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208 HAYDN (Franz Josef. 1732-1809). German Musical Com

poser, Author of many famous Oratorios. A.L.S. page, 4to. Vienna, July 7th, 1800. (SEE ILLUSTRATION.)

£30 A very fine and interesting specimen from the pen of this celebrated musician. It deals with the explanation of an enclosure of 30 francs from his sister-in-law to pay for the keep of her little son, and goes on to discuss some official receipts enclosed for the municipal authorities at Baden. Also concerning the “ Mostuario," which the town syndicate desired to purchase.

Autograph letters of Haydn are exceedingly rare.


HIS OWN COPY, BEARING HIS AUTOGRAPH SIGNATURE, of the first and second sets of his Original Canzonettas for the Voice, with an accompaniment for the Pianoforte,dedicated to Mrs. John Hunter and Lady Charlotte Bertier. There are some pencilled alterations both in the text and score of this copy in Haydn's hand; and his autograph signature is on the printed wrapper of the first set. Folio. Preserved in a neat buckram portfolio, lettered on side. 1795.

£10 IOS
The whole collection covers some 52 pp. of printed Music, and in-
cludes in all 12 Canzonettas, which are :
Mermaid's Song.

Sailor's Song.

The Wanderer.
Pastoral Song.


She Never Told Her Love.
Canz. 5 (no title).

Piercing Eyes.


210 HEINE (Heinrich, 1799-1856). Famous German Poet and

Satirist, sometimes termed the Voltaire of Germany.” A.L.S. to Moscheles, the Musician. 1 full page, large 4to. Paris, 18th March, 1838.

£12 12 A charming letter renewing his acquaintance with Moschelles and his wife Löttschen, then in London, and recommending to their protection a young lady who was going there with the intention of teaching music,

(Trans.) :-Most Honoured Herr Moscheles,-1 seize this opportunity to recall myself to your memory, and also to that of my friend Löttschen, who has, perhaps, already forgotten to think of me. These lines must convey my concern for the health of you both.

The young lady who will bring this to you is coming to London to give lessons, namely in music, and wishes for your support. She has my best recommendation, and highly deserves people's patronage, so I take the liberty to give her this letter of introduction,

Please try to be useful and helpful to her in her difficult undertaking."

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ON KEATS' SONNETS. 211 HAYDON (Benjamin Robert, 1786-1846). Historical Painter. A.L.S. to Edward Moxon, the Publisher. 2 full pp., 4to. London,

, Nov. 28th, 1845. Also “ P.S.” containing TWO POEMS BY KEATS IN HAYDON'S AUTOGRAPH, written on 2 full pages. Together 4 full pages, 4to.

£15 155

A magnificent letter CONCERNING KEATS' “ELGIN MARBLE SONNETS, WHICH WERE SENT TO HAYDON BY THE POET after they had visited the marbles together. The letter includes copies of these two poems in Haydon's Autograph. Mentions Sir Joshua Reynolds and Wordsworth.

" I have enclosed a copy of the two superb sonnets, addressed to me, after keats risited the Elgin marbles for the first time with me, and I think Reynolds-1817.

The Ode to the Nightingale, and to a Grecian Urn were first published in the Annals as well, as he repeated both to me in the Kilburn meadows, in his recitative tone of melancholy voice, just after he had composed them I begged a copy for the Annals, as I wrote many things on the work, and there they appeared at my request before the(y) came out in a volume.

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As I esteem these sonnets, after Wordsworth's, first, the highest honour Poetry ever bestowed on any artist, and they have been removed and suppressed, I must say I have great desire they should appear in the new Edition now about to be published of his (Keats') works, by yourself.

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This most important letter is commented on at length by Mr. Buxton Forman in the Athenæum for 19th February, 1898, and a cutting from the paper accompanies.

Haydon was very famous as a Painter, both Keats and Wordsworth addressed sonnets to him. Among his pupils were Eastlake, the Landseers, Lance and Bewick.

HAYDON (Benjamin Robert)- continued.

ON THE PUBLICATION OF KEATS' LETTERS. 212 A.L.8. to the same. 3 pp., 8vo. London, Nov. 30th,

, 1845.

£7 ios A valuable and very interesting letter strongly repudiating the reputation for conceit imputed to Keats, the poet, and sending copies of letters from Keats to himself for Monckton Milnes' inspection.

I send you some of Keats' correspondence, which you will oblige me to forward to Mr. Milnes.

If he do not think they will contribute to put Keats in a right footing, as to common sense, or that they will add interest to his volume, beg him to return them to you, with my apology for the intrusion.

P.S.-I do not wish to have the appearance of forcing myself on Mr. Milnes' attention, or into his work, but I am most anxious to shew by the extracts, Keats was not the conceited person he was taken for, by being patronised by Leigh Hunt ; and was as well aware of his dilemma, as the public."


A.L.S. to Monkhouse, Esq.

I page, 8vo. N.D. (circa 1815)

£I IS ' Wordsworth's head has completely succeeded. When you write him do tell him so ; it is considered and is my best drawing."

214 HEIDEGGER (Johann Jacob, 1660-1749). Operatic Manager

Partner with Handel at Haymarket. D.S., an Agreement between Heidegger and Littleton Ramondon, for the latter to Sing in Operas. I page, 4to. Dec. 2, 1707.

{I IOS 215 D.S. I pp., folio. 30 Aug., 1731. Signed by Walpole, Dodington and others, with receipt endorsed signed by Heidegger.

£1 ios Order to pay out of His Majesty's Treasury the sum of £1,000 towards enabling the Undertakers of the Opera to pay their debts.

216 HERKOMER (Hubert, born 1849). Celebrated Artist, R.A.

A.L.S. to Ed. Duncan. I p., 8vo. Savage Club, Strand, Feb. 28th, 1879.

IOS sd I am quite excited with the thought of your showing me the process of aquaforting."


217 HESING, Chinese Mandarin.

written on board the “ Junk,” 1848.



218 HILL (Rowland, 1744-1833). Preacher. Refused Priest's Orders, owing to his Itinerant Preaching A.L.S. to Miss Tredway. 3}

. PP., 4to. Feb. 12, 1877.

18s 219 A.L.S. to Rev. J. Griffin. 2} pp., 4to. May 24, 1828. Ss 6d

Making arrangements for Preachers to fill his place during his summer absence."

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220 HITCHCOCK (Edward, 1793-1864). American Geologist and

Author. A.L.s. to Prof. John Torrey. 3 pp., 4to. Amhurst, 3 May, 1827

9s I am grieved, however, to learn how the public have treated you in regard to your Flora.

I cannot get hold of any good specimens of the Huntington topaz without paying an enormous price." Etc.

221 HOGARTH (William, 1697-1764). Painter and Engraver.

AUTOGRAPH LEAF out of his Account Book. 2 pp., folio. 1754.

2 Iss Setting out in detail day by day his household and other expenses.

222 HOLMES (Oliver Wendell, 1809-1894). American Poet and

Essayist. A.L.S. to J. P. Walker, Esq., for the Lecture Committee of the M. L. Association.

I page, 4to. Boston, 20th August, 1850.

43 18s Referring to his “ Phi Beta K’appa" Poem, which“ would require such alterations to fit it for a second delivery in another place, that it would be treating it unfairly so to alter its original proportions. The Society kate expressed a wish, too, to have it in print, and I hardly know how to rjuse a request which is commonly complied with.Etc.

223 HONE (William, 1780-1842). Author and Bookseller. Pub

lished Everyday Book, Table Book, etc. A.L.S. to W. Upcott. 2 PP., 4to. 19 June, 1822."

18s Forwarding an Autograph of Mr. Cruikshank.

Not without some effort on his part, for he dislikes letter-writing even more thin I do.

I earnestly desire to possess the handwriting of honest Daniel De Foe

one of the only order of Nobility on our earth for which I entertain any respect."

224 HOOD (Thomas, the Younger, 1835-1874). Humourist, Editor of “ Fun.” A.L.S., “ Tom Hood."

Fun Office, 10 Dec. (1867).

55 Interesting letter.

I page, 8vo.

225 “HOPE (Anthony," Anthony H. Hawkins, born 1863). Cele

brated Novelist. A.L.S. to Miss Stanley. I page, 8vo. Buckingham Street, II May (1896).

55 Interesting letter mentioning Lady Jeune and enclosing his photograph.

226 HORN (Charles Edward, 1786-1849). Composer and Vocalist.

Conductor of Handel and Haydn Society, Boston. A.L.S. to Mr. D'Almain (music seller). 4 pp., 4to. With address, June 22, 1838.

IOS 6d Relating to Musical matters.

*** HORSLEY (William, 1774-1858). Musical Composer. AUTO

GRAPH MUSIC OF A GLEE, WITH WORDS, Cold is Caldwallo's congue," with the COMPOSER'S SIGNATURE at the commencement and an AUTOGRAPH NOTE at the foot, signed, 2 pp., large 4to, hensington Gravel Pits, 31 Decr., 1835.


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230 HOWE (Richard, Earl, 1725-1799). Admiral. A.L.S., 1 page,

small 4to (a small piece cut out, but not touching text), Victory, Off of the Berry Head, 7th July, 1782.

155 As to the sailing of the Fleet from Torbay.

231 HOWICK (Charles, 2nd Earl Grey and Viscount, 1764-1845).

Statesman, Introduced the “ Ticket-of-Leave system. 3 A.L.S. to James Loch. In all 6 pp., 8vo. Dating from 1836–38. Ios 6d

Concerning the pensions for widows of officers.

CONCERNING WILLIAM PENN AND THE INDIANS. 232 HOWITT (Mary, 1799-1888). Authoress. Wife of William

Howitt. A.L.S. to Miss Mitford. I} pp., 4to. Esher, Aug. II, 1837.

18s I could not send you the motto for the ballad till my return. . . I could have sent you something better, perhaps, if I had had Sewell's History, or William Penn's life.

The first passage proves their, the Indians, good faith with William Penn, the second their susceptibility to good impressions, and the third is a quaint expression of the old ministers peace of mind whilst among them, so far the ballad statement is made out." Etc.


A.L.S., 1 pp., 8vo.



A.L. (3rd person) to Dyer Knoll. I page, 8vo. Regent's Park, July 16.

Mentions Alfred Lord Tennyson.

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235 HOWITT (Richard, 1799-1869). Poet. A.L.S. to J. M. Hare. I page, 4to. Parliament Street, 29th Aug., 1831.

IOS 6d To speak the truth I have sent the proof to our greatest living Poet, Wordsworth.Etc.

236 HOWITT (William, 1792-1879). Author. A.L.S. to S. D.

Knott. I page, 4to. Esher, 26th Dec., 1838. Also on fly-leaf a HOLOGRAPH COUPLET of five lines, signed by Mrs. Mary Howitt. I page, 4to. Christmas, 1838. Together 2 pp., 4to.

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