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3. The Fiorin grass. This is a very common grass on all kinds of soil, but differs in its useful qualities, according as it is grown on a poor or good soil. Moist soil suits it best; on a dry soil it is worth nothing.

4. The Cat's-tail, or Timothy grass. It was brought from Carolina by Timothy Hudson in 1780. It is a very prolific grass for hay, produces abundance of fine foliage early in the spring, but on very dry soils it does not succeed.



Clover. The cultivation of clover and other herbage plants is indispensable in the management of an arable or corn farm. Upon land which is not so rich as to allow of being

constantly under tillage, but requires what we may term rest, by being for a short interval in pasturage, Clover, Lucern, Sainfoin, &c. are plants which the farmer finds greatly to his interest to cultivate. The clover family is numerous. I give you a representation of two sorts, Meadow Clover, and White Clover. Meadow clover resembles red clover, which I have not described in this little work, but is of a paler hue, not so high in its growth, with whitish flowers; it is a perennial plant, that is, continues to grow for a number of years. The red clover, which I allude to, lasts only two years.

White clover is also a perennial, and is often found in abundance in native pastures.

Lucern is a perennial plant, with clover-like shoots, the flowers blue or violet: it is not recommended by farmers who have tried it,

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