonging to the Egyptian Princesses recently discovered in the North Pyramid; sd. £2. 2s





writes :

"I shall shortly be finishing a volume like 'Koptos,' entitled:

Six Temples at Thebes,

of about 2 pages, 20 lithographic and 6 photographic plates, including the full publication of the Great Israel Tablet."

Price 10s.

All Egyptologists and Public Libraries will be glad to possess a copy of the above. The edition being very limited, immediate application is required.

Flinders Petrie's New Publications-continued. KOPTOS. With a chapter by D. G. HOGARTH, M.A., 1 vol. 4to. 35 pp. 28 plates (4 photographic); bds. 10s


NAQADA and BALLAS. By W. M. FLINDERS PETRIE and QUIBELL. With a Chapter by F. C. J. SPURRELL. 4to. 79 pp. 87 plates, bds. £1. 58


The district treated in this work is about thirty miles north of Thebes and on the Western side of the Nile. Messrs. Flinders Petrie and Quibell give decisive evidence of an hitherto unknown invasion of Upper Egypt, which is linked with the prehistoric civilization of the Mediterranean. An ample index adds greatly to the value of the book.

THE PETRI PAPYRI. HIERATIC PAPYRI FROM KAHUN AND GUROB (principally of the Middle Kingdom), edited by F. LL. GRIFFITH, M.A., F.S.A. With 40 autotype plates (Kahun, Plates i-xxxvii; Gurob, Plates xxxviii-xl). Royal 4to. £2. 128 6d April, 1897 WALL DRAWINGS AND MONUMENTS OF EL KAB. Part I. THE TOMB OF PAHERI. By J. J. TYLOR, F.S.A., Assoc. M. Inst., C.E., with an introduction by F. LL. GRIFFITH, B.A., F.S.A., impl. folio, coloured frontispiece, 14 collotype and 2 litho. plates, blocks in text, £2. 28


Part II. SEBEKNEKHT. By J. J. TYLOR, impl. folio, 11 coloured plates, £2. 28


The Text of the Papyrus of Ani, the BOOK OF THE

DEAD: The Egyptian Text, with interlinear transliteration and translation, a running translation, introduction, etc. by E. A. WALLIS BUDGE, Litt.D., stout 4to. half bound, 30s Trustees of the British Museum, 1895

The Facsimile of the Papyrus of Ani, in the

British Museum, imperial folio, SECOND EDITION, 37 large folded plates printed in colours, with descriptive text, half bound, £2. 10s

Trustees of the British Museum, 1894

Budge (E. A.) AN EGYPTIAN READING BOOK, 8vo. pp. xvi and

194 pp. cloth (pub. at 78 6d), 28


The extracts in this book are taken from the most important Egyptian Inscriptions giving the student a most excellent opportunity of obtaining varied experience without going to the expense of buying numerous works, some of which are now highly priced.

Budge (E. A.) First Steps in Egyptian, 8vo. xvi and 322 pp.

double interlineal, cloth, 9s


A book for beginners, comprising the Introduction, a variety of Stories and Reading Lessons, and a Glossary.

The widespread interest in Egyptology which has sprung up during the last few years has produced an increased demand for books upon every branch of the science; Egyptologists have striven to meet this demand, and the wants of almost every class of student have been adequately supplied. Only the beginner has been somewhat forgotten. This book will meet this want and at a moderate cost.

Budge's Egyptian Reading Book for

BEGINNERS, being a series of historical, funeral, moral, religious and mythological texts, printed in hieroglyphic characters, together with a transliteration and a complete vocabulary, stout 8vo. Ivi pp. and 594 pp. cloth,



No pains have been spared to make the vocabulary complete. With a view of helping the beginner English versions of a few of the texts have been added, and it is hoped that these may smooth his way and lead to the perusal of others.

Wilkinson (Sir Gardner) The Manners and Customs of the

Ancient Egyptians, new edition by Samuel Birch, 3 vols. 8vo. many woodcute and coloured plates (pub. at £4. 48), cloth, £2. 28

Now for the first time offered at a reduced price.


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