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122 DELACROIX (F. V. Eugène, 1798-1863).

Painter. A.L.S. I page, 8vo. 1839.

French Historical

8s 6d

123 DELIBES (Leo, 1836-1891). French Composer. Author of

“Coppélia," and other works A.L.S. to Madame Massart. 3 pp., 8vo. Paris, Thursday, 11th June, N.D.

£I IOS A friendly letter regretting that he and his wife had been absent when Madame Massart had called on them, and also that they could not accept an invitation from her as they were going away at the close of the “ Examen d'Opéra.”

OF AUSTRALIAN INTEREST. 124 DENMAN (Thos., Baron, 1779-1854). Lord Chief Justice. A.L.S. to Rt. Hon. Robt. Peel. 3 pp., 4to. Leicester, 1 April,

. . 1803

IOS 6d An interesting letter, suggesting the mitigation of sentence on a convict ordered to be transported to Botany Bay.

125 DE QUINCEY (Thomas, 1788-1859). Author and Essayist.

Wrote “Confessions of an English Opium Eater." A.L.S. to
J. J. Smith, Esq. 2 pp., 8vo. April 15th, 1837.

£I 12s 6d Disputing the payment of two money bills presented to him.

I am both surprised and mortified to have been repeatedly applied to by Mr. Ross of George Street for payment of two Bills granted to you by Major Miller and myself. I am mortified in the first place, as I have already observed to you, at the intimation of hostile feeling which the proceeding expresses on your part. And in the next place, I am surprised because you cannot have forgotten that these bills were to be retired in part from the proceeds of the loan which you were then negotiating for the Major, and in part from those funds of mine which you hold on account of the innuity transaction.


126 DERBY (E. G. G. S. Stanley, Earl of, 1805-1875). A.L.8. to Earl Vane. I page, 4to. Knowsley, Nov. 18, 1857. 8s 6d

The critical state of public affairs having induced Her Majesty's Ministers to advise that Parliament should be summoned with the least possible delay..


IOS 6d

| 127 DICKSEE (Frank, born 1853). Famous Artist and R.A.

A.L. 8. to Mr. Douglas Murray, the Publisher. 2 pp., 8vo. St.
John's Wood, June 18th, 1901.

Regretting his inability to accept an invitation from Mr. Murray, to Ascot, on account of a heavy cold.

The result of getting wet through on the River on Sunday
I am really an unpleasant object.



:28 DISRAELI (Isaac, 1766-1848). Author. A.L.S. 5 pp., 8vo. “ Badenham House, Oct. 6th, 1845."

Regarding Solomon de Cant, the Architect

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STARTING THE “ DAILY NEws." 129 DICKENS (Charles, 1812-1870). Novelist. A.L.S. to (Sir) Joseph Paxton. 3 pp., 8vo. Fleet Street, ist Dec., 1845.

£18 18s A very fine letter as to the starting of the “ Daily News,” of which Dickens was first Editor.

I intend going to Liverpool myself, in a week or so, to blow vague trumpets for the Daily News.

I am regularly in harness now, and we are getting on vigorously and steadily. Mr. Powell comes to me to-day, when I hope to nail him right. And for the second Sub-Editor I have received a proposal which is likely to drive Easthope (when he knows it) raving mad. Our man in Paris

has distinguished himself already : being as familiar with the most secret moves

on the part of the other papers, as if he had done nothing else but receive their unlimited confidence from his cradle." Etc.

The “ Daily News' was born into the Newspaper World the following month, January 1846, but Dickens' connection with it was very short, he resigning the Editorship in February the same year.


A.L.8. to James R. Ware. I page, 8vo. Office of All the Year Round, 16th January, 1861.

£5 Ios Referring to the representation of Wilkie Collins's “ Woman in White" on the stage.

The Woman in White being wholly Mr. Wilkie Collins's and the right to sanction or object to its representation on the stage being wholly that gentleman's, I have forwarded your letter and its two enclosures to him without delay.”


A.L.8. to John Elliotson, Physician and Mesmerist. 2 pp., 8vo. Devonshire Terrace, Nov. 23rd, 1850. £4 45

Begging his professional attention for a certain Mr. Wilson.

Perruquier to all the chief theatres in London, of whom I have had much knowledge in our amateur theatricals, and who is a very worthy and zealous man, not gaining much by great exertion.

Dr. John Elliotson, the famous Physician and Mesmerist, to whom
this letter is addressed, was a great friend of Dickens, and he and
Thackeray each dedicated a work to him.


A.L.S. 1 page, small 8vo. Doughty Street, Thursday Morning, circa 1838. Fine early signature.

£3 IOS A very early letter, being written from Doughty Street.

I am so very much engaged that I cannot spare time to call upon you, but if you wish to see me, and will call here." Etc.

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DICKENS (Charles)--continued. 133

A.L. (3rd person to his Jeweller, Mr. Edmonds. page, 8vo. The Lawn House, Broadstairs, 27th Sept., 1840.

£2 23 An early letter, written from The Lawn House (now Bleak House), Broadstairs, promising to send a cheque, in answer evidently to a pressing application from his jeweller for payment of an account.

Mr. Dickens will forward a cheque by return. Mr. Edmonds may rest assured that Mr. Dickens has no cause of complaint against him, but quite the reverse. Mr. Dickens has not purchased any jewelry since he was last at Mr. Edmonds'. He has bought some plate, but that he had promised to buy elsewhere. He is now free again, Etc.

The letter is just a little foxed in places.

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134 DODGSON (C. L., “Lewis Carroll,” 1832-1898). Author.

Wrote “ Alice in Wonderland.” A.L. (third person) to Messrs.
Dalziel Bros. I page, 8vo. Ch. Ch., Oxford, April 11th, 1881.

18s 6d Concerning some blocks to be made from sketches to illustrate some of his work, and enquiring about the method of a new process of engraving.

Very clearly written in black indelible pencil.


AUTOGRAPH NOTE SIGNED, calling a Meeting of a Wine Committee. I page, 8vo. 19 Oct., 1886.


135 D'ORSAY (Alfred G. G., Count, 1801-1852). Artist. Man of

Fashion, Friend of Countess of Blessington. A.L. S. to Mr. Lee.
I page, 8vo. Gore House, 26 April, 1844.

18s 6d As to obtaining a specimen of Sheffield cutlery to compare with that of French manufacture.

Could you obtain from Sheffield, one of their best knives with many instruments. I have received from Paris a demand to show the degree of perfection, of that manufacture, as in France they come now very near to it."

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A.L.S. to Du Pasquier. 31 pp. 13 May, 1852. £i Ios

A most interesting chatty letter, mentioning Simonet, and relating to the publishing of Du Pasquier's Bronzes and Prints, also stating

every one in England loves me so much that never was an example of a Foreigner, having gained the heart of John. Bull so completely.

Written the same year as his death.

138 DUBOIS (Prefect of the French Police). A.L.S.

Paris, 18th March, 1806.

I page, 4to.


139 DUFF-GORDON (Lucy, Lady, 1821-1869). Author and Translator. A.L.S. to Sir Alex. Duff Gordon (her husband). 4 "Geneva," circa 1865.

6s 6d

PP., 8vo.

140 DORSET (Edward Sackville, 4th Earl of, 1591-1652). Stuart

Statesman, Supported Charles I. in the Civil War, Commissioner for planting Virginia. D.8. I p., sm. 4to. 24th Oct., 1640.

IOS 6d

Concerning the trial at the Inner Star Chamber of a certain Sir Edward Ratcliffe.


IOS 6d

-L.s. 1 page, folio. Whitehall, Feb., 1640.

Referring to the “ Petition of One Hundred and Sixty Poore Men,” touching them and a certain Lord to whom the letter is addressed.

142 DUMAS (Alex. fils, 1824-1895). Novelist and Dramatist.

A.L. 8. to Mons. Montrosier. 27 pp., 8vo. Paris, December 22nd, 1876. With Autograph Addressed Envelope.

£1 ios Concerning an article which Dumas had been asked to write for a Periodical.

(Trans.) :-"I should like nothing better than to give you the article you wish for, but I should prefer that it did not appear to have been done expressly for that. I should wish that it might be taken from an intimate correspondence, not meant for publication to take away from my observations the serious aspect of an article. I will write you a letter in which I will give you the details you wish concerning my home and surroundings, and you can extract what you consider suitable

." Etc.

143 DYMOKE (Sir Henry, 1801-1865). King's Champion at

George IV's Coronation. A.L. 8. 3 pp., 8vo. March toth, 1856.

8s od A long and interesting letter.

144 EASTLAKE (Sir Charles Lock, 1793-1865). Painter and

President of the Royal Academy. A.L. 8. I pp., 4to. Gwydr
House, 13th July, 1844.

IOS 6d
Respecting the use of lime for Fresco painting, and arranging a

meeting with Professor Faraday and others to consider same. 145 A.L.S. 1 pp., 8vo. Fitzroy Square.

6s 6d Interesting letter. 146 EDINBURGH (Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of, 1844-1900).

Son of Queen Victoria. PHOTOGRAPH (FULL LENGTH), WITH AUTOGRAPH SIGNATURE AND DATE written on back. Cartede-visite size. 1864.

IOS 6d

147 EGERTON(Francis, ist Earl of Ellesmere, Viscount Brackley,

1800-1857). Statesman and Poet, inherited the Bridgwater Estates. A.L. 8. 3 pp., 4to. Oaklands, Sept. 27th, 1851. Ios 6d

Containing much useful and interesting information on various kinds of fishing. My observations on the habits of the salmon tribe.

I am of opinion that the sand eel is a favourite food. With regard to the varieties of trout in the lakes.


148 ELLIS (William, 1791-1872). Missionary in South Sea

Islands, Madagascar, etc. TWO A.L.S. to R. Damon. Together
8 PP., 8vo. Hoddesdon, Herts, 1859 & 67.

18s 6d
Two very fine letters, chiefly concerned with the difficulty of
obtaining specimens of shells in Madagascar.
I could only obtain a few of one kind of shell of no value

and much broken.

I offered to some of the natives as much as a dollar a shell for some kinds that I wished and entirely failed

Etc. I fear I cannot at present assist you in obtaining any collection, for

. some Frenchmen at the Capital have been detected in revolutionary projects against the Government

since that time no foreigner has been permitted to go beyond the limits of the trading places on the coast. I hope

some relaxation of the existing relations. Etc.

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149 ELLISTON (R. W., 1774-1831). Actor and Author. 5 cheques drawn by him and signed during 1819.


150 EMERSON (Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882). American Poet and

Essay Writer. A.L. 8. to E. A. Duychincke, Esq. 2 pp., 8vo.
Concord, Mass., roth April, 1852.

£3 18s “ Your Literary World continues to bring good sense and good knowledge into my circle, but it is uniformly addressed Concord, New Hampshire," and so comes more slowly, and with some risks.Etc.

151 ERSKINE (Thomas, 1788-1864). Judge. Son of Lord Chan

cellor Erskine. A.L.S. to Thomas Leaman, Mayor of Tiverton. I p., 8vo. Exeter, 1842. Also autograph address and signature on envelope, fine wax seal.

6s Remitting a fine he had imposed on the Mayor of Tiverton, for no attendance at the Assizes.


152 ETTY (William, 1787-1849). Artist, R.A. A.L.S. to Macready. 2} pp., 8vo. Strand, N.D.

IOS 6d 'That you might be a means of raising the Drama from its present state to one more on a par with what your desires might like to place it.

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153 EUGENIE, Empress of France (born 1826). A.L.S. to

General Sir Evelyn Wood. 4 pp., 8vo. Cape Martin, Maritime Alps, 27th March, 1892 ? On Mourning Paper, slightly stained on the fourth page.

£3 ios A very charming and friendly letter on various topics. Congratulating Sir Évelyn Wood on the success of a law-suit, speaking of her own ill-health and mentioning the Prince and Princess of Wales and their family, who were with her at Cape Martin, concerning whom she says :

The Pce. and the Pesse. of Wales and the young Princes are happy here. They are allowed every liberty, of which they have great need amongst all their sorrow and mourning."

*.* Edward VIIth, then Prince of Wales, was in mourning for his eldest son, Duke of Clarence, who had died in the January previous.

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