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Kansas Struggling for a Foothold.

XPLORERS, hunters and miners,

Had crossed those lovely plains, When naught but the savage Indian

Held sway o'er these domains.

But the onward words of America's son's

Were, “westward we will go!
And on those rich and verdant plains,

We'll wield the plow and hoe!"

At first her growth was very slow,

But healthy it must be;
For free-soil men couldn't go a law

Called "Squatter Sovereignty."

In '58 another dose was mixed

And it was a bitter pill!
It was got up by a dough-faced son,

And known as the "English Bill.”

For thirty years they've made their home

Upon the Kansas soil; But grasshoppers, drouths and prairie fires

Have made them double toil.

But now, such things she looks upon.

As a relic of the past;
For in her mighty strides to win,

Some states she's sweeping past.

In '59 they tried to get

The first pre-emption through; But the blue lodge clan, who lived in the south

Said, "Boys 'twill never do!"

Next they tried for a homestead bill,

And they thought they'd get it; It passed the house-Republican

But 'twas defeated in the senate.

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