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292 BOLINGBROKE (Henry St. John, Ld. Viscount). Letters on the Study and Use of History.

First Edition. Large Paper Copy. 2 vols, roy. 8vo, orig. boards, uncut. Lond., 1752.

Edited by David Mallet, the poet.


293 BONIFACE (St.). Epistolæ S. Bonifacii Archiepiscopi Magontini et Martyris Ordine Chronologico Dispositæ, Notis et Variantibus Illustratae a S. A. Würdtwein,

Folio, orig. half vellum. Magontiaci, 1789.

Letters dating from A.D. 1216-1255.



294 BONANNI (F.). Gabinetto Armonico Pieno d'Instromenti Sonori Indicati spiegati e di nuovo corretti ed

accresciuti offerti al santo re David.

Illustrated with upwards of 100 figures playing upon various musical


4to, orig. calf, rebacked and gilt. Roma, 1733.

£4 4S

David Garrick's copy, with bookplate.

295 BOOKS.



Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica, or a Descriptive Catalogue of a Rare and Rich Collection of Early English Poetry in the possession of Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, with Extracts and Remarks, Critical and Biographical.

Woodcut portraits.

Roy. 8vo, orig. half green morocco, uncut, t. e. g. Lond., 1815. 18s
Compiled by A. F. Griffiths and C. Reader.

Lessern (F. C.). Typographia Jubilans das ist
Furkgefaste Historie der Buchdructeren Wormnen Von dieser edlen kunst
Ursprunge und Ansange Ausbreitung Berbesserung Zierrathen Ruken Wie
nicht weniger Von der Buchdructer Eigenschafften und Plichten.
Sm. 8vo, orig. half vellum. Leipzig, 1740.

IOS 6d

Pompadour (Madame de). Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliothéque de feue Madame la Marquise de Pompadour Dame du Palais de la Reine.

8vo, full contemporary French calf gilt, fine copy. Paris, 1765. 30s

298 BOSWELL (James, Biographer of Dr. Johnson). Journal of of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL.D.

Containing some Poetical Pieces by Dr. Johnson relative to the Tour and never before published; a Series of his Conversations, Literary Anecdotes, and Opinions of Men and Books, with an Authentic Account of the Distresses and Escape of the Grandson of James II in 1746. 8vo. First Edition. Orig. calf. Lond., 1785.


299 BOSWELL. Autograph New Testament in Greek. "Omirificam" edition, with autographs of Ro. Boswell and John J. Boswell on flyleaf.

12mo, full contemporary morocco extra, g. e., with gilt monogram thereon of the initial letter B' through which a serpent is entwined, and with inscription "Ex omni aliquid." Ex officina Roberti Stephani, 1546. £258 Possibly the Ro. Boswell whose name is written on fly-leaf is Robert Boswell (1746-1804), Psalmist, Writer to Signet, Teaching Elder in Church of Sandemanians," Edinburgh, and who published metrical version of


300 BOUCHET (Jean). Les Triumphes de la Noble et Amoureuse Dame et lart de honnestement aymer. Compose par le trauerseur des Voyes perilleuses.

Printed in "Lettres Batard."

Thk. sm. 8vo, full morocco gilt, g. e., by Chas. Lewis.

On ses vend a Paris en la rue Sainct Jacques a lenseigne de la fleur de lys par Hodin, petit, 1541. Very fine copy.

£6 188

Ces Triumphes sont un ouvrage mystique, en vers et en prose, où il s'agit de l'amour de Dieu; l'amoureuse dame est notre âme."-Brunet.

301 BOUFFLERS (Stanislas, Chevalier pius Marquis). Euvres, Poésies, Lettres, Tragedie, etc.

2 vols, 16mo, full contemporary red morocco, gilt backs, gold borders on sides, g. e. Londres (Paris), 1786.

Specimens of various tinted papers at end of each vol.


Despotisme Oriental.

£1 188

Recherches sur L'Origine du

Post Svo, full contemporary red morocco, full gilt back, gold border on sides, gilt leaves. A Londres, 1763.

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One of a few copies privately printed by John Wilkes, at his residence in Great George Street, Westminster.

303 BRAITHWAITE (Richard).

Essayes upon the Five

Senses, revived by a new Supplement, with a pithy one upon
Detraction and sundry Christian Resolves.

Second Edition, revised and enlarged by the Author.
Engraved title, with figures by Marshall.

12mo, orig. vellum. Lond., 1635.


304 BRETON (Nicholas). The Passionate Shepheard; or, The Shepheardes Love; set downe in Passions to his Shepheardesse Aglaia with many excellent Conceited Poems and Pleasant Sonnets, fit for Young Heads to passe away idle houres.

Sm. 4to, orig. half morocco, as issued. Lond., 1877.


One of a few copies privately reprinted from the unique original, 1604, by

F. Ouvry.

305 BOYLE (Hon. R.). Certain Physiological Essays and


other Tracts written at distant Times and on several Occasions.

The Second Edition, wherein some of the Tracts are enlarged by Experiments and a Discourse about the Absolute Rest in Bodies.

Sm. 4to, new half calf gilt. Lond., 1669.

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A Disquisition about the Final Causes of Natural Things, wherein it is inquir'd, whether and (if at all) with what Cautions a Naturalist should admit them. With Appendix on Vitiated Sight.

FIRST EDITION. Sm. 8vo, orig. calf. Lond., 1688.


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and Considerations touching

FIRST EDITION. Sm. 8vo, full orig. calf neat. Lond., 1664.


Experimenta & Observations Physicae. Wherein are briefly treated of Several Subjects relating to Natural Philosophy, in an Experimental Way.

FIRST EDITION. Sm. 8vo, orig. calf. Lond., 1691.

12s 6d

New Experiments, Physico-Mechanical, touching the Spring of the Air and its Effects (made for the most part, in a new Pneumatical Engine). With a Defence of the Author's Explication of the Experiments against the Objections of F. Linus and Thos. Hobbes.

Folding plate.

Sm. 4to, orig. calf gilt. Oxford, 1662.

£2 25

Philosophical Works, Abridged, Methodized, and disposed under the General Heads of Physics, Statics, Pneumatics, Natural History, Chymistry, and Medicine. Edited with Notes and Additions, by P. Shaw.

3 vols, 4to, orig. calf gilt. Lond., 1725.


Salt Water Sweetened, or a true account of the Great Advantages of this new invention, both by Sea and by Land; together with a full and satisfactory answer to all apparent difficulties, also the approbation of the Colledge of Physicians; likewise a LETTER OF THE HONOURABLE ROBERT BOYLE TO A FRIEND UPON THE SAME SUBJECT.

Sm. 4to, new boards. Lond., 1683.

12s 6d

312 BOYLE FAMILY. Memoirs of the Lives and Characters of the Illustrious Family of the Boyles, containing many curious pieces of English History, not extant in any other Author, also an Impartial History of the Life, etc., of the Rt. Hon. Henry Boyle.

Sm. 8vo, orig. calf.

Dublin, 1754.

8s 6d

313 BREVIARY. Horae Diurnae Breviarii Romani ex decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini restituti Pii V. Pont. Max jussi editi Clementis VIII & Urbani VIII Auctoritate recogniti in quibus ea omnia continentur quæ praeter Lectiones & earum Responsoria ad plenam Officii Matutini recitationem partinent.

Printed in red and black.

Roy. 8vo, contemporary black morocco, g e., clasps. Antwerp, Plantin, 1696.

125 6d

ON THE PROTESTANT MARTYRS OF QUEEN MARY'S Reign. 314 BRICE (Thomas). A Compendious Regester in Metre. Conteinyng the names and pacient suffrynges of the membres of Jesus Christ, afflicted, tormented, and cruelly burned, here in Englande.

Since the death of our late famous kyng, of immortal memorie, Edwarde the sixte: to the entraunce and beginnyng of the raign of our soueraigne and derest Lady Elizabeth of Englande, Fraunce, and Ireland, quene, defender of the faithe, to whose highnes truly and properly, apperteineth next and immediately vnder God, the supreme power, and authoritie of the Churches of England, and Irelande.

FIRST EDITION. Sm. 8vo, black letter, with black rubrics.

Blue morocco gilt, g. e., by Winstanley (lower plain corner of title repaired). (Colophon) Imprinted by Jhon Kyngston, for Richard Adams, Anno 1559. £10 108 The First Published Work on the Protestant Martyrs of Queen Mary's Reign. Foxe clearly found the Register of use to him in the compilation of his Acts and Monuments.

The dedication is addressed to the Marquis of Northampton. "The Register of Martyrs" extends from 4 Feb., 1555, to 17 Nov., 1558, and consists of 77 six-line stanzas. A fine Religious Poem, entitled "The Wishes of the Wise," in twenty verses of 4 lines each, concludes the work.

The book was printed for Richard Adams, and he was fined by the Stationers Company for producing it without license.

In the present copy, A 2, which is a blank, is filled up (on recto) in Manuscript by a contemporary hand with "Papist traytours executed in the raigne of Quene Elizabeth."

"Thomas Brice (d. 1570), Martyrologist, was engaged early in Queen Mary's reign in bringing Protestant books from Wesel into Kent and London. He was watched and dogged by the government, but escaped several times."-D.N.B.)


(Henry). The Lamentacyon of a Christen against the Citye of London for some certaine greate vyces vsed therein.

Sm. 8vo, black letter, brown morocco antique, g. e., by Hayday. (One or two catch-words at foot touched by the printer.)

£6 155

Imprinted in the yere of our Lord, M.D.XLVIII. "Henry Brinklow (d. 1546) began life as a Franciscan or Grey Friar, but left the Order and became Mercer of London. He adopted the opinions of the reforming party, and wrote satires on social and religious subjects under the pseudonym of Roderigo More. He says that he was banished from England through the influence of the bishops. By his will, dated 1546, the year of his death, and proved by his widow Margery, he left £5 to the godly learned men who labour in the vineyard of the Lord, and fight against Anti-Christ.' This will shows that he was a man of substance." D.N.B.

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