Advanced Text-book of Geology, Descriptive and Industrial

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Blackwood, 1859 - Geology - 403 pages

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Page 410 - CLASSICAL GEOGRAPHY, comprising, in Twenty Plates, Maps and Plans of all the important Countries and Localities referred to by Classical Authors, constructed from the best Materials, and embodying the Results of the most Recent Investigations.
Page 407 - It has not been our good fortune to examine a text-book on science of which we could express an opinion so entirely favourable as we are enabled to do of Mr Page's little work."— Athenceum., ADVANCED TEXT-BOOK OF GEOLOGY, DESCRIPTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL.
Page 408 - A New Edition. With Engravings. Is. "Teachers will find In this little volume an admirable course of Instruction In practical agriculture— that is, the outlines which they may easily fill up ; and by following the hints given in Mr Stephens' preface, the course would scarcely fail to be quite interesting, as well as of great practical benefit.
Page 113 - Bright ran at one time a great hazard, and suffered considerable pain from accidentally plunging one of his legs into the hot clay. * From whatever spot the sulphur is removed, steam instantly escapes ; and, in many places, the sulphur was so hot that we could scarcely handle it. From the smell, I perceived that the steam was mixed with a small quantity of sulphurated hydrogen gas.
Page 407 - An admirable book on Geology. It is from no invidious desire to underrate other works— it is the simple expression of justice, which causes us to assign to Mr Pace's Advanced Text-Book the very first place among geological works addressed to students at least among those which have come before us.
Page 406 - ELEMENTARY ARITHMETIC. By EDWARD SANG. FRSE This Treatise is intended to supply the great desideratum of an intellectual instead of a routine course of instruction in Arithmetic. Post 8vo, 5s. THE HIGHER ARITHMETIC. By the same Author. Being a Sequel to 'Elementary Arithmetic.
Page 409 - Those who learn any thing regarding them, must subsequently teach themselves through the help of the press : hence the necessity for a Popular Chemical Literature. It is with a view to meet this want of the Public, and at the same time to supply a Manual for the Schools, that the present Work has been projected. It treats, in what appears to be their natural order...
Page 412 - Elementary Atlas of General and Descriptive Geography, for the Use of Junior Classes ; including a MAP OF CANAAN and PALESTINE, with GENERAL INDEX. 8vo. half-bound, 5s.
Page 321 - ... with beds of oysters, muscles, and other shells adhering to the rocks on which they grew, the fish being all dead, and exhaling most offensive effluvia.
Page 411 - Plans of all the important Countries and Localities referred to by Classical Authors ; accompanied by a pronouncing Index of Places, by T. HARVEY, MA Oxon.

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