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labourers into his vineyard.” Mat. ix. -37, 38. At this day, there are bright talented men in the society, and I have no doubt the head of the church has often awakened their souls, by his all powerful word of truth, and brought them to see the neglected state of his cause. And I believe, that if such were faithful to the day of their visitation, they would be taken from their state of worldly security, as well as from their worldly pursuits;. and prepared for the Master's use; and a beautiful band would be raised to proelaim the wondrous works of the Lord.. The church would be replenished with judges, as at the first, and counsellors, as in the beginning. I have felt an awful blanke in ny day, a blank which I have seen is owing to the unfaithfulness of the strong men of the world in the present time; and I believe, that unless these who have been cared for by the bishop of souls, become obedient to the hea, venly vision, and submit to walk in the straight and narrow way, the seed of the kingdom in them will be so deeply buried in their earthly nature, that the warming beams of the sun of righteousness will no more act upon it, and they be left to themselves. But O! ye quicke ened souls, of every description and station in


the church, let us unite, and with all humility, patience, and perseverance, fulfil the work of our day, and though we should, in the assemblies of the people, have little else but trials and sufferings, may we be kept the Lord's time, and in no instance attempt to reign, while he that is our best life is in suffering. But as we remain inwardly attentive to the unfolding of his light, we shall be opened in a clear sight of the state of the seed of the kingdom, and our ministry will be crowned with a holy and pene- . trating authority; the weak will be strength ened, the hungry fed, the blind brought to see, the deaf to hear, and the dead in trespasses and sins quickened and brought to life. I have seen that much depends, in this day, upon the leaders of the people keeping their feet upon the true and living foundation, walking in the light, even as He, our Holy Head, is in the light; and I am satisfied, that the more these are concerned to have their lamps trimmed, and their lights burning, the less they will be moved by what may be going on in the earthi, For it is a consequence of the truth, where it has the full government, to make its followers' unchangeable. It is itself so, and all they who come to live in; it, are grounded and set

tled on an unchangeable foundation. And though they see all things change around them, they have a holy habitation uomoved; and protected by him that has all power in heaven and in earth. Now, those who enter this holy and heavenly habitation, they are redeemed from the spirit and love of this world; and they know, that as the kingdom of their Lord is not of this world, so neither is theirs; and though they are subject to every ordinance of man,

for conscience sake, yet they are not in the spirit or measures of the kingdoms of this world. They may see the governments of men turn and overturn, but on their part they neither build up nor pull down; neither their joys nor their sorrows depend upon the measures of this world; but only and alone upon the dispensations of their Divine Master. I wish not to tire my reader by speaking of the state of a dedicated follower of Christ; but I much desire that

my fellow professors of the same faith, as we believe we are called to lift up an ensign to the nations, even the ensign of peace, may be so guarded as to keep separate from every measure which may in any degree disqualify for this important service. And I have no doubt but, whatever persecutions and trials may come

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upon us, through the mistaken policy of men, for our faithfulness to the testimony of the gospel spirit, we shall in the end, if we keep our places, have to rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.




America: printed. London: re-printed by William Phillips,

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