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may be enacted, established and declared, that the Crown and Regal Goveroment of the said

Kingdoms and Dominions, with all and linguilar the Premises thereunto belonging and ap

pertaining, hall be and continue to their said Majesties, and the Survivor of them, during their Lives, and the Life of the Survivor of them; and that the entire, perfect, and full Esercise of the Regal Power and Government be only in and executed by his Majesty, in the Names of both their Majelties during their i joint Lives; and after their Deceases, the said

Crown and Premises shall be and remain to the Heirs of the Body of her Majesty ; and for Default of such Issue, to her Royal Highness the Princess Anne of Denmark, and the Heirs of her Body; and for Default of such Issue,

to the Heirs of the Body of his said Majesty. ' And thereunto the said Lord's Spiritual and & Temporal, and Commons, do in the Name of ' all the People aforesaid, molt humbly and faith. ! fully subrait themselves, their Heirs and PorteTrities for ever. And do faithfully promise that

they will stand to, maintain, and defend their said Majesties, and also the Limitation and ? Succession of the Crown herein specified and ..contained, to the utmost of their Powers, with ? their Lives and Estates, against all Persons

whatsoever that shall attempt any thing to the o contrary.

. And whereas it hath been found by Experience, that it is inconfiftent with the Safety ! and Welfare of this Rrotestant Kingdom, to be governed by a Popith Prince, or by any King or Queen marrying a Papil;

• The

* The faid Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and & Commons, do furiher pray, That it may be

• enacted, that all and every person and Persons -- "that is, are, or pall be reconciled to, or hall

' hold Communion with the See or Church of Rome, or shall profess the Popith Religion, • or Mall marry a Papift, mall be excluded, and

be for ever uncapable to inherit, poffefs, of ' enjoy the Crown and Government of this • Realm, and Ireland, and the Dominions there,

unto belonging, or any part of the same; or ' to have, use, or exercise any Regal Power,

Authority or Jurisdi&ion within the same; * and in all, and every such Cafe, or Cafes, the • Pemple of these Realms shall be, and are hereby "absolved of their Allegiance ; and the said • Crown and Government shall from time to * time descend to, and be enjoyed by such Per• fon, or Persons, being Proteftants, as should • have inherited and enjoyed the same, in case • the said Person or Persons so reconciled, hold. *ing Communion, or Profefling or Marrying * as aforesaid, were naturally dead.

. And that every King and Queen of this • Realm, who any time hereafter Mall come to, ' and succeed in the Imperial Crown of this " Kingdom, Mall, on the firit Day of the Meet, "ing of the first Parliament, next after his or

her coming to the Crown, sitting in his or “her Throne in the House of Peers, in the Pre• sence of the Lords and Commons therein af.

fembled, or at his or her Coronation, before * such Person or Persons who Thall Admini"fter the Coronation Oath to him or her, at • the time of his or her taking the said Oath, * (which shall first happen) make, subscribe, and

! audibly

1 audibly repeat the Declaration mentioned in o the Statute made in the thirtieth Year of the • Reign of King Charlesthelld, entitled, An A& for the more effettual preserving the King's Personand Government, by disabling Papiftsfrom fitting in either House of Parliament. But ifit Mall • happen, that such King or Queen, upon his

or her Succession to the Crown of this . Realm, shall be under the Age of iwelve

Years, then every such King or. Queen shall • make, subscribe, and audibly repeat the said • Declaration at his or her Coronation, or the " the first Day of the meeting of the first Parli,l ment as aforesaid, which shall first happen, ( after such King or Queen shall have attained • the said Age of Twelve Years.

. All which their Majesties are contented, and pleased, Mall be declared, enacted, and

established, by Authority of this present Par(liament, and shall stand, remain, and bè, the Law of this Realm for ever; and the same are • by their said Majesties, by and with the Ad

vice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and « Temporal, and Commons in Parliament af • sembled, and by the Authority of the fame, • declared, enacted, and established according oly.

And be it further declared and enacted by • the Authority aforesaid, that from and after o this present Session of Parliament, no Dir. • penfation by Non Obstante, of or to any Sta. e fute, or part thereof, shall be allowed, but • that the same Mall be held void, and of no • Effe&, except a Dispensation be allowed of " in such Statute, and except in such cases as • shall be especially provided for by one or


" more Bill, or Bills, to be passed, during the • prellent Seffion of Parliament.

Provided that no Charter, or Grant, or Pare"don, granted before the Three and twentieth Day of October, in the Year of our Lord 1689, "Thall be any ways Impeached or Invalidated • by this A&, but that the same shall be, and • remain of the same Force and Effect in Law, + and no other, than as if this Act had never I been inade

I have recited the Act at large, that I might on the one Hand Mew the just Sense the Eno glilo Nation then had of their Deliverance, and their Gratitude to their Deliverer the glorious King William; and on the other Hand, avoid being censured for heaping more Miscarriages upon that unhappy Prince King James, than a Nation, whose Religion, Liberties, Fortunes, and Lives were just snatched from the Brink of Ruin, thought fit to charge him with. And here, that I may do Justice to the Scots Nationas well as to the English, I shall also ser down, as fuccin@ly as I can, what that brave People did in this important Jundure.

The Convention of the Lords and Com-mons in the Beginning of the Year 1689, came to the Resolutions in Substance as follow, (viz.)

6. That whereas King Jumes the Vlith, being a professed Papist, did assuine the Roy. « al Power, and act as King, without • ever taking the Oath required by Law, where*. by every King at his Accession 10-the GoEvernment was obliged to swear to maintain siche Protestant Religions and to rule the Peo. tiple according to the laudable Laws: And: iss by the Advice of wicked. Counsellors, did. invade the fundamental Constitution of the < Kingdoin of Scotland, and altered it from a • legal limited Monarchy to an arbitrary and o despotick Power; and in a publick Procla, ! mation asserted an absolute Power to annul

and disable all Laws, particularly by arraignSing the Laws establishing the Protestant Reli• gion, and exerted that Power to the Subver• lion of the Protestant Religion, and to the · Violation of the Laws and Liberties of the • Kingdom.

* By erecting publick Schools and Societies ! of the Jesuits, and not only allowing Mass 6 to be publickly said, but also converting Pro• teftant Chappels and Churches to publick Mass..houses, contrary to the express Laws against saying and hearing Mass.

By allowing Popish Books to be printed i and dispersed by a Parent to a Popish Printer, « designing him Printer to his Majesty's « Houshold, College, and Chappel, contrary

to Law. . By taking the Children of Protestant No. blemen and Gentlemen, sending them abroad (to be bred Papists, and bestowing Penlions • upon Priests to pervert Protestants from their • Religion by Offers of Places and Preferments.

“By discharging Protestants, at the same 'Time he employed Papists in Places of greate ! elt Trust both Civil and Military, cc, and

intrusting the Forts and Magazines in their 6 Hands. ..? By imposing Oaths contrary to Law.

By exacting Money without Consent of Pailiament or Convention of Estates.

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