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Decoration Day

E meet this day, but some are gone.

They who were loved as well as we; Who left their kindred far behind,

To shield the Tree of Liberty.

CHORUS-From east to west, from north to

south, By you this land was trod; And now we meet and homage pay

To our comrades under the sod.

We meet this day with mournful hearts,

To honor those we cannot seeWho said, by all their words and deeds: "Give me death or liberty!"


We meet this day, but not as then,

When blood like rain was running free, O'er cloud capped hills and verdant plains, To save the Tree of Liberty.


We meet, but woe is here and there,

On many a comrade's brow we see The well-known mark, points out the man, Whose cry was, "death or liberty!"


And when we meet from year to year,

The vacant seats of some we'll see, Whose graves are shaded by the boughs Of freedom's great and stately tree.


Our Flag.

UR flag is the pride of the nation,

'Tis dearer than diamonds or gold: To the rich, and the boy in the cabin,

You are equal in under its fold.

CHORUS–Our glorious flag, our blood

bought flag, May it say to white and black: “My golden folds shall protect you

all,Press forward and never turn back!"

The boy in the furrow a-plodding,
His garments are tattered, his feet are


He'll outstrip the boy in the mansion,

And sit in the President's chair.


All nations had honored our ensign,

When it floated o'er bond and o'er free, Till God in much mercy, had called one To thrust in and cut down that great tree.


Then millions on millions of voters,
Said the blacks should go forth as the

white, Till seven at the great central D. C. Said, “your millions of voters ain't right!"


Our flag it shall float over justice,

Our voters shall join heart and hand;Till oppression, that dark visaged monster, Like the dew shall be swept from our land.


[blocks in formation]

Our flag is the pride of our seamen,

When in mart or in main 'tis unfurled, Like a cable that cannot be broken, Binds commerce all over the world.


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