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his heart.

One who knows how to value and praife God for all the advantages he enjoys, with regard to the knowledge of the things of God; the true fcriptural manner of worshipping him; and, above all, his union with a congregation fearing God and working righteoufnefs. One, who retaining these bleffings with the ftricteft care, keeping them as the apple of his eye, at the fame time loves his friends as brethren in the Lord, as members of Chrift, and children of God; as joint partakers now of the present kingdom of God, and fellow-heirs of his eternal kingdom; all, of whatever opinion or worship, or congregation, who believe in the Lord Jefus Chrift; who love God and man; who rejoicing to please, and fearing to offend God, are careful to abstain from evil, and are zealous of good works.

Thou, O man of God, think on these things. If thou art already in this way, go on. If thou haft heretofore miftook the path, blefs God who hath brought thee back. And now run the race which is fet before thee in the royal way of univerfal love. Take heed left thou be either wavering in thy judgment, or straitened in thy bowels. But keep an even pace, rooted in the faith once delivered to the faints, and grounded in love, in true catholic love, till thou art fwallowed up in love for ever and ever.

Sermon on a Catholic Spirit.

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W HILE zeal is recommended, let `not charity be forgotten. They are by no means incompatible. Who more zealous than the great apostle of the Gentiles? And where can be found a brighter example of charity? Boldly confuting and reproving falfe doctrines and corrupt practices, but ever ready to devote himself for the welfare of those among whom they prevailed. After his own example, he directs others to Speak the truth in love, fo to maintain truth as not to violate charity. A golden precept, worthy to be engraven on the hearts of all who may be called forth to contend for the faith, that they may do honour to their caufe, and no difhonour to themselves, by the manner of propofing them. The weight of the reasons will not be at all diminished by the courteousness of the address; in its effect it will be much increased. Mankind care not to be driven; they must be led into all truth. It was the method practifed by the apoftles. It should be practifed by their fucceffors.

Could a plainer declaration have been made that the conquefts of the MESSIAH were not to be of a fecular nature; that his kingdom was not of this world? If my kingdom were of this world, faith he of himself, then would my fervants

fight. But, lo he taketh from them the weapons of war. Was there a fhield or fword feen among the thousands of the Ifrael of God? No fhield but that of faith; no fword but that of the fpirit. Like their great leader, they encountered their adverfaries with patience, and overcame by fuffering. So far was the advent of CHRIST from carrying with it any appearance of war, that the nations at the time lay hushed in the tranquillity of an univerfal peace. He pake peace to the heathen, as well as to his own people the Jews. The waves of this troublesome world ceafed to tofs themfelves, and a delightful calm feemed to forbode the approach of those halcyon days when the Prince of Peace fhould make his abode among us; like the ftillness of that hallowed night on which the angelic choir defcended to fing peace on earth, peace with God by the pardon of fin; peace with ourselves by the anfwer of a clear confcience; peace with one another by MUTUAL


O divine peace, how lovely and how pleasant doft thou appear! How happy and heavenly is the kingdom of the Meffiah where thou art found! Who would not wish to fee, who would not labour to promote, the full accomplishment of prophecy in the extenfion of the kingdom and dominion of Christ, from sea to fea, and from the rivers to the ends of the earth, that fo all nations of the world might remember themselves, and turn to the

Lord Jefus, as many as did at the first preaching of the gofpel? And let the daughter of Zion lead the way, reftored to her pre-eminence among the churches! We will not envy her the honour as the formerly envied us Gentiles, but rather rejoice and fhout with her in the day when the fhall be led to acknowledge her king-the king of righteoufnefs, falvation, and peace; the once lovely, but now highly exalted JESUS of Nazareth; whọ came to visit us in great humility, and fhall come again at the appointed hour to judge the worldwhen we fhall behold him glorious as Jerufalem herself can wish, riding upon the heavens, in power and majefty unutterable, amidst the acclamations of faints and angels! Amen.






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CHRISTIANITY," it hath been faid,

"is not founded in argument." If it were only meant by thefe words, that the religion of Jefus could not, by the fingle aid of reafoning, produce its full effect upon the heart, every true Chriftian would cheerfully fubfcribe to them. No arguments, unaccompanied by the

* This most excellent divine is still living, and on account of the infirmities of age, has just refigned his principalfhip, which he held for a long series of years with diftinguished reputation. To his lectures and writings I was first indebted for enlarged ideas of the Chriftian religion. Under fuch circumftances, the reader will pardon me for deviating, in this fingle inftance, from my established rule of admitting no living writers. Gratitude, indeed, has prompted it, and may good Dr. Campbell (now his fun is faft fetting) experience the confolations of that divine religion whofe evidences he has ably illuftrated, and whofe fpirit, both in his life and writings, he has happily exemplified.

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