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• Courts of like Nature, are illegal and per: o nicious.

That levying Money for, or to the Ure • of the Crown, by. Pretence of Prerogative,

without Grant of Parliament, for longer "Time or in other Manner than the same is op • fall be granted, is illegal. .

That it is the Right of the Subje&s to pe. tition the King, and all Commitments and • Prosecutions for such Petitioning are illegal.

"That the raising or keeping a Standing Are my within the Kingdom in Time of Peace,

unless it be with Consent of Parliament, is I against Law.

That the Subje&ts which are Protestants, ' may have Arms for their Defence suitable to • their Conditions, and as allowed by Law.

• That Ele&ions of Members ought to be free.

« That the Freedom of Speech and Debates, 6 or Proceedings in Parliament, ought not to

be impeached or questioned in any Court or « Place out of Parliament.

(That excessive Bail ought not to be required, nor excessive Fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual Punishments infli&ed.

"That Jurors ought to be duly impannel'd, • and returned, and Jurors which pass upon • Men in Trials for High. Treason ought to be . Freeholders.

"That all Grants, and Promises of Fines, " and Forfeitures of particular Persons before • Conviation, are illegal and void.

And that for Redress of all Grievances, and . for the amending, Itrengthning, and preser• ving of the Laws, Parliaments ought to be 6 held frequently.


And they do claim, demand, and in lift up. 6 on all, and fingular. the Premises, as their

undoubted Rights and Liberties. And that ' no Declaration's, Judgments, Doings, or Pro« ceedings to the Prejudice of the People in any .. of the said Premises, ought in any wise to be • drawn hereafter into Consequence or Example.

To which Demand of their Rights, they care particularly encouraged by the Declaratiion of his Highness the Prince of Orange, as.

being the only Means for obtaining a full Redress and Remedy therein.

" Having therefore an entire Confidence, that s his said Highness the Prince of Orange will + perfect the Deliverance so far advanced by I him, and will still preserve them from the Vic colation of their Rights which they have here saflerted, and from all other Attempts upon o their Religion, Rights and Liberties;

• The said Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and * Commons assembled at Westminster, do Re6 solve,

- That William and Mary, Prince and Prinocess of Orange, be, and be declared King and

Queen of England, France, and Ireland, and o the Dominions thereunto belonging; to hold " the Crown and Royal Dignity of the said King« doms and Dominions, to them the said Prince e and Princess during their Lives, and the Life of o the Survivor of them: and that the role and full

Exercise of the Regal Power be only in, and « executed by the said Prince of Orange, in the - Names of the said Prince and Princess during 6 their joint Lives; and after their Deceases, the said Crown and Royal Dignity of the said

G 2

· KingsKingdoms and Dominions, to be to the Heirs s of the Body of the said Princess; and for De

fault of such Issue, to the Princess Anne of « Denmark, aud the Heirs of her Body; and for • Default of such Issue, to the Heirs of the Body 6, of the said Prince of Orange..

And the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and « Commons, do pray the said Prince and Princess " to accept the same accordingly.

" And that the Oaths hereafter mentioned be taken by all Persons, of whom the Oaths of • Allegiance, and Supremacy might be required • by Law, instead of them; and that the said • Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy be abro.

gated. TA. E. do fincerely promise and swear, that I I will be faithful, and bear true Allegiance to their Majefties King William and Queen Mary.

So help me God. I A. B. do swear, that I do from my Heart ab. I bor, deteft, and abjure, as Impious and Here.. tical, ibis damnable Doctrine and Pofition, That Princes excommunicated or deprived by the Pope, or any Authority of the See of Rome, maybe Depored or Murdered by their Subjects, or any other whatsoever.

And I do declare, that no foreign Prince, Perfon, Prelate, State, or Potentate, bath, or ought to have, any Jurisdiction, Power, Superiority, Preheminence or Authority, Ecclefiaftical or Spió ritual, within this Realm. So help me God.

• Upon which their said Majesties did accept the Crown, and Royal Dignity of the Kinga


doms of England, France and Ireland, and the

Dominions thereunto belonging, according ! to the Resolution and Defire of the said Lords " and Commons contained in the said Decla. " ration.

* And thereupon their Majesties were pleased, that the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and 'Commons, being the two Houses of Parlia'ment, nould continue to fit, and with their •Majesties Royal Concurrence, make effe&ual

Provision for the Settlement of the Religion, Laws and Liberties of this Kingdom; so that 'the same for the future might not be in Danger again of being subverted; to which the faidLords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons did • agree, and proceed to A& accordingly. .

Now in pursuance of the Premises, the said • Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons ‘in Parliament assembled, for the ratifying, con. 'firming, and establishing the said Declaration, • and the Articles, Clauses, Matters, and things "therein contained, by the Force of a Law made

in due Form by Auihority of Parliament, do .pray that it may be declared and ena&ed, that all • and singular the Rights and Liberties asserted • and claimed in the said Declaration, are the true • ancient and indubitable Rights and Liberties of

the People of this Kingdom, and so Mall be "esteemed, allowed, adjudged, deemed, and ta. “ken to be; and that all and every the Particulars . aforesaid shall be firmly and ftri&ly holden and • observed, as they are expressed in the said Decla• ration; and all Officers and Ministers whatso. • ever, shall serve their Majesties and their Suc•ceffors according to the same in all Times to •come.

! And

G 3

And the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal, 6 and Commons, seriously considering how it #hath pleased Almighty God, in his marvellous • Providence and merciful Goodness to this Naution, to provide and preserve their faid Maje• fties Royal Persons moft happily to Reign over • us upon the Throne of their Ancefors, for #wnich they render unto him from the bottom

of their Hearts, their humblest Thanks and •Praises, do truly, firmly, assuredly, and in the • Sinceriiy of their Hearts think, and do hereby o recognize, acknowledge, and declare, that King • James II, having Abdicated the Government,

and their Majefties having accepted the Crown .and Royal Dignity as aforesaid, their said Maje. • fties did become, were, are, and of Right ought

to be by the Laws of this Kealm, our Sovereign Liege Lord and Lady King and Queen of Eng. i land, France and Ireland, and the Dominions othereunto.helonging ; in, and to whose Prince • ly Persons, the Royal State, Crown and Dig. *nity of the said Realms, with all Honours,

Soiles, Tives, Regalities, Prerogatives, Pow. • ers, Jurisdi&ions and Authorities to the same « belonging and appertaining, are moft fully,right"fully, and entirely invested and incorporated, united and annexed.

And for preventing all Questions and Divi'fions in this Realm, by reason of any pretended • Titles to the Crown, and for preserving a Cer"tainty in the Succession thereof, in, and upon

which the Unity, Peace, Tranquility and Sare*ty of this Nation doth, under God, wholly .confift and depend;

• The said Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, do beseech their Majesties, That it

• may

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