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Office Civil or Military, or receive Pay, Fee, 6 or Wages, or have Command, or Place of • Trust from his Majelty, or in the Service of « his Majesty, Prince George, or Princess Anne 6 of Denmark, all Eccleliaftical Persons, or « Members of Colleges and Halls, ofthe Foun. odation in either Üniversity, being Eighteen 6 Years old, all Persons teaching Pupils, all « School-masters, Ushers, Preachers, and Tea, 6 chers of separate Congregations, Persons that I fall a&t as Serjeants at Law, Counsellors,

Advocates, Attorneys, Sollicitors, Prodors, • Clerks, or Notaries by practing as such in ' any Court, and all Peers, and Members of the · House of Commons, before they can Vote in

their respective Houses of Parliament, should

be obliged to take the Oath herein after menocioned, commonly called, The Abjuration « Oath; which Oath was expressed in the fol,

lowing Words.

cs A. B. do truly and fincerely Acknowledge,

1. Profess, Testifie and Declare, in my Con. Science, before God and the World, That our So. vereign Lord King William is Lawful and " Rightful King of this Realm, and of all other, 6 bis Majesties Dominions and Countries there. 6 unto belonging; and I do folemnly and sincerely

declare, that I do believe in my Conscience, that the Perfon pretended to be Prince of Wales, during the Life of the late King James, and since his Decease pretending to be, and taking upon himself the Stile and Title of King of · England, by the Name of James the Third, hath not any Right or Title whatsoever to the Crown of this Realm, or any other the Domi

nions thereunto 'belonging; and I do renounces, i refuse, and abjure, any Allegiance or Obedience

to him. And I do swear, that I will bear

Faith, and true Allegiance to his Majesty King i William, and Him will defend, to the utmost :

of my Power, against all Traiterous Conspira. cies and Attempts whatsoever, which hall be , made against bis Person, Crown, or Dignity;

and I will do my best Endeavour to disclose and make known to his Majesty, and his successors,

all Treasons and Traiterous Conspiracies, whicb il pall know to be against Him, or any of them ; c and I do faithfully promise, to the utmost of my i Power, to support, maintain and defend the Li

mitation and Succellion of the Crown, against Him s the said James, and all other persons whatsoever, s as the same is and stands limited (by an Act, En.

titled, An Ad declaring the Righis and Libero ties of the Subject, and settling the Succession c of the Crown) to his Majesty, during his Maje. ,

Ay's Life, and after his Majesty's Decease to ibe « Princess Anne of Denmark, and the Heirs of her, - Body, being Protestants,und for Default of such IS-, 6 sue to the Heirs of the Body of his Majesty, being . Protestants; and as the same by one other , Entituled, An A& for the furiher Limitations 6 of the Crown, and better securing the Rights « and Liberties of the Subject, is, and stands Limited after the Decease of his Majesty, and 6 the Princess Anne of Denmark; and for De. fuult of lf'ue of the said Princess, and of his

Majesty respectively, To the Princess Sophia, · Electress and Dutchess Dowager of Hanover, 6 and the Heirs of her Body, being Protestants, « And all these Things I do plainly and firscerely acknowledge, and swear, according to these ex. « press Word: by me Spoken, and according to the o plain and common Sense and Understanding of

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these sameWords, without any Equivocation, men. (tal Evasion,or secret Reservation whatsoever; and "I do make this Recognition, Acknowledgement,

Abjuration, Renunciation, and Promise, hearostily, willingly, and truly, upon the true Faith I of a Chriftian, So help me God.

* And it was thereby also enacted, That if "'any Person or Persons, at any time after the 6:25ih Day of March, 1702, Mould compass or • imagine the Death of her Royal Highness the 6.Princess Anne of Denmark, or endeavour to "deprive or hinder her from succeeding to the 146 Imperial Crown of this Realm, and the Do* minions and Territories thereunto belonging, i after the Demise of his Majesty, and the

same maliciously, advisedly and direaly Mall 6 attempt, by any Overt-A&, or Deed, every < such Offence shall be adjudged High Trea« son, and the Offender and Offenders therein, o'their Abetters, Procurers, and Counsellors,

and all and every their Aiders and Comfor. ters, knowing the said Offence to be done, • being thereof Convicted, or Attainted, ac. • cording to the Laws and Statutes of this • Realm, shall be deemed and adjudged Trai

tors, and shall suffer Pains of Death, and all • Losses and Forfeitures, as in Cases of High«Treason.

Thus our great Deliverer accomplished his Work.

He would have thought it but half done, if he had deliver'd only one Generation from Popery and Slavery; and therefore made it his whole Care, and spent the last Remains of his invaluable Life, in contriving how the most


pure Religion, and the best Laws in the U. niverse, might be transmitted to late Posterity.

The last mentioned Aers of Parliament, and the Legacy that great Prince left the English Nation, infinitely more valuable than if he had, without them, left Palaces and Principalities to each of his Subje&s.

The Memory of that great Benefa&or to Mankind will always be dear to every Briton, who loves the Religion and Laws of his Coun. try, and is an Enemy to Popery and Arbitrary Power, and to every Man who knows the Happiness of a limited Monarchy circumscribed and fenced about with the Bulwarks of Laws, which equally guard the Subject from the Inva. fion of the Prince, and the Prince from the Insults of the Subject.

His Vigilance was not confined to his King, dom of England; the Happiness of the Kingdom of Scotland was equally his Care and Stu. dy. He zealously attempted to have had the Succession to the Crown of that Kingdom settled also on the House of Hanover, in the fanie manner as that of England was settled, and to have united both Kingdoms; but these High Benefits were reserved by Heaven to be nuin. bered amongst the Glories of her present Majesty's Reign, a Reign attended with so many Vi&ories obtained by her Arms Abroad, under the Conduct of her renown'd General, the Duke of Marlborough; and with so many Aas of Benevolence at Home, by the Advice of the best and wiselt Council that ever Prince em, ployed, that as it has excelled the Transactions of all former Ages, so it will be a lasting Pattern for the Imitation of all which shall succeed.



Her Majesty was but just feated on her Throne, when with the same Goodness to wards her Subje&s, in the first Year of her Reign, she gives the Royal Afrent to an Ad of Parliament, Entituled, An Act for enlarging the Time for taking the Oath of Abjuration; and also for recapacitating and indemnifying such Pera fons as have not taken the fame by the Time limited, and shalltake the fame by a Time to be appointed; and for the further Security of Her Majesty's Person, and the Succeffion of the Crown in tbt Protestant Line, and for extinguishing the Hope's of the Pretended Prince of Wales, and all other Pretenders, and their open and secret Abetterf.

In which, amongst other things, it is Enacted, * That if any person or Perfons, at any time

after the first Day of March 1702, fhall * endeavour to deprive, or hinder any person 6 who shall be the next in Succession to the • Crown, for the time being, according to the

Limitations in an AA, Enrituled, An A& declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Sub. jeet, and settling the Succeffion of the Crown; • and according to another A&, Entituled, An

Att for the further Limitation of the Crown, and better securing the Rights and Liberties of " the Subječt, from succeeding after the Decease bi of her Majesty, to the Imperial Crown of o this Realm, and the Dominions and Terri.

cories thereunto belonging, according to the « Limitations in the before-mentioned Acts, 6 that is to say, such iffue of her Majetty's Boa 6 dy, as shall from time to time be next in Suc. « cession to the Crown, if it shall please God • Almighty to bless her Majesty with Iffue; and during the time her Majelty shall have no

- Iflue,

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