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The Martyr of Antioch, a Tragic Drama. of the Christian Character. By Edward
By the Rev. F. Millman. 8vo. 8s. 6d. Berens, AM. 12mo. 48.

The Widow's Tale, and other Poems. Sketches of One Hundred Sermons,
By the Author of Ellen Fitzarthur. Small Preached in various Parts of the United
8vo. 68. Od.

Kingdom. Vol. II. 12mo. 4s.
The Templar, a Poem. Small 8vo. 58. Voyages, Travels, and Topography.

The Weird Wanderer of Jutland, a Tra. Travels in Southern Africa. By the gedy ; and Julia Montalban, a Tale. By Rev. John Campbell. 2 Vols. 8vo. with the Hon. and Rev. W. Herbert. 8vo. coloured Plates, Il. ls. large paper, 12. 10s. 88. 6d.

Travels in North Europe, selected from Italy, a Poem. 8vo. 7s.

Modern Writers. By the Rev. W. BingEdgar and Ella, and other Poems. By ley, MA. 12mo. 68. 6d. J. F. Rattenbury. 8vo. 8s.

A Description of the Island of St. Drunken Barnaby's Four Journies to Michael, comprising an Account of its the North of England, new Edit. 12mo. 6s. Geological Structure ; with Remarks on

Poetical Works of the Rev. George the other Azores, or Western Islands. By Crabbe. 5 Vols. 8vo. 31.

John Webster, MD. Royal 8vo. 13s. Ditto, in 8 Vols. Small 8vo. 21. 8s.

Illustrations of the History, Manners, Thcology.

Customs, &c. of Japan, selected from JaThe Resurrection of Lazarus, a Course panese MSS., &c. By M. Titsingh, with of Sermons, from the French of Beausobre. coloured Plates. Royal 4to. 21. 185. By Henry Cotes, Vicar of Bedlington. 8vo. Belzoni's Narrative of his Operations 158.

and Discoveries in Egypt. New Edition. An Ecclesiastical Memoir of the First 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 88. Four Decades of the Reign of George III. Account of the Abipones, an Equestrian By the Rev. John Middleton, AM, with People, in the Interior of South America. Four Portraits. 8vo. 98.

By Martin Dobrizhoffer.

3 Vols. 8vo. Sixteen Village Sermons, on certain parts ll. 16s.

Where the Town or City in rhich the Bankrupt resides is not expressed, it will be always in London or the
Neighbourhood. So also of the Residences of the Attorneys, whose names are placed after a [.

T distinguishes London Commissions, C those of the country.
Gazette-Jan. 26 to Feb. 19. Wasbrough, M. Camberwell, Sarrey, stationer.

[Abrabam, Jewry-street, Aldgate. T. Allsup, C. High Holborn, batter. [Pearce, Weetch, S. George-street, Commercial road, RatSt. Swithin's-lane, T.

cliff, linen-draper. [Swain, Frederick's-place, Banting, J. Cumberland-street, Marylebone, car. Old Jewry. T penter. [Williams, Gray's-inn. T.

White, J. Great Winchester-street, Stationer. Bond, w. Houndsditch, wafer-manufacturer.

[Aspinall, Furnival's-ina. T. [Knight, Basinghall-strect. T.

Williams, W. Langbourn-chambers, Fenchurch. Burgie, J. Mark-lane, carpenter. [Leigh, Char

street, merchant. [Birkett, Cloak-lane. T. lotte-street, Mansion-house. T. Camp, J. Broad-street, Wapping, victualler. [Hall,

Jan. 29.- Aspell, J. Manchester, check-manufac. Great James-street, Bedford-row. T.

turer. (Hurd, Temple. C. Coldman, J. New Kent-road, carpenter. [Mey

Bowring, J. G. Fenchurch-buildings, broker. mott, Great Surrey-street, Blackfriar's-road. T.

[Kearsey, 116, Bishopsgate-street. T. Dye, R. Peckham, wheelwright. [Dixon, St.

Butcher, J. Alphamstone, Essex, maltster. [DaSwitbin's-lane. T.

niell, King's Arms-yard, Coleman-street.e. Edinonds, E. Newport, Monmouth, draper. [Pear. Cave: W. J. West Smithfield, copper-smith. son, Pump-court, Temple. c.

[Thomas, Fen-court, Fenchurch-street. T. Green, C. Leather-laue, Holborn, victualler.

Dent, A. Size-lane, merchant. [Kearsey, 116, (Vandercom, Bush-Jane, Canpon-street. T.

Bishopsgate-street. T.
Knibbs, J. H. Lloyd's Coffee-house, insurance-

Green, W. jun. Exmouth-street, Clerkenwell, ironbroker. (Pasmore, Warnford-court, Throgmor- Halliley, il. Lumbý, York, dealer. [Wiglesworth,

monger. (Jones, Minciog Jane. T. ton-street. T. Lidbetter, T. Southwick, Sussex, coro-mercbant,

Gray's-inn-square. c. (Gregson, Angel court, Throumorton-street. C.

Hampson, R. and T. Hampson, Liverpool, cornLilley, N. Leeds, linen-manufacturer. (Holme,

merchants. [Perkins, Holborn-court, Gray'gNew-ion. C.

inn. c. Niblett, F. St. Mary Axe, milliner. [Warrand, Howard, J. Norwich, butcher. [Taylor, FeatherMarklane, T.

stone-buildings, Holborn. C. Passiore, J. Farnham, Surrey, linen-draper.

Mackie, J. Watling-street, merchant. [Tomlin[Holme, New-ion. T.

son, King's Arms-yard, Celemall-streei. T. Poliey, W. Newington-workhouse, Surrey, con

Mildred, 'T. D. Size-lane, merchant. (Kearsey, 116, tractor for the rope-mainfucturers. [Orme, 3,

Bishopspate street. T. Church-row, Stepney. T.

Russell,'H. and R. Bruce, St. Martin's-lane, ChaRidgway, R. B. H. Charles-street, St. James's,

ring-cross, cabinet-nakers. (Parton, Bowwine-merchant. (Allen, 45, Commercial Sale:

church.yard, Cheapside. T. rooms, Mincing-lane. T.

Feb. 2.-IHerson, J. Liverpool, oil-inerchant. Sampson, D. W. Guiltspur-street, tea-dealer. (Gel. (Lowe, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane. librand, Austin-friars. T.

(. Smith, A. kinu-street, Cheapside, Scotch-factor. Baker, T. Wolverhampton, Stafford, mercer.

[Batsford, 3, Horsleydown-laue, Southwark. T. (Williams, 9, Old Buildings, Lincoln's-inn. C. Tanfon, W. Prince Edward's island, North Ame- Bramwell, J. Leadenhall-street, batter. (Shelton, rici, merchant. [Raine, Temple. C.

Old Bailey, T. Thoinpson, C. beans, Durham, cattle-jobber, Chinaochi, R. Frome Selwood, Somerset, builder. Bell, %, Bow Churchyard, C,

Deres, 69, Chancey-lane. C.

Colling, W. K. Liverpool, tax-collector. (Wheeler, Johnson, M. Leeds, woollen-cloth-merchant. 28, Castle-street, Holborn. c.

(Wilson, 16, Greville-street, Hatton-garden. C. Dicker, G. Dawlish, Devon, builder. (Brutton, 55, Judd, R. R. and B. S. Fowler, Birmingham, Old Broad-street. C.

dealers. [Clarke, 109, Chancery-lane. c. Gill, M. Skipton, York, haberdasher. (Pownall, Knight, J. Barton-under-Needwood, Stafford, dra old Jewry. T.

per. (Cookney, Castle-street, Holborn. C. Hill, J. Regent-street. Piccadilly, tailor. [Rice, Marsh, T. Colton Mills, Stafford, miller. (Lowe, Jermyn-street, Piccadilly. T.

Tanfield-court, Temple. C. Jabet, R. Birmingham, printer. [Meyrick, Red. Milnes, J. Halifax, grocer. (Wiglesworth, Gray'slion-square. C.

inn. C. Jackson, w. G. and W. Hardley, Great Surrey. Morgan, G. W. Queenhithe, Upper Thames-street,

street, Surrey, linen-drapers. [Jones, Size-lane, wholesale stationer. (Collins, Great Knight T.

Rider-street, T. Jarvis, T. Adderbury, Oxford, fell-monger. (Chil. Smith, J. Russell-court, Drury-lane, tavern-keepton, Chancery-lane. C.

er. (Scargill, 1, Freeman's-court, Cornbill. t. Newinan, C. Brighton, Sussex, dealer. (Bennett, Thompson, J. Carlisle, manufacturer. (Mounsey, 7, Token-house-yard. T.

9, Staple-inn. C. Prowse, T. Axbride, Somerset, surgeon. [Edmunds, Tomlinson, R. J. Bristol, oil of vitriol-manufac

Excbequer-office of Pleas, Lincolu's.inn. C. turer. [Clarke, Chancery-lane. c. Pyne, W. H. Queen-square, Westminster, pab. Urmson, J. Liverpool, ship-chandler. (Chester, lisher. (Van Sandan, Nicolas-lane, Lombard- 3, Staple's-inn. c. street. T.

Williams, E. Liverpool, joiner. [Blackstock, Tem. Roper, A. Gosport, Southampton, brewer. [Dyne, ple. c. 59, Lincoln's-inn-fields. c.

Willson, J. Ely, Cambridge, miller. (Robinson, Feb. 5.-Atkinson, M. Fulbeck, Lincoln, money.

Half-Moon-street, Piccadilly, C. scrivener (Taylor, John-street, Bedford-row. C. Feb. 16.–Andrews, T. W. Stamford, Lincoln, caBlacklee, D. Cambridge, bricklayer. (Farlow, binet-maker. (Wright, Inner Temple. c. Gray's-inn. C.

Bostock, E. Earl Shilton, Leicester, bleaches. Capon, J. Strand, batter. [M'Michael, South Sea- (Holme, New-inn. C.; chambers, Threadneedle-street. T.

Dansey, W. Bristol, brewer. [Dix, Symond's inn. Farmer, G. jun. Birmingham, roller of metals. C. [Holme, New.inn. C.

Hobson, R. Maidstone, baberdasher. (Ashurst, Pilsbury, L. Stafford, nurseryman. (Wright, 10, 2, Sambrook-court, Basinghall-street. T. King's Bench-walk, Temple. C,

Kendall, J. Mile-end, Stepney, cow-keeper. (BurnPitstow, J. Earl's-Colne, Essex, miller. [Wilson, ley, Church-court, Walbrook. T. 9, King's Bench-walk, Temple. C.

Morton, J. Parson's-street, Ratcliffe-higbway, vic*Stead, W. Thrum-hall, York, merchant. [Battye, tualler. [Oakley, Martin's-lane, Cannon-st. T. Chancery-lane. C.

Price, J. Little Malvern, Worcester, dealer. (King, Sylvester, T. Witney, Oxford, currier. [Bigg, Serjeant's-inn, Fleet-street. C.

Southampton-buildings, Chancery.lane. Č. Small, T. Alnwick, Northumberland, common'Thornley, J. Cheetham-hill, Lancaster, hat-ma- brewer. [Meggison, Verulam-buildings, Gray's. nafacturer. (Makinson, Temple. C.

inn. C. Wells, J. St. Michael, Southampton, grocer.

Smith, W. Blyth, Northumberland, dealer. [Grace, [Stephenson, Lincoln's-ion. C.

London-street, Fenchurch-street. T. Feb. 9.-Bilsborough, B. Lower Merton, Surrey,

Taylor, J. Frant, Sussex, shopkeeper. (Jones, cow-keeper. (Robinson, 13, Park-street, West

Mincing-lane. T. minster, T.

Threlfall, H. Blackburn, Lancaster, draper. Bollock, J. Leadenhall-street, grocer. (Smith, Tutin, R.'Chandos-street, Covent-garden, cheese

[Milne, Temple. C. Hatton court, Threadneedle-street. T. Comte, H. Church-street, Bethnal-green, cabinet

monger. [Hutchison, Crown-court, Threadmaker (Clift, 13, Holborn.court, Gray's-inn. T.

needle-street. T. Carling, W. Shadwell High-street, tailor. [Unwin; Watkins,

J. J. New Crane, Shadwell, butcher. High-street, Bhadwell. T.

[Townson, Ratcliff-bighway. T. Gray, C. Oxford-street, horse-dealer. [Hall, Cole

Wilkinson, W. and J.; Wilkinson, Bell-court, man-street. T.

Mincing-lane, wine-merchants. (Clarke, WarnHay, S. Upper Lisson-street, St. Marylebone, car

ford-court, Throgmorton-street. T. penter, (Carlon, High-street, Marylebone. T.

Feb. 19.-Collins, F. W. Dorset-place, ClaphamHolmes, R. Tottenham-court-road, linen-draper.

road, Surrey, corn-merchant. Reeves, 2, Fur

nival's-inn. T. [Hewett, 11, Tokenhouse-yard. T. Joseliu, J. jun. Smith's-buildings, Southwark,

Gilbert, J. and H. Taylor, Bristol, commissionrope-manufacturer. [Turner, 61, Lincoln's-inn.

merchants. (Evans, 97, Hatton-garden. C. T.

Lilwall, R. St. Mary, Pembroke, maltster. [Bell, Marwell, w. Liverpool, draper. [Blackstock, Manning, T. Foulstam, Norfolk, grocer. [Long

Bow Church-yard. C.
King's Benck-walk, Temple. c.
Parker, J., G. Parker, J. L. Parker, and T. Ro-

dill, Gray's-inn-square, C. berts, Birchin lane, merchants. (Lane, Law.

Melanscheg, G. Strand, furrier. (Pearce, Swithin's.

lane. T. rence Pountney-place. T. Porter, S. London, stationer. (Vizard, Lincoln's- Righton 2 Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derby, dealer. inn-field's._T.

Back, Churchyard-court, Temple. Pownall, J. E. Little Chelsea, money-scrivener.

Wilson, G. Bett-street, Ratcliff-highway, brewer. [Gains, Caroline-street, Bedford-square. T.

(Cranch, Union-court, Broad-street.'T. Sharpe, W. Coleorton, Leicester, butcher. (Bax.

ter, Gray's-inn-place. C. Shirley, J. Moreton in the Marsh, Gloucester, SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS.

baker. (Taylor, Gray's-inn. C. Smith, R. Humberton, York, dealer. (Spence, 50,

GazetteFcb. 2 to Feb. 19. Threadneedle-street. C. Stevens, J. Stafford, wine-merchant. [Leigh, 2, Donaldson, J. and R. MʻFeat, music-sellers, GlasCharlotte-row, Mansion-house. C.

gow. Swann, T. Wardour-street, Soho, cating-house Graham, R. and D. M'Gregor, manufacturers, Glas. keeper. (Richardson, Golden-square. T.


M'Culloch, R. merchant, Glasgow. Feb. 12.-Axford, T. Abingdon, Berks, wine-mer. Reddie, J. builder, Dunfermline.

chant. (Nelson, 11, Essex-street, Strand. C. M'Kay, D. merchant, Dornoch. "Gray, T. T. Wardour-street, Sobo, coal-merchant. Jackson, M. baberdasher, Paisley. [Ewington, Hertford. T.

Harley, W. merchant, Glasgow. "Griffiths, T. Oxford-street, jeweller. (Appleby, M'Nee, D. druggist, Glasgow. II, Gray's-ion. T.

Anderson, J. grocer, St. Andrews, Capar-Fife. 'Hemming, J. Upton. Oxford, dealer. [King, Ser. Berry, J. mercbant, Glasgow. jeant's-inn, Fleet-street. Ć.

Gray, J. cooper, Helensburgh. Herrington, J. Farebam, Southampton, mercer. M'Leod, J. Jun. and J. Redd, manufacturers, Glas. [Hicks, Bartlett's-buildings. C.





the Earl of Beative, to Olivia, relict of the late Jan. 20. At Darley Abbey, Dorsetshire, the lady of

Edward Tuite Dalton, Esq. and daughter of Sir
J. Watts
Russell, Esq. MP. a son.

John Stevenson.
22. In Upper Gower-street, the lady of J. A. F. At Plympton, St. Mary, Erving Clarke, Esq. of
Simpkinson, Esq. a daughter.

Efford, to Anna Letitia, third

daughter of Paul In Chesterfield-street, Lady Maria West, a

Treby, Esq. of Plympton. danghter.

Feb. 2. The Rev. J. B. S. Carwithen, Vicar of 23. In Baker-street, Portman-square, the lady of

Sandhurst, Berks, to Mrs. Augustus Faulkner, Sir Gregory Page Turner, Bart. a son and heir,

daughter of the late General Spry, of the Engi. 24. At Renishaw, the seat of Sir George Sitwell,

neers. Lady Sitwell, a daughter.

4. At Liverpool, Thomas Shaw Brandreth, Esq. - In Manchester-square, the lady of the Hon. Barrister at Law, to Harriet, fourth daughter of Thomas Orde Ponlett, a son.

the late Ashton Byrom, Esq. of Fair View, near 25. At Brighton, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Taylor, 5. At Liverpool, Mr. Edw. Martineau, to Eleanor,

20th Royal Hussars, a son. - At Boxley, Kent, the lady of the Hon. William

fourth daughter of the late Edward Rogers, Esq. Frazer, a daughter.

of that Town. 26. In Gate-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, the lady 9. At St. Martin's in the Fields, Samuel Barlow, of John Mitchell, MD. a daughter.

Jun. Esq. of Mitcham House, Surrey, to Mary 29. At Hythe, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Goldfinch, Ann, only daughter of William Slark, Esq. of Royal Engineers, a son.

Clapton. - In Jermyn-street, the lady of Sir Frederick

- At St. Michael's, College Hill, William Boyd, Baker, Bart. a son.

Jun. Esq. of Shamrock Lodge, County of Down, Feb. 1. In Montague-place, at the residence of Ireland, to Jane, eldest daughter of the Right Mr. Serjeant Pell, the Hon. Mrs. Pell, a daugh

Hon. Christopher Magnay, Esq. the Lord Mayor. ter.

11. By special license, by the Bishop of Norwich, 2. At Brighton, the Rt. Hon. Lady Caroline Ha

the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Albemarle, to Charlotte, milton, a daughter.

daughter of the late Sir Henry Hunloke, Bart. 5. At Preshaw House, Hants, the Rt. Hon. Lady

of Wingerworth, in the County of Derby. The Mary Long, the lady of Walter Long, Esq. a

Bride was given away by her uncle, Thomas daughter.

William Coke, Esq. of Holkham, Norfolk. 8. In Manchester-square, the lady of J. Green 12. At Addesley, in the County of Salop, by the Wilkinson, Esq. of Bargate House, Hants, a

Hon, and Rev. Henry Cust, the Hon. John

Henry Knox, third son of Viscount Northland, 9. In Stratton-street, Piccadilly, Lady Jane Peel, a

to Lady Mabella Needham, youngest daughter of

the Earl of Kilmorey. 10. At Puttenham, Surrey, the lady of Richard - At Chertsey, by the Rev. Wm. Corbett Wilson, Sumner, Esq. a daughter.

Jun. AM. of Trinity College, Cambridge, Chas. 15. Upper Bedford-place, Russell-square, the lady

Corbett Wilson, second son of the Rev. William of Henry Hoyle Oddie, Jun. Esq. a daughter.

Corbett Wilson, of Hardwick Priory, Warwick16. At Lindley-hall, the lady of 'T. Applewhaite,

shire; to Mary, second daughter of the late AnEsq. a son and heir.

thony Benn, Esq. of Hensingham, Cumberlaod. 20. In Portland-place, the lady of Sandford Gra

14. At Hadleigh, the Rev. Charles B. Taylor, to ham, Esq. MP. for Ludgershall, a son.

Adine, second daughter of A. D. Lewis Agassiz,

Esq. Finsbury-square.

By the Dean of Westminster, the Rev. Edward At Ferregles, Dumfries, the lady of Alexander Murray, second son of the late Right Rev. Lord Gordon, Esq. twins, (sons).

Bishop of St. David's, and nephew of the Duke

of Athol, to Ruperta Catherine, only child of the IN IRELAND.

late Sir George Wright, Bart. At Dublin, the lady of the Hon. Francis Annesley, 18. At Exeter, John Tyrell, Esg. of Lincoln's Inn, a daughter.

Barrister, and of Clopard, County of Kildare, to At Killea House, the lady of the Hon. Richard St. Mary Ann, only child of John Mackintosh, Esq. Leger, a son.

of Exeter. At Rathkeale, County of Limerick, the lady of 19. At Burnham, Norfolk, by the Rev. W. Bolton, Lieut.-Col. Dick, of the 420 Highlanders, a son the Rev. Philip Ward, MA. to Horatia Nelson and heir.

Nelson, the adopted daughter of the late Admi. At Clontart, the lady of the Hon. Jobn Prender- ral Lord Viscount Nelson. gast Vereker, a con.

21. At St. George's, Hanover-square, by Special

Licence, by the Rev. Charles Gore, Win. Gore ABROAD.

Langton, Esq. jun, of Burderop Park, Wilts,
At Bombay, the Hon. Mrs. Buchanan, a son. eldest son of Wm. Gore Langton, Esq. of New
At Rome, in the Palace of her Brother-in-law, the ton Park, Somerset, to Jescinthia Powell Col-

Prince of Prossedi, Donna Letitia Buonaparte lins, only daughter of H. Powell Collins, Esq.
Wyse, the lady of Thos. Wyse, Jun. Esq. of the of Hatch and Lillesdon, in the county of So-
Manor of St. John, Ireland, a son and heir. Two

days afterwards, (Jan. 8.) the Infant was bap-
tized by his Eminence, Cardinal Fesch, by the

name of Napoleon; the Sponsors, Johú Talbot, At Edinburgh, Charles Dundas, Esg. MP. for the
Esq. nephew of the Earl of Shrewsbury, and County of Berks, to Mrs. Erskine, widow of
Donna Carlotta Buonaparte Gabrielli, Princess Major Erskine, of Vinlau, and piece to the Earl
of Prossedi,

of Lauderdale

Jan. 19. At Ingleby Manor, Yorkshire, Tatton Sykes,

At Charles Town, in County of Louth, by the Rev.
Esg. second son of the late Sir Christopher

Dr. Vesey, Thos. Lecke, Esq.

Barrister at Law Sykes, Bart. of Sledmere, in the same County,

eldest son of Ralph Lecke, Esg. of Longford to Mary Ann, second daughter of the late, and

Hall, Shropshire, to Anna Shaw, only daughter sister to the present Sir Wm. Foulis, Bart.

of the Hon. Matthew Plunket, and niece to the 22. Count St. Martin D'Aglie, Minister Plenipo

Rt. Hon. Lord Louth. tentiary from the King of Sardinia, to Louisa,

youngest daughter of the late Hon. Chas. Finch. At Van Diemen's Land, by special license, Mr.
24. At Mary-le-bone Church, Robert Berkeley, Scott, Surgeon to the Royal Navy, and Resident

Esq. only son of Robert Berkeley, Esq. of Surgeon of that Colony, to Lucy Margaretta
Spetcheley, Worcester, to Henrietta Sophia, el- Davey, only child of Lieut, Col. Davey, late

dest daughter of the late Paul Benfield, Esg. Lieut. Governor of Van Diemen's Land.
29. At St. Martin's in the fields, Thomas Henry At Rome, Capt. Robt. Manners Lockwood, eldest

Algernon Stephens, Esq. to Maria Elizabeth, se son of Thos. Lockwood, Esq. of Dan-y-Craig in
cond daughter of the Rev. R. Brickenden, and Glamorganshire, to the Rt. Hon. Lady Julia
niece to the Earl of Cavan.

Gore, daughter of the late Earl of Arran, KP. - At St. George's, Hanover-square, the Rt. Hon. and sister of the Marquess of Abercorn.


6 At her honse, in Pall Mall, in her 78th year'

Lady Bunbury, relict of Sir Thomas Charles Jan. 20. Sophia, the wife of George Cobb, Esq. of Bunbury, Bart. Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire.

7. At Clapton, Emanuel Muller, Esq. - Lately, in York-place, Clifton, Mrs. Jane 8. lu Pall Mall, aced 73, Thomas Wagstaffe, Est. Mackworth, only surviving sister of the late Sir of Wood Hall, Shepley Hill, Berks. Hubert Mackworth, Bart. of Gnoll Castle, Gla

9. At his apartments in the Albany, Piccadilly, morganshire.

Rear-admiral John William Spranger. - In St. James's square, her Grace the Duchess 10. In his 69th year, Christopher Rawdon, Esq. of St. Alban's.

of Elin-house, near Liverpool, one of the DeputyAt Oxford, the Rev. Frodsham Hodson, Princi. Lieutenants of the West Riding of the county of pal of Brazen Nose College, Regius Professor of

York. Divinity, and Canon of Christ Church. In 1796, 11. In Newgate-street, in his 25th ycar, Mr. Henry he published “ The Eternal Siliation of the Son Baldwyn, Bookseller. of God, asserted on the Evidence of the Scrip

- lu Caroline-street. Bedford-square, in bis 60th tures, &c."

year. Arthur Ilin. Devis, Esq. au Historical and 21. After a severe illness, Sir Buckworth Herne Portrait Painter of superior talent. His Death of Soame, Bart. of Heydou, Essex. He is suc- Lord Nelson, and other large works are well ceeded in bis titles and estates by his eldest

known to the public. son, Colonel Peter Buckworth Herne Soame. 14. In Queen’s-square, Bath, James Richard, only - Hewett Cobb, Esq. of Clements-ion, and of son of Boyd Miller, Esq. of Clapham Common, Sydenham, in Kent, mauy years proprietor of

Surrey. the Brighton Theatre.

15. At her residence, in Smith-street, Chelsea, 23. Mary, the lady of Wither Branston, Esq. of aged 81, Mrs. Nunn, relict of the late Capt.

Oakley Hall, Hints, and youngest daughter of Loftus Nann, Comptroller of his Majesty's Hosthe late Thomas Lobb Chute, Esq. of the Vine, pital, Chelsea. Hants.

17. The Rev. Thomas William Shore, Virar of 24. ln College-street, Westminster, James Smith Otterton, Devon, and brother to Lord TeignGoodilf, of the House of Commons.

mouth. 25. At Maidenhead, arcd 77, James Payn, Esq.

24. At bis chambers, 3, Garden-court, Temple, upwards of 50 years Recorder of that Town, and James Boswell, Esq. one of the Cominissioners Treasurer for the county of Berks.

of Bankripts, and Editor of Mr. Malone's last 28. Richard Baldwin Smith, elde.t son of Richard Elition of Shakspeare, lately published.

Smith, Esq. of Harborne Hcall, Dear Birining- - At his house, Stratton street, Thomas Coutts, ham.

Esq. Bauker, aged 87, father of the countess of - At Kirkby. Mallory, Leicestershire, the Hon. Guilford, Lady Burdett, and Alarchioness of Lady Noel, wife of Sir Ralph Noel, Bart, sister Bute. of the late Thomas Lord Viscount Wentworth,

IN SCOTLAND. and mother-in-law to Lord Byrou.

At Glasgow, Capt. J. Aveling of the 77th Regt. 29. At Thorndon Hall, Essex, Frances Lady Petre, wife of the Rt. Hon. Lord Petre,

IN IRELAND. 30. At Dawlish, in his 23d year, Henry Verney Jackson, Esq. of Jesus College, Oxford, only

At Dublin, in his 79th year, Richard Nevil, Esq. son of Henry Jackson, Esq. of Lower Skelly,

of Furnace, ia the county of Kildare, for many Swansea,

years Teller of his Majesty's Exchequer in Ire Feb. 1. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Joseph Fogg, of Re

land. gent-street, after having been delivered of a son

ABROAD. on the 18th ult. Her only daughter died on the At Genoa, in his 3)st year. Lieut. D. G. Slow, RN. 14th ult.

eldest son of Daniel Stow, Esq. of the Post Office, At bis apartments at the Royal Naral Hospital, In Jamaica, Peter Campbell, Esq. of that Island, after a short illness, Capt. Sir Thoinas Lavie, aud of Kilmory, Argyle. KCB. of his Majesty's ship Spencer.

At Barbadoes, Lieu:.-Col. John Piper, CB. of the 2. In Howland-street, in his 75 year, Charles Bin- 4th, or King's Own Regt. after an illness of three ny, Esq. formerly of Madras.

days. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Charles Baldwyn, of At Surat, in bis 38th year, John Morison, Esq. Newgate street.

Collector and Magistrate of that Zilah, which 3. In Hans-place, aged 62, James Stirling, Esq. oftice he had filled with ability for 17 years. 4. Upper Berkeley-street, Portinan-square, on her At Caen, of a pulmonary cousumption, Michael

birth-day, Sophia Catherine, eldest daughter of O'Brien, Esq. Surgeon. Royal Navy, late Disthe late Sir Henry Fletcher, Bart. of Ashley- penser of the Naval Hospital, Halifax, Nova park, Surrey.

In Welbeck-street, aged 84, William Adam,
Esq. Architect.

LONGEVITY. - At Greenwich, Mrs. Garrick, relict of George At Watergras 3-hill, Ireland, aged 113 years, Ed.

Garrick, Esq. brother to the celebrated English mond Barry. He had been a pensioner 65 years; Roscius; and mother-in-law to Mrs. George was at the battle of Fontenoy and several others Garrick, of the Theatre Royal, Haymarker.

in the reign of George Il. He was six feet two - At her seat, Northgate-house, Halifax, Mrs. inches, remarkably upright, and was able to

Lister, relict of Joseph Lister, Esq. and youngest walk a mile at least every day, till within three daughter of the late General Sir W. Fawcett, KB. days of his death.

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The Rev. R. .1. Francis, to the rectory of Charle. ton St. Mary, Norfolk, vacant by the death of the Her. John Deacon; Pation, the Corporation of Norwich.--Tie licy. James Hoste, VA, to the vicarage of Empiugwell, Rutlandshire. Patron, the Rev. R. Turner, Creat Yarmouth.-The Rer. F. Ellis, Mi. to the rectory of La-sam, Hanis; Patron, G.P.Jervoise, E«q.offerriard - house..-'I he Rev. W. Cooke, AM, of New College, and succentor of Hereford Cathedral, appointed one of the Domestic Chaplains of the Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount Molesworth.-The Rer. W. Edge, BA, to the rectory of Nedying, Suffolk, on his own peiition.The hicv. G. Becke:t, 11A, of Trinity College.

Cambridge, son of Sir John Beckett, Bart. to the vicarage of Gainsborough, and Prebend of Corringham,vucant by the death of the Rev.J. Fothergill. The Rev.J. Footii, Vicar of Upon. 10 the vicarage of Baraby, in the Willows near Newark. The Kev. G. G. Stonestreet, LL. B. appointed Domestic Chaplain to the Duke of York.-The Rev. J. Baker, MA. Spiritual Chancellor of the diocese of Durbam, to the living of St. Mary the Less; Patron, the Lord Chancellor.

OXFORD..The Rev. T. Lee, DI), President of Trinity College, nominated one of the Delegates of the Clarension Prees, vice the Rev. Dr. Hudson, latc Principal of Brazenose.

Observations on the Weather.




Naval Academy, Gosport.


This month has been dry and calm, and 7ths of an inch above that of the precede the state of the air mild for the season. ing month. Several hoar-frosts, however, appeared in The wind having prevailed 23 days be. the early part of the mornings, and the tween the W. by S. and N. by E. points thermometer was under 36° on ten different of the compass this month, the depth of mights, and three times below the freezing rain, therefore, does not amount to %ths point. The mean temperature of the air of an inch, even with a pluviameter placed is 1:33° higher than in last January; and near the ground; and the evaporation is rather more than 21° above the mean nearly as much again as in former Jaof January for seven years past.

The nuaries. mean temperature of spring-water at 8 AM. is 21° higher than in January, 1821. The The atmospheric and meteoric phenomena aggregate of the spaces described by the that have come within our observation this rising and falling of the mercurial column month, are 1 parhelion, 3 lunar halos, 3 is unusually small for January, and the pres-, meteors, I rainbow, and 3 gales of wind, sure of the atinosphere very great, the or days on which they have prevailed, mean height of the barometer being nearly namely, 1 from SE. and 2 from NE.


January 1. After a slight shower, a sunny day, 15. Fair, with a rery dry NW, breeze. (See evaand a bright moonlight night, when Cirrostratus poration column in the table.) came up from the westward and produced a large 16. At 40 minutes past 8 AM. a beautifully colunar lalo; a slight boar-frost towards morning. loured parhelion appeared on the east side of the

2. A sunny day: a double rainbow at 4 PM. the sun in a thin watery Cirrustratus : the sky soon diameter of the interior bow to the outside of the afterwards became overcast with Cumuulostratus, colours measureal 83° 50'-a very bright moon- 17. Light rain in the morning and afternoon : & light, followed by hoar-frost on the leeward side clear sky by night, and one small meteor. of the house-tops only, the unobstructed current 18. Sunshine, with the lighter modifications of of air to windward having been too humid for its clouds: a humid air by night, when low beds of production.

Cirrostratus passed over. 3. AM. overcast with Cirrostratus: PM. rain, 19. Overcast in the morning with Cirrostratus, and a strong gale from SE. The mariniem tem- and afterwards with Cumulostratus, accompanied perature for the last 24 hours occurred in the night. by light airs.

4. Rain and sleet with the wind from NW.; 20. The sky shrouded with close Cumulostratus PY. fine, but a hard gale from NE., and passing nearly all day; and light rain by night. Cumulostratus.

21. A fair, calm, and clear day, except abont 2 5. AM. fair, with Cumuli, and a continuation of hours: cloudy by night. the gale: PM, a clear sky, and a rose-coloured 22. A Stratus early-calm and overcast thronghtwilight, which we have not seen for many weeks out the day and night. past. Á faint discus halo about 70 in diameter, 23. As the preceding, except the Stratus : rain and of a greenish colour, appeared around the by night. moon in the evening, followed by a slight hoar- 24. Light rain and calm in the morning : PM. frost, and the dikes slightly frozen over.

Overcast. 6. A fine day, but a keen portherly breeze: 25. Sunshine and Cirrus in striæ, followed by cloudy at intervals by night, and frosty.

Cirrocumulus, &c. and a brisk wind. The dark 7. Å slight shower of snow early, which is the part of the moon this evening was well-defined by first we have seen here this winter, followed by a the naked eye till she set, being of a bright copa cold rainy morning : PM. cloudy and fine.

per colonr. 8. A fair day, with a mixture of Cirrucumulus 26. A sunny day, with various modifications of and Cirrostratus forming a mackerel-back sky: clouds, and a brisk NW. wind : a rainy night. overcast after funset.

27. Án overcast and calm day: drizzling rain by 9. a slight hoar-frost early, and a fine day, with night, passing clouds: a blush on the twilight, followed 28. AM. as the preceding : PM. a clear sky. by a clear sky and some dew by night.

29. A slight hoar-frost early, and a sunny morn10. Overcast with a veil of Cirrostratus, except ing, with passing beds of Cirrostratus, which inabout two hours in the morning, and a humid air creased in extent, and shrouded the sky the rebeneath.

mainder of the day and night. 11. Calm and overcast, except in the afternoon, 30. Å slight hoar-frost early, followed by a sunny when it was fine, and the clouds coloured at sun- morning : PM. a clear sky, calm and frosty. set.

31. The ground, &c.covered with rime, and both 12. Overcast with a veil of attenuated Cirros. the inside and outside of the windows overspread tratus, and calm-drizzling rain about 2 hours in with icy efflorescences early. A fair day. At 9 PM. the evening.

a yellow discus halo appeared around the moon, 13. Overcast and calm-much dew towards surrounded by a ring of green and a ring of red, morning.

the latter being 31° in diameter, followed by light 14. A clear sky except two or three hours in the raiu. afternoon, when Cumuli appeared. 2 middle-sized meteors in a westerly direction in the evening.

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