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While round his bead a loving wife

In sorrow heard each changing tale.

His voice—that was true to his country

No more will be heard through the halls When congress assembles for duty,

Where justice should ring o'er its walls.

This is a privilege all may speak

A sacred grief where all had part;Where sorrow saddened every brow,

And flowed through every aching heart.

Kansas wept; her grief was great.

She mourned a son, noble, kind, true and


He stayed !- we watched the uncertain

doom. He fell !- what mourning clothed the


Pale on his couch the sufferer lay;

'Twas a weary battle-ground of pain.

Love watched his pillow: science tried

Her every art-but all, alas! in vain!

Ah! could the grief of all that mourned

Blend in one voice its solemn cry, The wail would reach from shore to shore;

The echo sound from sky to sky.

'Twas not our nation to decide

Whom death shall claim, or skill shall


Though Haskell's life by God denied,

It gave our state a noble grave.

Farewell! farewell to that noble son!

We wonder why he was cut down;But Enoch walked with God, we're told,

And at noon was borne into the fold.




It was

HE scene presented on the following page

took place during the war.

during Gen. Thomas' exciting and momentous campaign in the mountains of Tennessee.

There were many times when it was feared their hour had come; their communications were frequently cut off and the whole command was in danger of certain destruction.

They were intrenched upon a spur of the hills around Chatanooga, where they had been driven by the desperate courage of the Confederates. Their store of provisions had

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