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Iffue, the Princess Sophia, Ele&ress and . Dutchess Dowager of Hanover; and after the . Decease of the laid Princess Sophia, the next ' in Succession to the Crown, for the time be

ing, according to the Limitation of the said

A&s; and the fame, maliciously, advisedly, " and dire&tly Mall attempt by any Overt-AE

or Deed; every such Offence hall be adjudga ed High Treafon, and the Offender or Offen. ders therein, their Abetters, Procurers, and • Comforters, knowing the said Offence to

be done, being thereof Convicted or Attainted, according to the Laws and Statutes of

this Realm, mall be deemed and adjudged * Traitors, and shall suffer Pains of Death, and • all Losses and Forfeitures, as in Cases of “ High Treason.

Her Majesty in the Fourth Year of her Reign, gave the Royal Alent to an A&, Entitled, An Aet for the Naturalization of the moft. Excellent Princess Sophia, Electress and Dutchess Dowager of Hanover, and the Ifue of her Body; by which it is enacted, that the said Princess Sophia, and the issue of her Body, and all Perfons lineally discending from her, born, or · hereafter to be born, be, and shall be, to ali In. tents and purposes whatsoever, deemed, taken, and esteemed Natural-born Subjects of this Kingdom, as if the said Princess, and the If sue of her Body, and all Persons lineally de. scending from her, born, or hereafter to be born, had been born within this Realm of England, any Law, Statute, Matter, or Thing whatsoever to the contrary notwithstanding. With a Proviso, that every person who shall be Naturalized by Virtue of this A&, and H2


thall become a Papist, or profess the Popish Religion, shall not enjoy any Benefit or Advantage of a Natural-born Subje&t of Enggland, but Thall be judged an Alien.

And in the Fourth and Fifth Year of her Majesty's Reign another A& passed the Royal Avent, Entituled, An Axt for the better fecue ring her Majesty's Person and Government, and of the Succellion to the Crown of England in the Protestant Line; by which, amongst other things, it is Enacted, " That if any person • or Persons, from and after the 25th Day • of March 1966, Thall maliciously, advisedly • and direaly, by Writing or Printing, declare, « maintain and affirm, that our Sovereign - Lady the Queen, that now is, is not the

Lawful or Rightful Queen of these Realms; • or that the Pretended Prince of Wales, who (now files himself King of England by the • Name of James the Third, hath any Right 6 or Title to the Crown of these Realms o or that any other person, or Persons hath 6 or have any Right or Title to the same • otherwise than according to an A&t or Paro liament, made in the First Year of their late • Majesties King William and Queen Mary, · Entituled, An A&t declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject, and settling the Suce ocellion of the Crown; and one other A&, s made in the 12th Year of the Reign of his 6 said late Majesty King William the Third, s Entituled, An Act for the further Limitations of the Crown, and better securing the Rights + and Liberties of the Subject :

• Or that the Kings of Queens of Englar.d, 6 with and by the Authority of the Parliament


of England, are not able to make Laws

and Statutes of sufficient Force and Validity, I to limit and bind the Crown of this Realın,

and the Descent, Limitation, Inheritance and • Government thereof, every such Person or ! Persons shall be guilty of High Treason, and • being thereof Convicted and Attainted, ac

cording to the Laws and Statutes of this . Realm, Ihall be deemed and adjudged Trai

tors, and shall suffer Pains of Death, and

all Lofles and Forfeitures as in Case of • High Treason.

. And that if any person, or Persons, fall * from and after the said 25th Day of March, ? Maliciously and Dire@ly, by Preaching, ' Teaching, or advised Speaking, declare, main

tain, and affirm, in manner as aforesaid; ! every such Person, or Persons, being “thereof lawfully Convicted, shall incur the i Danger and Penalty of Pramunire.

"And that the Parliament shall not be dir. ! solved by the Death or Demise of Her Ma• jesty, Her Heirs or Successors; but such ! Parliament, if sitting at the time of such

Demise, may proceed to A&t for six Months, 6 and no longer, unless the same shall be soon?er Prorogued, or Dissolved by such Person I to whom the Crown of this Realm of Eng.

land shall come, according to the A&s tos " limiting and feceling the Succession above• mentioned. And if the said Parliament shall

be so Prorogued, then it shall meet and sit on

the Day unto which it shall be Prorogued, " and continue for the relidue of the said fix • Months, unless sooner Prorogued or diffolved as aforesaid. And if there be a Parlia.

H 3


« ment in Being, at the time of the Death of

Her Majesty, Her Heirs or Successors, but « happens to be separated by Adjournment or · Prorogation, fuch Parliament fall immedicately after such Demise meet, and Ag for i fix Months, and no longer, unless the fame < fhall be Prorogued, or diffolved, as afore« faid. And in Case there is no Parliament in « being, at the time of such Demise, that has • mer and fate, then the laft preceding Parli. sament Mall immediately convene, and it at · Westminster, and be a Parliament in continue

as aforesaid; but fubje& to be Prorogued, and Diffolved, as aforesaid.

• That the Privy-Council of Her Majesty, ( Her Heirs, and Succeffors, fhall not be dir.

folved, by such Death or Demise, but shall conti.

nue for lix Months, unless sooner determin. *ed by the next Successor;

• Nor shall any Office, Place, or Employ. ment, Civil or Military, become void by • such Demile, but continue also for fix Months, • unlefs the Persons enjoying them fall be • sooner removed, and discharged by the next Succeffor.

• And if Her Majesty shall happen to die I without Issue, the Privy Council fall with call convenient Speed cause the next Prote• Atant Successor, entituled to the Crown of ( England, by Virtue of the Acts abovenienti• oned, to be openly and solemnly Proclaimed • in England, and Ireland, in usual manner; " and every Member thereof wilfully Neglect "ing of Refusing to caufe fuch Proclamation

to be made, shall be guilty of High Treason; and every Officer, by the Privy Council re

' quired to make such Proclamations, wilfully "Negleding or Refusing, shall be guilty of, and suffer the Penalties of High Treason,

And for continuing the Administration of the Government in the Name of such Pro. • teftant Successor, until Her or His Arrival

in England, The Lord Arch-bishop of Can. terbury, the Lord Chancellor or Lord Keeper, • Lord High Treasurer, Lord President of the ' Council, Lord Privy Seal, Lord High Ad« miral, and Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's

Bench, at that time being, are thereby Ap"pointed Lords Justices of England, until such Successor arrive, or determine their Authority.

And the Person to succeed in case of Her • Majesty's Death, without affue, is impower6. ed at any time during Her Majefty's Life, by ' Three Instruinents under Her or His Hand ! and Seal, to appoint so many Natural Born • Subjects of England, as She or He shall think ' fit, to be added to the above-mentioned Lords • Justices, to AQ with them as Lords Justices

of Englasd, who, or the Major part, not being fewer than Five, fhall Execute the Pow. er of Lords Judices.

The laid Three Instruments to be Tranr. mitted into England, to the Resident of the • Person next to Succeed, (whore Credentials • shall be inroll'd in Cbaxcery,) and to the Arch• Bithop of Canturbury, and Lord Chancellor,

or Lord Keeper, close Sealid up; and after they are so oransmitted, Mall be severally put into several Covers, and severally Seard by such Refident, Arch-bishop, and Chancellor, or Keeper, and severally deposited in the Hands of such Resident, Arch-bishop, and


i Chan

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