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lications, 394-MAY. Opera; I Due Osmyn, a Persian Tale, Part II. 33.

Pretendenti; Signor Mosca, Curioni, Translations from Heroet, 38, 39.

Lord Burghersh's Bajazet, 490_Phil-

Gelais, 41.

harmonic Concerts; Surrey Chapel; Ma- Hymn to Spring, by John Clare, 43.

dame Catalani, 491–New Publications, Dramatic Fragment, 53.

Rawlings, Kiallmark, Steil, Moschelles, Ode of Casimir to his Lyre, 71.

Latour, 492_JUME. Opera, Mosé in To a Critick, 102.

Egitto, 583—Ancient Concerts, Otello, Death, 103.

584M. Mazas, Concerts, Kellner, 585 A Vision, 103.

-Ambrogetti's Concert, Mrs. Salmon's The Soldier's Bride, 104.

ditto, Cramer's ditto, 586-New Publi- Translation from Valerius Flaccus, 121.

cations, 587.

To' * , by John Clare, 128.

Mythology, Heathen, the poetical use of, The Seven Forresters of Chatsworth, 129.

113-difference between that of Greece A Hermitage, 152.

and that of Rome, 117—spirit of the From an un-published Play, 156.

Grecian, 118.

Sonnet from C. de Magny, 160.

Sonnet, “ Ah! know you not Suspense

is worse than Fate," 160.

Naples, sketch of, 517--Strada Molo; Homer's Hymn to Pan, 162.

mountebank, 519-letter-writer; puppet. Superstition's Dream, 163.

shows, 520-maccaroni.sellers, game of Stanzas to the Lady Jane Grey, at Brad.

Morra, 521_barbers and water-sellers,

gate, 171.

522—the Largo del Castello ; Toledo- Faithless Sally Brown, 203.

street, 523.

The Approach of Spring, by John Clare,

Natural History, 196.


Nature, always to be recurred to by the Translation of a Sonnet, from Du Bellay,

artist, 153_obvious in all the Elgin 233.

Marbles, 153—the sole guide and proto- - of ditto, Paterno, 234.

type of art, 447.

of Du Bellay's Hymn, ' A la Sur-

Narrative of a Voyage to New South dite,' 235.

Wales, 221.

A Dream, 240.

Neapolitan Priests, 49, 518.

The Exhibition, 242.

Necrological Table for 1821, 588.

Dora Vernon, 245.

New South Wales, Voyage to, 221.

The Minstrel's Song, 250.

The Sea of Death, a Fragment, 269.

Opera, see Music.

The Spirit of Poesy, 270.

Orford's, Lord, Additions to his Royal and Old Song: Sonnet, 275.

Noble Authors, see Royal.

The Dying Poet's Farewell, 276.


I look'd upon the Bust of

Love,” 289.

Painters: Turner, Gandy, Lawrence, &c.

295_Williams, 425_Correggio, 452—

A Bachelor's Soliloquy, 294.

To Celia, 311.

Titian, 453_Martin, 448_Northcote,

Allan-a-Maut, 321.

551-Westall, Stothard, 552—Howard,

Mungo Macubin's Song, 327.

Etty, Hilton, 554_Chalon, Bone, 555.

John Mackleg's Song, 328.

Painting, Ideal in, defined, 450_histo-

My Mind to me a Kingdom is, 329.

rical, 452-grandeur, 453–beauty, 454 April, from the French of Belleau, 333.

-grace, strength, 455.

Sonnet from De Baïf, 336.

Palmer, J., the actor, 178.

Homer's Hymn to Ceres, 342.

Pan, Homer's Hymn to, 161.

To an Absentee, 375.

Paper-currency, advantages of, 188.

Moral Reflections written on the Cross of

Patents, (3. R.) 13, 33, 51, 71, 91.

St. Paul's, 404.

Peel, Mr., his Bill, 185, 188, 189.

* As I came down through Cannobie,'

Peter Klaus, a Tale, 229.


Picture, curious one, 61.

Picture-cleaning, 97.

The Stag-eyed Lady, a Moorish Tale,


Pisa, 60–Leaning tower, 60 - Campo

To the Cowslip, by John Clare, 444.

Santo, 61-frescoes, 61-students, 62.

War Song, by J. Montgomery, 456.

Platonism, character of, 116.

Ode from the French of Jan de la Pe-

Pleasant and Unpleasant People, 125.

Poets, English, (see Lives.)

Song of Benjie Spedlands, 460.

- Early French, (see French.)

Sonnet to Nature, 467.


Translations of Four Sonnets of Ronsard,

Please to Ring the Belle, 3.

506, 507.

Introduction to Tales of Lyddalcross, 5.

The Auld Man, 11.

Ode from ditto, “ God shield ye, herald

of the Spring,” 510.

Fair Phenie Irving, 14.

Ditto, ditto, “Fair Hawthorn,” 511.

The Fairy Oak of Corrie Water, 19.

Song, “ In thy April eyes, 516,

nace, 538.

Lovely Woman; a Scottish Song, 523. tress in Ireland ; Parliament, Reduction
The Princess of Moonland, 524.

of Taxes, 595—Newspaper stamps, &c.
Life, Death, and Eternity, 531.

596-Mr. Canning's Bill in favour of
Translation of V. Bourne's Epitaphium the Catholics; Swiss Cantons, 597—
in Canem, 533.

Relief of the Poor in Ireland ; Ionian
from Catullus: To C. Nepos, Islands, 598.

Publications, (M. R.) See Books.

ditto, Consecration of his Pin-

announced, (M. R.) 11, 26,

43, 62, 82, 101.
Ditto, Sirmo, 538.

Puns, 283, 437.
Ditto, Hymn to Diana, 539.
Song, “ The Morning Hours,” 551. Religion, State of, among the Romans,
Songs by Montgomery, 557.


The Russian Tragedy, 578.


: Byron's Sardanapalus, &c. 66

the Pirate, 80_Wrangham's Lyrics of

Polish Journals, 296.

Horace, 277–Lord Glenbervie's Trans-

Porpoise, 226.

lation of the First Canto of Ricciardetto,

Pope, Warton's Essay on, 267—not a re-

429-Adam Blair, 485_Montgomery's

fined Writer, 433.

Polyhymnia, 557—Voice from St. He-

Portrait and Historical Painting discrimi.

lena, 572.

nated, 452.

Reviews, Remarks on, 468.

Post Office, System of Espionage in the Revolutions favourable to Genius, 413.

French, 494.

Reynolds, Sir J., his Theory erroneous,

Praise of Chimney Sweepers, 405.

153—his Puck, 155_his Theory of Ab-

Public Events : Change of the French Mi.

straction in Painting combated, 445.
nistry, 98—Emancipation of the Greeks Ricciardetto, Translation of First Canto of,
anticipated ; War declared by Persia

reviewed, 429.
against the Turks; Commotions in Rio Janeiro, 224.
Spain, 99—American Navy; Assassi. Ronsard, P. Life of, 501_his enthusiasm
nations in Ireland ; Appointments, 99,

for the ancients, 502_his generosity, 503
100_Operations of the Greeks, 197—

--specimens of his poetry and transla-
Affairs in Spain ; Italy, Illness of the

tions, 506—his odes, 508-eclogues, &c.
Pope; France, the New Ultra Admi.

nistration, 198—Miss Loveday's Con- Rose in January, a tale, 369.
version ; the Independence of the Ame. Rowe, Remarks on his Jane Shore, 92.
rican Provinces acknowledged by the Royal Academy, Exhibition at, 471.
King of Portugal, 199–Ireland ; Party Royal and Noble Authors : No. 1. James I.
Spirit at Dublin, 200—Turkey ; France,

218-Charles I. 220-No. II. Elizabeth,
Discussions in the Chambers; Meeting

387 ; Charles I. 388 ; Henry Booth ;
of Parliament, 297—the King's Speech;

Lord Delamer, 389_No. III. Clifford,
Dispatches from Ireland ; Încrease of

Earl of Cumberland, 409; Marquis of

Disturbances there, 298_and suspen-

Worcester, 410; Countess of Dorset,

sion of the Habeas Corpus Act; Irish

Pembroke, and Montgomery, 411.

Insurrection Act; Lord Wellesley; Sir Russian Tragedy, the, 577.

Robert Wilson's Dismissal, 299—Lord

Londonderry's Speech for the Relief of Saints, Italian, 272.

the Agriculturalists ; New Stock, 300— Salel, Hugnes, French Poet, 157.

Peace between Turkey and Persia ; Sardanapalus, Review of, 66.

Death of Ali Pacha, 397-France, In- School for Scandal, Remarks on, 307, 481.

competence of the Ultra Administration; Scot, Reginald, of raising Devils and

Rising in Samur, headed by General Spirits, 377.

Berthon, 398—Napoleon's Will; Spain, Scott, Sir W., contrasted with Byron, 296.

Riego nominated President of the Cortes; Sculpture, 97, 129, 155— Thorvaldson, 196

Missionaries forbidden to enter China ; ---Dying Gladiator, 196_Elgin Mar.

Disturbances in England and Ireland ; bles, 153, 448—Chantrey, Bailey, Flax.

Population of Ireland, 399_Debates, man, Smith, 471–Westmacott, Flax.

on the Salt Tax; on the Expences of the

man, 556.

Admiralty Office; Army Estimates ; Sea, Travelling by, 76_Reflections on,

Post Office, 400—Turkey, Discussions 227-Inconveniences of Voyages by, 228.

in the Divan, and Preparations for War, She Stoops to Conquer, Anecdote relative

493-France, Situation of the Bourbons; to its Origin, 116.

System of Espionage in the Post Office, Sketch of the City of Naples, 517.

495—Press in India ; Debate on thé Sketches on the Road, No. VI. Pisa and

State of Ireland, 495– Death of Sir John Leghorn-No. VII. Elba, 271.

Silvester; Duel in Scotland, 496–Af- Smugglers, 577—their correspondence with

fairs in France, 592-war between Rus- Buonaparte, 476.

sia and America anticipated, 594—dis- Southey, his Hexameters, 45.


Specimens of Living Dramatists, T- tion from, 121–French Translation af,


Esq. 29-T- -D Esq.



S 362- Mr. Vernon Dora, 246.


-ff, 436.

Verse, Ancient and Modern, Remarks on,

Spence, 577—his Russian Tragedy, 378. 44—English Hexameter, 45—Specimens

Spirits, Names and Rank of, 376_Form of Verses from Rowe, 46.

of adjuring, 379.

Vesuvius, 274.

Strean, Dr., Extract from a Letter by him, Virgil, his Religion considered, 114-his

relative to Goldsmith's Deserted Village, Mythology, 117.


Virginia, Patrick Henry, the Orator of,

Stocks, (M. R.) 18, 36, 54, 74, 94, 112. 413.

Style, Eliz. a Witch, confession of, 381. Voice from St. Helena, 512.
Superstition respecting Witchcraft, 208.

Warton, Dr. Joseph, Life of, 264.

Tales of Lyddal-cross ; Introduction, 5-

Rev. Thomas, 264.

No. I. Elphin Irving, the Fairies' Cup- Washington, General, Anecdote of, 420.

bearer, 13-No. II. Honest Man John Water-colour Exhibition, 470.

Ochiltree, 141-No. III. The King of Weather, Observations on, (M. R.) 8, 30,

the Peak, 243-No. IV. Allan-a-Maut, 49, 69, 89, 108.

321-No. V. The Mother's Dream, 458. Weathercock, Janus, Letter from, 468-

No. VI. The Death of the Laird of Reasons against writing an Account of

Warlsworn, 539.

the Exhibition, 549.

Tales : Peter Klaus, the Goat-herd, 229 White, James, singular Fête given by him

— The Devil's Ladder, from Schreiber, to the Chimney Sweepers, 408,
337—The Rose in January, from Wie. Wieland, 369.
land, 369.

Willians' Views in Greece, 426.

Taxation affected by the alteration of the Witchcraft, Part I. Prevalence and Effects

Currency, 188.

of Witchcraft during the 16th and 17th

Theoris the Enchantress, 474.

Centuries, 215– Part II. The imputed
Theseus, the Statue of, 153—449.

Attributes of Witches, with the Cere-

Thorvaldson, 196.

monies of Initiation, 376—Part III. Ori.

Thurma, on pleasant and unpleasant Peo- gin, Progress, and Decay of Witchcraft,

ple, 125.

472—Statutes against, 212.

Titian, Remarks on his Portraits, 453. Witch Finders, 477.

Torso, the, Defects of, 153.

Witches, Trials and Executions of, 213—

Translations : from Heroet, 38, 39—Ge- Initiation of, 377–Confessions of, 381

lais, 41-Valerius Flaccus, 121-Ho- - able to assume the Shapes of Animals,

mer's Hymn to Pan, 162—from Du 384—and to raise Tempests, 386—other

Bellay, 233, 235—Paterno, 234-Ho- Powers attributed to them, 476-how

mer's Hymn to Ceres, 348—Horace's detected, 477.

Odes, by Wrangham, 277.

Worcester, Marquis of, 410.

Turkey, see Public Events.

Wrangham's Translation of the Lyrics of

Horace, review of, 277.
University Intelligence, (M. R.) 8,25, 68, 88.

Zoroaster, supposed to have been the Ma.

Valerius Flaccus, Specimen of a Transla- gician, 473.



THE ILISSUS, from the Elgin Marbles, to be placed as a Frontispiece.

[blocks in formation]

The Lion's head. 1 Sketches on the Road, No. VI.

Leghorn ....


... 60

Review: Sardanapalus : The Two




Foscari: and Cain. By Lord Byron. 66

ELPHIN IRVINE, the Fairies' Cup-

Ode of Casimir to his Lyre.......... 71

bearer, with Bullads.....

13 LETTERS from LONDON to a Friend

Dream-Children, a Reverie. By ELIA. 21

in Edinburgh, No. I.

The Leith Smack..



Continuation of Dr. Johnson's

Review: The Pirate. By the Author

Lives of the Poets, No. III.. 24

of Waverley..


BEAUTIES of the Living DRAMA-

The Drama.



Report of Music......


A Scene from VIRTUE'S HAR-

Literary and Scientific Intelligence. 97

VEST HOME, a Comedy in

5 Acts. By T. M. Esq. 29

Abstract of Foreign and Domestic Oc.


Osmyn, a Persian Tale : Part II.. 33


Antoine Heroet, and Mellin de

Monthly Register.

Saint Gelais....


IIymn to Spring. By John CLARE. 43 Agricultural Report..



Commercial Report.


ROIC, with some Remarks on Births, Marriages, and Deaths.. 6

the French Drama.

Ecclesiastical Preferments...


Leisure Hours, No. V...... 44

Observations on the Weather, for No.

Neapolitan Priests..




On Imitation. .....

51 Meteorological Journal, for November 10

Dramatic Fragment....


Works preparing for Publication

AUTHENTIC ANECDOTES of the late and lately published, new Patents,

Dr. BARRETT, Vice-Provost of Bankruptcies, MARKETS, STOCKS,

Trinity College, Dublin....... 53




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