Report of the Commissioner of Education Made to the Secretary of the Interior for the Year ... with Accompanying Papers, Volume 1

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1909 - Education

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Page 13 - Louis in connection with the meeting of the Department of superintendence of the National education association, February 27-29, 1912.
Page 19 - My plea, then, is this: that we now deliberately set ourselves to make a home for the spirit of learning: that we reorganize our colleges on the lines of this simple conception, that a college is not only a body of studies but a mode of association; that its courses are only its formal side, its contacts and contagions its realities.
Page 17 - ... learning. You can impart that to young men ; and you can impart it to them in the three or four years at your disposal. It consists in the power to distinguish good reasoning from bad, in the power to digest and interpret evidence, in a habit of catholic observation and a preference for the non-partisan point of view, in an addiction to clear and logical processes of thought and yet an instinctive desire to interpret rather than to stick in the letter of the reasoning, in a taste for knowledge...
Page ii - COMMISSIONERS HENRY BARNARD, LL. D., March 14, 1867, to March 15, 1870 JOHN EATON, PH. D., LL. D., March 16, 1870, to August 5, 1886 NATHANIEL HR DAWSON, LHD, August 6, 1886, to September 3, 1889 WILLIAM T. HARRIS, PH. D., LL. D., September 12, 1889, to June SO, 1906 ELMER ELLSWORTH BROWN, PH.
Page 160 - Any city in the State of Wisconsin or any school district having within its limits a city desiring to establish, conduct and maintain a school or schools for the purpose of giving practical instruction in the useful trades to persons having attained the age of sixteen years, as a part of the public school system of such city...
Page 375 - The managers of the school shall carry out any directions of the local education authority as to the secular instruction to be given in the school, including any directions with respect to the number and educational qualifications of the teachers to be employed for such instruction, and for the dismissal of any teacher on educational grounds...
Page 45 - ... for the instruction of competent persons in academies and union schools, in the science and practice of common school teaching, under a course to be prescribed by the Su^perintendent of Public Instruction.
Page 207 - Mindful of the desire recently expressed by the President of the United States to promote the coming of Chinese students to the United States to take courses in the schools and higher educational institutions of the country, and convinced by the happy results of past experience of the great value to China of education in American schools, the Imperial Government has the honor to state that it is its intention to send henceforth yearly to the United States a considerable number of students there to...
Page 154 - Labor, be, and is hereby, authorized to appoint a special committee of at least 15, to be composed of a majority of trade union members of this convention, who will serve without compensation and incur no expenses other than necessary and legitimate expenditure within the judgment of the president and executive council, to investigate the methods and means of industrial education in this country and abroad, and to report its findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the next annual meeting of...
Page 89 - In recommending that university work begin with the junior year of the college and that the professional schools be based on the first two years of college, the report is in line with present tendencies. It is in accord with the growing belief that the work of the last two years of college should be organized into groups that aim at more definite results, and lead to greater efficiency.

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