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WORKS ON THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER-continued. 235 A COLLATION of the Several Offices in the PrayerBook of Edward VI, the Scotch Prayer Book of the Year 1637, the Present English Prayer-Book, and that used in the present Scotch Episcopal Church.

4to, boards. Lond., 1792.

236 COLLECTION of Three Scarce Treatises, i.e.:

78 6d

(1) An Accompte of all the Proceedings of the Commissioners of both Perswasions, appointed by his Sacred Majesty, according to Letters Patents, for the Review of the Book of COMMON PRAYER. 35 PP. London. 1661.

(2) A Petition for Peace: with the Reformation of the LITURGY. As it was presented to the Right Reverend Bishops by the Divines Appointed by His Majesties Commission to treat with them about the alteration of it. 102 pp. London, 1661.

(3) A Sober and Temperate Discourse, concerning the Interest of Words in Prayer, the just Antiquity and Pedigree of LITURGIES, or Forms of Prayer in Churches. 114 pp. London, 1661.

Together in one volume, small 4to, original calf. Scarce.


237 PRYNNE (Wm.). A Short, Sober Pacific Examination of some Exuberances in and Ceremonial Appurtenances to the Common Prayer, especially the use and frequent repetition of Glory be to the Father, etc., wearing Rochets, Surplices, and other Vestments.

Sm. 4to, new half morocco.

Lond., 1661.


238 TESTIMONIE OF ANTIQUITIE (A), Shewing the Auncient fayth in the Church of England touching the Sacrament of the Body and Bloude of the Lord here publikely preached, and also receaved in the Saxons tyme above 600 yeares agoe. 12mo, old calf, First Edition.

Lond., Imprinted by John Day over Aldersgate, N.D. (circa 1567). £3 5s Printed partly in Anglo-Saxon type from the Heber and Bindley libraries. 239 [TRAVERS (Walter)]. A Full and Plaine Declaration of Ecclesiasticall Discipline owt off the Word off God and off the declininge off the Church off England from the same. Sm. 4to, black letter, wraps. Imprinted 1574. First Edition, printed abroad.

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240 QUEEN ELIZABETH'S Prayer Book. A Booke of Christian Praiers, collected out of the ancient Writers, and best learned in our time; worthy to be read with an earneste minde of all Christians in these daungerous and troublesom daies, etc.

Sm. 4to, Printed in black letter, each page within woodcut borders of Biblical subjects (the Dance of Death, etc., after Durer and Holbein).

Printed for the Company of Stationers, 1608.

£22 10S

Large copy, with wide margins. A remarkably fine copy in the original calf binding, line tooled with centre ornament (Lyonese). This is a reprint of the editions of 1578 and 1590, and the last of the old editions. The Psalms in metre by Sternhold and others, 1609, bound up at the end.

241 BIBLIOGRAPHY. Baillet (Adrien). Jugemens des Savans sur les Principaux Ouvrages des Auteurs. Revûs, Corrigés, et Augmentes par M. De la Monnoye, avec Vie de M. Baillet. Large portrait of the Author by EDELINCK.







8 vols, 4to, orig. calf, gilt backs.

Paris, 1722.


De Bure (Guil. Fran.). Bibliographie Instructive, ou Traité de la Connoisance des Livres rare et singuliers.

7 vols, 8vo, contemporary marbled calf, red edges. Paris, 1765. 36s

Dictionnaire Bibliographique, Historique, et
Critique, des Livres Rare, Precieux, Singuliers, Curieux, Estimés et
Recherches, tant des Auteurs connus que de ceux qui ne le sont pas, etc.
3 vols, 8vo, half calf.

Paris, 1790.


Lichtenberger (J. F.). Initia Typographica,


4to, half morocco neat, red edges. Argentorati, 1811.

IOS 6d

Montfaucon (D. B. de). Bibliotheca Coisliniana olim Segueriana sive Manuscriptorum Omnium Graecorum quæ in ea continentur accurata descriptio ubi operum singulorum notitia datur aetas cujusque Manuscripti indicatur vetustiorum specimina exhibentur aliaque multa annotantur quæ ad Palæographiani Græcam pertinent. Thk. folio, orig. calf. Paris, 1715.

Pinelli Library.


Catalogue of the Magnificent and Celebrated Library of MAFFEI PINELLI, comprising a Collection of GREEK, ROMAN, and ITALIAN AUTHORS, FROM THE ORIGIN OF PRINTING, with many of the EARLIEST EDITIONS PRINTED on VELLUM and FINELY ILLUMINATED, GREEK and LATIN MSS., XIth to XVIth Centuries, etc. Thick 8vo, half calf. Lond., 1789.

6s 6d

Sion College Library. [Spencer (J.)] Catalogus Universalis Librorum omnium in Bibliotheca Collegii Sionii apud Londinenses, una cum Elencho Interpretum S.S. Scripturæ Casuistarum, Omnia per J. S.

2 parts in 1 vol, sm. 4to, orig. calf (rebacked). Londini, 1650. 149

248 Bieston (Roger). The Bayte and Snare of Fortune. Wherein may be seen that money is not the only cause of mischiefe and unfortunate endes, but a necessary mean to mayntayne a vertuous quiet lyfe, treated in a Dialoge betweene Man and Money, in Verse. Black letter. Fine woodcut border round title.

Folio, FINE TALL COPY, handsomely bound by RIVIERE in full crushed green morocco extra, large handsome centre ornament on sides, gilt leaves. FIRST EDITION, VERY RARE, Imprinted at London by John Wayland, at the Signe of the Sunne over against the Conduite in Flete Strete, circa 1550. (SEE ILLUSTRATION, NO. IX.) £25

249 Bicknoll (Edmond). A Swoorde against Swearing, conteyning these principal poyntes: That there is a lawful use of an oath, contrary to the assertion of the Manichees and Anabaptists, etc., etc.

Black letter. Woodcut title.

12mo, newly bound polished calf extra, gilt edges, by Ramage. Lond., W. Towreolde, N.D. (circa 1575).



£2 28

250 ANNE (Queen). A Collection of the Several Statutes, and parts of Statutes, now in force, relating to High Treason, and Misprison of High Treason.

12mo, full contemporary dark blue morocco extra, gilt back, gilt panel sides, WITH THE ARMS OF QUEEN ANNE in centre, g. e. London, 1709. £1 158





Dentragues (Louis Cezar de Cremeaux, Marquis :) Guarini: Le Berger Fidele: traduit de l'Italien, en vers Francois.


Thk. 12mo, contemporary full black morocco extra, arms of the Marquis of Dentragues, gilt tooled on sides, and Monogram in gilt panels on back, g. e.

Cologne, P. Marteau, 1686.

£5 5s

De Thou. Recueil de Divers Memoires, Harangues, Remonstrances, et Lettres Servans a l'Histoire de nostre temps.

Sm. 4to, full calf gilt, with the Arms of F. A. de Thou, gilt on sides, and Monogram on back. Paris, 1623. £2 108

De Thou and Marie de Barbancon: De Herba Panacea, quam alii Tabacum, alii petum, aut Nicotianam vocant, breuis Commentariolus.

Sm. Svo, full morocco, with the Monograms of De Thou and Marie de Barbancon on back, and their Arms gilt tooled on sides, g. e.

Antverpiae, Apud Joannem Bellerum, 1587. Fine specimen. £6 10s

Italian. Revelationes S. Brigitae, Olima à Card. Turrecremata recognitæ, nunc à Consalvo Duranto.

Thk. folio, handsomely bound in contemporary morocco extra, gilt back, the sides completely covered with elaborate gilt design, composed of Flowers, Leafy Stems, and other Ornamentations, arranged in panels, with the Arms of the Duc d'Altemps in Centre (back slightly repaired). Roma, 1606. Fine Specimen. £7 158 255 COURT AND CITY REGISTER, or Gentleman's Complete Annual Kalendar for 1771, including RIDER'S BRITISH MERLIN.

Thk. 12mo, full contemporary English red morocco, the back and sides covered with elegant gold tooling, large centre-piece, stars, circles, flowers, leaves, vases, etc., gilt leaves, PRETTY SPECIMEN,

Lond., 1771.

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256 HALL (J., Bp. of Exeter).

Contemplations upon the

remarkable Passages in the Life of the Holy Jesus.

Sm. 4to, full contemporary English red morocco, full gilt back, gold panel sides, with fleurons, gilt leaves. Lond., 1679.

From the Marquis of Anglesey's library.


257 HAMMOND (Henry). Sermons Preached by that Eminent,

Famous and Great Divine.

Frontispiece by Hollar after Marshall.

Folio, full contemporary English black morocco extra, gilt back, gilt panels on sides, with centre-piece of Floral Wreath, and a Bird holding a Flower in its Bill (a curious design), g. e.

London, 1664.

£6 6s

258 HARLEY, Earl of Oxford. Reeve (Thomas). England's Restitution, or The Man, the Man of Men, the Statesman, and other Sermons, delivered at Waltham Abbey Church. Sm. 4to, orig. calf (rebacked), gilt edges. Lond., 1661.

£4 4S With the arms and name of Robert Harley (Earl of Oxford) gilt on sides. Also his fine armorial bookplate inside cover, and his name in gold letters on reverse of title.

259 HENRY VIII. Elia Levita. Grammatica Hebraica absolutissima nuper per Seb. Munsterum iuxta Hebraismum Latinitate donata, etc. Basileae, Jo. Froben, 1525.

TABULA OMNIUM HEBRAICARUM CONJUGATIONUM iuxta octo verborum classes pulchre in ordinem digesta. Basileae, N.D.

COMPOSITA VERBORUM & nominum Hebraicorum. Basileae, Jo. Froben, 1525.

[Omnia a SEB. MUNSTERO edita].

The three works in one volume, 8vo, modern morocco, on which are inlaid the sides of an early Sixteenth Century calf binding, WITH THE ARMS OF KING HENRY VIII. SURROUNDED BY A LEGEND, TUDOR ROSE, FLEUR DE LYS, CASTLE, etc.

Basileae, Jo. Froben, 1525.

£9 98

260 JAMES I. Philip of Mornai (Lord of Plessis-Marli). A Treatise of the Church, wherein are handled the principall Questions mooued in our time concerning that matter.

Sm. 4to, orig. calf, with the ARMS OF JAMES I. ON SIDES. Imprinted at London, 1606.

£4 4S

Dedication copy to James I.

261 PATRICK (Simon, Minister at Battersea). Discourse concerning the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

8vo, full contemporary blue morocco, full gilt back, paned sides, gilt leaves. Lond., 1667.

IOS 6d


263 POMPONATII (P.). Opera.

Thk. sm. 8vo, fine copy in full olive morocco extra.

With the Arms and Monogram of J. J. Charron, Marquis de Menars, gilt tooled on back and sides, g. e.

Basilea, 1567.

£6 6s

264 SIBBS (R.). The Soules Conflict with it selfe, and Victory over it selfe by Faith.

Woodcut border round title.

FIRST EDITION. Sm. thk. 8vo, full contemporary morocco extra, gilt back, gilt panel sides, with corner fleurons and centre ornamentation, London, 1635. £2 55

g. e.

265 (STAMPED BINDING.) Angeli Politiani Opera. Quorum Primus hic tomus complectitur: Epistolarum libros XII; Miscellaneorum Centuriam I; Omnia iam recens à medis repurgata.



Thk. 8vo, orig. stamped calf binding, the sides covered with interlacing blind tooling, gilt gauffré edges (lower margin of title cut off). Lugduni, apud Sed. Gryphium, 1533.

£1 16s

Enchiridion Christianæ Institutionis in Concilio prouinciali Coloniensi editum, opus omnibus veræ p etatis Cultoribus longé utilissimum.

Thk. sm. 8vo, in contemporary stamped pigskin, with arms (in colours) on front cover, with clasps. Parisiis, 1568. £1 155

Fabricius (G.).

LIBER AD OPT AUTORUM lectionem apprime utilis ac necessarius euisdem itinerum liber unus.

DE MAGISTRATIBUS ATHENIENSIUM liber G. Postello auth. DE ANTIQUO STATU BURGUNDIAE liber avec divers traites historiques per G. Paradinum.

4 vols in I, sm. 8vo, contemporary oak boards and leather, with borders on sides, decorated with stamped figures from Old and New Testament History, the centres a rectangle stamped with flowers and the letters "G. D. R., 1552," on front cover. Basiliae, 1547-1551. £3 158

Fine and perfect specimens of old stamped binding.

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