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1080 ELIZABETH. Princess of England and Landgravine of Hesse-Homburg (1770-1840). Artist. Daughter of George III. A.L.S. to Sir Henry Ellis, Principal Librarian of the British Museum. 4 pp., 4to. Hanover, 27th June, 1830. £1 5S

A very fine letter concerning Royal Badges which she wished to paint.

The first Badge which I have is an but not as King Stephen, but as Henry the Second. I have found some very curious old pictures of the Hanoverian family which have greatly delighted me.



'In looking over the list of Queen Elizabeth's badges, there are some which I have not. The Red and White Rose quartered used by the Princes of the Tudor family to show their mutual descent from the House of Lancaster and York,

"The Irish' Harp, Crowned Gold.

'Motto's used by Queen Elizabeth. Will you translate them? 1 copy them here :-Video Taceo-Rutilans rosa sine Spina-Semper Eadem." Etc.

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1081 ESTOURMEL (A. C. L., Comte d', b. 1780). French General and Legislator. A.L.S. to Prince Louis Bonaparte. 2 pp., 4to. Paris, 23rd Mar., 1806. 12s 6d

An interesting letter, containing several references to the Emperor, Napoleon, to whom he wished to recommend his uncle, M. Osmond, Archbishop of Florence, through the mediation of Prince Louis.

1082 EUGÈNE (Prince François Eugène de Savoie, 1663-1736). Famous General. Ally of Marlborough at Blenheim and Malplaquet. L.S. to Mons. Herbort. I p., folio. Linz, 21 Sept., 1732. (Corners slightly cut.) £I IS

A most interesting letter urging the recipient to disclose some important piece of news in his possession to the Austrian Government (Trans.) :—“ Even although you believe that your remonstrance will not be heard.


Also mentioning the Emperor of Austria.

1083 FERDINAND II. DE BOURBON (1810-1859). King of the Two Sicilies. A.L.S. to "Dear General." 3 pp., 8vo. Caserta, 1856.

Conveying thanks for New Year's Wishes.

13s 6d

1084 FESCH (Joseph, Cardinal, 1763-1839). Uncle of Napoleon I. L.S., J. Cara Fesch." I p., 4to. Lyons, 14 April, 1807. 18s


Acknowledging the receipt of a letter announcing the death of a General (the name of whom is erased), and offering condolences to the bereaved family.

1085 FOSTER (Birket, 1825-1899). Painter and Book Ilustrat R.A. A.L.S. to Wm. Vokins, the Art Publisher. 12 Witley, 2nd Feb., 1888.

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1087 FOUCHE (Joseph, Duke of Otranto, 1763-120). F Statesman and Revolutionary. L.S. as Maraster et P the Central Administration of the Department of K Moselle. 2 pp.. 4to. Paris, 28 Fructidor, An 7 17. Interesting letter concerning complaints klge! .. contractors in France.

I page, Svo. Witley, 17 X

LOSS FRANCE. Academie Celtique, ou Société des Art de France. Instituted the 3rd Ventose, An Mill DOCUMENT SIGNED by the Members of the Socat folio. 9th December, 1813. With the Seal of th

Being a Certificate of Admission for one Mrs As Moreau de Ste. Méry (M. L. E., 1750 1910. A ministrat 21, nat Duchies of Parma and Piacenza, Pierre Paganei 174 tician and Writer); the two Vice-Presidents and seven other m

1089 FREDERICK II., surnamed "The Great," King o: I (1712-1786). AUTOGRAPH NOTE SIGNED of some 5 letter addressed to the King by one of his Masters folio. Berlin, February, 1778.

The letter concerns two applicants for the respective ** Inspector at Gumbinnen and Inspector of the To Havelberg.

Frederick's Note reads:

(Trans.) :-" Walden must have the best post and ka

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1085 FOSTER (Birket, 1825-1899). Painter and Book Illustrator.

R.A. A.L.š. to Wm. Vokins, the Art Publisher. I page, 8vo.
Witley, 2nd Feb., 1888.

6s " I shall be with you if all goes well to-morrow morning

with the Italian Lakes, which I hope you will like.


A.L.S. to the same.


I page, 8vo. Witley, 17 Dec.


1087 FOUCHE (Joseph, Duke of Otranto, 1763-1820). French

Statesman and Revolutionary. L.S. as Minister of Police to the Central Administration of the Department of the Rhine and Moselle. 2) pp., 4to. Paris, 28 Fructidor, An 7 (1799). £2 25

Interesting letter concerning complaints lodged against certain contractors in France.

1088 FRANCE. Academie Celtique, ou Société des Antiquaires

de France. Instituted the 3rd Ventose, An XIII (1805). DOCUMENT SIGNED by the Members of the Society. I page, folio. 9th December, 1813. With the Seal of the Society.

£I IS Being a Certificate of Admission for one Mons. Auguis. Signed by Moreau de Ste. Méry (M. L. E., 1750-1819, Administrator General of the Duchies of Parma and Piacenza); Pierre Paganel (1745-1826, Politician and Writer); the two Vice-Presidents, and seven other members,

1089 FREDERICK II., surnamed " The Great," King of Prussia

(1712–1786). AUTOGRAPH NOTE SIGNED of some 5 lines, on a letter addressed to the King by one of his Ministers. I page, folio. Berlin, February, 1778.

£3 155
The letter concerns two applicants for the respective posts of Salt-
Inspector at Gumbinnen and Inspector of the Tobacco-factory at

Frederick's Note reads :-
(Trans.) :-“ Walden must have the best post and Rantzau the worst.



£3 35

L.S. “Frederick” to the Count von Degenfeld-Schomberg. I page, 4to. Berlin, Jan. 17th, 1740. With full Eng- . lish translation.

A most interesting letter. The King owes a sum of money, which he apparently finds himself unable to pay.

Wich regard to the remaining sum money ; it is quite impossible for me to pay it off : I will not forget it however, and at any rate if you wish it, will give you a bond for it, and will honour it in any circumstances, and also show that I am your very affectionate friend."

rogr FRITH (W. P., 1819-1910). Famous Artist, R.A. A.L.8. to

W. Hepworth Dixon. I pp., 8vo. Bayswater, Feb. 6th, 1864.

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An interesting letter to Mr. Hepworth Dixon, editor of the Athenæum, complaining of the injustice of the Art Critic employed by

the paper.

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I should be the last to complain of fair criticism, but your man takes every opportunity of insulting me, even when my works are not before the public! I find the tone of his writing severely complained of.


A.L.8. to W. Vokins, the Art Publisher.

I page, sm. 8vo. Bayswater, 26 Oct., 1885.

6s ' Will you write and say what you wish me to do to forward your Australian scheme. I will do whatever you desire.

OF SOUTH AFRICAN INTEREST. 1093 FROUDE (James Anthony, 1818-1891). Historian and Man

of Letters. A.L.S. 3) pp., 8vo. London, March 4th, N.D. £I is An interesting letter on the work of Barrie, a South African Artist,

So much attention has been lately drawn to South Africa that I should think a book of Engravings from Barrie's pictures, with a slight thread of connecting letter-press, would be at once popular and valuable. Though Barrie's colouring was bad, his drawing was excellent, and his pictures therefore would engrave well.


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A.L.S. 2 pp., 8vo. 26 April (1889).

155 Carlyle used often to speak of Burns. I do not, however, recollect that he has put in writing anything about him beyond the famous reviewnot even in his private letters,etc.


1095 FRY (Elizabeth, 1780-1845). Prison Reformer. A.L.S. to

Mary Gaskell. I pp., 4to. Sheffield, 22nd Sept., 1820. 8s 6d

1096 GAIL (Jean Baptiste, 1755-1829). French hellenist and

translator. A.L.S. to the Chief Archbishops of the Roman Catholic Church in Russia. I P., 4to. 20 April, 1826. Paper headed “ Bibliothèque du Roi,'

6s Thanking the Archbishop for a Copy of one of his works, and mentioning several of his own.

1097 GARDINER (Sir Robert William, 1781-1864). General,

Commanded at Waterloo. A.L.S. to Mr. C. Hering. 4 pp., 4to.
Claremont, Apl. 29th, 1825.

£1 55 An interesting letter, concerning the "Memoirs of Napoleon at St. Helena, by Montholon and Gourgaud, two French Generals who accompanied him there.

CONCERNING TENNYSON AND BAMFORD, THE WEAVER POET. 1098 GASKELL (Mrs. Elizabeth C., 1810-1865). Novelist. Wrote

“Cranford,” “Life of Charlotte Brontë,” etc. A lengthy A.L.S. to John Forster, biographer of Dickens. 8 pp., 8vo. (7 Dec., 1849.)

£8 8s A long and very charming letter, written in the characteristic style of the famous author of "Cranford." It graphically describes her presentation, on Tennyson's behalf, of a volume of his poems to Bamford, the Manchester Poet and Weaver.

I have not yet taken my bonnet off after hunting up Bamford. First of all we went to Blakeley, to his little white-washed cottage at the end of a row, bordered round, close under the windows with wall-flowers, some of which were yet in bloom. His pretty wife (don't fancy her young, because she is not, but she is so womanly, sweet and pretty, she makes one think of hawthorn blossom) was cleaning, and our visit would have been ill-timed to any one but a lady, as she is ; but she put away pail, and dusters and all, and welcomed us heartily in her pretty way, only, regretting her master was not at home When he came up I kept my book back

Then I produced it; and he said," this is grand !' I said, 'look at the title-page,' for I saw he was fairly caught by something he liked in the middle of the book, and was standing reading it there in the street. · Well ! I am a proud man this day,' he exclaimed ; then he turned it up and down and read a bit

Well, then, Mr. Bamford, suppose you do set of this Xmas and walk and thank Tennyson.' He looked up from his book right in my face, quite indignant. · Lord, woman ! walking won't reach him, we're on the earth, d'ye see, but he's there, up above. I can no more reach him by walking, than if he were an eagle or a skylark high above my head!'. It came fresh warm from the heart, without a notion of making a figurative speech, but as if it were literal truth, and I were a goose for not being aware of it

Then he dipped down into his book and began reading aloud the Sleeping Beauty, and in the middle stopped to look at the writing again," etc.

1099 GEOFFREY-SAINT-HILAIRE (Isidore, 1805-1861).

Distinguished French Zoologist. A.L.S to the Editor of “The
Monitor." I page, 4to. 14 Nov., 1849.

IOS 6d An interesting letter, in which Mr. Geoffrey Saint-Hilaire protests against a statement made in “ The Monitor,” where in an article on his experimental sheep farm in Holland, he is said to have visited the Museum at Leyde and the Zoological Gardens at Amsterdam, and expressed his opinion of their vast superiority over the Natural History Museum at Paris; he now protests that in his judgment no museum superior to that at Paris is to be found in any country in Europe.

1100 GERRARD (Jules, 1817-1864). Noted French Traveller in Africa, surnamed “The Lion Killer." A.L.S.

I page, 8vo. Victoria Hotel, Liverpool, 14 Nov., 1862.

Concerning a proposed journey into Central Africa, and requesting information as to the best surveying instruments to use.

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1101 GEORGE III. King of Gt. Britain (1738-1820). A.L.8. to his

son, Frederick, Duke of York. I page, 4to. Weymouth, 3rd Sept., 1801.

£1 155 The new arrangement of the Troops, by moving from the Interior to strengthen Essex and Sussex meets with my Approbation, as also that the roth Regt. of Light Dragoons shall do the Infantry Duty at Windsor and Kew till the return of the Stafford Militia from hence,etc.


D.S. I page, folio. Also containing other signatures.

8s6d Interesting document providing for payment to William Hannam, Provost Marshal of the Savoy, of an annual sum of money in lieu of the Emoluments received by his Predecessors in selling Spirituous Liquors to Persons confined in that Prison."

1103 GEORGE IV. King of Great Britain (1762-1830). A.L.S. as

Prince of Wales, to“ My dear Nesbitt.” 1} pp., 4to. Carlton House, Tuesday," circa 1798. Autograph address and fine wax seal on flyleaf.

£2 25 I am really quite ashamed of myself, at being obliged so late in the day to send you an excuse, especially after having invited myself. The real state of the case is, that I had totally forgotten till this moment that I have been for this week engaged to dine with the Duke and Duchess of Rutland


1104 GRESHAM (Sir Thomas, 1519-1579). Famous Elizabethan Banker. Founder of the Stock Exchange. An exceedingly

. rare and most magnificent A.L.S. to his Son-in-law, Nathaniel Bacon. 14 pp., folio. Dated from London, 6th July, 1579. Very fine signature.

£45 A magnificent specimen (neatly repaired and with only 2 or 3 lines imperfect) of one of the rarest of letters of the Elizabethan period. It is entirely holograph, written by Gresham shortly before his death, and deals, among other matters, with various financial ventures, including disposal of wool from his sheep, sale of estates, etc. Also mentioning the Bishop of Norwich and other people. It further includes greetings to his daughter, the wife of his correspondent.

Gresham placed the financial affairs of England in Elizabeth's reign upon a new basis and released this country from a state of entire dependence upon foreigners.

Nathaniel Bacon was a brother of Sir Francis Bacon.


AUTOGRAPH DOCUMENT SIGNED. } page, folio. Consisting of some eight lines. N.D. Circa 1578. Fine signature.

£10 ios Signed holograph copy of a circular letter to his Bailiff's, in which he mentions his son-in-law, Nathaniel Bacon, to whom he evidently sent this signed holograph copy.

The letter has been neatly repaired, but some of the lines are defective, the signature, however, is quite perfect.

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