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The Glory of the Heavens, by the Rev. T. BESELEY, M. A..... 210 Forty Sermons on Doctrinal and PracSubjects, selected from

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Rev. H. B. WILSON, M. A. 373 Preparation for the Holy Order of Deacons; or the first Question proposed to Candidates for the Holy Order of Deacons elucidated, by G. 1. HUNTING FOR D, D.D. Bishop of Gloucester 375 The Testimony of the Spirit of God in the Faithful. A Visitation Ser

tical works of Dr. Samuel Clarke, by S. CLAPHAM, M. A......... 212 Transactions of the Parisian Sanhedrim; translated from the French by F. D. KIRWAN, Esq. 214 Remarks on the Alliance between Church and State, by the Rev. RICHARD KING, M. A..... 218 Remarks on the Dangers which threaten the Established Religion. By E. PEARSON, B. D. 321 Two Sermons preached at Birming-A ham, by JOHN EYTON, M. A. 228 The Duty of the Clergy to enforce the frequent receiving of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. By S. CLAPHAM, M, A. 291 Essays Scriptural, Moral, and Logical. By W. and T. LUDLAM, 2 vols. 8vo. 294 A Letter to Lord Grenville, by the

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mon, by A. ONSLOW, D. D. The Claims of the Establishment; a Sermon by J. IRELAND. D.D. 382 Reflections on the Sinfulness of Cruelty to Animals. A Sermon by R. MANT, M.A.... 384 Charge to the Clergy of Sarum, by Archd. DAUBENY.. 445 A Sermon preached at the Visitation of the Bishop of Rochester, by P. MONYPENNY, M. A. 448 Cruelty to Dumb Creatures; a Ser-. mon, by the CURATE OF DEVI


450 A Sermon on the Lord's Supper; by the Rev. T. MEARS, M. A. 452

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