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SER M, man ghry in kis Might : For all these AdXIII. vantages are frequently defeated, and n Time and Chance bappenetb to tbem All. I

will not truß in my Bre, faith the Pfalmift, neither sball my Sword fave me; But it is Thou that savest us from our Enemies, Pf. xliv. 6. Wife therefore was the Answer of the King of Israel, to an insulting message from the King of Syria, 1 Kings XX. 11. Tell bim, Let not him that gird. etb on bis barness, boat bimself, as be that puttetb it off. The Event fhowed, that his Admonition was reasonable ; And the Syrian's Pride, was but the immediate fore-runner of his Destruction. For the same purpose, it is recorded of Nebucbadnezzar King of Babylon, that when bis Greatness was grown and reached unto Heaven, and bis Dominion to the End of the Earth, Dan. iv. 22. it was said unto him, ver. 25. They mall drive thee from Men, and thy dwelling hall be with the Beasts of the Field, and they shall make thee to eat grass as Oxen, and they shall wet thee with the Dew of Hsaven, ('tis the defcription of a very severe and mortifying Distemper of Mind ;) 'till thou know that the most High ruleth in the Kingdom of men, and

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giveth it to whomfoever be will. This is Serm. the plain Design of Providence, in such XM. extraordinary Events; to bring men to an Acknowledgment, of Him on whom they depend ; to bring them to a right Knowledge, of God and of themselves : That he may with-draw Man from his Purpose, Job xxxiii. 17. and hide Pride from Man. Well (indeed) may Pride be faid to be hid from Men, when not only the Success of their greatest Advantages, but even their very Life itself, is uncertain every moment. · Boaft not thyself of to morrow, Prov. xxvii. 1; for thou knoweft not what a day, what an Hour, may bring forth. For as the Fishes that are taken in an evil Net, and as the Birds that are caught in the Snare ; fo are the Sons of Men snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them ; Ecclef. ix. 12. The rich man in the Gospel, resolved to pull down his barns, and build bigger ; and then it was said unto him, Thou Fool, this night fhall thy Soul be required of Thee. In the Days of Noab; Men eat and drank, they married and were given in marriage, until the day that Noah en


SIR .tered into the Ark: And then the Flood n. came and destroyed them All. Likewise

in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bougbt, they fold, they planted, they builded: But the same day tbat Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from Heaven, and destroyed them All And fo also shall it finally be in the Great Day, wben the Son of Man is rexsled; Luke xvü. 30.

2dly, If nothing happens in the World, without the divine Providence; then good Men have a fufficient Ground of Trust and Reliance upon God, at all times and under All Dangers. Not, that God will always deliver them, or cause them to proper in the present World; For he often fees it better, to determine otherwife: But they may rely with assurance, that nothing can befal them but what H: judges fit; seeing all the Powers of Nature and of second Causes, are nothing but Instruments in His hand, and under His direction. Trust therefore ir the Lord, witb all thine beart, and in all thy ways acknowledge Him; Prov. . 5. He can far, whenever he pleases;

2 Cbr. xiv. 9, 11: and xvi. 8, 9. :'1 Sam.Serm. xiv. 6; with many, or with Few; cau- XIII. fing all the Accidents, which we call Time and Chance, to fulfil bis Word; Pr. cxlviii. 8; and execute his Pleasure : So that, if He thinks fit, even five shall be able to chase, an hundred, and an bun. dred fall put ten thousand to flight; Levit. xxvi. 8 ; and Deut. xxxii. 30.

3dly and Lastly; From This Notion of Providence, may be given a plain and direct Answer to that Question of the profane Fatalist; Job xxi. 15; What is the Almighty, that we pould serve bim ? and what Profit should we have, if we pray unto him? Indeed, if the Course of Nature, and those things which we call second Causes, were independent upon Providence; there would be good Reason to ask, what Benefit could there be either in Prayer or Thanksgiving. But if, as has been shown, Nature is nothing, and second causes are nothing, but mere Instruments; then it is very plain, that Prayer and Thanksgivings are as much due to God for whatever is brought about by Natural causes, as if he had


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