The Life, Journals, and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys ...: Including a Narrative of His Voyage to Tangier, Volume 2

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Page 64 - To Deptford by water, reading " Othello, Moor of Venice," which I ever heretofore esteemed a mighty good play ; but, having so lately read "The Adventures of Five Houres,
Page 337 - ... this shall be your warrant; and so we bid you heartily farewell. Given at our Court at Whitehall, llth day of November, 1684. " By his Majesty's command, SUNDERLAND.
Page 317 - The said 1,100,000 do live in about 200,000 families or houses, whereof there are about 16,000 which have more than one chimney in each, and about 24,000 which have but one ; all the other houses, being 160,000, are wretched, nasty cabins, without chimney, window, or doorshut ; even worse than those of the savage Americans, and wholly unfit for the making merchantable butter, cheese, or the manufactures of woollen, linen, or leather.
Page 186 - ... I am a very old man, and have withdrawn myself from all kind of business for some years past, and am incapable of doing any service in such an affair to your majesty or the city. Besides, Sir...
Page 183 - ... in the east : so now it seemed necessary for us to sail on to Plymouth, which must have engaged us in a long and tedious campaign in winter, through a very ill country. Nor were we sure to be received at Plymouth. The earl of Bath, who was governor, had sent by Russel a promise to the prince to come and join him : yet it was not likely, that he would be so forward as to receive us at our first coming.
Page 237 - Nor shall any solicitousness after the felicities of the next world (which yet I bless God! I am not without care for) ever stifle the satisfactions arising from a just confidence of receiving some time or other, even here, the reparation due to such unaccountable usage as I have sustained in this.
Page 306 - THERE is invented an instrument of small bulk and price, easily made, and very durable, whereby any man, even at the first sight and handling, may write two resembling copies of the same thing at once, as serviceably and as fast, allowing two lines upon each page for setting the instruments, as by the ordinary way : Of what nature, or in what character, or what matter soever, as paper, parchment, a book, &c. the said writing ought to be made upon.
Page 69 - ... believing it utterly impossible that a person so obliged should ever be guilty of so black a deed as to betray me in so barbarous a manner. Besides that, I really...
Page 242 - I confess I could give her little joy, and so I plainly told her, but she said the King would have it so, and there was no going back.
Page 234 - ... for our Language is in some places sterile and barren, by reason of this depopulation, as I may call it ; and therefore such places should be new cultivated, and...

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