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18 ASHMOLE (Elias). The Way to Bliss. In Three Books. Made Publick, by Elias Ashmole, Esq.

Sm. 4to, fine copy in full morocco super extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by F. Bedford.

Printed by John Grismond for Nath. Brook, at the Angel in Cornhill,


With a fine impression of the portrait of the author by W. Faithorne. £10 IOS "The main drift of the Author being from weighty and serious Arguments and Examples, to prove the Possibility of such a thing as the PHILOSOPHER'S STONE, whereby is largely manifested, that Nature has exhibited greater Wonders to the view of the World, and as great things have been (and consequently may be) performed by other weaker and lesser means, where a due friendly and philosophical conjunction of Art and Nature is fully understood."

Elias Ashmole, "the greatest virtuoso and curioso that ever was known or read of in England before his time," was born at Lichfield, 1617. He was one of the earliest English Freemasons, having been initiated in or about 1646, in which year the first formed meeting of the body in England was held.

Astrology was one of his favourite studies, in connection with which he formed the acquaintance of Master Backhouse, a venerable Rosicrucian, who called him son, and opened himself very freely touching the great secret"; as well as that of John Tradescant, keeper of the botanic garden at Chelsea, an intimacy which was indirectly contributed more than anything else to his celebrity with posterity. On 13th May, 1653, Backhouse" told me, in syllables, the true matter of the philosopher's stone, which he bequeathed to me as a legacy." But Ashmole has omitted to bequeath it to us.

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A Collection of Ten Several Treatises in Chymistry concerning the
Liquor Alkahest, the Mercury of Philosophers, and other Curiosities worthy
the Perusal, written by Eir Philaletha, J. Bapt, Van Helmont, Dr. F.
Antoine, Rog. Bacon, G. Starkey, Sir H. Platt, etc.

12mo, half calf. Lond., 1684.

Last leaf defective and some headlines cut.

20 GLAUBER (J. R.). A Description of New Philosophical Furnaces: or, a New Art of Distilling divided into five parts. Whereunto is added a Description of the Tincture of Gold, or the true Aurum Potabile; also the first part of the Mineral Work set forth in English by J. F.

Woodcuts of philosophical implements.
Sm. 4to, orig. calf. Lond., 1651.



21 HARTMAN (G.). A Choice Collection of Rare Chymical Secrets and Experiments in Philosophy.

As also Rare and unheard of Medicines, Menstruums, and Alkahests, with the True Secret of Volatilizing the Salt of Tartar collected by Sir K. Digby, and published by G. Hartman.


Sm. 8vo, orig. calf. Lond., 1682.

First Edition not mentioned by Hazlitt; his earliest edition is 1683.


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ALCHEMY- continued. 22 JONES (B.). Lapis Chymicus Philosophorum Examini Subjectus ubi et ejus, vis ac confectionis modus breviter discutiuntur. 12mo, orig. calf. Oxon., 1648. Scarce.


23 KIRCHERI (Athanasii). Magnes sive De Arte Magnetica.

Opus Tripartitum quo Praeterquam quod Universa Magnetis. Natura Eiusque in omnibus Artibus et Scientiis usus nova Methodo explicetur è viribus quoque et prodigiosis effectibus Magneticarum, aliarumq abditarum Naturæ motionum in Elementis Lapidibus, Plantis & Animalibus elucescentium multa hucusque incognita "Naturae Arcana per Physica, Medica, Chymica, & Mathematica, omnis generis experimenta recluduntur.

Numerous woodcut and copperplate engravings of diagrams, philosophical implements, etc.

Sm. thk. 4to, orig. calf. Coloniae Agrippina, 1643. Scarce. £4 45

24 LACINIUS (Janus). Pretiosa Margarita Novella de

Thesauro ac Pretiosissimo philosophorum lapide
Collectanea ex Arnaldo, Rhaymundo, Rhasi, Alberto et
Michaele Scoto per Janum Lacinium, nunc primum in lucem edita.

Curious woodcuts.
Sm. 8vo, orig. calf.
Venet., 1557


25 PHILALETHES (Eirenaeus). Three Tracts of the Great

Medicine of Philosophers for Humane and Metalline Bodies, intituled Ars
Metallorum Metamorphoseos, Brevis Manuductio, ad Rubinum Coelistem,
Fons Chymicae Philosophiae. Translated from the Latin.
12mo, half calf. Lond., 1694.


26 SANGUIS NATURAE, or a Manifest Declaration of the Sanguine and Solar Congealed Liquor of Nature, by Anonimus.

12mo, orig. calf (rebacked and gilt). Lond., 1696. Stained.

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27 ULSTADIUS (Philippo). Coelum Philosophorum Seu de Secretis Naturae.

Numerous wood engravings of philosophical implements.
First Edition. Sm. folio, full vellum. Argentoragi J. Grienynger,

£1 ios


28 (VAUGHAN (Thos.). The Marrow of Alchemy.

Being an Experimental Treatise discovering the secret and most hidden Mystery of the Philosophers' Elixer, containing the Theory and Practice of the Art, by Eireneus Philopones Philalethes (i.e. Thos. Vaughan).

In verse.
12mo, orig. calf. Lond., 1654.


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29 ZETZNERUS (L.). Theatrum Chemicum.

Praecipuos Selectorum Auctorum Tractatus de Chemiae et Lapidis
Philosophici Antiquitate veritate jure praestantia et Operationibus con-
tinens in gratiam verae Chemiae et Medicinae Chemicae studioforum con-
gestum et in Sex partes seu volumina digestum Singulis Voluminibus suo
auctorum et Librorum Catalogo primis pagillis rerum verò et verborum
Indice postremis annexo.
6 vols, 8vo, orig. calf (rebacked). Argentorati, 1659.

£3 ios

30 ALCIPHRON. Lettres Grecques par le Rhéteur Alci

phron ; ou, Anecdotes sur les Moeurs et les Usages de la Grece. Traduites
en françois avec notes.

Gilt, gilt leaves. Amst., 1785.

42 55



Folio, FINE COPY of the Editio PRINCEPS," in old French crimson morocco extra, floreated gilt back, line sides, gilt edges (slightly wormed at commencement). Venet., in æd. Aldi, 1513.

£3 7s 6d

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32 BIZZARI (Petri). Varia Opuscula, quorum indicem Sequens pagina demostravit.

Sm. 8vo, original vellum. Aldus, Venetiis, 1565. Rare. {2 25

Contains Epistles to Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots.
33 CÆSAR Commentarium de bello Gallico Civili Pompeiano

Alexandrino Africano Hispaniensi Pictura totius Galliae & Hispaniae,
secundum C. Caesaris Commentarios.
12mo, old calf gilt. Venet, Aldus, 1519.

£2 Ios


(Lo' Nferno e'l Purgatorio e'l Paradiso di Dante Alaghieri [sic]).

Small 8vo, full dark green morocco extra, gilt edges, by THOMPSON (of Paris). Venetiis in aedib. Aldi, 1502.

£14 145 A fine copy of the FIRST ALDINE EDITION of Dante. Interesting also as being the FIRST WORK IN WHICH ALDUS' DEVICE of the ANCHOR AND DOLPHIN

It is also the FIRST OCTAVO EDITION of Dante.
Edition recherchée, mais dont on trouve difficilement des exemplaires com-

plets et bien conservés.”Brunet.


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(See also under DANTE.)

ALDINE PRESS-continued. 35 HERODIANUS HISTORIARUM, Libri VIII, graece pariter et latine (Angelo Politiano interprete). Sm. 8vo, full calf gilt. Venet., Aldus, 1524.

£1 55

36 LETTRE VOLGARI Di Diversi Nobilissimi Huomini

et Eccellentissimi Ingeni Scritte in Diverse Materie nuouamente ristampate & in piu luoghi corrette.

Libro primo et secondo. 2 vols in 1, sm. 8vo, orig. vellum. Vinegia, 1554-56.

IOS 6d A third vol. was published in 1567.

37 MACROBIUS (A. T.). In Somnium Scipionis Expla

natio, Saturnaliorum Libri VII Censorinus de die natali additis
ex vetusto exemplari nonnullis quae desiderabantur (cum prefatione Donati
Sm. 8vo, orig. vellum. Venet. in ædibus, Aldi, 1528.

£i ios


viz., Metamorphoseon Fastorum De Tristibus De Ponto Epistolae Auli
Sabini P. O. N. Elegiarum, De Arte Amandi, De Remedio Amoris, In
Ibin, Ad Liviam, Epistola, De Morte Drusi, De Nuce, De Medicamine

First Aldine Edition.

3 vols, sm. 8vo, full vellum, with ties. Venet., In Aedib. Aldi, 1502-3. Rare.

£9 9s

39 PONTANUS CENTUM PTOLEMAEI SENTENTIAE ad Syrum fratum à Pontano è Graeco in Latinum tralatae atque expositae.

Sm. 4to, orig. Venetian stamped binding, dated 1532, tall copy. Venet, in ædibus Aldi et Andreae Soceri, 1519.

£1 155

40 PRUDENTIUS, Prosper, Johannes Damascenus, Cosmus Hierosolymitanus, Marcus episcopus Taluontis, Theophanes.

Decorated capitals and initials in blue and red.
Sm. 8vo, full old red morocco. Tall COPY. (Lugduni, circa 1503.)

£3 38

41 VIRGILIUS post omnes omnium editiones Accurate emendatus.

Sm. 8vo, full vellum, gilt back and sides, gilt leaves. Venet., 1545. 305

42 ALEMAN (Mateo). The Rogue: or, the Life of Guzman

de Alfarache. Written in Spanish by Matheo Aleman. [Translated into English by JAMES MABBE.)

The two parts complete, in one volume.

Folio, full mottled calf extra, red edges, by HOLLOWAY. Oxford, Printed by William Turner for Robert Allot, London, 1630.

13 35 43

The Rogue: or the Life of Guzman de Alfarache, translated from the Spanish. Sm. folio, orig. calf. Lond., 1656.

£2 18s With commendatory verses by Ben Jonson, Hernando de Soto, etc. A very popular novel of the time, and containing acute and comprehensive

observations on almost every rank of society.

44 ALLOT (Robert). Englands Parnassus: or the Choysest Flowers of our Modern Poets.

With their Poeticall Comparisons, Descriptions of Bewties, Personages, Castles, Pallaces, Mountaines, Groues, Seas, Springs, Riuers, etc.

Whereunto are annexed other various Discourses, both pleasaunt and profitable.

Sm. 8vo, full brown levant morocco extra, g. e.

Imprinted for Nicholas) L(ing), C(uthbert) B(urby), and T(homas) Hayes), 1600. (SEE ILLUSTRATION, No. III.)

£52 ios This is the first Poetical Anthology of English Literature, and is also the

most valuable. This extremely rare selection from Shakespeare and other Poets has enabled

Editors to assign to their true authors various pieces not otherwise
known. It has also preserved numerous verses of the Elizabethan and
ante-Elizabethan period nowhere alse to be met with, and the names of
poets who are not otherwise known in literary history than by their
mention in England's Parnassus. It has hitherto been the custom to
consider that the initials R.A. at the foot of the dedication to Sir Thomas
Mounson concealed the name of Robert Allot, but Mr. Collier, who devotes
three pages to a description, has adduced very plausible reasons for
identifying them with Robert Armin, Actor and Author, who was a
member of Shakespear's company in 1603. Among other early English
Authors the following are referred to :-

Chapman (George), referred to 69 times.
Churchyard (Thomas)

Daniel (Samuel)

115 Dekker (Thomas)

17 Drayton (Michael)

163 Gascoigne (George)

42 Greene (Robert)

32 Harrington (Sir John)

106 Jonson (Ben)

13 Lodge (Thomas)

Marlowe (Christopher)

Marston (John)
Middleton (Christopher)
Middleton (Thomas)

Nash (Thomas)
Peele (George)

Shakespeare (Wm.)

79 Sidney (Sir Philip)

47 Spencer (Edmund)

255 Surrey (Earl of)

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