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Nobly you fought beneath our flag,
Our nation, dear to save!


Rest, comrades, rest!
You fought, and bled, and died;-

You did not return from the war,
But our hearts through life will yearn
For the boys who will come never more.


Rest, comrades, rest!
Some fell by the way while a marching,

And thousands were shot through the heart And thousands from dark rebel prisons From comrades were called to depart.


Rest, comrades, rest!
No more you'll hear the cannon's roar,

Nor the drum's redoubling beat,
Nor the order given for a deadly charge,
Nor join in a wild retreat.


Rest, comrades, rest!
We know that our comrades are happy;

They were faithful to country and God, But their names and their deeds will

grow brighter, Of our comrades under the sod.


Rest, comrades, rest!
They rest, but that curse it is ended,

And the dark sons of Africa are free;
They rest, but that glorious emblem
Proudly floats o'er the land of the free!


Rest, comrades, rest!
What you died to preserve we enjoy,

Though no marble may mark out the spot, Yet the place where you fell for our

country, By the nation will ne'er be forgot.


Oh! the Dead Were There!

WAY in the far sunny southland,

Were forms surpassing fair,
Encased in walls of ponderous size, -

But Oh! the dead were there!

CHORUS—What bound them in those pens so

The loyal sons of America,
They who were true as Washing-

'Twas accursed slavery!

There were kind and loving fathers,

A breaking in despair;

The tired and noble forms of youth

Were daily dying there.


While all around beneath our flag,

Was grain and viands rare, And within those rugged walls The brave were starving there!


All hopes were crushed within their breast;

'Twas banishment and care, To hear the dying beg for bread,

And know the dead were there!


Outside 'twas mirth and the wine cup;

Within, a current of despair! For the hardened sons of earth

Cared not for the dead in there.


But they'll shudder, start and tremble!

They'll wail in deep despair, When they hear the words, "depart!

For those you slew in there!"

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