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China's Millions. Edited by J. Hudson Taylor. For the years 1878 to 1884 inclusive (excepting the December number of 1883), 7 vols. 4to. cloth gilt, 78 6d 1878-84

An illustrated monthly periodical, which began in 1876.

China Review; or Notes and I-XVII [2 intermediate nos. missing]. the rest in parts, £5.

Queries on the Far East. Vols.
Royal 8vo. four vols. in half calf,
Hong Kong, 1872-89
Annual subscription £1. 10s.

Published bi-monthly, six nos. forming a volume.
The missing numbers are: vol. VII, part 4; XV, part 1. Vol. IX, part 5, wants pp.


Chinese Repository [on the History, Language, Statistics, etc. of China and the adjacent countries], 20 vols., 8vo., all published; half calf and boards, £14. Canton, 1832-51

another copy, 20 vols., including the GENERAL INDEX; hf. morocco neat, £18. 1832-51

another copy, 20 vols., and GENERAL INDEX, the Index bound separately;-21 vols., 8vo., half calf, very neat, £22. 10s 1832-51

Chinese Classics, Chinese and English, with commentaries by JAMES LEGGE. 5 vols. in 8, roy. 8vo., cloth, £8. 10s

Hong-Kong, 1861-72

CONTENTS: Vol. I. Confucian Analects, the great learning and doctrine of the mean. Vol. II. The Works of Mencius. Vol. III, Part I. The first parts of the Shoo-King or the Books of T'ang; the Books of Yu; the Books of Hea; the Books of Shang; and the Prolegomena. Vol. III, Part II. The fifth part of the Shoo King, or the Books of Chow; and the Indexes. Vol. IV, Part I. The first part of the She-King, or the lessons from the states; and the prolegomena. Vol. IV, Part II. The second, third, and fourth parts of the She-King, or the minor odes of the Kingdom, the greater odes of the Kingdom, the sacrificial odes and praise songs; and the indexes. Vol. V, Part I. Dukes Yin, Hwan, Chwang, Min, He, Wan, Seuen and Ch'ing, and the prolegomena. Vol. V, Part II. Dukes Seang, Ch'aou, Ting, and Gae, with Tao's Appendix; and the indexes.

Chinese and Japanese Repository.

the Rev. J. SUMMERS. 3 vols. in 2, 8vo., cloth, 258

Edited by 1863-65

Davis (John Francis).

Poeseos Sinensis Commentarii.


the POETRY OF THE CHINESE, to which are added translations and detached pieces. 8vo. 199 pages; bds., 28 Macao, 1834

CONTENTS:-On the Poetry of the Chinese, with specimens in Chinese and English; Extracts from an unpublished journal of the embassy to Peking, 1816; Translated extracts from the History of the Three States; Notes on Homicides in China, 1830; Latin poem on Camoens "In Cavernam ubi Camoens opus egregium composuisse fertur."

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Du Halde (J. B.).

Description géographique, historique,

chronologique, politque et physique de l'Empire de la Chine et de la Tartarie
Chinoise. 4 vols. large folio, LARGE PAPER, numerous maps and plates, old
French calf gilt, with arms of Louis II de Bourbon, Prince de Condé, on
sides, £2. 108
Paris, Le Mercier, 1735



Innocentia Victrix sive Sententia Comitiorum

Imperii Sinici pro Innocentia Christianæ Religionis lata Juridicè per
Annum 1669, et Jussu R. P. Antony de Govvea Socis Jesv. . . Sinico-
Latine exposita. Sm. folio, in Chinese and Latin, cloth, very rare, £10

In Quam cheŭ metropoli provinciæ Quàm tum in Regno Sinarum, 1671
Printed in Canton.

Hirth (F.).

CHINA and the ROMAN ORIENT: Researches into their ancient and Medieval Relations, as represented in old Chinese Records. 8vo., xvi and 330 pp., with map; sd., 15s 1885

NOTES on the Chinese Documentary Style. 8vo. viii and 152 pp., 1888

38 6d

ANCIENT PORCELAIN: a study in Chinese Medieval Industry and Trade. 8vo. 80 pp., 38 6d

1888 Dr. Hirth is one of the most accomplished Sinologues now living: his new work on Ancient Chinese Porcelain is indispensable to Collectors.

Hwen Thsang.

Histoire de la Vie de Hiouen Thsang, et de ses Voyages dans l'Inde, depuis l'an 629 jusqu'en 645, par Hoei-Li et YenThsong, suivie de documents et d'éclaircissements géographiques; traduite du Chinois par Stanislas Julien. 8vo., uncut; or, neatly bound, 16s 1853

Hoei Lan Ki; ou, l'Histoire du Cercle de Craie. Drame en prose et en vers, traduit du Chinois, et accompagné de notes, etc. par Stanislas JULIEN. 8vo. bds. 58 1832

Livre (Le) des Recompenses et des Peines, en Chinois et en Français; accompagné de quatre cents légendes, anecdotes et histoires par Stanislas Julien. 8vo. cloth, 10s Mémoires concernant l'Histoire, les Sciences, les Arts,

Paris, 1835

les Mœurs, les Usages, etc. des Chinois par les Missionaires de Pekin, 15 vols. 4to. with plates; calf gilt, £3. 38 Paris, 1776-91 Two more vols. were published about twenty years later; these are frequently wanting.

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Phoenix (The), a Monthly Magazine for India, Burma, Siam,

China, Japan, and Eastern Asia. Edited by the Rev. JAMES SUMMERS. 36 numbers, forming 3 vols. (all published) in 1 vol. 4to. hf. morocco, 78 6d 1870-73

Yule (Col. Henry). Cathay and the way thither; being a

collection of medieval notices of China. 2 vols., 8vo., with maps; calf neat, scarce, £5. 1866

Presentation copy from the Author to Sir Roderick Impey Murchison.


The Book of SER MARCO POLO, the Venitian, concerning the Kingdoms and Marvels of the East, edited by Col. Henry Yule. 2 vols. 8vo. second edition, maps and plates, cloth, £8. 8s


or a Presentation Copy to Sir George Scharf. With letters addressed to him by the Author, £8. 188 6d


Giles's Biographical Dictionary

of Eminent Chinamen

from the earliest records of Chinese History to the present time. To be issued in two parts forming one stout volume, royal 8vo. Chinese names in Chinese characters, with the English pronunciation, subscription price, £2. 28, payable on delivery of the first half Part I, 496 pp., is now ready and can be delivered at once to subscribers.

As soon as the book is completed the price will be raised to £3. 3s.

"Mr. Herbert A. Giles, late H.M. Consul at Ningpo, has finished A Chinese Biographical Dictionary.' It will contain about 2500 lives of the most eminent Chinese statesmen, warriors, philosophers, poets, painters, travellers, priests, rebels, beauties, etc., from the earliest ages down to the present day. Biographical notices of the emperors will also be included."-The Athenæum, February 6th, 1897.

"The compilation of a Chinese biographical dictionary on a scale of sufficient comprehensiveness must be regarded as an enterprise of great practical importance, forChina is being' opened' in spite of itself, and is evidently destined to become increasingly a sphere of interest alike as regards politics, commerce, and literature. Such an enterprise has been taken in hand and is now carried a long way towards completion by the sinologist who is probably the most competent of all for the task, Mr. Herbert A. Giles, LL.D., late Her Britannic Majesty's Consul at Ningpo, and for the last few years a citizen of Aberdeen. The first instalment of Dr. Giles's biographical dictionary has been issued by Mr. Bernard Quaritch, of London, in a large octavo' fascicule' of about five hundred pages. It is arranged alphabetically according to the English alphabet, though also giving the Chinese characters for the several names, and in this instalment 1288 names are disposed of, the last of the series being Liu Chip-yuan, who


Panjab Notes

and Queries,

1897 died in A.D. 948, and who is described as a poor orphan of a tribe of Turkic Tartars who distinguished himself as a soldier under the later Tang and Chin dynasties, who was Governor of Ho-tung (modern Shansi) when the Kitans took Pien-Chou; and, collecting an army, he harassed their rear, forced them to retreat, and was raised by his soldiers to the vacant throne. Fertile as China has been in great men, such is the barbarism of the world that few of them can be said to have a world-wide reputation. Such a reputation, however, is enjoyed by Li Hung-chang for one, and Dr. Giles devotes to him a compact biography of about four pages, in which his career is vividly traced down to the end of his triumphal progress through Europe and America last year. 'Since his return to Peking,' we read. he seems to have occupied the position rather of an extinct volcano. By some he has been regarded as a friend to foreigners and to national progress on liberal lines. It is more than probable, however, that his desire for such progress has simply veiled a national wish to see his own countrymen paramount and the barbarian once more at their feet.' Of Prince Kung there is a corresponding but briefer notice, and, of still more celebrated personages, there are excellent summaries of the lives of K'ung Ch'iu (more recognisable to barbarians under the appellation of Confucius) and LaoTzu. The dictionary is a model of compact and perspicuous statement, and it will be invaluable to the many Englishmen and Scotchmen whose careers are in the Far East."-The Aberdeen Daily Free Press, July 31st, 1897.

A monthly periodical, devoted to the systematic collection of authentic notes and scraps of information regarding the country and the people, edited by Captain R. C. TEMPLE, Bengal Staff Corps, 4 vols. 4to. all published, hf. bd. morocco, uncut, £2. 16s Allahabad, Oct. 1883-Sept. 1887 Captain Temple, now Governor of the Andaman Islands, has sold to me the remaining stock, of which I have made up a few perfect copies, and bound them with all the original wrappers. The title of the fourth volume is changed into "Indian Notes and Queries."

These volumes include valuable information concerning the Zoology, Botany, History, Folklore, Antiquities, etc., of all parts of India. Vols. 1 and 2 have complete Indexes.

Journal of Indian Art and Industry. Vol. VII. No. 58: MADRAS POTTERY, by EDWIN HOLDER. Atlas 4to., illustrated by 16 fullApril, 1897 The plates represent: Antique Pottery from Old Tombs; Modern Madras Earthenware; Earthenware from South Canara; Arcot and Burmese Pottery; Terra Cotta Ornaments, etc.

page plates, some of them in colours; sd. 2s

The Journal of Indian Art and Industry. Vol. VII.

No. 59, folio, 13 plates, some in colours, 28

July, 1897 CONTENTS: Dyes and Dyeing in Bengal, by Banerjei. The Cotton Fabric Industry of the Madras Presidency by Thurston.

Morocco Arabic, Series I:

MEAKIN (Jas. Ed. Budgett) Morocco Arabic Vocabulary, Grammar, Notes, etc. 18mo. 270 pp. cloth, vs Tangier

This little pocket vocabulary comprises five thousand words in daily use, collected from the lips of the people: classified according to an entirely new system, with a complete index, and a list of over five hundred similarly pronounced words, arranged to show the differences between

them with lists of polite phrases and proverbs. The whole in Roman characters transliterated according to the most approved systems adapted to the pronun ciation of Morocco by which every Arabic sound is distinguished.

Morocco Arabic, Series



BALDWIN (C. W.) English-Arabic Dialogues for the use of Students in Morocco, revised and edited by W. MACKINTOSH, 18mo. 115 pp. cloth, Tangier, 1893 of talk, such as would likely aid a student in Morocco to commence his intercourse with the people, and easily to acquire some knowledge of their language.

The object of this small volume of Dialogues in English and Arabic is to provide simple and useful sample sentences about everyday things and common subjects

Dialogos Españoles y Arabigos 115 pp. cloth, 58

en el dialecto de Marruccos, 18mo. Tanger, 1893

Turkish Language :



Dictionary, new and enlarged edition, by Dr. CHARLES WELLS, PH.D., complete in two parts, forming one vol. 8vo. double columns (pub. at £2.), cloth, reduced to 25s 1880 The first edition has been long entirely out of print; the few copies which have turned up occasionally have been sold much above the original publishing price.

WELLS (Dr. Charles) A PRACTICAL GRAMMAR of the TURKISH LANGUAGE, based upon the best modern Turkish work on the subject; also including such rules of Arabic and Persian Grammar as have been adopted by the Turks, 8vo. (pub. at 158), cloth, reduced to 108 1880

This is the best Turkish Grammar ever written. The author's knowledge of the Turkish Language is exceptionally good and is only inferior to that possessed by One scholar, Mr. Redhouse.

REDHOUSE'S large Lexicon ENGLISH and TURKISH, by J. W. Redhouse, in one volume, royal 8vo. 827 pp. double columns, hf. morocco, £1. ls London, Bernard Quaritch, 1861

This is the counterpart of the great Turkish-English Lexicon above mentioned, and is the most complete and useful of all English-Turkish Dictionaries. It is even found to be indispens able as an English-Persian Dictionary by those who are employed in the English diplomatic service in Persia, notwithstanding the excellence of other recent works specially devoted to their use.

DR. CHARLES WELLS, the Literature of the Turks :

A TURKISH CHRESTOMATHY, 8vo. xx. and 272 pp., cloth, 16s 1891

The first Turkish Reading book ever published, consisting of Extracts in Turkish from the best Turkish Authors (Historians, Novelists, Dramatists), with interlinear and free translations in English, biographical and grammatical notes and Facsimiles of MS. Letters and


"This is the first good Turkish reading book which has been published in England, and it will be welcomed by all students of Turkish as a valuable addition to the books available for learning that language. Dr. Wells, who is Professor of Turkish in the School of Modern Oriental Languages founded by the Imperial Institute, and is author of an excellent Turkish Grammar, published by Quaritch in 1880, has taken great pains to make this Chrestomathy as complete as possible and of graduated difficulty, commencing with easy sentences, and going on to selections from some of the best Turkish authors. Translations of each piece are given for the assistance of students who have to work without a teacher."-United Service Journal.


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