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pened along, heard the racket, got a rope and tied Stevens. He'll stretch hemp, now, and everybody will be glad, I guess. I should think his wife and children would want them to hurry up the execution. He'll have just one mourner, and that will be Old Miller. He'll shed crocodile tears, I expect, thinking about the money he would have if Stevens had pulled through a few years longer!"

“Come, Fred, just say that you will never touch another drop!"

"Charlie, when I see what you have saved by your reformation, I am tempted to say I'll touch not, taste not! But what will my old chums say? They will hoot at me, call me a baby, stingy, and so on!"

“What do you care for that? It will only be for a short time. Hold up your head and tell them you have made up your mind that you might as well have a little loose change in time of need, as for Miller to have it all. I can point you to fifty men that spend near

ly every cent they make at Miller's! What does he care for them? Not half as much as he does for his dog. All he wants is their money, and then he will kick them out and laugh in his sleeve because they are such fools to rob their families, nearly starve their wives and children. There's Bill Dingman's family; I'll bet they haven't had any shoes on their feet yet this winter!"

"Charlie, you have convinced me. plainly it is one of the most debasing vices that mortal man ever indulged in, and from now, henceforth and forever, I'll drink no

We'll shake hands on that!"

I see


Moderate Drinking.

s moderate drinking is the great high

way, By which all drunkard's pass. CHORUS—Come, and sign the pledge with

For whisky now it is too free!

If you'll say it is a sin,
The train will stop and take you in;

Will you go, will you go?

Will you go,

you go?

If you'll shun that dangerous route
There will be no wrecks about.


That broad highway is for the stage,
So come and take the narrow gague!


Now mount the train and don't look back, And it will never fly the track.


'Twill leave the tempter in the rear, And shun old rum and lager beer.


Supremely blind must tipplers be, Though here and there a track they see.


Make up your mind that you will turn,
Ere death shall pack you in his urn!


Now do cease tampering with the foe,
Nor in the way of ruin go.


Come, give your pledge and do abstain; Embrace the cause and safe remain.



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