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233 PETRE (Robert Edward, Lord, died 1809).

Nearly full length, standing, robes, right hand on "Plan of Thornton, Essex," on table, with books, etc.

Large and fine stipple engraving by Freschi after
Romney, arms under, open letter proof.
Size 204 by 161 inches, with margin. 1803.


234 PITHOU (Francoise, 1543-1621).

Half length, in oval within engraved border, dark cloak, ruff.

Line engraving by P. Van Schuppen.
Size 11} by 8} inches. 1685.

30s French Jurist.

235 PITT (Rt. Hon. Wm., 1759-1806).

Half length, in oval, on base, wig, dark coat, white cravat, curtain, pillar behind.

Engraved by P. M. Alix after Ant. Hickel.
Size 16 by 12 inches, with margins. Circa 1800.

£18 18s Celebrated Statesman and Prime Minister.


Another Portrait.

Three-quarter length, standing, plain coat buttoned across chest, frill and ruffles, paper in right hand, curtain to left.

Mezzotint by J. Murphy after W. Miller.
Size 20% by 141 in., full inscription margins. 1797.4
Brilliant impression.

£16 16


Another Portrait.

Full length, on horseback, in uniform, cocked hat with feather, right hand holding up drawn sword, castle and soldiers in background to left, landscape, arms under.

Large and fine engraving by Stadler after Hubert.

Size 19 by 13i in., with margins. 1804. Brilliant impression, in colours.

£15 155 As Colonel Commandant of the Cinque Port Volunteers.

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239 PITT (Rt. Hon. William, 1759-1806).'

Three-quarter length, standing, plain coat buttoned, powdered hair, frill and ruffles, hands holding paper, " A Bill ” on table, on which are writing materials, cloak to right,

Large and fine line engraving by J. K. Sherwin after
Thos. Gainsborough, R.A.

Size 20 by 14) in., with good margins. 1789.
Proof impression with inscription in thin lettering.

£7 75

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Whole length, standing, frill, ruffles, dark coat, light waistcoat, black stockings, right arms extended, left hand holding roll of paper, table with books on it to right, chancellor's gown and portfolio to left, curtain and fluted pillar in background, upper part of entrance to Westminster Hall in distance.

Large and fine mezzotint by S. W. Reynolds after R. K.
Size 25 by 15} in., with inscription margins. 1799. £5 55


241 PITT (William, Earl of Chatham, 1708-1778).

Half length in Peer's robes, wig, left arm extended, pillar to right.

Line engraving by J. K. Sherwin after Brompton.
Size 151 by 12 inches, with margins. 1778.

£2 25 Celebrated Statesman: Premier.


Another Portrait.

Large head from bust, female figure with spear to right, engraved eulogy by Grattan, the famous Irish statesman above.

Large engraving by James Barry, R.A.
Size 18 by 143 inches, with margins. 1778.


243 PORTLAND (Wm. Henry Cavendish Bentinck, third Duke of, 1738-1809).

With his Brother, LORD EDWARD CHARLES BENTINCK (1744-1819).

Full lengths, standing, one on left, right elbow on pedestal, the other on right, his right hand on his brother's left shoulder, his left hand on hip.

Fine mezzotint by J. R. Smith after Sir B. West.

Size 16 by 10 inches, with margin, before names of personages, cut close top and sides. 1774.

£7 75 Celebrated Statesman. Premier in 1783 and 1807.


Another Portrait.

Nearly full length, powdered hair tied at back, dark coat, ruffles, seated at table with books and“ India Bill ” before him, porch and pillars to left.

Large and very fine mezzotint by Murphy after Sir J.

Size 20 by 14 inches, with margins. 1785.
Brilliant impression in first state.

£6 6s


- Another Impression.

Large and fine mezzotint by Murphy after Sir J. Reynolds. Size 20 by 14 inches, with margin. 1796.

£3 35

246 ROCKINGHAM (Charles, Marquis of, 1731-1782).

Full length, standing in robes, orders, sword, plumed hat, papers, etc., on table, books on floor, pillars and curtain behind.

Large and fine mezzotint by Fisher after Sir J. Reynolds.

Size 231 by 15 inches. 1774.
In 1765 became First Lord of the Treasury; owing to the view he took of

American affairs by repealing the Stamp Act, and declaring the right of
Great Britain to tax the Colonies, he retired in 1766.

£5 55 247 ROLLE (The Right Honble. John, Lord, 1750-1842).

Whole length, sitting, robes, arms on arms of chair, right hand holding coronet, pillars in background, landscape with river in distance to right.

Large and fine mezzotint by Charles Turner after Sir
Thos. Lawrence.
Size 27by 16 inches, with margins. 1826. £3 38

M.P. for Devonshire. Strong supporter of Pitt.

248 ROMNEY (Robert Marsham, and Baron, 1712-1793).

Whole length, standing in his robes, holding letter in left hand, his right on a paper on the table, on which are his coronet and writing materials, column and curtain.

Large mezzotint by J. Finlayson after Sir Joshua

Size 247 by 15 inches, with margins. 1773.
Fine impression in second state.

£12 12 F.R.S. President of Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures

and Commerce.

249 RUSSELL (Lord John, 1792-1878).

Three-quarter length, standing, left hand resting on papers lying on table to right.

Mezzotint by Bellin after Carrick.
Size 173 by 131 inches, with margins.
Proof on India paper. 1844.

Statesman and Prime Minister.

250 RUTLAND (Fifth Duke of, 1778-1857).

Whole length, in military uniform, landscape with trees behind.

Large and fine mezzotint by C. Turner after J. Hopner,

Size 25 by 15 inches, with large margins. 1801.
Brilliant impression, open letter proof.

£15 155 Was Recorder of Cambridge and Grantham. A Trustee of British Museum,

252 SHERIDAN (Richard Brinsley, 1751-1816).

Three-quarter length, standing, plain coat, frill, white neckcloth, powdered hair, right hand gloved, resting on table, on which is a pencil and papers and inkstand.

Very fine line engraving by J. Hall after Sir J. Reynolds.

Size 20 by 15 inches, with margins.

£4 10S

Eminent Statesman and Dramatist. Celebrated author of "The Rivals," "Critic," "School for Scandal."

253 SHREWSBURY (Charles Talbot, Duke of, 1660-1718). Full length, standing, robes, long wig, sword, wand in right hand, plumed hat on pedestal, curtain behind.

Large and fine original water-colour drawing by G. P.
Harding, from picture at the Charterhouse.

Size 12 by 7 inches, with margin. Circa 1820.
Statesman. Secretary of State. Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

£4 IOS

254 ST. LEONARDS (Edward Burtenshaw Sugden, Baron, 17811875).

Three-quarter length, seated, full wig, robes.

Very fine mezzotint by Wm. Walker after E. U. Eddis.
Size 21 by 161, with large margins. 1853.

Brilliant lettered proof impression.

£6 6s

Lord Chancellor, almost infallible as an oracle of law.

255 STOWELL (William, Lord, 1745-1836). Three-quarter length, seated, robes, wig.

Mezzotint engraving by Charles Turner after Thomas Phillips.

Size 19 by 14 inches, with margins. 1828.

Fine proof impression.

Judge of the High Court of Admiralty of England.

Full half length, seated, dark coat, white cravat.
Fine mezzotint by C. Turner after Beechey.
Size 15 by 12 inches, with margins. Circa 1800.
Brilliant impression, proof before all letters.

£4 4s

256 STRADBROOKE (John, first Earl of, 1750-1827). When Lord Rous.


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