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291 GIBBONS (Grinling, 1648-1721). With his WIFE.
Three-quarter lengths, seated, Gibbons to right in wig and
gown, left arm on block, to left his wife in loose dress, holding
pearl necklace, pillars and curtain in background.

Large and fine mezzotint by J. Smith after Closterman.
Size 12 by 13 inches, with margin. (1691.) £3 10S

Celebrated Carver in Wood and Marble.

292 GIBBONS (Grinling, 1648-1720).

Three-quarter length, standing, wig, open collar. scarf across right shoulder, right hand on bust, left hand holding compasses.

293 GIBBS (James, 1674-1754).

Mezzotint engraving by John Smith after G. Kneller.
Size 133 by 10 inches, with margins. Circa 1690. £2 25


Half length, sitting, wig, right hand with compasses, etc.
Fine mezzotint engraving by MacArdell after Williams.
Brilliant impression.

Folio. Circa 1750.

30s Eminent Architect and Author, built Radcliffe Library, Oxford, and several London churches.

294 GILLRAY (James, 1757-1815).

To waist, in oval, own hair, frill, buttoned coat, with high collar, curtain in background, with engraved border.

Mezzotint by C. Turner from a miniature painted by


Size 15 by 12 inches, with large margins. 1819.
Finely printed in colours.


295 GREEN (Valentine).

Half length, bare-headed, lace cravat, coat buttoned.
Mezzotint engraving by himself after L. F. Abbot.
Size 15 by 183 inches: 1788.

Eminent Mezzotint Engraver, 1739-1813.

Another Impression.

£4 15S

£5 5s

£3 35

296 GREUZE (J. B., 1726-1805).

Head, long hair,
Oval line engraving by Flipart after himself.
Size 73 by 5 inches, with margin. 1763.

Eminent French Painters,

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297 HONE (Camillas, died 1837).

Half length, holding and playing on pipe, skin of an animal round his shoulders, inscribed The Piping Boy."

Fine mezzotint by Capt. W. Baillie after Hone.
Size 12} by 9 inches, with margin. 1771. Scarce.

Scarce. £4 45
Younger Son of Nathaniel Hone, R.A., portrait painter. Went to the East

Indies and practised there for several years. From Sir Wilfrid Lawson's collection.

298 KAUFFMAN (M. Angelica, R.A., 1741-1807).

Half length, in oval, sitting, pearls in hair, lock of hair falls over each shoulder, holding drawing and pencil in her hands, dress trimmed with fur.

Fine stipple engraving by Bartolozzi after Sir Joshua

Size 12} by 10% inches, with margins. 1780.
Printed in red. Very fine impression.

£9 155 Celebrated Painter, one of the original Members of Royal Academy.


Ditto. The same.
Proof before letters. Printed in red, with good margins.
Brilliant impression.

415 155

299 LAWRENCE (Sir Thomas, 1769-1830).

Half length.

Large and fine mezzotint by S. Cousins after Sir T.

Lettered proof impression.
Size 15% by II inches. 1830.

245 Celebrated Portrait Painter. President of Royal Academy.

300 LEMPEREUR (Jean Denis, 1701).

Medallion portrait, in square border.
Size 53 by 73 inches.

A French Amateur Engraver.

8s 6d

301 MACARDELL (James, 1710-1765).

Half length, cloak, frill, scraper in right hand.
Large and fine mezzotint by Earlom after himself.
Size 17 by 12 inches. 1771.

Eminent Mezzotint Engraver.

302 MORLAND (George, 1763-1804).

Half length, in square border, white cravat, plain coat, right hand holding crayon and resting on sketch.

Fine mezzotint by W. Ward after Muller.

Size 14 by 10 inches. 1805.

Famous Painter.

303 MORTIMER (J. H., 1741-1779).

Full half length, hair tied at back of head, plain coat, palette and brushes in left hand, to left easel with picture.

Large and fine mezzotint by V. Green after Mortimer.

Brilliant proof impression.

Size 18 by 13 inches. 1779.

Painter, A.R.A.

£6 6s

306 POUSSIN (Nicholas, 1594-1645).

Half length.

304 MULLER (Johann Gotthard von, born in Wurtemberg, 1747, died 1830).

Nearly half length, in oval, with square border, bareheaded, coat trimmed fur.

Line engraving by E. Morace after F. Tisch-bein.
(Size 10 by 14 inches.)

Celebrated Engraver, founded Academy of Designs, Stuttgart.

Brilliant line engraving by Ferdinand after V. E.
Folio. Circa 1660.

£5 5s

Celebrated Painter, called the Raphael of France.".

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£5 5s

305 PICART (Bernard, born 1673, died 1733).

Three-quarter length, standing, leaning against table, wig, loose cloak, on the table are tools and an engraving, behind bookshelves and curtain.

Mezzotint engraving by N. Verkolje.

Size 10 by 13 inches.

Distinguished himself both as designer and engraver.




307 PRIESLER (George Martin, born at Nuremberg, 1700, died 1754).

Half length, seated, in oval, with square border in imitation of stone work, wig, braided coat, frilled vest, plate and tool in hand.

Engraving by Val Dan Priesler after Phil. Guil. Oeding.

Size 10 by 14 inches. (1756.)

Celebrated Engraver and Painter of Portraits.


308 RAEBURN (Sir Henry, 1756-1823).

Full half length, hand to chin.

Large and fine stipple engraving by W. Walker after a picture by himself.

Size 181 by 131 inches, with margins. Circa 1826.
Proof on India paper.

£8 8s Celebrated Scotch Portrait Painter.

309 REMBRANDT (Paul, 1606-1674).

Half length, turban, dark cloak, with hilt of sword protruding at breast, papers in right hand.

Very fine mezzotint by C. Turner after Rembrandt.
Size 167 by 143 inches (no margins). 1809.
Choice impression printed in colours.

£7 75 Celebrated Dutch Painter and Etcher.


Another Impression.
Brilliant Lettered Proof.
Size 195 by 161 inches, with margins. 1809.


£12 12

310 ROOS (J. M.).

Three-quarter length, standing, long wig, fur cloak, curtain at back.

Large and fine proof mezzotint by J. G. Seiller after himself. Size 14 by 104 inches. 1689.

2IS Painter and Etcher. Fine specimen of an early mezzotint.

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